Essential Resources For Dealing With a Twin Flame Runner


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The True Deeper Reasons For Running, Plus Actionable Solutions To Shift Out Of Struggle And Into Harmony For Good… Breaking Through Twin Flame Myths 

Before we start today, I want to say thank you to you for being here on the blog!

Twin Flames 11:11 has grown to be such an amazing group of Twin Flames from all over the world, and I’m so grateful you’re here today!

I appreciate so much everyone who writes to me with kind words, questions and insights – unfortunately I’m not able to answer everyone personally but I want you to know I read your messages, comments and emails!

And if you’re struggling right now, please know that things really can change for the better. I’ve seen it happen time and time again!


If you haven’t already done so, make sure you take advantage of my Free Twin Flame Help Kit here, use the cleanse tool to clear and uplift your energy to shift your Twin situation into increased harmony.

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Essential Resources For Dealing With a Twin Flame Runner

Today I’ve been guided to provide a comprehensive resource specifically for dealing with a so-called Twin Flame Runner.

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the subject of Twin Flame Running, which unfortunately keeps many Twins in struggle and feeling that they’re somehow to blame for their counterpart not opening up to them…

These are times of change, and as a lot is in flux within the Twin Flame collective as circumstances, energies and timelines are shifting to make room for more widespread Reunions.

Most Twins are pushed by their souls to release early life ego patterning. During this process, deep old wounds can be triggered.

This can lead to “Running”, seeking to escape the Twin Flame connection to get to “safe ground” in an unconscious attempt at self protection…

In addition, the soul merge process brings both Twins’ systems together again for the first time as human beings, and in this means that memories, programming, emotions and information travels between the Twins’ systems.

This can trigger much fear – and “running” is a common response.

Actionable Solutions To A Common Problem

Below are a number of resources specifically to benefit and uplift you during this time if your counterpart is a so-called Twin Flame Runner.

You’ll find:

*Insights from spirit on how to help your Twin release what has triggered them to “Run”

*How to remove the energy of your Twin Flame being involved with others and end “outsider” involvements in alignment with Free Will

*Tools to speed up your reunion process, information on why Running/Separation may keep occurring

*Messages of love from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

*How the Twin Flame Mirror works, and why it’s essential to understand in order to ensure a smooth onward journey, and much more…

Discover all of this and more below.


Above all, remember that you and your Twin Flame came here to reunite in love, and you made sure you could make it!

If things seem hopeless, know that it’s simply a matter of finding the right solution and taking the right action steps in your desired direction.

We live in an infinite universe where nothing is impossible. To resolve running right now, my number one recommended resource is the Complete Harmony Healing session here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

I believe in you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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Suggested Energy Clearing Sessions:

Higher Heart Transformation Journey: Clearing heart based blocks for both you and your Twin – we allow their soul to show up what they’re struggling with and clear this, re-opening the heart bond of Unconditional Love between you, downloading templates for embodying Self Love and Self Acceptance, sowing seeds of positive manifestation for your onward journey, enlisting assistance from source, and more…

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing: Cleansing both Twins’ chakra systems of congestion, negativity and limiting ancestral programming, cleansing the cords between the two of you to remove triggers of Running/Separation, shielding you as a pair, receiving an energy gift of assistance from source, clearing your Akashic records, uplifting your shared timelines into the highest vibration possible at this time…


Or Alternatively Try The Free Twin Flame Transformation Kit:
– Energy cleanse tool to clear aura, chakras and uplift your vibration into Love
– Deep meditation to connect soul to soul with your Twin Flame
– EBook on the Runner/Chaser phenomenon

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy clearing tool my Twin Flame Runner texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”– Teresa B., USA

twin flame program
Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey just 18 months after our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program! Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!