How Your Job, Friends And Drinking/Drug Habits Impact Your Love Life More Than You Ever Realized. 7 Things That Damage Your Twin Connection And 7 Solutions


I’ve for a while been guided to write an article on a subject that is not much discussed on the Twin Flame journey – the role of our lifestyle and physical habits.

The insight I’ve been receiving is that your lifestyle can make more of a difference to your Twin Flame process than you might ever have realized.

With spirit I have compiled a list of 7 habits to avoid, and 7 positive lifestyle choices and habits that will actually help you.

Remember that your physical body is your “vehicle of Ascension” or “temple” in this lifetime. When you show it care and respect and collaborate with it on your life’s journey you will find the path much more enjoyable.


7 Damaging Lifestyle Habits For Twin Flames

The following habits function to disrupt your connection, cause blockages, cycles of struggle and feelings of disconnectedness…they lower your energy vibration, bringing you out of alignment with the love and harmony you desire.


#1) Alcohol/Drug Use

Alcohol and drugs temporarily lift our energy vibration, which is why they feel good. They lift us up and help us relax our inhibitions so we feel more free. But there is a comedown. The comedown significantly lowers our energy vibration, and alcohol is a depressant and has been shown to actually increase anxiety and stress.

Aside from this, as we tend to lose our inhibitions with alcohol or drugs, we become energetically vulnerable to influence. Places with drug and alcohol use are full of edgy energy and it’s common to pick up negative attachments and chaotic energy from others’ while in this state.

Many healers describe damage to the aura as coming from alcohol and drug abuse as well as smoking. Which brings us to the next point.

Many spiritual people like to talk about marijuana as “good for you because it’s natural”. I asked spirit about this and their poignant answer was that opium is natural too.

Opium is made from the poppy flower’s seeds. In other words, it’s just as natural as marijuana. But would you feel that it’s OK or even natural to intake heroin every day? Most people would say a big no to that.

Our perceptions and cultural customs affect us more than we tend to think.

Nature is full of potent mind altering substances. But in traditional societies these were utilized in carefully managed spiritual ceremonies by shamans trained to deal with the effects – in a spiritual journey to heal sickness and explore consciousness. Not for unwinding and watching Netflix.

Spirit’s insight is that the human body is created to be able to heal itself, and that we can assist it in functioning perfectly – not even feeling the need to rely on drugs or alcohol to feel good.

The number one way to do this is to connect to the light, dwell in light, dwell in love, give and receive love. To get a free channeled audio to tap into the light – go here.

Every high has a comedown – except the high of love and joy. When your heart is activated and you live from love, life can feel like one long climax.

We are our own “medicine”. Love is the most potent “drug”.



#2) Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your physical body is your vehicle in this lifetime. You cannot go anywhere in the physical world without it.

The body is like a hyper-advanced bio computer that’s constantly interpreting and sending out electromagnetic signals between you and other people and beings.

As well as maintaining your vital organs and the processes that need to run flawlessly in order for your blood to keep pumping, for hormone secretion to function properly and so on.

The body is your spirit’s bridge into the physical reality. When you’re tired your vibration is lowered and it impacts everything.

This means if you’re not getting sufficient sleep it’s harder to connect with guidance and your intuition, your mood drops, you function less optimally, and you become more vulnerable to energetic influence.

To learn more about why it’s bad to be in a low energy vibration and why being in a high vibration it’s essential to ensuring a happy Twin Flame Journey – go here. You can even test yourself to see what vibration you’re in.



#3) Dieting

Dieting has a similar impact to your energy and body as lack of sleep. It’s like trying to run a car without enough gas. Dieting causes uneven bloodsugar and this directly impacts your body’s capability to maintain a high and stable energy vibration.

And it makes you vulnerable to negativity. Have you ever heard the joke word “Hangry”? It’s referring to the common irritability and anger that comes from hunger. As in, “I’m sorry for how I spoke to you when I was hangry”.

When we’re in that state, arguments happen much more easily, and our whole perspective on life and others is skewed.

The body is crying out for nourishment, and as a result nonessential processes are blocked. Try doing an IQ test while you’re starving … You probably won’t do so well.

Your body is the vehicle you are living in as an energetic being. Everything happens with the body as the anchor into how you experience it in the physical reality.

If you desire physical Twin Flame Reunion (read more about this here), you must consider your body as the vehicle this will happen with. Respecting and caring for your body is not just for your physical health, it’s a spiritual practice.

Spirit lets us know that if the body isn’t given enough fuel, it cannot run the physical programming of happiness – because things like endorphin release is affected. Dieting doesn’t just affect the body, it powerfully affects your moods and state of mind.

Everyone’s body is different and therefore requirements for food intake varies. Spirit’s advice is to listen to your own body. It will be sending you signals of what it needs. If you’re hungry all the time, look into adjusting your diet.

Vitamins and minerals assist the body in doing its job well and helping you function fully – experiment with what foods and/or supplements work best for you.

Energy healing can be a powerful path to weight loss – as the body often holds onto excess weight to protect itself energetically. Go here to try my free energy cleanse audio – use it daily for at least two weeks for maximum impact


#4) Stress


Like with all the above, stress lowers your vibration. Really, stress is based in the feeling of overwhelm in the face of too much going on. Fear that you can’t handle it. Worry that something bad is going to happen.

Clearing your energy regularly helps you remove the cause of stress. You cleanse out all the excess negative, chaotic energy and emotions of overwhelm. Opening up to peace again, to calm.

You can start right now with the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here, or go deeper into removing karmic blocks of Running and Separation with my Full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

So many Twins report back to me that not only does energy clearing help them with their Twin Flame connection, it uplifts so many other areas of their lives too. Have look here for testimonials of their amazing experiences .


#5) Job/Life Dissatisfaction

When you’re in a job or life situation you hate, it’s lowering your vibration and causing emotions of irritation, frustration, shame, self loathing…

And when these energies and emotions are in your field, they don’t just impact your job. They impact all other areas of your life – including your Twin connection.

Have you ever noticed how relationships tend to break down when people have job problems? Someone who hates their job isn’t in a state of love, they’re not just able to flip from one to the other. Having a negative job situation impacts every area of life.

We know it’s not always easy or simple to find a new job or change things around. However, know that if you’re in a job situation you’re unhappy with, it will benefit you to make a change. Chances are you’ve been guided to address this already.

Ask your soul to help you find something where you earn more than enough and can do something you love.


#6) Sexual Dysfunction

Sexuality is a flow of energy. When we become imbalanced we veer into overactivity (addiction due to trying to fill a void or numb a bad feeling) or underactivity (due to feeling afraid or inhibited, often due to negative beliefs around sex) – we move out of our natural healthy state as souls in bodies.

Whether you are imbalanced sexually, is up to you to judge. Is sexuality a source of happiness for you? Are you able to feel pleasure? If not, there are adjustments that might need to be made. The Twin Flame connection is often strongly centered in sexuality, so this is important.

If there’s dysfunction here (sacral chakra), it’s reflected as emotional and “real world” struggle between the Twins.

If your issue is with underactivity… Begin exploring what makes you feel good. Mentally, emotionally, physically. We deal with Twin Flame Sexuality in-depth in the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

If your issue is with overactivity or feeling bothered by your Twin being with others, use the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


#7) People Pleasing

If you’re focused on helping everyone else and living for others all the time you’ll end up feeling drained. It lowers your vibration and entrenches receiving blocks.

On The Twin Flame journey we are being pushed back to ourselves all along – to self love, self acceptance, self respect. Because it is as our true natural self we are magnetic to our Mirror Self in all ways.

Many people – above all females – are taught that they have to help and love everyone else while never taking time for themselves. This is a huge block to true lasting love.

We go through how to address this here, uplift your heart’s programming and receive a gift of energy directly from source plus more.



7 Lifestyle Habits To Uplift And Boost Your Connection


Now onto what positive habits can actually help and uplift your Twin Flame connection:


#1) Regular Eating Habits, Getting Vitamins and Enough Water

Again, the body is the vehicle you operate in, and that receives and transmits electromagnetic signals. Imagine trying to drive a regular car on vegetable oil, or jet fuel… its system would go haywire.

Regular eating and getting enough nutrients will help your body sustain a high energy vibration. Again, to read about what this means for your Twin Flame journey, have a look here.


#2) Regular, Sufficient Sleep

This will help your body function optimally. We’re reminded that during Ascension Twins are often dealing with transmuting old patterning and anchoring in new light codes during sleep (DNA activation) so the body periodically needs extra sleep during Ascension.



#3) Meditation

There are countless benefits to meditation! Aside from the spiritual benefits, Science shows it boosts your immune system, decreases pain, increases happiness levels, makes you feel less lonely, boosts your intelligence, and much much more! Have a look at this article for more.

And, if you find meditation tricky, try my Free Guided Meditations here to start with!



#4) Living Your Passion

The old paradigm taught us that work has to be hard but if you have a skill or expertise, the new information realm enables you to begin working for yourself more than ever before.

Are you great with children? You can help others with theirs – via the internet! Are you an animal lover? Maybe you can supplement your income by pet sitting, or blogging about pets!

There are many options out there and the insight I’m getting is that every single person reading this – your guides are itching to assist you in making a living from what you’re passionate about. Allow them to assist you in shifting into a job you will love AND that brings in enough money for you to feel comfortable.

Living your passion centers you into your soul’s truth, making you magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Money worries are a big block to love. Therefore spirit insisted on including a special manifestation and clearing section of the Higher Heart Meditation Journey on abundance and money to help Twins. We also re-open the heart bond between you and your Twin, and much more. 


#5) Exercise

Even if it’s just going for a little walk, exercising helps oxygenate your cells and bring vitality to your brain and energy system.

This helps you feel better, makes your body release “feel good” hormones and helps you receive guidance and stay in touch with your Twin Flame more easily.

The important thing is to find something you’re at least mildly excited by or find interesting to some degree. Vary your routine. Go for a walk one day, do some yoga with a friend the next. Try something you’ve never tried before.

And a little every day is the best way to go. When starting a new habit you want it to be EASY to stick to, so make it something that’s fun and not too demanding.


#6) Self Love, Self Respect

This is KEY to the Twin Flame journey. So many Twins forget all about this. To read about why it’s so important – have a look at this article on the Twin Flame Mirror, and this one on why the Twin Flame journey is an Inside Job.

There’s no one way to practice self love, but once you get your personal “recipe” right you’ll notice all areas of life uplifted. You’ll feel more centered, confident, happy for “no reason” – and you’ll attract back respectful, caring, loving interactions from others. Especially your Twin Flame.

So what little daily actions and habits can contribute to your well-being? Treat yourself like you would treat someone you loved.

Most of us are taught to scrutinize, criticize and berate ourselves through life – body “issues” and feelings of not being good enough characterize most people’s inner monologue.

To get to grips with “not good enough” issues and begin embodying self love to attract love from the Twin Flame Mirror – have a look here.


#7) Regular Energy Clearing

The Twin Flame Ascension path will keep bringing up every old hurt and pattern in the way of love, so you can reunite in unconditional love.

Instead of letting the “purge” of Ascension build to gargantuan proportions where you have to fight desperately to get back up, leaving you exhausted at the end of it – clear your energy regularly.

Do it like brushing your teeth or showering daily. A little every day makes it an easy habit you benefit from more and more over time – lifting you into a higher state where you’re magnetic to love and harmony with your other self.

For a step-by-step method on this, created after my Twin Soul and I reached Union within just 18 months of our first encounter, have a look here. 

Or, you can download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit, which contains samples from the full program.

I wish you all the best with any lifestyle adjustments you choose to make. And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your ongoing journey! <3

Cassady x

Since having started your Harmony Healing things have changed so rapidly. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my Twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough!”

– Annalisa, London, UK

Get the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames to download instantly – or alternatively, start with the Free Twin Flame Help Kit and 2017 Forecast here


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  1. Cassady, funny enough since I’ve had my little one, who is 4 now, sleep is sporadic! She’s not been one to take to it easily and I’ve cried many days just wanting sleep. I don’t even know how I got so much insight with this path with so little sleep. I just left my job that being one of the reasons, being that I need sleep! I can’t offer anything to others especially since it was in the healing arts. Might you know of twin kids handling sleep differently or if there is more balancing to do with them? Omg I would die forever if I knew how to help. We’ve spent lots trying to help her!!

  2. Hi Carrie,

    Spirit never said “bad” and neither did I. I just shared their insight that when we numb ourselves or try to escape reality it’s usually because we have issues that need to be resolved. Our human bodies are meant to be joyous to us without the need for stimulants.

    In the face of a lot of peer pressure to the contrary in alternative circles, I just wanted to share spirit’s insight that you don’t have to engage with mind altering substances to be “spiritual” – we’re beings of light in bodies : )

    Enjoy what you enjoy, you are your own master.

    Sending you love and light <3 Cassady

  3. Hi Anna,

    Make sure you clear anywhere you feel you need to have a “crutch” to feel good or safe, this is often a big part of smoking/caffeine/other “addictions”. Try to have a break from computers/cell phones an hour before sleep as the blue light disrupts our cicadian rhythms. Having a hot shower before bed always helps me sleep : )

    Yes! The universe is full of love, I’m so happy for you that you’re following your guidance – happy travels, all light and love for your upcoming move!

    Cassady <3

  4. Hi Leann,

    I’ve been interested in homelessness for a long time as spirit has shown me many homeless people are a mirror to society – people feeling abandoned by the universe, unloved…

    Make sure you take a look at any issues like that – try to look for signs of the universe working in your favor, to open up to more and more of it. Your twin soul has a feeling that it’s unsafe to be in a human body, that it’s unsafe to be a human being.

    You can download the free energy cleanse tool and intend that you’re doing it for the both of you – or visualize connecting to the light 300 feet up every day and invite pure consciousness to heal the two of you and shield you from harsh energies. Ask the light to provide for you somehow, show up what you need to feel safe and good.

    Energy is always available to us but we most often don’t think to ask.

    Sending you lots of love and light <3

    Cassady x

  5. You know, its funny. I like to partake, and I feel that there are many benefits to the herb. I even an dabbling in the budding (lol) medical marijuana industry in the US. However, when I met my twin, I stopped feeling the need to smoke, particularly before I went to see her. She isn’t a smoker but it had nothing to do with whether or not I thought she approved because I knew she didn’t care. But more like… Eh, this can wait. Im about to go enjoy the company of something so much better. As a recovering pill addict and someone who struggles with addictive tendencies, that was pretty incredible. I’ve been thinking for a while it may be time to cut back a bit on smoking, just use it before bed or whatnot. Great article, lifestyle is not discussed enough in terms of twin flames.

  6. I share the exact same mind with you , marijuana was the main reason brought me from being completely ” human” to spirituality . it’s a gift to me and many of my friends who smoke share the same awakening journey after smoking marihuanna. But i do agree after meeting my twin flame and started the axe soon , i feel like smoking less, but when i do i can have vy good insights and much stronger connection and channeling with my twin’s higher self.

  7. I agree not everyone can use it in a spiritual beneficial way by themselves, bt marijuanna itself is one incredible plant with countless spiritual and physical benefits to human from universe

  8. Hey you, your an amazing person on an amazing journey. It gets hard and we have all been there, feeling helpless is par for the course. Try trusting the outside world for a second to the bigger things and just go inside, just breath.

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