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Donna asks a very important question this week: “Does The Universe Test Us?”

“I met my false Twin Flame and struggled with a karmic relationship on my journey before meeting my True Twin, and it made me wonder – does the universe test us on our journey?”

Thank you for this question, Donna, this is something I’ve come across so many places – the idea that the universe puts us to tests and challenges us.

Ancient Beliefs

There are so many interesting facets to this question but the most important and noticeable thing is how old this line of thinking is – it is an ancient belief from the monotheistic religions, carried through to otherwise modern spirituality circles.

The belief that there is someone or something out there with a big plan or lessons for us is something most of us are taught in some way in life. And it is a very common perception in Twin Flame circles and among those interested in spirituality.

I notice that in many spiritual and religious traditions and in many Twin Flame communities online we can see a clear line of thinking that personifies the universe (and not always positively), much like the monotheistic religions do.

The idea that the universe or God is a person with human-like traits who has a plan for everything and everyone and who has motivations to push and nudge us in certain directions. You can probably see that this is a very human-centric way of looking at the universe.

It can be positive and helpful for your journey if you believe that the Universe or God is benevolent and helpful and kind. But if you’ve taken on beliefs that God is demanding or the Universe puts you through difficult lessons and suffering in order to learn humility and so on, it can create a lot of pain for you …

Twin Flame Stages

The latter type of belief is where the idea of Twin Flames being put through tests fits in, and the idea of the pre-set stages of the Twin Flame journey. Often we read that things will happen in “divine time” and that we’re not yet ready.

Divine Timing is really the time when the energies are in alignment. It’s not that someone out there has a schedule for you and you’re not ready because they decide it to be so. It’s the fact that your energy is not yet in alignment with what you desire…That’s what Divine Timing means – it’s that the energies are a match.

With the new energy shift on earth, you yourself can speed up this process by clearing blocks that might otherwise get in the way.

Nothing Can Stop You

Really if there is a test on this journey, it is for us to realize that we are the masters of our own existence and that no one else can prevent us from doing, being or having what we desire to create. We are co-creators of our journey.

It has been shown to me over and over on my journey and communicated to me by spirit, that we are so much more in charge than we tend to think.

Thinking that we’re small tends to be because we identify with our human bodies. But the spirit is unlimited.

Universal Laws

The universe predominately operates on energetic laws – it certainly does not have a malicious or demanding series of tests for us to overcome so that our lives are filled with suffering to overcome.

If anyone is making you learn lessons, it is you and your own soul, who desired to evolve and develop as much as possible on your journey, and get over any past negativity you have been carrying around.

Magnetizing your Desires

There are many energetic laws in operation in the universe, but the biggest and most noticeable one is that “like attracts like”.

Let me explain: We and everything around us are energy, tiny particles making up what we perceive as solid objects. But nothing is actually solid – it consists of microscopic particles and atoms vibrating energetically. This is scientific fact, and you can look up the latest research in quantum physics to check if you want.

So the law of “like attracts like”, or more famously “the law of attraction” means that the energy and expectations you send out (the vibrational frequency you’re in) puts you in alignment with drawing like things and experiences to you.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

So on the metaphysical plane if you have a predominately negative worldview that “life is hard”, that is what you’re shaping your energy to allow in and attract more of.

Using Energy to your Advantage

Like with an old fashioned radio, you tune into a particular station by being in a particular frame of mind and emotion. So you can actually change your energy to shift the channel from “fear and lack” to “love and joy”.

This is why working on our energy is so important on the Twin Flame journey. If we have the preset that “love hurts” or that “the Twin Flame journey is a struggle”, this is the signal we’re emitting into the universe and will be attracting.

It is really important to know that these laws of energy operate completely “neutrally”, like gravity. There is no one controlling gravity and ensuring you comply with it, it just IS.

You Make Your Own Lessons

So when we attract challenges and hard lessons to learn on our Twin Flame journey it is overwhelmingly because our energy is in alignment with it. Often it’s due to core negative beliefs, but it can also be due to unhealed karmic wounds buried deeply in our energy field that keep emitting energies of trauma out into the universe.

In this way, you could describe a challenge as a “lesson” because if you for example have trauma related to abandonment and you keep attracting this over and over, you are given the opportunity to realize what your wound is so you can heal it and move on.

When we heal karmic and energetic wounds, we stop emitting the negative frequency into the universe, and we therefore stop attracting “lessons” over and over.

In some spiritual circles this would be referred to as “releasing the lesson” or “learning the lesson” but truly it’s due to the fact that we’ve stopped emitting the energy frequency that kept us in a loop of attracting negativity over and over.

What About Your Father?

Here on earth, our feelings about the universe and our views of God or source consciousness are very closely linked to our relationship to the father figure in our lives growing up.

This can be an eye-opener to consider: What was your father like when you were little?

Was he involved in your life? Was he dependable and always helped you and made you feel taken care of and safe? Or was he himself emotionally wounded and distant? Was he absent? Was he loving and generous or was he demanding and withholding of love?

Now compare with your view of God or Source or the universe.

Religion can actually be a help for people in this regard, as it can provide a new template for a loving father figure. However, often Christianity and Islam especially depict an easily angered and demanding God/collective Father figure.

In reality we are the ones manifesting these traits in our interaction with the universe and the world around us – we keep the energetic realm mirroring back to us any positivity or negativity in accordance with what we expect.

DIY Role Models to Fuel your Journey

This has been one of the biggest “lessons” on my own journey, to recognize that our childhood patterns and relationships keep us locked in skewed perceptions of the world around us – and thereby attracting what often doesn’t serve us. It’s why I created the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames.

So to open up your journey to increased abundance and love, I would suggest examining this and seeing where there may be buried wounds attracting negativity.

Creating or choosing your own new authority figure role model can be an excellent tool if you can’t find one in life. Is there a particular author or teacher or public speaker or celebrity who makes you feel positively inspired and safe? I would suggest experimenting with making this your new positive blueprint…

Remember that there is always guidance and help around us, to assist us in using the laws of energy to our advantage, stir us to raise our vibrations and help us create our desires. You can always ask for help and support, and you have a team ready to assist you in any way possible.

Spirit guides are like us – souls, consciousness – but without earthly bodies right now. They have signed up in agreement with you, to help you on your journey.

It’s all Rigged in Your Favor

It helps to shift your thinking to see the universe as always working in your favor – everything is rigged to your advantage. If wounds come up to be healed, it is so that you can clear the negativity and move on in increased joy.

If you encounter challenges, they are showing you that you’re energetically attracting them and would benefit from adjusting your beliefs, energy and karma. It all helps and serves you.

Above all, know that you are powerful and that you have the ability to create the life you desire. There is no destiny that can or will force you to be unhappy or alone for life. I promise. Adjust your energy, and you can make anything happen!

If you feel that you need help with clearing unhealed wounds and negative, congested energy, or to manage your energy better to create increased abundance and open up to love on your Twin Flame journey, have a look at the Intensive Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames I’ve created.

As always, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. Good timing as I’m very confused by this lately! I literally feel hunted down in a way with synchronicity all day long at times. I see the 11s all day long on the clock, road signs, dreams, you name it. Or only songs that haven’t played for years that I correlate to my twin play when he crosses my mind. I have to say I feel nudged in big ways and feel overwhelmed by it at times, it becomes almost laughable. So, these things are taking place because I’m in twin flame thoughts already and tuning into more synchronization?? I’m bringing this on? I know when I’ve said I want it to stop and leave it comes back stronger so I know remaining neutral and having acceptance is much easier. All the while my twin claims to not notice it anymore like before. So maybe it is all in my head and I’m creating it??

  2. I have felt hunted down not just nudged! So all of the 11s, synchronicity and signs, aren’t the universe at work to merge us?? Am I the one looking for it therefore I’m seeing it?? and I do feel nudged to reach out to twin when it becomes so overwhelming seeing the signs.

  3. Hi and thank you. I never thought of the role my Dad plays in this journey and when I met my twin I specifically said to him “whatever you do, please dont disappear on me. ” guess what? He did and the pain I felt was like a little girl losing her best friend and companion. My mother and father have had an abusive and dysfunctional relationship since I was little. I witnessed a lot and had to be a grown up at a very young age. My twin has kids of his own but I sensed in him a very caring nurturing side that he showed me often. We are in separation and it seems he’s a changed man ..battling his demons as he puts it. I feel like the little girl in me needs to rest and find her peace and joy again. I pray my twin returns to the nature of wholesome and caring and stops playing around with these foolish women he’s got involved with. My question is: does the male twin ever turn to us as their rock during their times of suffering and why do the roles switch? I dont like being the tough one here. I want him to be more masculine. He was when I met him.

  4. This is most often your guidance team working to keep your faith up and showing you not to give up, Amber – they are always at work to help us create what serves us best and come together with our twin flame. Being neutral actually pulls your energy back and allows in the very things you’ve been asking for, that’s why you notice it more at those times! Know that you always have help on your journey <3 x Cassady

  5. It’s your guides, who are helping you create energetically what you desire… So the signs are there to keep you on track, to help you have faith that it’s possible – to motivate and guide you to where you desire to go <3 x

  6. Thanks Cassady again for your insights on this matter. I have to go back and listen again to the group energy clearing and there was something during the Q&A that gave me an insight towards many matters, one of them being about how your Twin no matter what desires to be with you even when they may try to be with another person, that this is a matter of them projecting onto another person your own qualities as it were. It is a matter I have personally experienced.

    I have also witnessed many times this week 1111 and also 2222 while talking with my Twin last week. I also have an odd occurrence take place yesterday concerning the money I had in my pocket, after cashing my paycheck and giving 30 dollars way, I ended up having 666 dollars, I eventually separated this in a different way than I had it, and in two distinct piles, one to keep some cash on hand and the other to be deposited into my bank account, had 111 in one pile and 555 in the other pile. Totally unplanned.

  7. I have an idea for a Q&A post but do not know where to submit it. I think it will apply to people who are still learning and on their way to reunion.

  8. I cannot help it but I need to grasp the concept of energy also in a theoretical way, my analytic capacities are my strength and help me on the way (as long as my ego does not interferes ;).

    When you refer to quantum physics, I guess you do not mean in particular that everything is energy (while that was established by classic physics) but you mean this (please correct me if I am wrong, I am not correcting or judging, just thinking out loud): quantum physics teaches us that outcomes are not so much deterministic, but probabilistic (so: a consequence of an action is not per se always the same, but contingent on the influence of the particles involved, including the observer).
    Translated to what you say: energy flows in a certain way, particles interact in a certain way, but the laws of nature do not predict that the outcome will always be the same, because if e.g. an observer tries to measure (so to grasp, to interfere) this interaction, that alone is enough to alter the outcome. If that is the idea, then basically there is a theory of physics supporting all this (although physics are still unable to fully explain it 🙂 but I find that quite supporting and even comforting.

    I am in search for belief, for faith, and as much as I would like, I cannot simply surrender just like that. I guess that is my quest here. Understanding that not all is determined, but probabilistic, everything is and stays open, every moment can be a new moment a new chance, it does not have to be a chain of logical actions and reactions. Logic of fixed consequences does not rule, energy rules. But I am trying to grasp that through logic, paradoxically.

    So, I should not see a setback, or a negative thought, immediately as bringing me back to square one, but rather as a new action that I should deal with?

    My whole youth I have been fantasizing, visualizing my wishes, and many times got them come true. But the true wishes, deepest wishes did not come true. Why? there were always understandable, reasonable, logically sound reasons for it: I HAD to understand. And that is now in my way. Already all my life I manage to wish for things and get them (an empty parking spot for instance, always works!, but also jobs, money I need, friendships, understandings, and so on), UNLESS they are really really important to me and, specifically, when I see logically good reasons why I would not get there. So, I see that belief is keeping me from visualizing the ideal outcome with my twin. In my head, heart I know even it is possible, but this belief holds me back. I have cleared so much, I have grown, I have healed my inner child in a way I have never thought to be possible, I am so much more alive, vibrating, present, attracting more and more what is good for me. But I cannot let go of the feeling that in the end, love does not rule, but logic does (as in: all understandable reasons why love does not rule but other commitments or material life does).

    Why do I write this? It helps me to formulate what is, I feel, one of the last and most important blocks to be cleared before we can unite. BUT: when I clear it,. I do not feel the belief that I do. That’s why I turn back to logic (see above) in the hope it helps. By writing you, Cassady, this, I hope it will help as well. And although I believe it is not your task to advice me, while I have to, I would welcome your view on this as a mentor in my process.

    Thank you for all your good work, your love, your light,
    Sending you love and light,
    Elisheva <3

  9. Thanks Pamela! I’m always happy to get questions for the weekly Q&As – keep an eye on the blog for your answer. I write these intuitively as I tune into what the group kind of needs to hear each week, what is to everyone’s highest good. I’ll file this as a question for the future for sure.

    Cassady x

  10. I got a question for you, that is more about a possible awakening or TF connection’s symptom. Since I’m truly aware of my TF, my ear whistles… and more recently 2013 that same ear is ringing… more and more each day that pass, it’s constantly. Do you know if it could be one symptom among all ? Only one TF does ear this thing, others couldn’t tell me about it. #LOVE && #LIGHT ?

  11. I wondered how to know someone is or is not your twin. I was with someone for 13 years and I was so sure, I feel now that person is running and has major energy blocks and doesn’t want to believe the connection because they are in a new relationship with someone dark and closed off, we aren’t even “aloud” to be friends even though we both know how strong our connection is.. is this a battle I shouldn’t be fighting? Thank toyboy much for your guidance and insight it has truly helped so much.

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