When Two Become One… Have You Experienced These Weird Side-Effects Of Twin Flame Unity?

Welcome to the 11/11 gateway! Today I’m answering something I’m asked all the time.

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Weird Things That Happen In Twin Flame Union 

And now, onto the article. First of all, let’s cover a few basics! Or rather, a refresher if you already know.

So: “What happens in Twin Flame Union? What does Twin Flame Union or Reunion mean?”

In short, Twin Flame Union means the two counterparts are becoming more and more closely connected energetically.

Your chakras begin “communicating” and operating in “tandem”, and so does the rest of your system.

Your reality fields begin to overlap more and more.
Your shared timelines begin overriding old individual and family based timelines. New higher “shared” chakras unlock.

It means that the Twin Flame pair begin to develop more and more symptoms and signs of truly becoming “one soul in two bodies” again.

So today, let’s go through some of these incredible things:

And, let me know in the comments below which of these you’ve experienced!

PS: If you find this article triggering, or sad because you aren’t together, remember you and your Twin ARE already ONE as souls. If it seems to NOT be like that, it just means you have human “baggage” in your systems blocking you from PERCEIVING it!

Look at this video for more, plus solutions.

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #1)
Shared Taste/Smell

Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly getting “flashes of scents and flavors” from your counterpart the further you go into union!

Do you suddenly taste cinnamon rolls, even though you haven’t eaten one in years? Do you suddenly smell aftershave, or get an urge to drink a blueberry slushie?

You’re likely picking up on your Twin’s system!

Sometimes this can even be due to your Twin’s higher self trying to get you to go to that one cafe which has great cinnamon rolls, or make you smell the scent of coffee, in an effort to pique your interest to go there so you can run into each other by “accident”.

How do you know if you’re close to reuniting with your Twin? Have a look at these 10 signs that separation is about to end!

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #2)
Intensification of Telepathy – Music, Words, Messages…

Something many Twins experience is hearing songs, even words, images and sentences that express what their counterpart is feeling and wanting to tell them.

This is extra common in the “hypnagogic state”, the so-called alpha and theta states when the analytical mind is relaxed and not controlling.

You might even find yourself “hearing” their inner monologue in these states, hearing their thoughts to themselves as if you’re listening in to what’s going on in their mind.

Don’t be alarmed, this is actually a sign that your connection is progressing in a normal way because you are “one original consciousness divided” and are always on the “same wavelength” as souls. It’s like a radio where you’re picking up on a different channel on the same frequency.

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #3)
Becoming Aware Of, Tapping Into Their Memories

Another common experience on the path to oneness, is to gain a deeper understanding of your counterpart. Tapping into a subtle deeper awareness of their experiences that you’ve not been told about…

Receiving spiritual “downloads” of the truth about their background and struggles in life.

Often, this is their soul working to bring the information to you, but you may also suddenly have “epiphanies” about their childhood and other things…

Suddenly “just knowing” that they had a hard time in middle school or that they never felt understood by people around them…

You may even watch a film or hear a song and realize what associations and memories THEY have attached to it.

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #4)
Spontaneous Climaxes/Chakra Climaxes

This is one of the strangest experiences of Twin Flame Unity… But it’s also an enjoyable one. When Twins are aligned energetically and free from heaviness and conflict, their mere touch (even “remote” touch, not physical) can unleash chakra climaxes…

And it’s not necessarily a sexual thing, it can be any one of your chakras. It means the power of their frequency triggers your system to “blow out” through pure light…

It feels like a climax, but it can be a heart climax, a solar plexus climax, even a throat or brow climax.

One of the most common ways this happens is through a kiss (even from their soul/non-physical self). Them kissing your brow, suddenly unleashing a flurry of pleasure in the third eye, for example.

You’ll definitely know it if you’ve experienced this!

These chakra climaxes can be immensely healing and powerful methods for lifting into a pure and high vibration – and for reunion. And it’s an incredible sign of the power of the Twin Flame connection. That we are souls of light, above all.

(Learn more about Kundalini energy, Twin Flame sex and chakra climaxes in the Vibrational Alignment Program module 6)


Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #5)
Rainbow Energy – Their Inner Child “Visiting”/Guiding You

Many Twins write to me about having experienced this after using my healing sessions. When your Twin’s inner child starts to openly get involved and making themselves known to you, it’s a wonderful sign that your connection is opening up.

Don’t think that because it’s their child self that they are less powerful than a grownup consciousness. The spiritual inner child can be immensely loving, protective and pure in their desire to help and uplift you.

Remember there is a difference between the “pure child self”, and the “wounded HUMAN inner child”. It can be helpful to think of a cherub, as this is the kind of pure energy the “higher consciousness child self” exudes. 

Twin Flame inner child consciousness is often on the frequency of rainbow energy – which is vivacious and free from judgment. Spirit suggests visualizing rainbow energy all around you (you’ll intuitively know how this is “supposed” to look for you) and invite your counterpart’s child self to communicate with you.

The higher aspect of the inner child is an expert at solving problems, seeing what’s truly the cause of problems, and helping you to uplift. (Click here to learn more, and to get my specially designed inner child healing for Twin Flames)

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #6)
Unlocking Star Memories

Are you dreaming of stuff that isn’t from planet earth? Are you gaining subtle awareness of insights, feelings, visions that are not from your current life here and now?

This is another “side-effect” of increasing Twin Flame Unity.

Many Twin Flames have a soul background from “other realms” than this, and as the human material begins to be cleansed out of your systems via the Ascension process (and your own energy work), you begin to uncover more and more of this material.

This can be an exciting experience, and above all it can help you understand why you may never have felt quite at “home” in life or with “regular” people. Remember, if you feel it, your Twin has felt it on some level too.

twin flame awakening

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Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #7)
Getting A Connection With Others Close To Your Counterpart

This is another strange experience that comes with increasing unity. Remember, unity means your HUMAN systems are becoming more and more attuned to a fluid state of togetherness…

And with this, you begin to pick up on more and more of your counterpart’s “content” and they more and more of yours… A common way this expresses itself is to get flashes and feelings of what is strongly present in their system.

For example, does your counterpart spend a lot of time with their mother, thinking about her or having a strong bond with her?

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly “see” images of her or feel as if she’s close, or you feel pleasantly disposed toward her for no “logical” reason.

This is really your counterpart’s feeling/awareness, and you’re picking up on it!

This kind of experience most often happens with your counterpart’s close family, parents, siblings and lifelong friends… However, there’s a snag to this particular experience.

The problem crops up when you’re not physically with your Twin and they are with a non-Twin partner.

You may sense THAT person’s energy around, catch “visions” of them and dream about them… This is because as “one original consciousness” you and your Twin share an energy field and when one of you brings an outsider in, the other likely picks up on it.

No wonder so many Twins get aggravated about their estranged “other self”s new partner… It’s because they’re literally coming into your space, in the nonphysical.

In order to remove the unpleasantness of this experience, you can clear this energy and these attachments in alignment with Free Will. I explain more about how this works, and take you through it here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart program weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined. “

– Joy, California, USA


Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #8)
Dreams Like You’re IN Their Life/Looking Out Through THEIR Eyes

This is something that can happen even in earlier stages of unity, as the souls sometimes push for this in order to show to the counterparts that it truly is a real Twin Flame connection.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you are seeing your COUNTERPART’s essence in your own eyes or face somehow.

Another aspect of this is having dreams at night, where you are somehow present in your “other self”s life… Like you’re there watching their experiences or even like a latent presence INSIDE them in the dream, like a passenger along with their experiences.

This is yet again a sign that you’re becoming more closely connected or rather that the physical world boundaries between you are becoming more and more fluid…

(Need some help interpreting your dreams? Have a look at this article)

twin flame dreams
Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #9)
Picking Up On Skills, Talents, Traits…

Another weird attribute of becoming more and more energetically connected, is picking up on skills, knowledge, talents and traits from your counterpart…

Noticing you’re suddenly finding different things funny than before or your mannerisms have subtly shifted to express more of THEM.

This is yet again because you’re becoming more fluidly connected, more and more “one soul in two bodies”.

You may even find yourself being better at painting, playing an instrument, acting, dancing or other things THEY have mastered in their body…

Because the boundaries between “you” and “them” are down, your body picks up on their “recipe” for “expertise”. Like you already learned something or got the “blueprint” for it in your system.

Crazy Twin Flame Union Experience #10)
Feeling Like You “Need” Them Less…

The final and perhaps strangest experience of unity on this Twin Flame path, is a complete paradox. That the closer you get, the less you feel NEED and LONGING to be with your counterpart…

This often surprises Twins, as they got so used to feeling inexplicably drawn together and fears of “what if” we don’t reunite… Well, strange as it may seem, when you notice yourself feeling less need and longing, it can actually be a GOOD thing.

It means your system is no longer calling to merge, because you already HAVE merged. When you have returned to ONENESS, your systems are at peace on a deeper level.

You are already ONE, so there is no longing. Because you are not experiencing yourselves as separate anymore.

When you can be in the energy state of oneness, physical oneness is the natural outer result too. “As within, so without.” So please don’t be afraid if this is happening to you. It actually means you’ve raised your vibration into a higher state, where fear is no longer pushing you.

Unfortunately, longing, need and fear of losing our counterpart is a sign that negativity is still in our system and attracting that very LACK of togetherness we fear.

Because when we long for and need something, we’re in the energy state of NOT having it. This matches us up with more of NOT having it.

Inner peace is the paradox that shows you, as a Twin Flame, you are effortlessly aligned with receiving unity on all levels. (For more on this, click here)

I really hope you enjoyed this article!

Again, I would love to hear from you in the comments about which of these weird Unity signs and experiences you’ve encountered on your journey!

And to read more about Twin Flame Union, go here:

Can’t wait to read your messages!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. I have experienced a visit from my Twins 10 year old self just a couple weeks ago. I have had the experience of seeing through his eyes, while fully conscious, of him rereading the valentine's day card I gave him just a few days before. And we've only known each other sine 6-31-22. We work with each other so we see each other often. When we're near each other my vibrations get stronger, so i do believe i've experienced the climax connection. We have had intimate trists. IAnd it is insanely cosmic. He seems to be a little jealous of how I'm learning guitar and I already sing in my church ban, because he wants that music aspect for himself.

  2. Lately I have been seeing 11:11 on many occasions. My boyfriend awhile back woke up in the morning and told me my deceased father visited him. He told me many things that he would not know and he never met him. Lately, we have not been connecting and it has been really rough. I don't want to give up on him but been thinking maybe I should give up on us and I am just hoping seeing the 11:11 so many times is my sign not to give up. I do love him so much and think he could be my twin flame

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