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What is a Twin Flame? Let’s go through some of the basics: 

Also known as Twin Souls or “mirror souls”, your Twin Flame is in simple terms the closest soul mate connection you have. In spiritual essence, two souls “made” from the same ray of consciousness or energy. 

The only person in the universe who shares your exact “soul song” - your shared core energy frequency. And this is so, despite Twin Flames seeming like two "separate" people in the physical world.

Because of this deep unconscious soul bond, Twin Flames share an immensely powerful resonance and magnetic attraction, and most often share a passionate romantic connection unlike any other.

Common signs and facets of the Twin Flame connection include 
intense sexual passion, significant dream experiences, kundalini awakening, magnetic love, telepathy and heart activations… And seeing 11:11 frequently around the time of meeting.

If you have experienced any of these signs and are looking for help with your Twin Flame connection, or want to know if you've met your True Twin Flame, experience my Free Guided Twin Flame Energy Session by entering your info above.

Despite only becoming more widely known in recent years, the term has been discussed in spiritual teachings for thousands of years.

The idea of two hearts that belong together - your destined love, or the “other half” of your being: Your Twin Soul. Your heart’s “perfect match”.  But although it is a connection of immense love and passion, the connection can be turbulent and challenging for many…

...If you have not yet met *yourself* deeply enough, or if you have unhealed emotional baggage, wounding and other internal struggles. Therefore, energy awareness, mindset and inner harmony is key to enjoying the Twin Flame connection and journeying to Union.

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Hi, I'm Cassady Cayne...

I founded Twin Flames 11:11 in 2014 after my own awakening.

I was thrown into the Twin Flame journey head-first, experiencing a powerful Kundalini triggering that released latent psychic abilities and turned my world upside down. 

I've now spent years researching the Twin Flame dynamic, coaching and helping other Twins, and am at the union stage of my journey. 

As a natural intuitive healer and channel of spirit, with an academic background in psychology, my work is all about helping Twin Flames use deep mindfulness and quantum energy tools to harmonize their connection and reunite in love. 

If you're new here, welcome! Whether you're looking for info, help and support as a Twin Flame or want to learn more about the connection, you've come to the right place...

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