How To Lift Into Your Highest Path Of Flow. Have You Fallen Into This Common Twin Flame “Trap”? Breaking Through, Into A New Space Of Love And Harmony

Before we start today I wanted to say thank you for being here, for being a valued part of the community!

If you have written to me with questions, I want you to know I really appreciate it!

Opening your heart and sharing your story is such a beautiful thing to do and I’ve been blessed with hearing from so many Twin Souls along the way.

Unfortunately, at this point I am not able to answer everyone personally, as Twin Flames 11:11 has gotten so busy.

But I’m always working to find ways to help.

(If you want to get more personal help and guidance, here is the option for that. You can also find my answers to the most commonly asked Twin Flame questions here.)

Are You “Checking Out”?

So with that said, today’s article is addressing what I have been seeing from so many, in social media above all. The busier things get, the stronger this tendency seems.

What I am guided to bring to you.

The issue I’m being guided to address, is, so many are “checking out” of their own journey… this is a recurring theme for SO MANY Twin Flames. 

And it can severely set back progress.

So today I’m bringing insights to help you shift, break through “stuckness” and step into a new space of love and openness

To move forward on your Twin Flame path.

What Guidance Wants You To Know…

Fair warning: This article may shake you up a bit, because I see so many Twins struggle with this same issue and not fully seeing what is needed to shift it.

(If you are not aware of something, you can’t shift it, unfortunately.)

This may not be what most Twins WANT to hear… But it has to be said, so the journey can move forward.

Twin Flame Dreams Of “One Day”

If you’re like most Twins, you’re dreaming of something BETTER than what you have right now.

More harmony with your Twin Flame…

More ease: A smoother journey…

Love and happiness together…

Maybe you’re longing for them to “show up” in the physical… To apologize, to remedy past hurt… 

But if you’re like most Twin Flames, you are likely also very passive about this.

How? You may have the mistaken idea that unity and love is going to happen by discovering some “secret” or idea that will fix things in an instant… 

Or that some stroke of magic will “fix” everything without any effort on your part…

That “one day”, it will all be OK. 

And that is one of the biggest blocks I see for Twins.

Twin Flames Are Like A Race Car?

It completely stops progress, because YOU stop.

In order for the JOURNEY and your CONNECTION to evolve, YOU have to be an active participant.

Imagine a race car full of power and fuelled up with gasoline. That’s you. *Immensely* powerful and capable – that’s just who you ARE as a soul.

But then imagine the engine of that car not even being switched on, and someone having to push it down the street… So much wasted potential.

Imagine how far you could go on your journey if you recognized your inner power and “switched it on”?

Without struggle and the rollercoaster of ups and downs.
Simply being in your soul’s light, being in flow.

Getting Unstuck

A major theme to this is: 

If you want to make big changes in your life, you have to be an active participant. you have to take (some) action.

And that means overcoming the fear and worry that’s holding you back from taking those actions and making those big decisions.

So let me share 3 guided keys to getting unstuck and JOYOUSLY breaking through stuckness on your Twin Flame journey.

Getting Unstuck,
Key #1) Choosing Courage

Today, I ask you to choose courage over fear.

One of my guides once told me, most people have misunderstood how courage works. Courage is NOT to close your heart and “push through” no matter what, bulldozing your will onto life…

Courage is to have an open heart, to be your true self unapologetically, to believe even when things seem difficult, to open to love.

Courage isn’t always easy, but on the Twin Flame journey it’s essential. If you feel like you’ve closed your heart, I am here to ask you to please open up again.

That’s the path to unity.

The COUAGE to love.

The courage to believe.

The courage to trust that there IS a path to your unity, even if things have been challenging.

The courage to take action to shift your situation.

Getting Unstuck,
Key #2) Move Beyond Information

The unfortunate truth, is that no matter how many videos you watch or how much you read or are told about Twin Flames, it won’t change your inner alignment for good.

Because *mental understanding* is not where love and unity happens. Your mind is not what attracts or manifests harmony, love and unity.

Alignment is about our whole being, our unconscious, our energy, our emotions and our field.

So if you’re not a match with unity now… *reading* or *watching* something won’t magically change that.

Deeper work is needed.

The most disappointed Twins I see are those who sit on the sidelines and DISCUSS the connection over and over, without ever doing the deep inner work that can truly unlock their state and relationship.

Getting Unstuck,
Key #3) Accept That Nothing Is Impossible

At the beginning of my journey, deep in the throes of the Ascension purge and stress…

My guides told me: “You can have, be and do anything you choose”.

It sounded ridiculous to me at the time, but I came to realize they meant that as infinite souls, we don’t have limits.

No one “out there” withholds unity from us.

If Twin Flame unity is not there, it’s NOT because it’s IMPOSSIBLE or OUT OF REACH to us… It’s because WE are missing something here in our human life.

If unity is not there on all levels, in all “realities”, it’s because WE are not a match to it, on some level.

And that means deeper work is needed.

A New Journey?

I have learned so much along the way from working with Twin Flames for over 8 years, taking clients through transformations, working with spirit on deep healing modalities – and being on the journey myself.

Last summer, spirit and I developed an intensive soul coaching group program on fully and deeply alchemizing your system into true unity.

In a few short months, the first graduates are complete in their journey – and we have had SO much amazing feedback along the way!

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Inviting In Quantum Shifts

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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