When Shadows Speak – Spiritual Skeptics And How To Avoid Others’ Beliefs  Derailing Your Journey… 5 Keys

Have you ever encountered a self-proclaimed spiritual person, who downright refuses to believe that the Twin Flame connection even exists? Perhaps they’re even angry that you’ve mentioned it?

So many Twins come to me upset because a healer, psychic, reiki master, intuitive coach, yogi or other spiritual worker has balked at the idea of their connection… Discouraging them, making them doubt themselves, hurting their feelings…

Some of these spiritual workers dismiss the idea of Twin Flames altogether, some get irritated at the very concept, some may even get mad at you just for mentioning it, and some will try to talk you out of it…

It causes pain for a lot of Twins, understandably, and I’ve been guided to address it in the blog today.

Don’t Listen To The “Mainstream”

And yes, this has happened to me many times too! It’s almost like a rite of passage for Twin Flames – to be faced with the skeptics…

You could see it as a divine guiding post, to help you find your OWN truth.

One of the first things my Twin Flame’s higher self told me was, stay away from the “mainstream”. Don’t listen to skeptics. It’s often easier said than done, on this journey where we naturally seek experts in the spiritual community for help and insights…

People can get very angry about the idea of Twin Flames. And there are very deep “secret” reasons for this, as I’ll share with you below.

But what if there was a gift in it? A message from your soul about who to trust and who to avoid?

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When Kundalini Rising Defies “Old School” New Age Beliefs

The first psychic healer I ever went to told me, with irritation, that there was no such thing as Twin Flames and that the very idea was setting people up for pain for no reason…

And yet, as my hitherto nonexistent psychic abilities blossomed at warp speed in a way no other student of hers had before – with the intense help of my Twin’s higher self and kundalini rising – she started seeing that she may have judged prematurely.

And the more time passed, the more I noticed that she saw it was *highly unusual* what was happening. The connection I had with my Twin Flame opened my abilities in an incredible way, when her other students barely made any progress…

And was directly because of the Twin Flame connection! Because of Kundalini rising that’s triggered by recognition, Twin Flames’ awakening isn’t just in the realms of “normal” love and romance.

So many people balk at this, if they haven’t experienced it themselves. But it doesn’t make it any less true – this site is full of comments from people all over the world who have had the same kinds of “supernatural” experiences without knowing about each other!

The astral experiences, the chakra chills, the telepathy, the strange and supernatural aspects of the connection… It can sound like make-believe to “regular” people.

But to those who have experienced it, we know it’s not crazy! They’re all signs of the Twin Flame connection!

(More on these amazing facets of the Twin Flame connection here)

When The Supernatural Is The “Normal”

I’m glad I was able to take the best of the situation and not allow her personal belief to deter me from my Twin connection…

Because later as I came into contact with thousands of Twins from all over the world I realized everything I’d experienced, the things other people thought were make-believe… Were highly common in the Twin Flame connection!

I also realized I wasn’t alone in feeling upset by outsiders’ skepticism, and that it causes a lot of upset and fear for Twins.

It’s the main cause of why Twins write to me saying they felt they may have been going crazy…

When outsiders get involved and take a stance of judgment, denying that the Twins are experiencing something real.

All the while, the Twin Flame connection palpably affecting the person in ways that are far outside of most people’s ability to understand…

So why do so many spiritual healers/psychics/reiki masters/astrologers/intuitives not believe in Twin Flames?

Simply put, because it’s not in their path…

We cannot fully understand what we have not experienced. This is one of the key soul lessons we are all asked to learn in human life – that we should not judge another unless we have walked in their shoes.

So these skeptics – they’re not necessarily MEANT to understand. But they’re certainly not meant to judge! And that’s why I’m writing this article today.

Every single healer, lightworker and spiritual person is in this lifetime being asked to learn the soul lesson that we must allow others to walk their path.

As healers, especially, people are meant to learn to be non-biased – an open flow of light! Light cannot flow when there are judgments.

So if you encounter a skeptic in the spiritual field, be very careful. The true spiritual journey is open to ANY possibility – if you encounter people who are skeptical or judge you, think twice.

A Warning From Your Soul

Anyone who is truly connected with spirit will know this is an infinite universe and to be “against” something is an expression of human ego…

This is why I was guided on my own journey to provide Free Energy Healing tools and information for Twin Flames – so you can go within and connect to your OWN light and healing capabilities…

Instead of encountering negativity with others.

If someone is angry or skeptical about a spiritual connection like Twin Flames, can you imagine what their energy is doing to your system?

It won’t help you on your journey the way tapping into your own light will…

I was asked by spirit to create the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames to help as many as possible reunite and accelerate their journey back to love. It’s worked wonders for so many Twins already – have a look at some of their feedback here.

You can get started right now with the Free Help Kit which contains excerpts from the full program. It’s 100% free, you don’t need a credit card and there’s no spam – after signing up and receiving your welcome emails you will only be notified when there’s a new article on the blog.

Why People Get Angry About Twin Flames

Many who are “against” the idea of Twin Flames, or who do not believe the connection exists, are actually *misunderstood* in their position.

What they really have a problem with is the idea that a person is not “whole” on their own, or that there is just one “true love” out there for a person!

And as a Twin Flame you know, that’s a misunderstanding…

Because any Twin Flame knows and has experienced – yes we are whole on our own! And yet there is a *higher level of wholeness* when we click into unconditional love with our counterpart.

Note that the skeptics are *always* people who have not experienced the tangible and palpable effects of a REAL Twin Flame connection:

– The chakra activation and tingles from just being near your soul’s counterpart
– The constant angel numbers and synchronicities
– The telepathy and soul connection expressions
– The shared dream experiences, astral projection and other “supernatural” effects of the Twin Flame bond
– The physical sensations shared between the two counterparts
– The kundalini rising triggering psychic perceptions and other “new” abilities
– The feeling of having known each other forever even if you just met…

And so much more…

(Read more about The Twin Flame Mission and what the purpose of the connection is all about here)

The Journey From Separation To Oneness

The amazing thing for Twin Flames is: We are on a journey of re-experiencing in a heightened sense, what all of humanity are dealing with. The journey from separation to oneness.

The journey the whole human collective is being pushed to make. To recognize that we are all beings of light beneath it all. And it’s a unique journey, very heightened from the soul’s perspective – only the bravest chose this! (And no, not everyone has a Twin Flame).

If you are a Twin Flame experiencing a true connection, you KNOW IT, in your soul. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

Please do not allow any outsiders to try to discredit your valid experiences!

They are your experiences to have. It’s in your soul’s path to experience this and no one else is allowed to push you away from that!

If they try, it means it’s not to your highest good to listen to them because they are not respecting YOUR right to have your truth and your experience your way.

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The Subjective Nature Of Spirituality

Everyone is on a different path in life. You’ll have experienced this very likely if you’ve tried telling friends or family or even people online in spiritual groups, about your Twin connection.

People get irritated, show their skepticism… Because they have not experienced the connection themselves! And that’s OK.

You can choose not to engage with them. Do not let anyone bully you.

Spirituality is subjective because YOU are the one having the experience.

It is NEVER up to anyone, whether a guru, spiritual author, psychic or healer, to dictate to you how your journey goes or what is true for you!

In fact, when you encounter others’ pushiness in this regard, *your soul is likely using the experience to show you that other people are not the answer*.

Your soul is trying to teach you to go within and connect with your OWN truth. To trust your OWN intuition.

When Wrong/Right Doesn’t Make Sense

One person can believe in a Christian Heaven and another in the idea of a Buddhist nirvana. Is one “right” and one “wrong”?

That is ultimately up to the person themselves to decide. We are not here to dictate to others, we are here to explore our own experience.

I love the American saying: “Stay in your lane.”

So many people would benefit from this advice – to focus on THEIR “driving experience” (i.e. life) and not involve themselves with everyone else.

Unsolicited advice can be very damaging! Stay true to yourself above all.

And if you need support and a source of community on your path, you can come here to the blog, or use the guided resources I’ve created for the Twin Flame journey.

The Shadows Are Speaking!

Whatever the skeptic says, be mindful that many people are triggered by the idea of Twin Flames for a number of reasons. It’s usually their “shadows” being triggered!

Here are the main underlying reasons why the idea of Twin Flames bothers them:

1) They may have had a hard time with love and romance in life, and are angry at any belief or idea that there exists an “ultimate love connection”. (This is *their* subjective trigger. Don’t let it affect you)…

2) They may have seen other people hurt in relationships, and have taken on the belief that there is no “true love” – therefore they feel protective of others and like it’s their duty to deny a belief they see as damaging…

3) They may believe that the idea of Twin Flames encourages people to be unhappy and pine for something they see as “impossible” (again, that’s an expression of THEIR belief system – stay true to YOUR experiences and intuition)…

4) They have read something that says Twin Flames or Soul Mates are not real…

5) They likely dwell in the “3D” worldview of separation mentality (where there’s no “oneness” – and the idea of it is regarded as a romantic myth)

Ego Revealing Itself…

Again, if you encounter someone who is vehemently opposed to the idea of Twin Flames, it always means they haven’t experienced the connection themselves.

But it also is a warning for you from your soul…

Because anyone who is engaged in an idea of opposition and denying something spiritually, is showing you that their understanding of the universe and the nature of spirit is limited. They are showing that they are still in ego.

As mentioned above any true spiritual channel, psychic or healer who has reached a state of illumination and enlightenment – transcending the Ego – understands that there is more to this universe than we can perceive from our human state.

A truly spiritually enlightened person is ALWAYS open to allowing others their experience.

They do not taint others with their judgments. They understand that even if they haven’t experienced something, it doesn’t mean it’s not “real”.

They know that each person must travel their own path. You are allowed to enjoy your path in any way you choose!

Twin Flame Solutions To Outsiders’ Skepticism:

1) Stay in your own truth.

2) Remember just because someone else hasn’t experienced something, doesn’t mean it’s not real – you’re not “crazy” – this site is full of people who’ve had the same experiences!

3) Focus on what/who is supportive and helpful to your experience!

4) Listen to your intuition, connect with your soul

5) Try to not analyze the Twin Flame connection mentally, but experience it and be fully present – heart and soul

6) Know that there are thousands of other Twins out there going through the same things you’re experiencing (One day I hope to publish a book on how so many people in different places who have never met each other, have experienced the same “supernatural” TF phenomena!)

7) Know that you are here for a very special purpose, and that your guidance team and the whole universe is supportive and grateful for what you’ve chosen to experience and go through!

Thank you for choosing this journey! I believe in you.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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