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Is Drama Addiction Causing Your Twin Flame Connection To Short-Circuit? Can’t Stop Thinking/Talking About The Situation 24/7? Discover What’s Really Going On And Uplift Into Calm, Loving Harmony.

Today I’ve been asked by Spirit to address the issue of Drama Addiction on the Twin Flame path.

I’m shown this is an underlying issue causing much outer difficulty for Twins. An overload of information is among the biggest culprits.

Spirit has been showing me for years that many Twins get addicted to the drama of the connection and that this creates problems for the connection – distracting many from their true purpose and path.

To get some background on why this article was requested.

Have a look at the strong message from the Divine Masculine last fall as they tried blocking me from writing an article at all… in an effort to get their Feminine counterparts to stop thinking so much and instead feel the love that had been there all along.


Why We Get Addicted To Drama

Some background: As human beings, the “fight or flight” response of survival means that *our bodies thrive on danger*.

And the Twin Flame journey is full of triggers to this response.

Feeling that we might get hurt. That the future is uncertain.

The Ego reacts by trying to control and understand the connection in detail, “figuring out the future” – to avoid getting hurt.

A huge point here is: This fear response creates a similar reaction in the body to what drugs and alcohol do. It becomes an addiction. Fear followed by alleviation. Participating in dramatic situations or discussing problems causes your brain to secrete endorphins and dopamine.

When we experience drama, our brains actually release “feel good” hormones…

So indulging in gossip and drama actually feels good to many people – creating an unconscious addiction pattern.


Where Drama Comes From

Here’s the problem: What you focus on, is what you get more of. When you focus on problems, you fuel more and more energy into them.

In spiritual terms, you are telling the universe that problems are what you’re interested in learning more about.

You’re inviting in more and more.

As energy creates more of the same, focusing on problems and drama will attract more and more drama… Keeping you in a loop of negativity and drama.


Why Twin Flame Crises Tend To Get Bigger And Bigger

Just like with every other addiction, you can also develop a tolerance. The crises need to get bigger. The thrill needs to be better for the body.

For Twin Flames, this comes in the form of chasing for information, the future, divine decrees, dates for when things will happen.

And the more you read, the more videos you watch – the more dramatic and big the information has to get for you to feel the satisfaction and like things are really going to be OK.

Last year I actually considered stopping the weekly forecasts for this reason.

Other versions of drama addiction between Twin Flames comes in the form of conflict followed by making up. Running, followed by Reconciliation. On again, off again.

And maybe you’re not the one causing the majority of the Drama between you… But this post might give you some “aha” moments, so please keep reading.


Where Addictions Come From

Spirit is very keen to get across that addictions can only exist from a place of inner lack.

Someone who is whole within has no need for the “substitute high” that gossip or negativity or drugs or dramatic relationships bring.

Addiction is *always* formed from a place of lack – the addiction to the outer “drug” is attempting to fill an inner sense of emptiness or lack of control.

Unconditional love and learning to shift into self love are essential in healing addiction.

And if your Twin Flame is the one with an addiction problem, you can help them address the core cause of addiction by sending them unconditional love and clearing energy for them.

If you yourself don’t feel whole and good right now – it’s an excellent thing to start working on yourself.

Because approaching the Twin Flame connection from a place of inner emptiness and NEED only breeds more dysfunction between you and your mirror soul.

The Problem With “Needing” Them

The Twin Flame mirror is always honest – if you are attracting running, look within and be honest. Do you expect to be wholeheartedly loved? If not, work on your inner sense of wholeness.

Self love and inner unity is key to fulfilling relationships outward, and for this reason spirit had me channel the Higher Heart Transformation Journey.

In this hour long energy session we take you into your unconscious mind and your heart to discover what the true situation is for you AND your Twin. We also clear out dysfunction and blocks and reinstate harmony between the two of you, including cord-cutting and infusing the two of you and your Twin Flame heart bond with divine love to uplift your connection.

You can have a look at this here.




(More testimonials here)


How to know if you’re addicted to Twin Flame Drama:

#1) – You Can’t Go More Than A Few Hours Without Checking Websites/Forums/Blogs or Telling Someone About Your Situation

#2) – Even When You’ve Decided to Give It a Rest It’s “Buzzing” In Your Mind, The Questions, Fears, Worry, Anger and all the rest of it… Your Mind Is In Automatic Analysis Mode

#3) – You Regularly Have Arguments With Your Twin Flame (or Yourself) In Your Mind (Telepathically)

#4) – You’ve Started Defining Yourself As a Twin Flame First, And Your Former Identity As an Individual Seems To Have Gone Missing Since This Journey Began

#5) – You Feel Energized or Soothed From Reading About Others’ Unhappy Twin Flame Experiences and Sharing Your Own

#6) – You Can’t Go More Than A Week Without Seeking Out Someone On The Internet’s Advice or Going To A Psychic/Healer/Reader/Page For Insight On Your Twin Situation

#7) – You Talk and Think About Twin Flames And Problems More Than You Talk About Your Passions, Your Positive Experiences, Your Goals And Your Bliss


How To End The Cycle Of Twin Flame Drama, Struggle and Emotional Turmoil:


Step 1:

Take a step back. Stop talking, stop thinking. Get some breathing space.

Find a quiet place and just sit in silence for five minutes. Focus on your breath and let all thoughts go.


Step 2:

Clear your energy.

Addiction is energetically and mentally like having a music track playing on a loop. Same thing on repeat without stopping. This kind of thing can actually make you feel like you’re going “crazy”.

Clearing congestion, overthinking and the energy of stress, worry, fear, irritation and all the other drama ingredients out of yourself and your space will actually stop the feeling of buzzing drama in your whole being.

You’ll notice it if you’ve spent a day with someone who’s stressed out or intense or upset, that you can often hear their voice in your head or see their face as you’re going to sleep at night – that’s a clear sign that the person’s energy is still in your space. Drama can also get “stuck” in us like this.


Step 3:

  Clear any attachments to internet forums and other Twins so you don’t keep chaotic energy coming into your space.

When we’re corded into collective energies, such as a group energy on the internet, we’re linking our energy with all the other people there and what they’ve expelled into the group.

If there’s “venting” going on – you bet you’re tapping into that stuff when you’re there reading, focusing on it, discussing it.

I’ve mentioned it before that when I began giving advice to other Twins, my own connection suddenly started going haywire even though we’d hardly had any issues before.

I was shown that this was due to my energy beginning to interact with others who had conflict and drama going on. Their energy got messed up with my own and it caused so much strife before I discovered what was going on.

Lastly, clear the channels between you and your Twin so you remove any negative triggers. If you’re feeling the energy of your Twin Flame with other people, no wonder you’re feeling a bit stressed out or angry. So let’s clear it and give you some peace once more.

We go through attachment and cord clearing in all my full sessions and energy clearings. Have a look at the full selection here.


Step 4:

Forgive your Twin Flame. Decide to be over the drama for good. Life is too short to hold that negativity in your space. It will only attract more of the same.

Warning: don’t try to do this before clearing your energy, as there’ll be a LOT more resistance and you might just get triggered.

Clear your energy *first*. Then, especially if you give it an hour or two, you should feel uplifted and ready to close the door on the past for good, including forgiving your Twin so you can move on.

Remember that they are you and you are them, in essence. If you had been born in their body, with their genetic background, with their family, with their experiences, as their gender – you would in essence be them. If they had been born in your stead, they would in essence be you.

This is the ultimate truth of the matter – and it will hopefully help you forgive your Twin for any hurt caused. Remember also that no one hurts others from a place of joy – hurt comes from hurt and fear.


Step 5:

Give your brain and your system new positive programming.

Addiction is actually both a mental and chemical “habit” in the brain and body. In other words, your physical body becomes addicted to drama. It’s not just “all in your head”.

When you give your body what it’s been taught to crave – such as drama, or nicotine, or caffeine, or sex – your body feeds you happy chemicals that are very similar to opiates (what heroin is made from).

This is known as the body’s own reward system, and it plays a key role in why addictions are so hard to break by mere willpower.

For more great, down to earth info on addictions and habits, have a look at the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

In order to find peace, you have to give your mind and body a *new* positive pattern to replace the old one. And stick to it until it replaces the old habit.

The new habit should be something that gives your mind something to “chew on” so it’s as strong a stimuli as the damaging “addiction” was. You might choose vigorous exercise while listening to positive affirmations, or you might choose to spend time with coloring books while listening to music, or eat a piece of fruit and listen to a brand new song every time you feel the need to indulge in the old drama.

Many former smokers swear that chewing gum was what truly helped them stop smoking for good: Because the KEY to eradicating a negative addiction is to replace it with a new, more positive one.


Step 6:

Repeat as necessary. Addictions are all about repetition, so it becomes engrained in the subconscious mind, your neurochemistry and your mental habits.

Mental, physical, emotional… So every time you feel like continuing your old habit of Twin Drama – which you know is just going to cause more problems between you and your Twin – go do your new activity instead.

And be firm. Any time you want to go online and vent or ask for other people’s opinions – go get that apple and eat it while listening to a new song, or take a shower and put on your favorite perfume, or listen to a creative visualization while your favorite incense burns in the room. No matter how silly you feel doing any of it.

This stuff will be a “life saver” for your whole journey. Because it is permanently re-programming your brain and your neurochemistry (especially when we include the physical senses such as taste and smell) to help you rather than hurt you.

The Twin Flame Union Path

In the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames we go through this process step by step:

10 modules to clear out old blocks that have been getting in the way of love, plus instilling new positive programming to help permanently uplift your journey into harmony and unity.

This is how my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter. 


I hope you found this article insightful.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For a complete session to uplifting and clearing your Twin Flame connection, have a look at the Harmony Healing for Twin Flames here

And, read about other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with these methods here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

twin flame

“I just did the higher heart meditation journey, it really helps to clear the old wounds. Every time I use this tool my heart feels lighter. It really helps to open your heart and letting go of old stories. Thank you Cassady!”

– Wendy, USA

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  1. thank you for this post Cassady… I rarely comment on your blog but I follow it very closely and this article really hit me to the core and I thank you for bringing this up… the topics you’ve addressed are very real, I am the female twin who has been the “chaser” in the relationship but really this article has shown me that by holding on to past hurt, anger, and repeated cycles of drama, I am creating a loop of negativity and entrapping myself in victimhood while expecting the outer situation to just change or my twin to awaken and take action to help me… so that he can prove me his love… We are now in total separation but I have had the time for some real introspection and realized that I used to blame my twin for nearly everything that happened between us… but in fact this whole time I had been actually running away from myself and my own inner demons… I think this is an important realization for me along my journey and for all other “chasers” out there… love and light to you all xox

  2. Complete harmony Healing

    A huge life saver.
    Around one month back after reading one of Cassady’s article about how she used to do her energy clearing everyday, i came to know about following ‘Complete harmony Healing’ everyday.

    For past one month, I am doing this meditation everyday and the results are amazing.
    For last one year, i was going through mental ups and downs, mood changes, repetitive mental dialog.

    And since the day I started following this meditation first thing in the morning, there is complete peace and silence. It feels that me and my twin are not two beings, but we are just one.

    I cannot describe the peace that i am feeling for last one month and all credit goes to chakra cleansing and shielding from negative energy that is being performed in this meditation.

    Thanks Cassady for such a wonderful tool.

  3. I am glad you made this post. Thankfully I’ve moved past the drama addiction with my twin, but it took a couple years of driving myself and my friends crazy. Sadly it took someone close to him dying for me to wake up and realize that the most important thing was to love and support him, no matter what. i reached out just to say I was sorry for his loss and thinking of him, while he never mentioned it in our later interactions I could feel the positive shift in him, as well. I think it was a real turning point of sorts for both of us. We’ll see what the future has in store.

    Thanks again, I’m moody and down as missing him like hell today (even though he’s always “here” with me, too…weird huh). Anyway I needed this reminder

  4. Hmmmm.. this article just validated what I’m in the process of doing; trying to rewire how I perceive myself in order to truly (and for the first time) love myself. I genuinely believe this is the cornerstone of the rest of my life. For my ability to manifest my dreams, for my ability to love others truly, and for the eventual reunion with that amazingly beautiful woman who shares my soul. I’ve never even liked myself before. That’s in the past now.

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