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Is It Possible To Be Happy Without Them? Is There Ever A Time To Just Give Up?

Before we start today I want to reach out and say thank you to you for being here on the blog. Twin Flames 11:11 has grown to be such an amazing group of Twin Flames from all over the world, and I’m so grateful you’re here today!

I appreciate so much everyone who writes to me with kind words, questions and insights – unfortunately I’m not able to answer everyone personally but I want you to know I read your messages, comments and emails and it means so much to me!

If you’re struggling right now, please know that things really can change for the better.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here, use the cleanse tool to clear and uplift your energy so you can feel better and shift your Twin situation into increased harmony. Or, to get to grips with deep karmic blocks to resolve recurring Running and Separation cycles – go here.

Today’s question comes from Heather, who asks about a very pertinent issue I know is on the minds of many Twin Flames out there:

“What do you do when you’ve been doing your inner work for over a year, and your Twin Flame just isn’t responding?  I’ve gotten a few readings that say he is just not ready and this isn’t the right time and he may never step forward. Is there ever a time to just give up? The hope is bringing me up and down constantly which is so unhealthy…”

– Heather

Thank you so much for your question, Heather! This is a very important issue for so many Twins out there – especially those with a Runner Twin Flame. I’m asking spirit to answer with me today to give you as many deep insights as possible.

The key thing is, you can’t truly ever break the Twin Flame connection because it’s not up to our human selves. The souls will never stop loving each other and being connected…

And they will keep bringing it back to you again and again, to try to show you that love.

But as humans it can get tough at times, and so today we’re giving some info on what the reasons might be why things aren’t changing for the better for you – yet.

Because the truth is, the Twin Flame connection in itself is all LOVE.

What’s bothering you are the human 3D situations. And there are always solutions to those.

5 Key Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Isn’t Responding/Things Aren’t Changing (Yet)



When we live our lives on earth, we take on much “baggage” both through our experiences and from the people around us. As children, we are given beliefs about what the world is like, about what’s “possible” and what’s “impossible”, and these are often very limiting.

“Realism” is prevalent in our society, and childhood often seems like a journey through lessons of “no”. We’re shown what we can’t and shouldn’t do, told what we should be afraid of, taught all the reasons the world is bad and dreams don’t come true…

In addition to this, we are born with physical bodies that are the genetic end result of thousands of generations of ancestors – in other words, the body itself carries “baggage” from birth.

As you probably know, the Twin Flame Ascension process involves our souls triggering anything that’s out of alignment with Love to be purged. So that we can release the “regular human stuff” and open up to pure Unconditional Love.

Because the “regular human stuff” is so deeply engrained in our systems, it can take quite a while to go through this process. It does depend on how much negativity you yourself have absorbed and been born with.

For insights on what exactly is being released – what kind of stuff is out of alignment with love, go here. You can also take the test which shows you what energy vibration you’re in – have a look at the Scale of Vibrational Energy Frequencies at the end of the quiz.

The closer you are to love, the less “baggage” you have to release.



When we shift our energy and clear old baggage and congestion, our own vibration rises very rapidly. However, the “real world results” of this can take some time to show up in our reality.

This is because physical people and circumstances need to shift to bring the new results to you. Often, it takes a few months to years before our New High Energy Vibration is fully reflected in the reality and life circumstances around us.

How do you know that your reality is shifting? Above all it’s about your inner feeling state. When you feel more at peace, happy, content… often for no apparent reason.

Other signs are drifting out of touch with old friends, losing interest in what you used to spend time on, when you feel drawn to new places, people and activities… This is you, in the process of making the physical shift that gradually “shows up” your desired reality.

Manifestation and changing our reality are a lot like planting flowers. First, we plant the seed, then the seed must sprout underground, open, begin to grow quite considerably before we can even see the tiny green shoot above the soil. Then, it needs to grow up into a full plant, grow leaves, a flower bud which then eventually blossoms…

Sometimes things are in the process of changing – you just can’t see it yet.



In all honesty a year isn’t a lot of time to fully clear all the limiting belief structures, the baggage and negativity you’ve absorbed over a lifetime… ?And some issues go deeper.

Childhood issues, body issues and karmic issues are the most stubborn blocks to clear on the Twin Flame journey.

Spirit shows me that for you, it’s childhood issues that are still blocking you, on the whole. The inner child aspect of your consciousness seems upset and frustrated.

There is a part of you that’s still a little girl feeling like it’s up to others to decide what happens. This is a deeply unconscious pattern, and most of us have this – growing up waiting for adults’ approval and go-ahead. Many human beings never fully grow out of their childhood patterns.

Directly engaging with your Inner Child can yield incredible insights into the blocks that are still keeping you and your Twin in this situation.

Because an insight I’m getting is that… there is a perceived distance between you and your Twin but it’s not something he is creating. He seems oblivious to your frustration.

I’m seeing a wall in front of you that your Twin is completely unaware of. This block is about you.

It’s as if your drama is playing itself out without his involvement… It’s you against you. You against source, the Universe… It’s based in anger and frustration toward the world, the Universe, for making things so hard, so difficult, so demanding.

Spirit shows me that if you can manage to relax a little more, try to find some way to distract yourself and “let go” of the feeling that you have to force things to happen… You will find that the situation begins to resolve itself more easily. Things can begin to shift when you release your tight grip on this.

They’re showing me that this feeling of you needing to force things to happen – to struggle to get to where you want to go – is something you first took on in childhood. I’m seeing a male figure, it’s likely you “learned” this from someone close to you. The belief that to succeed, you have to fight for it.

Unfortunately, now you are in the situation of feeling that you have to “fight for it” with your Twin Flame. And this is a block that many Twins have. This is a stubborn “systemic” block.

You don’t have to give up on him, is the message, but it will help you so much to please let go of these feelings for a while.

To let go of the feeling of clenched fists, tension, trying so very hard… That’s what I’m being shown.



In essence it’s your belief system taken on in early life that is setting you up in this situation where you’re constantly fighting – yourself, the universe, “reality”…

You seem tired of fighting, and no wonder. This is how your system has been “wired” to function energetically. So your soul is trying to alert you to this block.

Spirit shows me, in essence it’s a lie, it’s a human story – that things have to be hard. A very prevalent one, I’m shown. One that many many Twins share.

(For this reason we go through clearing this and related patterns – which often prevent us from experiencing our dreams come true in the real life physical world – in the Complete Energy Clearing Session to Open To Unconditional Love. Have a look here for more info).

The truth is that you as a soul are made to flow with ease through life, and in your relationship with your Twin. This is why this “false structure” is being shown up for you – so that you can clear and release it, lifting up into ease and love once and for all.

This is a core block for you. They are saying: Can you see that ease isn’t possible within this paradigm? Can you feel that love and happiness with your Twin is not really possible from this illusion of reality? Because if things must be hard, those things cannot happen.

From how I see it, your soul is helping you to release this once and for all. It feels like the basis of this core systemic block (meaning, it’s impacting your whole life experience) is in childhood – you’ve “inherited” this pattern.



When two Twins are unable to come together, it is always necessary to look into both sides of the connection and to address any blocks on either side.

Your Twin is, as mentioned, not actually involved in this core battle you’ve been fighting. Like I said, the wall is in front of you, on your side of the connection, and he seems completely unaware.

He seems to be kind of childlike, slightly timid, almost afraid. He seems unsure of what’s right and wrong to do. Again, spirit is highlighting the inner child consciousness.

The suggestion is to interact with and address this part of your Twin Soul and explain to him that he is allowed to choose his own happiness. That he is his own master, and can take action without anyone giving him permission.

So let him know that he is in charge of his own life. And that you care very much about him and want him to be happy – not to live life the way someone has told him to. He deserves more, he is bigger and more important than that.

Then ask your Twin Flame’s inner child, what would need to happen for the two of you to come together more closely?

The inner child aspect is very candid and can almost by “accident” give us chunks of information and insight that really transform the whole relationship.

If you ever feel like you’re stuck on this journey, address the inner child aspect. There is guaranteed to be new and important info forthcoming.

Spirit shows me your Twin Flame’s higher self wanting to assist you more. There are some issues he is working out on the soul level himself. I’m shown that it relates to career and work situation, but again it’s rooted in these childhood patterns.

So to recap – in this situation, there are 3 KEY POINTS to take action on:

Connect with your inner child and resolve the above mentioned issues

Connect with your Twin Flame’s inner child and do the same

Invite your Twin Flame’s Higher Self to assist you with this situation (learn how to do that here)

Do your best to “let go” of the situation for a while. A week would be great. This gives time for the energies to shift. Spirit suggests this to really “let go”: write down all your frustrations in this matter onto paper, burning it (safely) or tearing it up, so you set the intention you’re done with it. Then give things space to shift. After the week is up, start focusing on your ideal scenario. Visualize it, write it down, create a vision board for it – including everything you desire for your Twin Flame situation. Focus on this every day to get into alignment with it showing up – do not focus on the old irritations. This is a powerful way to shift a situation for good.

For added assistance, Spirit points to the Higher Heart Transformation Journey, which deals with resolving several of the issues we have mentioned today, including opening up the heart bond between yourself and your Twin, plus manifesting positivity for your future path. Have a look here for more info.

twin flame heart transformation


Stepping Into Self Love To Change The Mirror’s Reflection

It’s also vital that you begin to center more into your own self and finding ways to enjoy your life regardless of your Twin situation, loving yourself above all…

Ultimately, the reason you’re experiencing the ups and downs is because you’ve got your happiness riding on that one thing – your Twin Flame connection. Allowing someone else’s actions to effectively rule whether you’re happy or not. 

This can be “dangerous” – in spiritual terms we are always walking our individual path to happiness and fulfillment, even if we do have a Twin Flame. Happiness and love are feelings we can dwell in from the “inside out”. We are souls of light.

We don’t have to depend on someone else for love. We are made up of love, deep down.

And ironically, when we make the shift into giving ourselves love and spending time on what makes us happy, we begin to attract a different reaction from the “Twin Flame Mirror”. (You can read more about the Twin Flame Mirror here)

Thank you again for this important question, Heather!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my lover and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!”

– Jessica N.  California, USA

twin flame program


Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!  

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  1. Cassidy,
    I just wanted to extend my greatest gratitude towards you and what you are doing for twin flames across the globe! What a wonderful service you are doing!
    This article resonates with me immensely! I recently was in a brief reunion with my TF after decades of separation. However, due to my fears of such powerful emotions & electrifying connection- I broke things of with her and ran. I regret it but I know I deserve it; after how I ended things with her. And I just hope after doing my spiritual work- that one day she and I can connect- this time for good.
    Therefore, these articles and your blog; are a life saver. I just downloaded your free kit and cannot wait go begin! Thanks again for all you do!

  2. YESYESYESYESYES!!! (Almost put fist in air, lol). YES!!! So right in point, as always! Thank you so much for all of your work and love! Your newsletter is always the highlight of my week! Love, Light and Blessings!!!

  3. Hi Brittany,

    Thank you for this question – it’s one I’d like to address in a future Q&A to answer more fully. It’s very common for twins to not feel romantically attracted to others after the Twin connection has been triggered.

    Our souls are simply not interested in others – it feels “wrong” because our Twin is who we connect with and “belong” with on such a deep level. While it’s not impossible to be with another and find happiness with them, most Twins are so moved by the heart felt soul to soul connection with their counterpart that they find it difficult to even consider others that way.

    Have a look at this article where we discuss it more in depth: “Twin Flame Monogamy – Are Twins made to be only with each other?”

    Sending you love and light! <3

    Cassady x

  4. Thank you Renegade 1122!

    Great tip! I use the reminders on my phone for affirmations – it works in the same way and is already included on most phones.

    A “top affirmation” I would advise everyone to feel into on a regular basis “I am an infinite being in a human body” – it really helps shift into the light, your own power as a creator, and to move away from any early life disempowering beliefs

    Sending you love and light <3 x


  5. Hi Lia,

    Thanks for this interesting question! Yes, it is for sure possible to assist the two of you into reunion with one of you still being “unawakened”. Any energy clearing and spiritual growth work you undertake profoundly impacts not only the dynamic between you, but also your Twin’s whole system.

    Remember you’re two parts of one whole. His soul will always be assisting you. I would always advise to interact with your Twin, but on the soul level. Their soul and you can completely transform the situation by collaborating this way.

    There are many tools that will enable you to help your Twin directly overcome blocks without their waking self’s awareness, like inner child healing. So absolutely yes, it is possible to “complete a twin flame journey on your own” but it will never really be on your own. Your twin’s soul is always involved.

    Re. the last part of your question. Remember there are “levels” of your twin’s energy. His ego self might feel resistance, but his soul will always be supportive. If you feel resistance, explain why it’s to his benefit to cooperate with you. F ex with energy healing he’ll feel happier, more free, he’ll attract more abundance into his life… However, spirit lets us know the ego can never fully block the soul’s desire to come together with its natural counterpart. His soul will always be pushing him back to you.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  6. Hi EmeraldLight,

    There is something in your *own* energy that’s involved in this more than you realize… Look into your deeper beliefs. What do you believe about how other people treat you?

    What do you believe about God/Source/Universe’s feelings toward you?
    (I have never mentioned the words Divine Providence on this site – where did you pick up on those words? Who told you there’s Divine Providence involved with the Twin Flame pair?)

    What have your experiences been with others in life? Have you felt respected and cherished? If not, what was the first core experience that relates to the current situation with your Twin? Who else in your life has been this way towards you?

    Your Twin’s soul is “helping you by hurting you” – this whole situation is showing up something within you that’s been hurting you for a long time. It’s got to do with feelings of life being impossibly hard and others not helping you.

    Have a look into this and ask your soul and guidance team to help you resolve these paradigms for good. So that you can move onto the part of your journey where life is good and easy, where the universe supports you and your Twin Flame mirrors back to you the love that truly exists between you as souls.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


    PS: Have a look here for more on the twin flame mirror

  7. Thank you so much for your amazing, kind words! <3 xx Sending you love and light! Your Twin knows how you feel, there's a sense that she's happy to feel your intention… She still loves you <3 x

  8. I’m so happy you say that Renee! I do always go with what feels *right* each time, glad to know it’s a fit!

    And I’m so happy for you that you’re focusing on happiness from the inside out – it does make so much of a difference. And spirit is showing – it really impacts your children positively too, to see and sense you showing love toward yourself. It benefits everyone, they’re saying.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  9. HI Cassady,
    I’ve been reading your blog and articles on twin flames for some time now. My twin doesn’t want to respond at all. How Do i explain him? He’s taking the decision based on fears and pressure from his family. When I met him first time I felt that instant connection and something at the soul level. Later when he started running away form me i discovered about twin flames connection. Now he’s afraid to take a stand for us and more so for himself to do what his heart says. He just again running away form me second time and wants to go with his parents who have choosen a girl for him to marry. he just cant go against his parents wish and stand up for his own happiness. By seeing this what ever he is doing I’m feeling very sad and I’m almost in the process of letti g him go and attain peace with myself.Just a question, doesn’t he understand anything happening around him? even though he doesn’t wants to do this he’s forcing himself to do this, I’m finding it very difficult to digest this.

  10. My twin flame has been in the same situation of not responding no matter what. Today I did the higher heart transformation journey and found out he is like this because in his childhood his dad approved of him only when he did things a certain way and rejected other parts of him. So he has rejected other parts of him and hidden me deep inside. Nevertheless I’m very happy for myself. It has been almost 8 months I have been doing energy clearing for myself and I have felt huge shifts and transformations in my system. It makes me so happy that blocks that were in my system for a very long time have been cleared forever.

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