Most Twin Flames Fear this more than Anything: Your Love suddenly up and leaving, often to block you completely. We take a look at what’s Really Happening Beneath the surface with Twin Flame Running, plus how you can remedy it:




If you need help with a Running, Chasing or Separation situation, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames, which is an actionable solution to get you started on resolving your situation right now – these are the tools I used to reach Union with my Twin within 18 months, including powerful energy clearing and karma tools. And definitely check out my Free Twin Flame starter pack – Free kit

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Thank you so much Cassady! Yes, my twin was triggered even though I wasn’t chasing. I’ve questioned myself so much to find out if I was unconsciously chasing my twin and I felt like I was somehow not getting it.. The clarity you bring to this subject is much appreciated! <3

  2. You are improving your posts every single time =) that’s great…. So much posivitity going here cassady… It’s a beautiful connection , it’s just amazing when we look at the big picture.

    Everything in my life started making sense after i met my twin, everything. It’s just a gift of god and everyday i feel more joy, i was stuck in the darkness and by clearing all the negativity my vibration feels higher… everything around me change… sometimes i noticed that people around me even change due to my energy, before i wouldnt trust in myself and i would lower my energy by being in contact with another people. Now i trust and have so much more confidence in myself that i feel grounded into my energy, with that i can elevate others around me.

    I love you guys <3 And cassady yes, i've done so much research about the twin flames on the internet and i can say for sure that you are the best source of information out there, because most of people that are on this journey share information about twin flames but they are not with their twin… they are stuck in negativity patterns and i noticed something, sometimes they feel very hopeless with the connection (like we all do at some point), but by entering in contact with them by reading or watching videos we pick up their energies and we start to experience the same thing on our journey. The true twin flames that are together, you can really feel their energy, by pictures or videos, it's a different kind of energy, and they look so similar to each other. Just one suggestion… why don't you create a youtube channel and post videos with your twin flame ? I think you gonna help a lot of people that way with your positivity, the world needs this =) . <3

  3. Thank you so much Cassady. This came at the perfect time for me. I am truly grateful I was lead to you and to read this today has me feeling the most amazing gratitude ever. I am so grateful to read this. This gives me hope!!! I feel clarity too. What a blessing. This has just helped me to see and remember the truth and that feels light. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I do have one question I would be so grateful for your reply: I use your vibrational alignment kit daily, but can you please tell me is there a particular tool in the kit that I should utilize most to clear this for my twin and me? I’m wondering if you can tell me Is there a specific tool in the kit that I should focus on using the most right now? I would be so grateful to know if I should use a certain tool in the kit especially during this time of him running, so that I can shift this right now, for us to come back together right now. I am so grateful for you. Thank you. Love and light.

  4. Oh. Thank you so much for this. I just awoke from several dreams where I
    was with my twin flame. She has been the runner, and she “blocked” me a
    few years ago. Back when we first met and went through our earlier
    phases, I never had any dreams about/with her actually, except one
    really negative one where she took the form of a cat.

    But for the
    past couple of weeks, along with a crazy amount of seeing 11:11
    everywhere, she has been coming in to my dreams! We are finally
    beginning to talk in them. I don’t know how she is going to unblock me
    exactly, lol, but I know it will happen. I’ve been using your free
    vibrational alignment kit. Thank you so much it. This way I know I can
    help her with the programming you addressed in the OP.

    P.S. I was
    just going through other websites finding out more about twin flames
    coming in to your dreams, and I was wishing you would say something about
    it, and then I got the email you posted this, specifically on runners. I
    couldn’t be more grateful, Cassady. Thank you. The telepathy thing is

  5. Cassady,
    What is the best way to clear the negativity and heal our Twin? I haven’t met my Twin physically yet, but I’ve been communicating with his higher self. Since opening up and communicating with him, I’ve been motivated to start healing and bettering myself. I know exactly what I need to do for me, but sadly, I’m stumped on how to extend that healing to him. Maybe I’m over thinking it and that the answer is simple, but I would love to hear your advice. 🙂

  6. Really helpful. Thank you Cassady. What you said about the running happening after a very deep encounter is exactly what always happens with me and my twin who runs. I mentioned a few months ago on the blog that we weren’t speaking but we took some months apart and are communicating again. I’ve dreamt of him and still feel him always, so I’m going to get back to working on my alignment as I haven’t been meditating enough. I will go back to doing it daily.

  7. Dear Cassady, again, thank you for this very clear overview.
    I have 2 questions:

    1. How does (suddenly) choosing for the spouse fit into this overview?
    2. How much ‘difference’ in enlightenment can there be between twins, one being awaken, the other not, in particular because our energyfield are similar and connected? I mean: does clearing my own field help my twin enough, or is there also “mess” of his own (that I possibly can help to clear out) that keeps the other twin more down? Or is it that his mess is also still my own mess as we are alike? I am very curious how that is connected.

    Thank you, as always and for ever, I am so grateful for you help and guidance. Within only a few months your VA course, your clearings and your blogs have helped me to alter MY WHOLE LIFE for the ultimate best, finally being able to find and live my inner truth as a soul. And the best thing is: I did it all by myself, because you showed me how, rather than claiming to have to do it for me. So again: thank you. I love you. Love and light. <3 E.

  8. Thank you Cassady, perfect timing for this for me ….. as usual. Its really nice to have a graphic to refer back to. I have really come to the realization that the separation between my twin and I is all about digging down a doing my work. Clearing crap and shifting old paradigms…. We have a 20 year age dif. He is younger so that is an issue for me. But through all the material and info you have brought us Iam getting throught it.
    He truly is my mirror so knowing that helps so much. You are a brilliant gift! Thank you so much… Much love and light to you during this holiday season.

  9. Ah! Darling this was helpful! I love ALL of your heartfelt and thoughtful contributions through writing, energy sessions and energy tools and all being displayed through using the most of positive loving energy. Sending bounds of love and happy thoughts! I also am proud of you and pleased about the new coloring book too. You’re creativity is noticed in full! Big hug from Minnesota, USA

  10. I love this. It really cleared up some things for me as far as things are concerned with my TF and I. The more I come here, the more everything makes sense. I am almost certain I want to buy your Vibrational Alignment Course. I saw the reviews but was curious to know what time it took different people to see definite positive results. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase it soon.

  11. Question.What if your twin flame doesn’t realize they have one.I realize now I have one because of finding out about this program.And if I want to find him how does this happen.How’s it it brought to their attention that there is somone out there just like them.

  12. Let me rephrase the 2nd question:
    When the awakened twin feels that s/he has cleared most of the own issues, and the other twin is still less or unawakened, is the other twin then still mirroring hidden issues of tge awakened twin or is it possible that there are more individually based issues within the unawakened twin? That is a different way of clearing for the awakened twin, I feel. More indeed going in the other rather than in yourself. And off course, loving and accepting the issues of the other twin as accepting your own to clear. Hmmm. I guess that is my answer 🙂 still curious if you can elaborate. Since I work constantly with energy I really feel,the need to understand more about energy. Any studying suggestions, Cassady, besides of course your work? Thank you!!! I am also SO HAPPY. With your beautiful colouring book :)))
    Love and light <3 E.

  13. Thank you so much Cassady. This is so incredibly helpful and I am so grateful for you. With love and light.

  14. Oh that makes me so happy, Marie! Creativity can be so healing and fulfilling, sometimes we forget that simply enjoying ourselves is a powerful tool for healing! I’m so grateful for your kind, kind words <3

    Have a wonderful holiday season! xx

  15. Hi Lile,

    I’m so grateful for your kind words and I’m so glad my writing has made a positive difference to you!

    And you’re so right – You know, the deeper into the Twin Flame journey I get the clearer it is that it’s all a “game of perspective” – once we start to look for the lesson and the gift in things our experience really opens up in such a joyous way!

    It sounds very illogical to our earth ways of doing things but it really works, shifting our perspectives can change things so fast because we open up our whole path that way x

    Sending you lots of love and light <3 🙂 xx

  16. Acquagal, I’m glad this makes sense to you – that’s great that you know more about the cause behind your twin’s behavior because then you can start to shift things together. Ask his soul what’s bothering him and it will show you somehow so you can clear it together.

    I was just thinking yesterday about writing more about interacting with your Twin’s soul even when you’re not physically together – doing the meditation in the course/free download will really help you to strengthen the connection between you from a high vibrational place <3

    Sending you love and light x

  17. I’m so glad this resonates with you Ayca, it’s something I saw in a lot of clients who had runner twins – often the runner’s soul is very apologetic about their ego self’s behavior, it’s just such an automatic defense mechanism in the person it’s not “meant personally” – they’re just afraid x

    I’d suggest sending your twin love regularly, reminding them you have love no matter what – and asking their soul what’s causing their fear so you can clear the negative energy and heal the wounds together <3 This really works wonders

    Cassady x

  18. Thank you Marcos! And thanks for sharing your perspective and story. I have been working on a plan to get Youtube videos up, too : )

    Have a lovely holiday season! <3

  19. Thank you again Cassady! I just read another site about this and it made me constrict more. It put the focus on the “chaser” and how they had the power to change the “runner” as if it was their responsibility. I am glad we can help each other clear. I feel my fear and my Twin’s fear and it is indeed the biggest block we have. We have been working on just holding each other in whatever way we can in the moment to help heal the fear of abandonment. Sending unconditional love still helps so so much! This is all on the higher planes still for us! I keep thinking that it would be so easy to alleviate this if we could just see each other and accept each other on the physical plane! I know it would help me so much to hear him actually say he chooses me! We say it in our higher selves already. I am trying to see him on the physical plane again so we can make progress there. Maybe keeping this on the higher planes is because we are trying to anchor as much as we can before we connect there so we don’t just run from each other? I feel that, too, but I am really wanting the physical connection! Love and Light to all for the winter solstice!

  20. Brilliant = ) It’s exactly like this….

    We can apply the same perspective in any area of our lives. It’s like the ego really dying !!! ==))))))

  21. Cassidy your info is some of the few articles I will take with confidence, so much rubbish out there. No matter what I do though the words and actions of my ex just seem to overpower my belief that I can change this situation with my energy alone? How do we know when it is time to reach out? If I listen to my intuition it just says you know you are meant to be together but this person is so hurt and angry still though wont be ready to see it for some time. I dont know if sending a casual reach out is ok or will lead to my rejection or how do you move forward without some contact at some point? I want to switch off but I cant no matter what I have never known a love/ connection like this. I am still so pained by the separation though, does that need to be fully healed before i reach out? Its been 12 mths.

  22. What if they run to an ex? i actually met him while his recovering after an abussive partner. Everything was ok between us and seems like theres no comeback for them. But suddenly she appears again and he fall for her again. That could be a “running” situation?

  23. Cassady Thank You so much for your wonderful blog and website. Interesting that you posted this article when I have come to accept my Twin’s fear is deep and his feelings of unworthiness which causes him to ignore his feelings towards me and other areas of his life. Consciously I know No Expectations however I feel that the expectation was being disappointed that he really is like this and just not wanting to accept it. I feel that there is a balance in doing the clearing/healing work for yourself, on behalf of them and trusting in their own capabilities and life potential. I’m feeling to heal and releasing for the New Beginning to cement itself.

  24. Hi Cassady, This article helps me understand things better.I am so glad to find positive Twin Flame information. You site showed up when I was questioning why does this beautiful connection have to be so hard? Thank you.
    I have been doing a lot of clearing work with your vibrational alignment tool several times a day and the one where I get to meet my twin in the garden and the akashic records one. I have been also doing strong blueprint level clearing with Mas Sajady. Then today My twin ran and he unfriended me and everything, this is our 2nd time of uniting which he instigated.
    I am proud of myself for holding my centre and staying in love regardless of this event. I did recently tell him I have big feelings for him and I felt and saw him across town light up with gold and platinum light and become very clear and happy about what I said to him. ( I left him a nice letter and beer as we don’t talk on the phone and communication is me going by his place) we have strong telepathy and I am, able to connect clearly most of the time.
    In the meditations he was happy to see me and not wanting me to go, telling me not to worry and that he loves me, then this. I know he hasn’t had a relationship in 10 years or so because of a hurtful one and other attempts after have also failed. He is 7 years younger than me but we are both fine with that.
    You mentioned a tool where we can go in and help clear him. Is that the intensive clearings?
    Is it better to do the live one or the recording for the first time?
    Do you help or do I do it on my own?
    Can connecting with him so much all of a sudden amplify any fear he may be feeling or does it calm him?
    I love him dearly and I would like to help him clear these triggers if its appropriate for me to do so. I notice that his behaviors seems to be re enacted patters from the relationships he has had with other women.
    I will get the whole course as soon as finances allow but if there is anything I can do now I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank you : )

  25. It’s almost a month now since I last saw my soulmate (future twin). We had a great time together that day after being away from each other for almost 2 months. I was honest enough to tell him why I kept distance between us for the last 2 months — I dreamt of his wife looking for him at my home. Of course, I don’t want such scandalous encounters and somehow felt he needs to know. However, it seems he got scared of my dream and since then we have not met again and our communication became less frequent. This runner facts and solutions brought light to my current situation. I have been clearing regularly and feels him daily as well. I look forward to the day we will meet again in person. Our ethereal dates are getting more and more fun these days, with international travels 🙂 Imagine getting to visit places for free with my true love.

    I have had dreams in the past of our twin soul union and I look forward to getting that happen soon. My question is considering I have seen my union with twin soul in my dreams, what does it take for my physical body to experience that? Can twin soul union happen just on 5D and not on 3D?

  26. As Lile said, you really are a brilliant gift to the world, Cassady. I’m so thankful
    to have stumbled upon your site tonight – and when I happened to glance at the
    clock at one stage and saw 1:01am on 1/10 (different time zone to you), I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I’m heading in the right direction. Thank you for being you!

  27. Hi Cassady I happen to bump into your blog with hope to get some guidance on my journey. I wasn’t aware of twin flames but I am drawned to this man for 3 years now. We are aligned with thoughts sickness emotions and even life situations. He is my twin. We both have 5 children but unfortunately not with each other. We have families with others and have tried to end this. Just can’t!! And don’t want to. Help!!

  28. Thank you Cassady! This community has been soooo very helpful. I’ve been going thru a lot the past four years with my TF. When I met him he was married a player and emotionally unavailable. He had 2 kids fm 2 different women a year after meeting him. He has done some unbelievable, disrespectful painful things to me. We both are runners. I have come to understand some much more about TFs. I started reading up on tf 2 yrs ago when a psychic told me the man I had been wondering y and how I cld love this man so much after all he’s done was my TF and that’s y the relationship is so difficult and painful, but we will get thru it. I heard more negative then positive about TFs, but this community has shown me the positive side of the TF journey. Everything makes soo much sense the separating, the intimacy, the bond, the unconditional love, dreams everything. Don’t know if we will make it unfortunately he is still unaware of who and what we are. Thanks again!

  29. I think I met my twin flame 6 months ago. We met at dating site. Since then we talk almost every day. He’s the chaser and I’m the runner. We still talk online, but there’s an odd thing about him. He started to reveal my fears to me. He started talking about me as if he knows me. He could see through me with an ease. So, I got scared and ran off. After 4-5 months of separation he contacted me again. I’m still scared because I see myself, my own image whenever I talk to him, but I’m happy as the search is finally over.

  30. Cassady,
    Thank you, so much for your words of wisdom. This site has been a God send to me. I know understand what happening and will not approach my Twin Flame in the same manner. I learned that I can’t take his response to dealing with hurt personally. And that I can’t be angry. Being angry with him would be like being angry with myself. I also came to the realization that I was afraid of him not committing and he is afraid of commitment. We are both afraid of the same thing. And about a year ago this began to trigger in the relationship. I didn’t understand what was happening. As he became more comfortable and started to see a future with me he pulled back both physically and emotionally. This left me puzzled and afraid. When I would speak to him he would tell me that he would never hurt or disrespect and that he cared for me deeply. I was confused as his actions depicted something else to me. I will start working on clearing out that fear energy. I have to allow him to come to me when he’s ready. As he will come when he’s ready. I’m so thankful to have a place where I can come to gain tools and understanding.

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