The Paradox That Can Cause Either Harmony or Struggle. Discover How To Uplevel Your Connection from the “Inside Out” – Moving Out Of The Human Relationship Rollercoaster And Into Eternal Divine Love… Key Codes To Self Mastery And Inner Love


A theme which has been coming up strongly for the Twin collective in recent months is the shift from the outside to the inside. A perspective change to allow deeper healing.

To stop looking at the surface of the connection, and instead approach the journey from the “inside out”. To unite with yourself and thereby to create the necessary inner conditions for the outer unity you desire.

Seeking Outside Of Ourselves to Be Whole Unfortunately Attracts More and More Incompleteness. But The Difficulty Is We’re Born That Way.

The message from spirit right now is that if we’re finding this whole self love thing and being happy from the inside out a challenge, if we feel lacking without our Twin Soul physically present with us, if we feel a sense of loss when they’re not with us in love, it’s no wonder.

Cleansing the Human Bloodlines for Love

This is one of humanity’s deepest wounds. And as Twin Souls we are here to heal the “heart of humanity” and bring love into the earth planes – this is the core of the issues we have taken on. The deepest karma we accepted to carry so we could come back to love despite it and thereby unlocking the human bloodlines to love.

This is perhaps the biggest core block for Twin Flames. To be seeking outside of ourselves for wholeness. To feel like something is missing when we’re not together.

Because the paradox is that as long as you seek outside to be whole, you will feel incomplete and attract more and more incompleteness.

Twin Flame Reunion can only truly happen when the inner unity with yourself has been established. Alchemy of the self is what opens you up to the harmony and joy showing up with your Twin. The lock and the key.

Another part of this core “lesson” is that the divine masculine/feminine isn’t outside of you. You are not just one half. You embody both. We all carry both energies, it is a part of the journey that many disregard – but the truth is we are uniting with ourselves as much as with our Twin.

Finding both aspects within and accepting both your male and female side means you find wholeness with others too. You become a match to harmony.

One of the deepest reasons of unhappiness for humanity, why love goes so wrong for so many people, is that their own inner situation is distorted and imbalanced. And from that perspective, you only meet more struggle on the outside.


Inner Lack Creates Outer Dysfunction

How many women do you know who never feel truly understood by men, yet crave and yearn for a man to complete them? How many men do you know who feel the need to be wanted and desired by women, yet never find a woman who accepts them for who they truly are?

In essence, most human beings are walking right past each other in love. Our dysfunctional perspectives keep us locked in never finding true fulfillment. Because we have never understood ourselves. We have never completed ourselves. That’s why our souls keep setting us up with people and situations that mirror this back to us…

One of the deepest wounds on earth is separation. The biological separation of male and female is a deep wound which constitutes so many blocks to the unconditional love Twin Flames are here to embody.

I was shown this in a vision last night, the female feeling abandoned by the male and the male feeling ultimately rejected by the female. Both sides feeling that it’s “impossible” to come together as deeply as desired.

The Ancient Male/Female Wound – Mutual Resentment

In this separation consciousness of the old 3D system, people have for millennia dreamed of more – to find their way back to the “essence” of the “divine feminine” and the “divine masculine” but from a place of sadness that it doesn’t seem to truly exist.

This is a common human projection, seeking our completion in someone else. Unfortunately it alienates us from ourselves, keeping us always searching, never finding.

Everything you need is here and now, in you. That is your soul’s truth to you right now. Your Twin Flame Unity and Happiness begins within. When you can align with that, your outer reality begins to reflect it too.


Twin Flame Reunion = An “Inside Job”

Recently a lot of ancestral and physiological wounds of the heart have been coming up in the cosmic preparation process for more and more widespread Reunions in the physical.

We are being pushed to realize it’s energetically impossible to attract and embody unity and harmony with your Twin Flame if you don’t love yourself. Twins are the same original consciousness, so you are one soul always connected.

If you hate yourself or are ashamed or embarrassed or don’t like yourself you’re sending this into your Twin Flame connection. And if you hold anger towards your Twin Flame you are sending this to yourself…

This is most often why Twins “run” not because they don’t love you but because they don’t love themselves, and when they’re with you they feel this mirrored back to them… it creates a repulsion between you, pushing you away from each other until your energy alignment is harmonious. Read more about Twin Flame Running and how to resolve it here.

There are some simple ways to begin aligning with self love more and more: Holding your hand on your heart and saying simply “I love me, I love myself. I allow myself to give and receive love freely” every morning or evening for a few weeks will help shift your energy and emotions.

The cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames takes you through this and cleansing away any congestion and negativity in your field to help you rise up into love.

Self Love – Mental Concept vs Embodiment

Self love and acceptance is truly what will “magic” your relationship with another into a higher level of love and harmony.

Unfortunately the patterns of self loathing, perceived flaws and self shame are deeply engrained in us. Not only through our life’s experiences but through our very genetics – carrying the lineage of generations of people who didn’t experience true love (this is most often where Twin Flames choose to incarnate, to help these energies be healed).

To help with what many, if not most, Twins are struggling with on some level right now I was guided by spirit to create a brand new transformational session to unlock the higher codes of unconditional love at a heart level, and bring in the new codes of self love and self acceptance.

Because as spirit showed me, most human beings understand the intellectual concept of self love, but we don’t know how to “operate” from self love, how to embody it fully.

Because truly there are no preexisting patterns for Twin Flame love on earth. This is why we are all here, to embody new templates of unconditional love and unity.

We go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”. What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love it is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul.

To assist with this, spirit helps us to actually download and embody the new 5D programming of self love. Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within. The core key to unconditional love with your beloved Twin Flame.


Manifesting In The “Real World”

In the session, which was created as a transformational journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation – we go deep to discover what old hurts are really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

We also engage with your Twin’s soul and guides to deal with anything that’s blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony.

And in my favorite part of the process, we begin to plant positive seeds of manifestation to draw more love, abundance and unity onto your Twin Flame journey.

Another thing spirit wanted to address was how manifestation is another concept we understand intellectually but very few have mastered how to truly manifest in a way that shows up our desires in the “real world”. In this session you learn a fun and practical way to manifest your desires – and I share with you the biggest reason why most people’s manifestations don’t work out (hint: it’s not because they don’t want it enough!).

We enlist added support from pure source consciousness, receive an energy gift to uplift your onward journey and instil new high vibrational programming into you and your Twin’s Hearts, Solar Plexus and the love bond between you, so you can feel safe to open up to love. (Fear and love are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum, so to open up to love and reach unity it is essential to shift out fear based programming).

The reason spirit asked me to create this substantial session – it’s an hour long and we go really deep and has been months in the making, alongside a forthcoming book on love I’m creating with them – is this contrast between intellectual understanding versus actual embodiment.


Upgrading The Heart To Unlock Love

Self love and unity with our Twin can “make sense” mentally but if we still have old negative 3D programming or have hurts from prior relationships or situations with family or friends, we are energetically blocked from truly stepping into unity and harmony, because it goes against our “hardwiring”.

There is a big difference between understanding the concept of love and embodying it.

This really is the most fun energy transformation I’ve ever done or created – and it’s deeply powerful – like a technicolor journey into the soul. After I did this clearing myself I had to nap for 20 minutes because the downloads of new high vibration programming was so powerful.

The session really shifts the whole foundation of how your Heart Chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.


Have a look here.


Why We Were “Born This Way”


The patterns that oppose self love and unity are the deepest patterns in us. The “human” patterns. All the things we took on before we understood who we were, why we were here, and even what love was.

The inner alienation from our own love, the seed of separation, starts as soon as we’re born. As a baby we are dependent on mother for love and nourishment, and this sets up the core human pattern of seeking love and approval from the outside.

Continuing in childhood as learning about what behavior is “acceptable” and what will be “punished” – most often through others withdrawing their love from us. This is how we learn to be “human” – to seek love outside of ourselves. And how we learn that others can take their love away from us.

Psychology reasons that all human actions ultimately revolve around love – fear of losing it, or an attempt to gain it.

This is one of the biggest wounds all humanity carries. To always be chasing love, never dwelling in our own divinity. It is what alienates humanity from their inner light, their true power.

When we confront the fact that we’ve been – consciously or unconsciously – seeking love and fulfilment from the outside, we can begin to shift out of this damaging pattern.

Because the truth is, as many Twins know, the more we chase something the more we push it away – because as we send the signal of desperation and lack into the universe, this is what we reap more of.

In this way, the majority of human beings spend their lives seeking love and true understanding from others – and never finding it.


Wisdom Of the Divine Masculine

The Twin Flame journey gives us the chance – often by force – to confront this and shift into a new way of loving. To unite with the self, most of all. To embrace ourselves and love ourselves, in order to be whole within.

It is only from a place of inner wholeness that true unity with another can be found. As long as we are “broken” within, trying to escape ourselves or berate ourselves, we are only attracting more dysfunction on the outside.

As the message from the Divine Masculine was in last week’s article – the best way to “fix” the outside situation of running, chasing, separation and struggle, is to confront our own inner wounds and heal ourselves.

A heavy theme this fall has been “be your own saviour”, and this continues now. The energies have felt harsh to say the least, and there have been flare-ups of old issues for so many Twins who have felt confused as to why and how – when it felt like those things were already resolved.


The Great Twin Flame Love Experiment

Ultimately, we the Twin Flames are the world’s greatest experiment in love. A whole being divided, journeying back to find love in seeming separation. Originally the Twin Flames divided from love – a journey set out to discover a self love so deep it could only be done from meeting ourselves mirrored to come back together.

To experience a love so unconditional and complete that it had the power to heal the world’s wounds of separation.

No matter what is happening on your journey right now, you began from love and love is your ultimate destination. All we need now, is to clear away the illusions, resolve old hurts so you can truly begin to feel love and open up once more.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3


Cassady x


Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

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  1. Thank you, Cassidy! I look forward to your messages each week. Thank you for helping me understand this twin flame process. You are the best website about twin fames on the internet. Thank you for all you do! Blessings sister! Namasté

  2. Beautiful! I was just thinking today I needed an hour long meditation to do to upshift me a bit more than my affirmations, and dance party song this morning and gratitude practice. I am excited to begin your new one!! I am ready for a little upshifting and a boost on loving and not judging yourself as well as others. Lately when I catch my mind “fearing” against myself others or things that haven’t even happened I have been mentally going “I love you!” over and over a few times and then saying “I choose loving thoughts! I choose love! I choose compassion! I choose forgiveness! I choose to release resistance! Show me the way..” and taking a few deep breaths. To my higher self and all the divine and it instantly makes me feel better. Sometimes I will direct the I love yous at the person I was judging or annoyed with (like Hoponopono does) and today I saw it have an almost instant harmonious affect on a person that triggered an annoyance in me. Self love and sending pure unconditional love and acceptance really is sooo powerful! I am truly blessed to be given all of these wonderful new complete self-loving tools to practice! Thank you Cassady for your articles and for your new session! I am excited to start! 🙂 (I can definitely relate to going deep in meditations and feeling the upshift being tiring! I often get out of deep meditations going why does my third eye area hurt and have pressure and why am I tired?? I feel tired…GOOD tired.. but tired! Sometimes these bodies ware out with all the light and need more rest as it comes in I guess 🙂 🙂 – light and love! xoxoxo – Erin

  3. Dear Cassady, Thank you for your weekly updates like no other, that is always timely and most of the time resonates with me. I have a question. Past 3 days I have not felt my Twin in my heart chakra much. He comes and quickly gets disconnected. I’m in a better place now, so that doesn’t upset me anymore. I just think, there has to be a reason. But today, I realised that my heart is vibrating in such a way that I can ‘feel’ it! this is definitely a new experience. Merge of the heart? Any insight, Cassady? Appreciate your reply. Thanks and God bless..

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I just saw this post now – there’s a strong sense from your comment of a fear of not getting to unite with your Twin.

    THE TRUTH BEHIND THE “VEIL”: This situation you had with the reader is a mirror showing you your own inner fear. Make sure you deal with the fear of losing your twin or not getting together.

    When you set your new moon intention your soul and the universe heard your prayer – their answer is: clear your own inner fear, which is attracting the very thing you fear most (losing your twin or not getting together).

    Your energy clearing is working but remember that your intentions are so strong – you don’t have to have another tell you what your path holds, you can set intentions and have it be so. Remember that when you pray and set intentions, blocks tend to come up so you can be able to receive the answer to your prayer. This is what’s happened.

    You asked to unite with your twin and the big block to this came up. Clear this fear, so you can move on.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  5. I know for a fact that i found my twin flame but this question was asked to me and i could not answer. Can someone tell me if everyone has a twin flame or did some choose not to be a twin? Thank you!!!

  6. In my humble opinion, if a question arises and something brought you to this website, then it is your twin <3
    But yeah, some don't have a TF.

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