twin flame monogamy
This week’s question comes from Donna and is something quite a few of you have asked me recently – it’s also come up in several Twin Flame sessions as something spirit would like us to address at this time.


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Q: “Are Twin Flames made to be only with each other?”


A: This is an incredibly interesting question I know is relevant for so many Twins, so thank you for asking!

As we know, the Twin Flames share an extremely close connection both emotionally and energetically – as spirits we desired to come to the physical plane to experience the illusion of separation and to come together despite this (and to help raise the vibrations of planet earth).

To experience unconditional love on a plane of illusion and perceived separation – to cut across the illusion and come together.

As spirits the Twin Flames are both fully committed to each other and yet fully free with each other – expecting (and even encouraging) each other to experience as much of life on earth as possible. On this level, we love each other no matter what.

On the earth plane the story is often quite different, with complications that come with physical existence and the involvement of other people.

Other People’s Energy


In terms of Twin Flame Union, energetically being with someone else (especially sexually) does complicate the situation in terms of a Union being possible, because Twin Flame Union is the merging process of the two Twins’ energies back together.

So if a third or even a fourth person’s energy is involved in the mix (when we have sex with someone we inevitably take on some of their energy and they take on some of ours) this becomes more of a challenge.

Ultimately the Twin Flames’ spirits and guides will not instigate Union unless the energies present for each individual are clear and high vibratory enough for the process to not damage each individual’s energetic system and healthy functioning. But there is nothing forcing each Twin Flame to commit to each other. We always have Free Will.

Clearing other people’s energy and attachments out of your space is powerful in smoothing your Twin Flame journey – if we have attachments to previous lovers these will be complicating the situation greatly and potentially cause triggering in the Twin Flame pair.

In the new Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, we go through cleansing both Twins’ chakra systems remotely, removing triggers such as abandonment fears, shielding both Twins and downloading new light codes to assist in the union process. To read more, go here.


Heightened Connections

As spirit reminds me right now, however – the connection between Twin Flames is so strong and heightened that most people would not willingly go back to “average” interactions after having experienced love with their Twin. And if they do, there is an underlying reason – most often fear.

On the energetic plane, two Twin Flames making love activate powerful energies that connect directly into the source of all consciousness, making it not simply a physical act of gratification but an experience that exceeds religious epiphanies or drug-induced ecstasy. Each time Twin Flames make love they experience blissful togetherness beyond what most people get to feel in life.

Monogamous in Spirit

Spirit shows me that ultimately, as souls, the Twin Flames love each other unconditionally. Regardless of any earth-based behavior. We are all magnetized to each other. From our earthly perspective it might sound strange and like bending the truth, but spirit shows me that each time one of the Twins makes love to someone, they are expressing the love they feel for their Twin Flame.

In this way the Twin Flames are always monogamous (which comes from the Greek words “mono” = “singular”, and “agape” = “love”) – as souls who deeply love their divine counterpart.

Voluntary vs Enforced Monogamy

Spirit indicates that on the earth plane, however, there are many complicating factors involved in this issue – for one, there are different ways of looking at the idea of physical monogamy.

And they remind us that this is what our question is based in: for humans on the earth plane we are focused on physical monogamy (and on a side note they indicate that many physically monogamous marriages on earth are actually not monogamous spiritually and emotionally – what is most important? they ask rhetorically).

So on earth firstly, there is enforced monogamy, where two people push themselves to not interact sexually with anyone else despite any urges to. This is what is often deemed appropriate in modern society.

Secondly, and conversely, there is voluntary monogamy where the people really do not have any interest in being with anyone else.

The Twin Flame connection often falls under the latter description – Once the Twins forge a connection based in soul recognition, many lose romantic and sexual interest in other people completely.


When Sex is Driven by Fear and Expectation

If and when this doesn’t happen, it is often due to energetic patterns and attachments taken on during life on earth.

I have learned from my own Twin Flame that not only society’s expectations but actual negative attachments can energetically push individuals to seek gratification on the physical plane as an addiction-like behavior.

He explained to me that it “tears you apart” to be the person with the habitual behavior of serial encounters while your soul screams out for your Twin Flame.

His point is that many unawakened Twins operate on habitual sexual and relationship patterns that they do not truly desire. It’s kind of like smoking – most people who smoke know it doesn’t help them but they find it hard to stop because the habit is so ingrained.

Once we start to peel away the layers of energy around fear, societal ideas of “appropriate” and even “admirable” sexual behavior for males and females, however (as well as any cords of attachment to previous lovers) the full connection between the Twin Flames becomes clearer and more resonant.

Then, monogamy is likely be the choice both will make, once any disrupting energetic patterns are cleared.

(If you would like to clear these things, you can start doing this even if you are not with your Twin right now – because you share a collective karmic and energetic field one Twin can clear for both: have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I created to help Twins to Union – it contains easy tools to clear energy blocks, karma and more.)

Uncovering Undying Love

As mentioned in a previous Q&A on Twin Flame Running some people fear their Twin Flame more than anything because this is the person whose rejection would hurt them beyond repair.

Twins with this patter feel unsafe to stay with their Twin Flame, and will often seek closeness, love and sexual release with others even if deeply in love with their Twin Flame. 

One big issue between Twin Flames is that these kinds of fears (of rejection, of hurt, of abandonment) often obscures love.

If someone behaves in a strange way, hurting you, ask yourself: “What fear is motivating their behavior”? When someone acts unloving, there is usually fear involved – it is not felt to be safe to open up and give and receive love.

Twin Flame Telepathy – Blessing or Curse?

The idea of the Twin Flames loving only each other at heart might seem a bit far-fetched to us in our modern day society, where most people have at least a handful of partners in their lifetime, some many, many more.

From an earthly perspective, it doesn’t make sense to a lot of us – and when we encounter this idea in Twin Flame circles it can seem like pure fantasy – as we see the world as fractured and people as individual agents of action who don’t always behave like our ideal.

If your Twin Flame connection is a romantic one and your Twin sleeps with someone else it will most likely feel crushing, and something that can make this side of the Twin Flame journey so challenging is the strong telepathic and emotional connection between the Twins – which effectively means that we can sense when our counterpart is with another. This can be excruciating.

The Runner’s Anguish

Spirit seeks to help us by asking us to look at situations like these from a non-earth perspective. They explain that ultimately each Twin’s soul seeks each other. Always.

They ask us to remember that when the Twin Flames are involved with other people, they are seeking aspects of their divine counterpart – if we look at the partners of Twin Flames who are not together, we most often find people with similar traits, appearance, personalities, energy and so on. Take this as a sign that your Twin Flame’s soul is seeking you.

When I perform readings for Twins and I tune into a Runner’s energy, their soul often comes through to communicate, showing anguish at how they on an ego level are hurting their Twin, the one person they value the most in the entire universe.


Twin Flames’ Core Wounds


Nearly all Twin Flames carry the core wound around fear of abandonment. Fearing that your Twin Flame will leave you or not be there for you. When our Twin interacts with other people, this fear is deeply triggered.

I was shown recently that whatever we fear and that bothers us the most – once we feel it the deepest and are willing to move past it, we can release it for good. And beyond fear there is freedom. As long as we have fear, we have limitations.

When we release these fears and rise above, Love becomes Pure Love. Not the Love we often experience on earth, which is full of expectation and conditions. Often in life people think they love someone when they are actually scared of losing them or afraid of ending up alone.

Solutions to Pain

Even if you feel incapable of loving your Twin Flame when the thoughts of them with others are bothering you the most, you can work on shifting into your feelings of Love for something else.

Love of the beauty of nature, or Love of music, or Love of the innocence of babies and animals – and in doing so you will lift yourself into a higher vibration, allowing yourself to feel Love no matter what.

On this Twin Flame journey we are pushed to learn the difference between conditional and unconditional Love, so we can release what holds us back (what the Buddhists call “attachment”) and move into the realms of Love for Love’s own sake. Love that holds no expectations and no force.

I hope this answer provides some insight for those seeking relief and guidance.

Until next time, sending you love and light on your continued journey <3

Cassady x

PS: I’d like to add the note that in my experience with hundreds of Twin Flame pairs and from what spirit indicates – some Twins (especially same sex Twins) share a loving connection without being sexually involved. In these cases the emotional pain of experiencing your Twin being close to someone else can still be hard to handle, however, so I hope this post will provide insight and guidance in some way for these Twins also.

twin flame program

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  1. I can see how this applies for twin flames who are both still here on earth, but what if one’s twin flame has passed on? Sometimes I sense him telling me to get involved with a man while I’m still here on earth. I’ve even been urged by him to do so when we communicate through my psychic too. But when I am with someone, afterwards I sense his hurt and insecurity and possibly some jealousy. I’m confused and hurt too. Part of me really misses the physical contact with a live person, especially him, naturally. But, at the same time, I feel bad if I am with another. Any suggestions or solutions would be welcomed. Thank you.

  2. Hi Devin,

    My twin flame is with me in spirit and a Twin Flame on the other side will want their earthly counterpart to experience and enjoy everything life can offer. If you are picking up on any jealousy and hurt you may be tuning into his past ego-self, which is the remnants of his consciousness on the earth plane. We human beings are like energetic snails who leave energy trails wherever we go, and you could be picking up on this earth-related side of your Twin.

    I was with my Twin Flame as his guide in his last life, and I have had the privilege to feel my perspective from back then (my higher self showed me once when I was doubting this very same kind of thing, in a very similar conundrum) The feeling I had was a complete sense of peace that my Twin and I were always together no matter what, and I was so joyous to get to accompany him (he and I as a “team”) on his great adventure to earth.

    Twins who are connected across life and death are still always together and the Twin in spirit loves their counterpart so unconditionally that they are open to us coming to earth and being with others so that we can experience many different forms of love, always knowing that we love each other completely.

    Sending you love and light x <3

    Cassady x

    PS: We actually go into the life/death Twin connection quite a bit in the Vibrational Alignment Program, including developing telepathy fully… Have a look if you're interested

  3. Thank you Cassady, for another wonderful and insightful blog, this is something I have exprienced and I am experiencing again even as I type this. It is difficult to say the least, yet, I have started to come to terms with this and realize that I will continue to work on myself right now and continue to prepare for matters, while still sending unconditional love towards my Twin and live my truth, my experience, and my belief, accepting and not doubting our connection.

  4. Hey, Cassady.

    Thank you so much for this post. I had never read something so honest about this subject.

    You are so right about the sexual energy… I’m married to a wonderful man, but it was only when I was some days away from him, in vacation, that I started perceiving the energy of this other man.

    One day I had a dream about this other man – again when my husband was out of town. We had some kind of a spiritual ecstasy – something I had never felt in my real life and so, so powerful. You’re saying this can actually happen if the both of us stay together? We have never met, by the way.

  5. I am so very interested in your classes. Unfortunately, for right now, I don’t have enough money, even with the low price tag. I should be working soon and hopefully my financial circumstances will change soon. Count on my enrollment in a couple of months at the latest. Thank you so much for your response. Yes, my twin flame, Michael, and I had the privilege of knowing each other in this life time too. I miss his scent. I have felt him hold me, my hand usually, sometimes we cuddle. I hear him occasionally and have even seen him once standing at the foot of my bed. It’s just not the same….. I’m grateful that we are together though. In some ways it is actually better this way. We were pretty unhealthy together here on earth. He sure has matured! Again, thank you. Until you came along, I was alone in this and very confused. I really appreciate you and all the work you put into your website. Words cannot express my gratitude.
    Sincerely, Devin

  6. I’m glad to hear you still have a special connection, Devin – if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that life and death are much closer than we tend to think – death doesn’t mean the end… <3

    Sometimes I would love to tell more people to help those whose dear ones have passed away but I know not everyone is ready to open up to it. Maybe with time the world will grow ready

    I'm so happy you've found the site useful because I was in that exact situation not so long ago – with no info available online about relationships and Twin Flame connections across life and death

    Love and light to you <3 Cassady x

  7. Thank you so much, angel! <3 I'm so happy you found this insightful – again, my advice would be to start using energy clearing tools right away… I struggled with heavy emotions my whole life and since beginning this journey and clearing things actively I feel like a new person…

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  8. Hi there JC,

    Thanks for your interesting comment! You know, other people’s energy doesn’t affect me once I started using energy clearing tools – it’s one of the great things about it, you can instantly clear away things like parental influence and sadness you may have picked up around you, and anything that could be blocking your TF connection (I’m an empath so it used to bother me a lot).

    It sounds like what you experienced was what I’d call “spirit sex” – energy merging with your Twin Flame (which is natural as you as you are of an identical energy) and the two of you thereby connecting directly to “source” (pure light); which is why it would have felt so blissful. This would have triggered Kundalini Rising in both you and your Twin, and over time will “magnetize” you more and more to each other so I wouldn’t be surprised if you meet in the physical soon, as your souls will be drawn to each other!

    As always it is completely voluntary whether you want the connection to be sexual or just a platonic one, however : )

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  9. Thank you so much for this beautiful post Cassady, as this speaks directly to me, as my Twin is currently married and it gets difficult to handle this but despite this, in my heart and intuition I feel that he loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me, I hope the doesn’t sound crazy…anyway I have read this post like a dozen times already. Keep up the great work!

  10. Did you write this article for me, Cassady? 🙂 The wisdom in this article resonates well with I’m going through. Thank you for the pointers. I’m doing my best to focus on other things whenever I sense my twin is meeting someone else. There are weekends though that I choose to relax but his energy is just so strong I still feel him go hanky panky 🙁

    Is there a way to temporarily disconnect with our twin soul energy? This has been going on for a month now.

    It’s really great to be reminded to love myself more… I’m committing to more meditation, yoga, creative and productive works this August!

  11. This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much! My Twin is the runner, I knew months ago before even researching more into Twin Flames that he runs because of fear and fear of abandonment. It has been two years since we have been romantically involved and I am the one that has no desire for any other relationship with another person, it seems so pointless. My twin left out of the blue and got into a new relationship 5 months later. I didn’t know why, I was devastated for over a year because there was no break up, he just left my life. He chooses to be in relationships that he really doesn’t care about and I couldn’t figure this out until recently and now your article validates all of it. I still see him once in awhile, he still wants me, I finally got answers from him about why he left. He said when he acknowledged these intense feelings for me it scared him and he just had to “get the hell out of there.” He constantly cheats on any girlfriend he has ever had, except me. I was the only one he never cheated on for the four years we spent together in a non-commited, labeled relationship. I have known him since we were 17 so I know his patterns. He wants to be with me, but he is trying to bring me in as a “side chick” which is not happening. It is extremely hard to resist my insane desire for him tho. I know he needs to figure out why he runs from me and he has to be able to let himself love me or he will keep running from me when his feelings evolve. He is not as spiritually evolved, I have never said anything to him about Twin Flames, I think that would freak him out more. I don’t know what to do. Waiting is so difficult, I know our souls are together for eternity but the human side of me wants him to be with me now! This article just explains everything so much I just wish you would add a little bit of what to do when they don’t know about twin flames and/or do I tell him what I know is going on with him with his fears or does he have to completely figure it out on his own. I am struggling to know what I should do. This is so hard, please, any insight on what to say or not say would be so helpful. I know when he is intimate with someone else because I can feel it and it hurts my human heart knowing that I can have him physically and even emotionally, but as “the side chick” because he isn’t capable right now of allowing himself to be vulnerable and just follow his soul back to me and only me. Please help.

  12. Hi all. I’m having a meltdown weekend and in a flurry of emails, I’m telling this person how much in pain I’m in. He’s not responding. On Thursday I said to him “Just say goodbye or good luck. Say something.” And he sent me a blank email back with no explanation after I said “Ok, I’ll say it. Goodbye.” That opened a can of worms and he’s been ignoring me since. He too has been with other women but I had to stoop low enough to check Facebook. He never came clean with me and said so. I think I’ve reached a turning point in this journey and I’m frightened. I feel out of control. I’m at a place where I didnt want to be but I knew deep down this was inevitable. How do I gather myself and be strong? I can’t afford the energy healing. Maybe soon.

  13. Hello Cassady!! Thanks again for your updates. I’ve actively followed through your Vibration and meditation tools for more than a week and believe it or not, i have actually started to ignore every negative aspect of the past and it has worked wonders for me. we have slowly but steadily started opening up to each other and seems like our unison just may not be a fantasy anymore and could actually turn into reality. I feel like I am going through a magical phase of my life at this moment (This feeling has never occurred to me before) and i can only thank the gods i believe in and your tools for guiding me in the right direction. I hope the day is not far when i courier a bunch a flowers to you as a note of thanks for opening me up to this lovely experience. Thanks again and it would be great if you can kindly mention me and my twin in your prayers :). This could very well be the best thing that has happened to me in my life. You take care. Thanks.

  14. Hi. My “journey” with my so called “twin” ended last night. I apologize that this post may be a little negative, but I have one specific question: what is the meaning behind a twin lying, in emails, about having a girlfriend? He stands by this with a very strong tone and conviction as if I’m hitting a nerve. Why is a simple question hitting a nerve anyway? I’m testing his truth and honesty and he has zero of both. I saw a picture of them on Facebook. He cut me off abruptly LAST YEAR and I’m sure its because of this woman. I feel singled out and abused actually. He repeatedly tells me he doesnt have health insurance every chance he gets too. His ex wife dropped him off her policy. What is the message being conveyed here? By spirit or otherwise? I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles about what is called “an ego based special relationship” that people seek out to right the wrongs of someones past with a vengeance on others. I did not seek this. I met him online. I’m very confused about this TF concept.

  15. Hi there Kim, remember that people sometimes do strange things when they are based in fear.
    Often people behave in ways that don’t serve them or others simply because it is the energetic pattern they’re running. It can even be a genetic imprint.

    It might help to think of your Twin Soul as wearing an “earth costume” right now, the ego self is not the person’s soul… Without meaning to sound patronizing, I’ve found it helpful on my own journey to meditate on this. Each and every single human being is “good” on a soul level, but we sometimes act from limitation and old paradigms outwardly. This can be greatly helped with energy clearings, however.

    Sending you light and love <3

    Cassady x

  16. Hi Norvin, I am so happy to hear about your experiences! Well done! And thank you : ) <3 This really means so much to me xx

  17. Hi Kim,

    Have you tried the free breakthrough kit I offer? It can help clear out any negativity in your space. Feeling that you’re in pain is actually an energy. Pain is an energy and hurt is an energy (low and tight and heavy, you’ve probably noticed). The great thing is that because it’s energy it can be cleared. Remember that you are more powerful than you think! Connect to the light (it’s in the free breakthrough kit) and feel yourself be lifted into a higher vibration. When you’re in a higher vibration you won’t feel the heaviness so much – you will literally have “tuned into another channel”.

    Again, even though it might be hard to sense right now, there is always Love for you

    Cassady x

  18. Hi there Erin,

    The Twin Flames can never disconnect from each other but if something bothers you, shift into another energy – spend time being present with other things and you will shift out of the channel more. Spirit advises: what we resist, persists (because we actually engage energetically with it) so focus on something else and you’ll get the result you desire <3

    Cassady x

  19. Awww thank you Cici, that means so much to me! Many Twin Flames eventually come together across challenges like this – remember you wouldn’t have come all this way if it wasn’t possible <3 And of course you're not crazy - you're intuitively tapped into your Twin's energy, just as he is to yours (and we all are to our Twins) x

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  20. Thank you for your kind words, Carmel!

    I would absolutely recommend looking into the Vibrational Alignment Program as there is a whole section on the Runner/Chaser paradox and how to clear these blocks instantly – running/separation are energetic patterns that can be resolved for good.

    Because the Twins share a collective energy field you can clear any karmic blocks between the two of you that are keeping your Twin in fear of the two of you coming together (this is a very common block for TFs – past life/childhood experiences resulting in lingering energies of “if we open up to each other it will end in pain”). Your Twin doesn’t have to be aware of the TF connection, but remember that his soul is completely aware and his higher self will be assisting you in any clearing work you do so you can come together.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  21. Awww thank you Cici, that means so much to me! Many Twin Flames eventually come together across challenges like this – remember you wouldn’t have come all this way if it wasn’t possible <3 And of course you're not crazy – you're intuitively tapped into your Twin's energy, just as he is to yours (and we all are to our Twins) x

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  22. Hi there Erin,

    The Twin Flames can never disconnect from each other but if something bothers you, shift into another energy – spend time being present with other things and you will shift out of the channel more. Spirit advises: what we resist, persists (because we actually engage energetically with it) so focus on something else and you’ll get the result you desire <3

    Cassady x

  23. Thank you for your kind words, Carmel!

    I would absolutely recommend looking into the Vibrational Alignment Program as there is a whole section on the Runner/Chaser paradox and how to clear these blocks instantly – running/separation are energetic patterns that can be resolved for good.

    Because the Twins share a collective energy field you can clear any karmic blocks between the two of you that are keeping your Twin in fear of the two of you coming together (this is a very common block for TFs – past life/childhood experiences resulting in lingering energies of “if we open up to each other it will end in pain”). Your Twin doesn’t have to be aware of the TF connection, but remember that his soul is completely aware and his higher self will be assisting you in any clearing work you do so you can come together.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  24. Hi there Kim,

    Remember that people sometimes do strange things when they are based in fear. Often people behave in ways that don’t serve them or others simply because it is the energetic pattern they’re running. It can even be a genetic imprint.

    It might help to think of your Twin Soul as wearing an “earth costume” right now, the ego self is not the person’s soul… Without meaning to sound patronizing, I’ve found it helpful on my own journey to meditate on this. Each and every single human being is “good” on a soul level, but we sometimes act from limitation and old paradigms outwardly. This can be greatly helped with energy clearings, however.

    Sending you light and love <3

    Cassady x

  25. Hi Norvin, I am so happy to hear about your experiences! Well done! And thank you : ) <3 This really means so much to me xx

  26. Hi Carmel,

    I understand what you’re saying and I really appreciate the kindness of your sentiment, but be careful with sympathy as you are matching your energy to the other person and actually feeling their energy of pain intuitively…

    A tricky one to adjust to but remember that sending positive energy to someone helps them, like throwing a life line to someone – rather than getting into the water *with* them … <3

    Cassady x

  27. Thank you Cassidy for your response and for reminding me that his soul and higher self is aware of the connection even though his human brain is not, that helps so much!! I have already looked through everything that comes in your kit and I will he buying it as soon as the extra funds are available. My son graduated high school last month and that took a lot of money!
    Again, thank you for the response. Your articles on Twin Flames are the only ones I read now. I have seen so many online and it is obvious you have first hand knowledge, and that you write these articles from your heart. I appreciate you, thank you.

  28. I never thought about it that way, Thank You!! I am learning that I am also an Empath which has helped me understand why people effect me so much. I never thought about it like that though; that expressing sympathy to someone through a similar experience, or because you relate to their feelings will bring my energy into alignment with theirs, taking it on. You are a very wise Soul, I always am learning from you. Much love!!

  29. Thank you Cassady for your love and support. I will be looking into using energy clearing tools and I think I have started that process in many cases as well.

  30. im so glad I found your blog. wow. I’ve been going through this since around 2012 with my twin. and we actually first came together in this life at the end of 2008, when pluto entered Capricorn. he was married at the time. he no longer is… but the lengthy, earthly process of his divorce, which carried tremendous emotional pain and difficulty as he has a child from his first marriage, along with conditioning we both have from our past upbringing and karmic lessons we’ve carried into this life with each other, have caused us many separations, and coming back together… he is the runner… and in 2012 he started more actively seeking other companions, but with frivolity. thanks to dating apps it is now easier than ever for people who are prone to these types of addictions, to get their fix. its very obvious it is part of his healing process, and a “phase” and fear based, but it has been so painful for me that I have made the decision, as Saturn has gone direct, to remove myself physically from our situation, and I told him that his behavior (dating others) doesn’t work for me, and im not angry with him, and don’t want him to be angry with me, that he can have as many “friends” as he wants, because I want him to be happy. I’ve reached a point of awakening… and I’m focusing my energy elsewhere until the time is finally right for us to fully unite as one, once we’ve both released the fear. I dreamt long ago, that he met me by surprise in front of a church, and we went through the side entrance to the chapel, and got married. there were leaves falling outside, so it was fall… and I have a very strong feeling that this year, in October.. it might finally be our time. I will definitely follow this blog going forward.

  31. When addressing jealousy blockage within ones twin flame Union, is it best to address the jealousy to oneself, and acknowledge ones own truth, OR tell one twin flame that you recognize the fear of abandonment and are releasing the fear that is causing the past to loop?

    I ask because I wonder if it would be better to just release the fear individually and move forward or to tell the twin flame ?? Hope this makes sense

  32. Thank you Cassady!!!!! I have been separated from my Twin a year now, after being in a relationship with him for 5 years. He fled into a new relationship right away (and indeed his new girlfriend is kind of the same type I am), I thought he was so weak to do that, but strange enough I was okay with it as it gave me the rest I needed. I didn’t
    feel jealousy or something, as I knew that what we had, this strong love, he would never ever feel with another. He also confirmed that.

    But since two weeks I feel that I am ready for him, to be in a new (holy) relationship and
    I feel I’m getting impatient. I know everything will happen in the right timing….but
    ah well 🙂 So I was so pleased with your message, I know I have to stay strong, have faith….and try to be a bit more patient. I see that it is still fear what’s holding him up…but one day….

  33. Hi Cassady. I’m educating myself more about energy in general, and I’m still not sure if I have a twin flame/twin soul, but I’m “psychically” in tune with someone but I recently read an article on unhealthy psychic cords when we attach to someone from our past. I fit the description of a person who has made this man God like when he isnt. Do twins have unhealthy psychic cords?

  34. Thank you Cassady and Carmel, it’s one of those times when it rains it pours! There’s too much going on at work and my personal life. I had to temporarily block my twin from calling or texting me. I just need time to breathe and sort things one at a time. Somehow it allows me to focus on important things… it’s just that when I become alone… his high-level energy kicks in again… what is it really i need to do so as not to resist… Him?

  35. Cassady….. this site is amazing and so helpful. To make a long story short I had someone come into my life 2 years ago and I just now am realizing she is very likely my twin flame. I’ve started doing the Group Energy Clearing Sessions and I feel much better after just 2 sessions… I’m so excited to finally have a way to remove these blocks keeping us apart. I would be interested in doing a reading with you to confirm if she is my twin flame and to try and make contact with her on a soul level… how do I go about scheduling a reading with you? Scott

  36. Oh, I’m so happy for you Azorbst! I’m glad you’ve found the site helpful <3 I've actually stepped down the one on one readings so I can focus on new ways to help as many Twins as possible but if you join us over on Facebook I'll be putting up a notification when I next have some availability : )

    Sending you love and light <3 xx Cassady

  37. Acquagal, would it be possible to talk to you privately? I am going through something extremely similar with my TF and I am really in so much pain over it 🙁 that my heart is breaking literally, and my physical health suffers. I feel his love on a soul level so much, it’s crystal clear, but then I see that he is also jumping on online dating apps for casual encounters with girls 20 years younger than him (and me). I know he is depressed and unhappy, and I feel his soul love nonstop but the physical betrayal hurts so much that I don’t know what to do..I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t go about my daily life because I physically feel when he is with someone else. My heart is being ripped out. We too reconnected in 2012..I thought that the runner phase was over by then, after years and years of being apart..Our reunion has been beyond wonderful and I experienced so much union and joy, and spiritual enlightenment and evolution..Now I am hurting very badly and my mind understands it all that Cassady wrote, and I feel it in my heart to be true – but the pain is just too much to bear 🙁 I know that my place is to give him unconditional love, and love him even when he is unlovable..I know that I am supposed to hold this energy for him, and it will clear up old karma and ultimately it will help but on the other hand I don’t know how to pull through day by day..night by night..I cannot un-feel what he is doing and I am 100% faithful to him physically in body, mind and soul, even though we are halfway across the globe..and each time it feels like my body is being torn to shreds. I don’t want to live like this..I know that he is my true TF from readings before, and i know that it will be for his and our benefit ultimately but in the meantime my life and energy and health is slipping away 🙁 Kudos to you for being able to stand up and set boundaries…I have been thinking the same thing but I have no heart to tell him that I know about his secret encounters..He is so depressed and in a deep dark spot..I don’t want to make him feel even more alone than he already feels. I keep telling myself that I can do this..connecting with people who go through the same situation, would help so much..I hope you see this…sending you love, light and brightest blessings..I will be visualizing and praying for your complete union soon <3 Blessings ~ CrystalDrop

  38. Hi crystal! Thanks for replying. I feel your pain that you’re going through. There have been a lot of developments since I wrote that comment about my twin… We’ve spent more time together, and have gotten even closer, but he’s still using apps try to meet new girls, sometimes I think he does it just to make as many “friends” (on social media) as possible, and I know he doesn’t actually meet all of these women… But it is still painful to witness none the less. I’ve decided not to sleep with him anymore until he decides he’s ready for a commitment again. I haven’t actually told him that yet, but I will when the time is right (and Mercury is direct). I’d love to talk more with you. Is there an email address I can contact you at?

  39. Hi Erin and Cassady,
    Did this blocking helped you? I have to do similar thing to block she wants me to stay as friends and have casual relation with other people just to fulfill her desires but she says she loves me. It all running to other people started when we met as we were in LDR and once got back she started changing lot her psychological issues came out and going to other people of physical need. Since i have blocked her she is crying and broke up but wants to date other people as I am far can’t fulfill her raised more than normal physical need. She was not like this before only after meeting me it raised so much. She wants me to unblock her as she is not able to take that I am not talking to her so broke but wants to be friends and have other people. But I am unable to take it as it takes away lot of energy from me and can’t focus on anything. This way feels better but i feel this my not talking and her missing me is bringing her closer as she went far but her needs are not going away yet when i was talking to her it did came down after her cheating stuff came as she didn’t wanted to loose me but then again it has risen but can’t not survive without talking to me. Will me staying away longer help her and she will find herself again as she has lost it. Her physical need will eventually stop. As soon as I stopped talking to her fully it took her only two three days to break up with that person. She wants me to fulfill her needs but I cant be visit her frequently due to financial issues it will take time for us to be together physically. I have forgiven her for last cheating and can tolerate for sometime only her going to other as i am now at ease as i understand it can be kundalini awakening as i read once we met. I am focusing on other things and praying but she keeps calling me and texting me. I have only blocked her on whastapp and not picking calls. I talked to her once she seemed devastated but not moving away from being with other people and want me as friend only so that it doesn’t be called cheating. Please tell me what should i do so that the runner heals faster i have told her to meditate, yoga but not doing anything. That person after break up wants chance but she will give her she says despite she broke up as missing me terribly. What will happen? Will she realize and stop running if in so pain of me not talking to her?

  40. Thank you!! This is what I’ve been looking for for months! Well said. I married my best friend from 10th grade. We were pressured to get married when we became pregnant with our first child, and we were kind of just like “I mean, sure why not. We don’t really need to but..” Well two weeks after we got married, the pressure was on. By this time I found out I was pregnant again. I neglected my husband because of morning sickness and general hormonalness and he cracked under the pressure and cheated. But I know in his heart he was only scared of the expectation to commit to me and his daughters. Hes a wonderful man. He has held me as I’ve cried and endured my anger and apologized in every way and every saying he can… And i love him. I ran from him for such a long time, no wonder he was scared I would abondon him. Great article!

  41. Hi and thank you. I’ve read all the comments here and they resemble my life .. I tell my fearful twin nothing has changed on my end, that I still have the same feelings for him but my life is changing in a good way because of him. I’m stuck on that this isnt ” the right thing to do” because I think men like the “challenge”… I still reach out once a week now as opposed to once a day. All my life I’ve never ” played games” with love interests but this one is all upside down and backwards. I just love him though.

  42. Thank you Buddy for your message. As I have learned from other Twin Souls, a twin will have to regular clear vibrations, meditate and work on developing self-love to heal towards the ultimate goal of twin union. Working within helps discover what needs to be done to heal and speed up the Twin Union. I have regularly listened to youtube videos on mediation, self love, clearing and similar materials to be grounded and raise my vibrations. I was told to regularly connect with nature, thus, I walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily. My twin has consistently kept the connection going since then (:

  43. Hello Cassady,

    My name is Felicia & I met my twin flame in 2008, I had 2 previous boys from prior relationships & he had a little girl then we had our boy together in 2010.
    We just found out this past year we are a twin flame & it explains so much. We are still in the mirroring phase & I feel like I’m going crazy some days because I feel like an outside dark energy whispers in my ear old past things/hurts to mess with my relationship.

    Is it my ego that I am fighting, am I crazy or do I have a dark attachment?! I need your help please.

  44. Hi Cassady, I don’t know if this is a stupid question but can one of the twin flames cheat on the other regardless of the love, because if so my twin cheated on me and it doesn’t bother me anymore but no matter what I do I push my twin further away yet I still feel my twins love. Also am I in the runner chaser cycle right now or is it all in my head.

  45. Thank you… twin and I both are people who were very active sexually with multiple partners. I have completely lost the desire to be with others and have done lots of energy work. Very anxious to see how this will work out…..he is still seeing other women. Somehow it doesn’t bother me as much anymore, I believe in our connection and that time will heal all wounds.

  46. I love so much that you speak what I already Know. It makes me feel not crazy and less alone in my beliefs. when I share about energetic connections through sex and how attraction works, most people look at me funny. You are so wonderfully refreshing. I couldn’t even get through all that great info in one sitting because i feel to full of gratitude already. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

  47. Me and the guy I was with both knew something was happening while we were having sex. We felt like we were taking each other and agreeded most of our friends probably wouldn’t know what we were talking about. He abruptly stopped talking to me after one big fight, and since had me researching “spiritual sex” until tofay when I discovered the concept of twin flames. This article gives me hope and excitement, but how can I know we are twin flames? I want to increase his awareness without scaring him and sending him screenshots of these type of articles. Please help!

  48. I’m not sure what to do about this myself… going to have to think things over. The love from my deceased twin (who appeared when I decided my marriage was over) is somehow very fulfilling and all-encompassing, and makes me feel sky-high with happiness. I have been separated from my husband for some time now but just not interested in seeking out new partners. Wondering if I’m using my twin as a crutch. Hmm… I’m very confused… maybe I should just regard my twin as a platonic relationship while I mull it over. (And doing that could be thought of as “running” perhaps.) I know I have been triggered by a book I just read.

  49. I think you are the only one online who seems to truly get this! I have reached a stage where I feel my twin with me all the time and so find myself content. Your meditation on meeting your twin in visualization changed everything. He wasn’t in a tent, though, but behind a waterfall in a cave. We interacted as if just meeting and it progressed slowly like a real relationship would – beginning just as friends. I found patience there where I didn’t have in the beginning in this dimension. When I finally saw him unexpectedly in this dimension, we both behaved differently. It was like meeting for the first time again, but without the insanely overwhelming energy!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  50. I understand now that separation is fear based. My twin flame has been communicating with me in my dreams this whole year we’ve been apart. He cheated on me and the relationship ended, but he keeps telling me how much he loves me in my dreams. He’s been dating someone else for exactly the same time we’ve been separated. I keep wishing to forgive him and for his return, but I’m worried that he ends up getting his new gf pregnant and that ends any ideas of reunion that we have. What you advice, let go? If they do have a child, was he even really my twin flame?

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