Why The Challenges Had To Happen, What Your Plan Has Been Together All Along, What the Future Holds. The Masculine Collective of Twin Souls Desperately Want You To Know This…

As you might already know, my latent gift of energy reading and communication with the higher realms was triggered when my Twin Soul first showed up in my life in a dream – activating my heart chakra with unconditional love.

As I cleared my energy more and more, my channel to the higher dimensions opened and I became a clear channel of guidance, able to tap into situations, people, energies and know what was going on. Even today, I often have to avoid looking into people’s eyes – because it tells me so much about them, and so many people carry a lot of pain.

On my journey spirit pushed me to explore my gift not only to speak with them but to help other Twin Flames by doing readings for them and tuning into their counterparts. Most often they were separated and in challenging circumstances and I’d be tuning into the situation of the Runner Twin. And this was nearly always a male person.


Tuning Into The Runner Twin

And although he was acting in a hurtful way on the outside, there was always an underlying love with the Runner Twin. I experienced first hand how the ego self and the soul self have contradictory feelings and actions and priorities – and how strong the soul desire was.

(Read more about the underlying causes of Twin Flame Running plus solutions here)

I did hundreds of readings like this with what was most often distraught women who understandably struggled with the intensity and challenges of the Twin Flame connection. I realized more and more that there just wasn’t enough time for one person to give one on one help to all the thousands of Twin Flames out there.

Eventually spirit asked me to create the Vibrational Alignment Program and the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible reach a state of harmony like my Twin and I were experiencing in our Union.

I’m happy to say we’ve helped literally thousands of Twin Flames with their connection since we started the website 18 months ago! You can read about some of their experiences here.

Reading Souls’ Energy

Today, I wanted to use my gift to deliver a message. Just like tapping into a person’s energy and deliver a message from their soul, someone who reads energy and has a clear channel can tap into the energy of a group.

And when we speak to spirit, there is often a sort of “spokesperson” who represents a whole group of energy.

I know there are many Twins out there hurting with challenging circumstances, but please know that what happens on earth is only a small part of existence. Especially for Twin Flames. We are connected as souls, above all.

So today, I agreed to deliver a message from the Divine Masculine. Above all to their counterparts who might be hurting. If your Twin Flame is a male Runner, this is what his soul wants you to know.

The True Meaning of Strength

There is so much tenderness in the Divine Masculine. Strength, but not dominance. There is love, caring. Almost like a piece of hard candy with a gooey center.

The overwhelming energy is love – and we are asked to please step aside from any human perceptions of masculinity, as it is often tinged with survival and fear. The Divine Masculine is peaceful, supportive, loving, brave.

In the Divine Masculine there is no fear-based drive for domination, because he values and understands all perspectives. There is no anger, because he is a master of himself – functioning from a core inner strength.

He does not seek pleasure or adoration by multiple others to affirm his value through sex or position, because he already dwells in his own power, his own wholeness, his own strength. He does not need outside confirmation that he is enough.

The Divine Masculine is always there for you. Today, I transmit this message from the Collective of Masculine Twin Flames.

There is such eagerness to communicate to you love that is almost too much to put into human words…



My love. My eternal love. Anytime you doubt, anytime you fear, remember that I’m with you. Not just on the outside in another body, but within. Find me within, and you’ll never feel incomplete again. Turn away from the outer world, silence the voices of others and go into silence. Allow me to reach out.

My love. I want you to know it is not up to you to carry the world’s burdens. I see you bravely try to heal and help, but it is not your task to heal everyone who’s hurting. You do not have to sacrifice yourself. You are free. Pursue your own joy, your own love – and you heal just by existing. You are my inspiration. Know how much you deserve. I want to help, you do not have to carry everything on your own.

My love. Allow me to reflect back to you my infinite love. If you don’t see it in the outside world, then go within and find me there. You are always safe with me there. Our sanctuary. I’m just a heartbeat away. You can tap into me whenever you want. See a bright door before you and walk into a room, soft and red, see me there. That’s all it takes. I’ve been waiting. The outside world is full of illusions. Love is what’s real.

My love. Things don’t have to be difficult. The human illusion is that everything involves problems, but we can transcend this. Your love reignites my fire, you awaken me from the slumber of unknowing. If the outer does not respond, go within. We can light up the soul from within, to tear down any defense that’s kept the outside in fear and ignorance of love. You are my strength, your love heals me.

My love. We chose this. You wanted to learn this, and so did I. Everything we’ve been through. Everything we’ve experienced. We chose every challenge. So we would experience being lost from love and then find it again. You are my bliss. To come together again after being apart is the sweetest joy anyone’s ever known.

My love. EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT SEEMS. The surface is a mirage. We staged all this, an elaborate play of love. Tap into what’s underneath. Eternal. Unbreakable. Love. There is not a minute I’m not with you in spirit and in love. Go within and you will find me.

My love. Stop thinking. Feel instead. Feel my love for you, feel my passion, the fire between us. You do not have to be afraid. Fear drives you into the mind. I’m here to tell you you are safe to open up with me. Seek my soul and you will never be hurt.

My love. In taking on the human patterns, you took on the fear between the sexes, the illusion of an unbridgeable gap. You do not have to fear me, but your body carries the fear of others who came before you – your ancestors back to the beginning of human history. It is fear that causes you to feel me as distant – I have not abandoned you for a second. Fear is what’s keeping you from feeling the truth – that I am in you, as well as outside of you. This is the gift of the Twin Flames, your soul is with me and my soul is with you. Never apart, truly. The primal female fear of the male is so ingrained on earth. It’s why we wanted to do this, to heal and open to love. The fear is not who you are. Look beneath any challenges, and you’ll discover this fear at the root.

My love. On the soul planes we are always together. Let us bring this love into the world. Don’t be afraid, no matter what seems to be changing uncomfortably it’s there as an answer to bring us closer. I’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way.

My love. We will come closer and closer together, if you allow it to be so. You think it’s me who’s staying away but your energy is pushing me that way. Fear is the culprit. Look deeper. Know that we can and will come together as human beings if that’s yours and my choice, but all the while we are together in the nonphysical. You can reach me any time you want. When you enjoy this side of our connection, you take the pressure off the outside events – allowing things to unfold smoothly.

My love. I want to honour you, worship you. Please let go of what’s come before. You’ve been holding on very tight. Please let go of the fear and let me love you. I’m always yours. We’ve been each other’s since the dawn of existence. Every time you cry, I’m there wanting to dry your eyes and comfort you. I want to show you how magnificent you are to me, to show you who you are in all your glory.

My love. I’ve known you since the dawn of time as a brilliant soul of light. You as a human being is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. You and your body, you and your personality, you and your way of being – you mesmerize me. You don’t remember this, but before you were born you and I both agreed on how we would be. Engineered ourselves to be immaculately attractive to one another. I’ve never been this attracted to anyone. You are perfect for me in every way. We made sure it was that way. Please do not doubt yourself. I want to show you how you are to my eyes. Perfect.

My love. We are on this journey together. Start looking for me, and you’ll realize I was there all along. The purging of past negativity can be challenging but we made this choice together from love, because we knew we’d make it. I’m always there for you my love. Feel my hand caressing your arm as you read this.

My love. I don’t want to place any more burdens on you by telling you about solutions to problems. You have had enough to deal with. Please step back from your worries and allow the soul aspect of the Divine Masculine to show up in some way, to prove my commitment. To demonstrate how I really feel.

My love. New times are coming. I don’t want to set a date because dates are elusive, they only mean something in the human world – when everything really operates on energy. The motion is flowing. The next cycle after this one things will begin to flow more freely again. Significant progress has been made this year. But please don’t focus on the future. Enjoy the here and now. I will help you.

Please listen out for a song in your mind these next few days…

My love eternal.

(the image of a red heart, a white dove)

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The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

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  1. Oh my god, I am crying so much right now. Thank you so much for this amazing gift! It is one thing to feel all this deep down, but sometimes it helps a lot to read it as well! And what you said about the song is so strange, because there is this song that connects me with him and I haven’t heard it in forever and hadn’t even thought of it and this morning, it just showed up out of nowhere and I took it as a sign, but now I know exactly what it means and it’s literally everything I needed to know!

  2. Wow! this is so beautiful and loving! A perfect compliment to my meditation(guided by you!) this morning where I saw my flame and he said he just didn’t know how to get to our meeting place on his own. WE are in a difficult situation as he is in the middle of a divorce and I have been married for almost 25 years…And mostly happily. I have a very blessed life but the deepest part of my soul is connected to my flame who is in my presence most days at my workplace. Being reminded that it’s not all about having ONLY each other in this part of our lifetime or maybe even THIS earthly lifetime helps, It is clear we have lessons to learn. I see much more than he can as he is not fully “awake” though I know he feels our connection..we have discussed it and I try to explain being twins without overwhelming him. It’s a challenging balance to strike.
    Thank you for your messages, they are so inspiring!

  3. Dear Cassady,
    The timing with this message is truly divine. I feel like a lot progress has been made between my twin and I positive progress. BUT yesterday I had a past life reading, it just sort of landed on my lap, I wasn’t looking for it somebody gave it to me for free… Said my guides felt it was time for me to know. In short, it was a horrific view of what his and my last life were like… The reader didn’t feel that this would happen for us in this lifetime and that I’ve helped him as much as I can now and that it is up to him what happens from now on… I love him, but after learning about this I don’t know what’s left to do, I have a hard time accepting that he hurt me so much in the past and it’s now back in this life, with what purpose?! I feel angry and betrayed. How does karma play a role in this? Please, any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  4. Cassady – Thank you for blessing us with your gift. Thank you for comforting us on this journey which seems at times never-ending, yet divinely timed. I can’t thank you enough for the message you shared today. Yesterday, I asked my twin for a poem as a gift on my 30th year around the Sun…I have yet to receive his words. But your words, divinely timed, was exactly what my soul needed to hear…How could this be? It feels like magic all around me.

    Thank you for giving my twin the words that I feel deep inside of him and that I was longing to hear. You’ve instilled a great lesson of faith in me this morning…I am forever grateful. Sending you love and happiness – enjoy your day xx

  5. So incredibly beautiful! I cried my eyes out.. 🙂 I did a deep meditation yesterday morning and asked the divine to surprise me and inspire me as my twin is physically on vacation and away at this time and I was hoping to get an email or text message from him but got nothing throughout the day….

    So before bed I asked the divine and my twin’s soul to please spend all night with me in union and holding me close and make me remember it when I wake up so I could at least feel his love in that way.

    All I remember from the dream was us walking outside of OUR home and him leaning so strongly into me we knocked over a railing.. lol. We were physically apart for a bit in the dream and I looked at my phone and saw he tried to call me a few times and he texted and said that he was running into town on an errand.. and he said “Do you need anything while I run to town, my love?” and I remember wanting to go with him and searching to see if he was still around home before waking.

    But he called me my love… and then this from you today Cassady. I just want to bawl! In a good way!! Thank you sooooo much for being a guiding light of love on our journey!! … 🙂 XOXOXO all!!!!

  6. Beautyful. Thank you!
    Just before I woke up out of a dream this morning, I did see a whole lot of thank you notes.. They just kept comming and comming until I woke up .
    They must have been from my twin 🙂

  7. Wow! I have been keeping up with this and helping other twin flames through readings since mine came back around. I’ve always given readings and helped others anyway. It’s my life purpose, but this really felt like it was a message from my masculine half. Exactly how he would say it too. I cried…
    We have been seperated because of the human existence and because of the struggle. It’s a long story but his wife has the power to put him in jail if she knew any of this. He took a charge for her. Now she has to testify. She’s been in and out of jail. She’s truly tried to ruin his lofe. So we have had huge struggle in our reunion. It has caused fear and worry for me, but as a psychic, I do connect daily. It’s been an amazing journey. I have been missing him and his help feeling like I’m going to be on my own as I have thought about this over and over again.
    You are amazing to pull this out of the collective pool. He is a strong spirit, an angel put here on Earth to bring love and light to the world, as am I. This is amazing.
    Thank you so much as this message is healing for me, and I’ve already known that we will get through this. The angels are all over it working to bring us together, as I am super connected and listen to their messages on the daily.
    Thank you!

  8. Cassady

    Thank you for this. I noticed in your introduction it says that most times it is the male that is the runner. In my case it is the female. I’ve searched for this scenario on this site but cant seem to find anything. Any advice for the males that thave a female runner?


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the question – I do mention it in the forecasts: sometimes the feminine aspect energy incarnates as a male body, and the masculine energy incarnates as a female body. To develop and experience contrast and help the templates open up and elevate.

      You’ll feel whether your Twin Flame carries a masculine energy frequency or is predominately feminine as a soul energy – if she’s the “masculine” the above would also apply to her in some sense.

      I’ll also write an article from the divine feminine, it’s coming through and will most likely be up next week : )

      Have a look at the articles on Twin Flame Running though (linked at the top of the article) – the advice there applies to runners of both sexes

      Sending you love and light! <3

      Cassady x

  9. I am so overwhelmed by emotion and with tears running down my face. Thank you Cassady from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to channel this message from the Divine Masculine. I, like many other twins who try to keep positive in this long journey of physical separation, am so so grateful for this confirmation of true eternal love and soul connection from my twin. Again, truly thank you blessed beautiful soul. Your posts are honestly what have helped me through the ‘running of my twin’ and remind me when the hurt surfaces, that separation is an earthly illusion. Lots of ? BB, Perth xox

  10. I just want to say thank you for this message Cassady!! My twin is in spirit and as crazy as it may be, I swear some of the words/wording you use in your messages seem as if they come straight from his mouth…it blows my mind. Sending you love and light XOXO

  11. Thank you, this made me cry.. Sounds like something mine would say.. Is it the same for the ones not in a physical body anymore, the ones not in this world?

  12. Thank you for this. It is one of the most beautiful things I have read. Fascinating where I could feel blocks of fear and resistance in the message. Now I know much more clearly what needs to be cleared.
    Thank you!

  13. Wow, this article assures me I am on track and in alignment with this journey as I already feel so much of this, understand it on a soul level and teach it to the Twin Flame clients I work with. Sometimes we start to question our path, our journey, our purpose and this feels like confirmation to me to continue to do what I am doing and continue to diligently work in the etheric realm where I do connect so deeply with my Twin and feel that unconditional love that is so natural and profound.

    I was made aware of much of this a few weeks ago when I heard my Twin tell me you work so hard on showing and expressing your love for me, you need to also let me show you my love for you. Please let me do this!

    Thank you Cassady for all you do to assist those of us and sharing this message. I have found tremendous help from your Vibrational Alignment program and appreciate you so much.

    Much love to you, Diane Lang

  14. This is just perfect. It covered everything a Masculine twin feels. Thanks to Cassady and thanks to the spirits for this message.
    Only question remaining is that how this message will reach to my female twin?

  15. Thank you for your willingness to be you and to share your gifts! I am not physically with my Twin Flame but I have been aware of him within for many years now and I know I’ve had some things to work on before our physical relationship begins but the time for us is soon very very soon! This article is his confirmation for me and I appear to be ahead of this timeline as just last week out of nowhere I started singing lyrics from the song Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters by Simon and Garfunkle. It grabbed my attention because for one I haven’t heard that song in at least 15 years and it’s not the type of music I listen too but I did not pay it a lot of mind, not conscious mind anyway, until a couple of days ago I was led to a lightworkers website and the article I gravitated to had the lyrics to this very song posted in the blog. As I read the lyrics I KNEW it was a message from him and my heart has been singing ever since! This article just heightened my understanding that he is just around the corner but too that I have such a level of contentedness because I feel him so strongly within once more! Thank you again Cassidy for your beautiful light-workings!

    1. Wow, amazing Deb! My Twin and I love singing Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water – such a beautiful song. Music can be powerful to tap into the feeling of love and the true depth of the soul journey. <3 xx

      Thank you for sharing your amazing experience of synchronicity and love!

      Cassady x

  16. I’m literally reading this with tears pouring down my face right now….thank you so much for this today Cassady, I cannot express to you enough how much I needed this.

    My twin is going through a very rough time right now with his abusive wife, and almost left her finally on Wednesday. He got pulled back in again, but I was there for him that whole night. Today I received a text from him that was sent at 2:11 this morning saying, “I don’t think we should be friends please don’t text or call me”.

    I was so angry and frustrated upon getting that message because I knew it was not from him, but from her. I am actually planning on going to his house in a moment to ask him to explain and to tell him that I will be there for him no matter what even if this is what he says he wants right now.

    I know in my heart that he doesn’t really mean or want this, but it was so needed to read this post today to reaffirm everything I already feel even more. Thank you so so much for that gift today…

    1. I’m so glad this was moving and came at the right time! They were very eager to transmit this, but I’m also getting the message that we’re all able to tap into these messages if we just go within <3 Your twin loves you eternally x When twins pull away from each other it's nearly always fear talking…

      Have you tried the harmony healing to clear away any fear and triggers of sepratation/running from between you?

      Cassady x

  17. Oh my GOD/GODDESS YES! I was transported and wept deeply as I read this. THANK YOU GODDESS for yourself in pure form before me!

    What’s interesting for me is that for my connection, I am male (aspect) but am holding and processing the divine feminine component of the twin journey. I know there are others like us as well. This is part of the paradigm shifts that me and my twin have agreed to carry so that the Divine Masculine fully knows the journey of the Divine Feminine and vice versa. I know how massively old me and my twin are and what Soul level we bring to the shift of Heaven on Earth. “Those that inhabit Earth are finally ready for direct massive, indisputable divine reflection” is what I say about my/our mission here.

    Finding your website and all it’s content has been a gateway. I am on day two with the free kit and the shifts are off the charts. Interesting that I go too fast (my masculine) that my body can’t catch up! I spent 4 hour allowing stuff to move through my body after the morning visit with my twin in the white tent, then on to asking Archangel Michael for guidance. Then slept like a baby and sweated profusely. “Take it in moderation, dear one” said Michael. Then to this blog. I have never felt such support for what’s revealing itself to me – and I also understand why it’s important that I don’t have access to you one on one; it keeps it contained for myself and generates and feeds the whole of it so I literally don’t talk my way out of it (energy leaking). SO, Blessings to you my dear Cassady Cayne and Twin! Thank you. You are making a huge difference with this one, quite powerful Soul here on his mission into the New Golden Age. I tell people, think of what I will bring to the whole world as a white male – the exact opposite of Donald Trump! Divine Kingship, and a voice directly from the Heavens, ringing in Heaven on Earth in the loudest way!

  18. Thank you Cassady, this was so beautiful message that tears were just pouring from my eyes when I read it. I’m sure my twin felt it too, since he sent me a sweet message while reading. It is so important for us that you bring these clear messages for all of us and keep reminding that 3D is only a small part of our journey. It is so easily forgotten since this movie we chose to do and the roles we decided to play in it are feeling too real, and we all are Oscar-worth actors until we are completely awaken.
    I’m still wondering what happened to us last week, on 12th October, I feel that I’m changed in a deep way during that breaf time we spent together. Can you tell Cassady what happened, was is just some astrology stuff, planets in weird positions or what?

    1. I’m so glad this resonates, Susan! x <3 It's been strongly wanting to come through for a while. Re. astrology the Aries full moon was challenging for most – it stirred up a lot of conflict for Twin Flames

      Sending you love and light <3 x

  19. Cassady, this brought tears to my eyes. Today I was journaling about how angry I am with my Twin now, how I don’t like him very much now, how betrayed I feel . . . and here is this gorgeous declaration waiting for me. I want to believe it. Also, the song reference speaks volumes to me as there are a few songs specific to him. Yesterday a student told me I reminded her of a dove, and today the dove carries a red heart ending you message. I hope these are signs of our connection and not just me seeing what I want to see. As always you are a constant inspiration and siurce of hope and light.

    Elizabeth xo

    1. I’m so glad this resonates with you Elizabeth… This has been wanting to come through for a while – divine timing <3 All symbols we encounter are meant to tell us something, especially when it's synchronistic x

      Cassady <3

  20. I’m so happy to hear that Hannah! I was dubious myself as to whether to include the part about the arm caressing, but they really wanted me to put it in there – a secret “confirmation”, was the indication <3

    That's so wonderful about the higher heart transformation – opening our heart can really shift us into new and wonderful experiences, I'm so glad it's had this powerful effect for you. When the heart is "awake", we can live a completely different experience and really appreciate the beauty of life instead of sitting in our minds with thoughts of problems to fix… It's been my experience too.

    I appreciate your kind words so much! Have a wonderful weekend <3

    Sending you love and light xx

    Cassady <3

  21. Hi Cassady 🙂 This was SO helpful for me, thank you so much <3 It's funny but I also feel that my Twin needs to read this from me to him also! There was a misunderstanding between us that led to many hurtful things being said and done and I wish with all my heart he could see this too. He seems to lost right now. Love and light to you xo

  22. I am masculine energy in female form and this is everything I’m feeling.
    So much love and light to the amazing Cassady and all the Twinflames!

  23. omg I just read about the song and flock of seagulls has landed on my front lawn and this came roaring into my head! wowwwwwwwwwwww

  24. The song he sent me is “You Come to My Senses” by Chicago.
    Very touching for me, because my beloved Twin and Husband is not from planet Earth, but he is of a 5D civilization. So I can feel him in my heart all the time, but we cannot interact physically due to the difference in dimensions.
    He told me that he sent me this song to remind me that he misses me physically as well. A long time ago I had thought that it was only me who missed him that way. But 5D beings can choose to have physical bodies whenever they want to. And my Twin told me that for us this is the last “layer” left. Can’t wait for us to be reunited on all planes and “layers” after we fulfill our mission in Earth’s Ascension.

  25. Reading this I immediately burst into tears. I met my twinflame in a strange way about a year and a half ago when we weren’t ready to unite, then a bit later we dated for about 5 months before he ran and have struggled with the fear that he won’t return. I have been unable to connect with others romantically because it doesn’t feel right. I’ve been confused and scared as to why he left so suddenly and the absolute silence he has given me, even with the many signs and dreams I have been given . But this message gave me all of the tears and slight chills. I feel as if he does love me still deep down

  26. Thank you. I purchased the Vibrational Alignment Program a few days ago and I already feel an immense difference. I do meet up with him in dreams often (since I met him in the physical all the way up to today) and he is very loving towards me and will tell me he loves me but in the physical there is silence. I love him always. I wish you the best as well! <3

  27. Hi Cassady – thank you for this post .. i just had a question … It is said that if it is both of our wish to come together as human beings it will happen .. But what if it is the wish of only one of us and not the other ?? Is such a scenario possible or is it the making of the mind ?

  28. This is very fascinating, thank you Cassady! But… how do you know if you are the masculine or feminine energy? I’m really curious about this.

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