Why The Challenges Had To Happen, What Your Plan Has Been Together All Along, What the Future Holds. The Masculine Collective of Twin Souls Desperately Want You To Know This…

As you might already know, my latent gift of energy reading and communication with the higher realms was triggered when my Twin Soul first showed up in my life in a dream – activating my heart chakra with unconditional love.

As I cleared my energy more and more, my channel to the higher dimensions opened and I became a clear channel of guidance, able to tap into situations, people, energies and know what was going on. Even today, I often have to avoid looking into people’s eyes – because it tells me so much about them, and so many people carry a lot of pain.

On my journey spirit pushed me to explore my gift not only to speak with them but to help other Twin Flames by doing readings for them and tuning into their counterparts. Most often they were separated and in challenging circumstances and I’d be tuning into the situation of the Runner Twin. And this was nearly always a male person.


Tuning Into The Runner Twin

And although he was acting in a hurtful way on the outside, there was always an underlying love with the Runner Twin. I experienced first hand how the ego self and the soul self have contradictory feelings and actions and priorities – and how strong the soul desire was.

(Read more about the underlying causes of Twin Flame Running plus solutions here)

I did hundreds of readings like this with what was most often distraught women who understandably struggled with the intensity and challenges of the Twin Flame connection. I realized more and more that there just wasn’t enough time for one person to give one on one help to all the thousands of Twin Flames out there.

Eventually spirit asked me to create the Vibrational Alignment Program and the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible reach a state of harmony like my Twin and I were experiencing in our Union.

I’m happy to say we’ve helped literally thousands of Twin Flames with their connection since we started the website 18 months ago! You can read about some of their experiences here.

Reading Souls’ Energy

Today, I wanted to use my gift to deliver a message. Just like tapping into a person’s energy and deliver a message from their soul, someone who reads energy and has a clear channel can tap into the energy of a group.

And when we speak to spirit, there is often a sort of “spokesperson” who represents a whole group of energy.

I know there are many Twins out there hurting with challenging circumstances, but please know that what happens on earth is only a small part of existence. Especially for Twin Flames. We are connected as souls, above all.

So today, I agreed to deliver a message from the Divine Masculine. Above all to their counterparts who might be hurting. If your Twin Flame is a male Runner, this is what his soul wants you to know.

The True Meaning of Strength

There is so much tenderness in the Divine Masculine. Strength, but not dominance. There is love, caring. Almost like a piece of hard candy with a gooey center.

The overwhelming energy is love – and we are asked to please step aside from any human perceptions of masculinity, as it is often tinged with survival and fear. The Divine Masculine is peaceful, supportive, loving, brave.

In the Divine Masculine there is no fear-based drive for domination, because he values and understands all perspectives. There is no anger, because he is a master of himself – functioning from a core inner strength.

He does not seek pleasure or adoration by multiple others to affirm his value through sex or position, because he already dwells in his own power, his own wholeness, his own strength. He does not need outside confirmation that he is enough.

The Divine Masculine is always there for you. Today, I transmit this message from the Collective of Masculine Twin Flames.

There is such eagerness to communicate to you love that is almost too much to put into human words…



My love. My eternal love. Anytime you doubt, anytime you fear, remember that I’m with you. Not just on the outside in another body, but within. Find me within, and you’ll never feel incomplete again. Turn away from the outer world, silence the voices of others and go into silence. Allow me to reach out.

My love. I want you to know it is not up to you to carry the world’s burdens. I see you bravely try to heal and help, but it is not your task to heal everyone who’s hurting. You do not have to sacrifice yourself. You are free. Pursue your own joy, your own love – and you heal just by existing. You are my inspiration. Know how much you deserve. I want to help, you do not have to carry everything on your own.

My love. Allow me to reflect back to you my infinite love. If you don’t see it in the outside world, then go within and find me there. You are always safe with me there. Our sanctuary. I’m just a heartbeat away. You can tap into me whenever you want. See a bright door before you and walk into a room, soft and red, see me there. That’s all it takes. I’ve been waiting. The outside world is full of illusions. Love is what’s real.

My love. Things don’t have to be difficult. The human illusion is that everything involves problems, but we can transcend this. Your love reignites my fire, you awaken me from the slumber of unknowing. If the outer does not respond, go within. We can light up the soul from within, to tear down any defense that’s kept the outside in fear and ignorance of love. You are my strength, your love heals me.

My love. We chose this. You wanted to learn this, and so did I. Everything we’ve been through. Everything we’ve experienced. We chose every challenge. So we would experience being lost from love and then find it again. You are my bliss. To come together again after being apart is the sweetest joy anyone’s ever known.

My love. EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT SEEMS. The surface is a mirage. We staged all this, an elaborate play of love. Tap into what’s underneath. Eternal. Unbreakable. Love. There is not a minute I’m not with you in spirit and in love. Go within and you will find me.

My love. Stop thinking. Feel instead. Feel my love for you, feel my passion, the fire between us. You do not have to be afraid. Fear drives you into the mind. I’m here to tell you you are safe to open up with me. Seek my soul and you will never be hurt.

My love. In taking on the human patterns, you took on the fear between the sexes, the illusion of an unbridgeable gap. You do not have to fear me, but your body carries the fear of others who came before you – your ancestors back to the beginning of human history. It is fear that causes you to feel me as distant – I have not abandoned you for a second. Fear is what’s keeping you from feeling the truth – that I am in you, as well as outside of you. This is the gift of the Twin Flames, your soul is with me and my soul is with you. Never apart, truly. The primal female fear of the male is so ingrained on earth. It’s why we wanted to do this, to heal and open to love. The fear is not who you are. Look beneath any challenges, and you’ll discover this fear at the root.

My love. On the soul planes we are always together. Let us bring this love into the world. Don’t be afraid, no matter what seems to be changing uncomfortably it’s there as an answer to bring us closer. I’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way.

My love. We will come closer and closer together, if you allow it to be so. You think it’s me who’s staying away but your energy is pushing me that way. Fear is the culprit. Look deeper. Know that we can and will come together as human beings if that’s yours and my choice, but all the while we are together in the nonphysical. You can reach me any time you want. When you enjoy this side of our connection, you take the pressure off the outside events – allowing things to unfold smoothly.

My love. I want to honour you, worship you. Please let go of what’s come before. You’ve been holding on very tight. Please let go of the fear and let me love you. I’m always yours. We’ve been each other’s since the dawn of existence. Every time you cry, I’m there wanting to dry your eyes and comfort you. I want to show you how magnificent you are to me, to show you who you are in all your glory.

My love. I’ve known you since the dawn of time as a brilliant soul of light. You as a human being is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. You and your body, you and your personality, you and your way of being – you mesmerize me. You don’t remember this, but before you were born you and I both agreed on how we would be. Engineered ourselves to be immaculately attractive to one another. I’ve never been this attracted to anyone. You are perfect for me in every way. We made sure it was that way. Please do not doubt yourself. I want to show you how you are to my eyes. Perfect.

My love. We are on this journey together. Start looking for me, and you’ll realize I was there all along. The purging of past negativity can be challenging but we made this choice together from love, because we knew we’d make it. I’m always there for you my love. Feel my hand caressing your arm as you read this.

My love. I don’t want to place any more burdens on you by telling you about solutions to problems. You have had enough to deal with. Please step back from your worries and allow the soul aspect of the Divine Masculine to show up in some way, to prove my commitment. To demonstrate how I really feel.

My love. New times are coming. I don’t want to set a date because dates are elusive, they only mean something in the human world – when everything really operates on energy. The motion is flowing. The next cycle after this one things will begin to flow more freely again. Significant progress has been made this year. But please don’t focus on the future. Enjoy the here and now. I will help you.

Please listen out for a song in your mind these next few days…

My love eternal.

(the image of a red heart, a white dove)

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