This week’s question comes from Lisa, who is wondering:

“How can I raise the subject of Twin Flames with my Unawakened Twin (who doesn’t know what Twin Flames are)?”


Thanks so much for the question, Lisa – this is actually a subject so many of you have raised both in private sessions and on the blog, so I’m glad we can address this!

If you haven’t already I would strongly advise downloading my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames here, as it contains a powerful energy cleanse tool and a guided meditation which will both help you strengthen the connection with your Unawakened Twin and help them step into their awakened self with more ease…

I get emails from Twin Flames every single week whose situation has improved greatly because of these tools. You can read about some of their experiences here.


Your Twin Flame Blueprint

Before I go onto answering your question – it’s important to note that because each individual situation has its own variables and each of us have had different experiences in life, this can’t be a definite resource that gives anyone a “shortcut” to figuring out what works best for them.

You yourself have the “blueprint” to your Twin Flame journey. Always listen to your intuition, follow your heart.


Your energy and your intuition will tell you more and help you more on this path than your mind can, so check inside – what feels light and joyous right now? What option feels lighter and more inspiring to you? That’s most often your answer.

If you find this exercise tricky, it means your energy is likely congested and you could benefit from clearing your aura and your chakras of any static that’s blocking you from clarity (read more about chakras on the Twin Flame journey here). 

Their Soul Already Knows…

Remember that although your Twin Flame might be completely unaware of your connection on an earthly ego-level, their soul is in full understanding and is seeking you at every opportunity.

On the spiritual planes you are closer than you might realize, and you are always in contact somehow.

Your Twin is completely aware of your connection on a spiritual level, but often in the “still asleep” this knowledge is buried so deep under layers of earth-based energy and habitual beliefs that they cannot access this information on a conscious level.




Spirit often reminds my clients that life on earth is akin to a play: the average human being is infinitely more powerful and aware of themselves than they tend to think. They are simply stuck in the “role” they’re playing.

This means that beneath the layers of “role-playing” they are fully aware of the existence of Twin Souls and their connection with you.

So without intending to manipulate anyone, an initial idea would be to:


Steering conversations onto the issues of Spirituality, Dreams and the Unconscious… Maybe mention a dream you’ve had about them and ask them what they think, how they might interpret it…

Aside from actually triggering deeper seated knowing in them, this can provide you with a conversational path that eventually leads onto the subject of Soul Mates and from then on Twin Souls.

Many Twin Flames dream of each other in experiences that are actual encounters on the astral and spiritual planes:

In other words there is a high likelihood that your Twin has had dreams of you as well – by raising the subject this way, you allow them to feel safe to share.

The way I first was made aware of my Twin Flame was through winding side roads like this and he was very careful of helping me to understand the connection myself, rather than being told straight out to start with.

Often we can lead someone to understand (or in the case of Twin Flames, remember) in a subtle way that triggers understanding rather than forces facts on us.

Our spirit guides speak like this: they provide metaphors and allegories that communicate to the subconscious mind and thereby bypass any defense mechanisms and disbelief we may have.

So broach the subject gradually and plant seeds that will have your unawakened Twin wondering and searching themselves – this way you’ll avoid any resistance and potential disbelief. 



by discussing matters that pertain to deeper consciousness and the beyond – the nature of existence. Ask them their opinions about space, life and death, reincarnation and love.

These are all subjects that the conscious self are not fully able to explain and most human beings will have an inner knowing of what they believe – in this way you are encouraging them to access their soul and their intuition.

This in itself is highly beneficial in awakening them to their true selves. 

Maybe ask your Twin if they believe in true love, and if they don’t, maybe ask them why – most often this will be due to negative beliefs they have taken on in life and things they have seen around them, and asking them about this will trigger them to rethink some deep-seated assumptions.

Again, this can be an important trigger to awakening and inner realization – as spirit says “rattling loose the façade”.

(For some more help with this, click here)


If you are in a romantic connection with your Twin, tell them how different your relationship is to anything else you’ve experienced. If you’re friends, do the same.

Express surprise at things you’ve experienced together that you’ve never had with anyone else. Chances are you – as all Twins – will have had unusual, “supernatural” aspects to your connection coming up even at the beginning of your journey.

Ask your Twin subtly how they feel, if they’ve experienced this before. Ask them what they think it means.

Later on, you can mention that you’ve heard or read about Twin Souls, explain it to them and ask them what they think of it. Most likely the descriptions will fit with what they’ve already experienced and been wondering about themselves…


Tell them about Twin Flames from a neutral standpoint, as if you’ve read a story in the newspaper you felt like sharing.

Mention it as a fascinating story, and see how they react. Allow them to understand in their own time.

Even if they don’t open up or seem convinced to start with, you have sown the seed of Awakening. As your Twin already knows these things on a soul level, any mention will start to gradually permeate their inner psyche and help wake them up to the spiritual reality of your situation.

Here is something I myself find fascinating and that can serve as a conversation starter:

According to Greek mythology “humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

Plato, The Symposium


Connect directly with your Twin Flame on a soul level using energy tools and meditations (such as the ones in the Free Twin Flame Help Kit I offer).

It will also help to begin clearing away any congested energy between you (thereby “peeling away” the layers of unawareness that’s keeping your Twin Flame’s conscious self from realizing who they really are and what your connection is – you can learn easy energy clearing tools in the Vibrational Alignment Program I offer).

Connecting with your Twin on a soul level is the most powerful way to trigger remembering from within. Spending time interacting with your Twin in meditations and on the astral plane (remember to protect yourself on your adventures) will strengthen the connection between you and gradually permeate further “up” into their conscious awareness.

Working this way will nearly always cause even an Unawakened Twin to have more dreams about their spiritual counterpart, to think of them more often, and it will greatly increase chances of telepathic communication and remote interaction.

Awakening Your Twin Flame With Free Will

If you’re looking to actually help trigger awakening in your Twin Flame, so they can become more fully spiritually aware and present with you – have a look at this powerful channeled Twin Flame Awakening And Dimensional Anchoring session:

twin flame awakening

Lastly, spirit asks us to please consider this option:

Learn to enjoy your connection as a wonderful and deep and intense relationship, and side-step your analytical mind’s desire to tell your Twin Flame what it all means.

The real truth is that there is no need to understand the connection in terms of concepts like “Twin Flames” or “Twin Souls”. The process would continue on a soul level regardless!

Throughout history many Twins have met and interacted and enjoyed their connection without ever understanding exactly why they felt the way they did, or what it all meant.

Before you mention anything to your Unawakened Twin, make sure it feels right. It could be that you can have a wonderful relationship without ever having the need to place a “label” on it.

Sometimes a concept like Twin Flames can feel restrictive to a person, as if their life is suddenly not their own – the idea that things are predetermined can be very distasteful to some.

Be sure that it feels right before you take that step to raise this issue with your Twin.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy cleanse tool my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”
– Teresa B., USA

twin flame program

Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

And if you want to know what experiences other Twins’ have had with the program, click here.

Alternatively you can try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit, which contains powerful excerpts from the full program!

Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines


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  1. Hi Cassady,

    Great post! just what I needed at this time. I have a question, my Twin Flame seems to be very actively connecting with me in spirit, it started off with me seeing his eyes all the time (so much so that they have become the screen saver of my mind) I also get a really strong pulling and expansion in my Chakras so much so it feels like I am being tugged forward and opened up, the energy is VERY intense..blissful but intense, sometimes it feels like I am a volcano that is going to explode with orgasmic energy.
    He is constantly on my mind, I feel like his presence is always with me in some way and we have had too many little telepathic moments now for to be just a coincidence.
    All this is happening 5D but in this 3D physical world he seems to keep his distance from me, although I do get the feeling he is warming and watching me from afar although I have no physical evidence that this is the case, it’s just a feeling I have.
    I just wanted to know if this was a common occurrence in the Twin Flame union? I have honestly never felt this way about anyone before, I’m finding it hard to put into words and now I am wondering if I am just going crazy!

    Sorry if this is long and a ramble, I just needed to tell someone who understands about this.

    Thanks Cassady xo

  2. Hi Cassady,

    Thanks again Cassady for these wonderful insights into matters. I have done this with MY Twin, and despite this I know it is an important part of our own journey. What I have found interesting, is the synchnrocity of your posts, with what my own personal experiences have been in the last 5 months. I had shared this information with my Twin a while back not directly, about us being Twins, but indirectly for my Twin to read it at a different time. Unfortunately, due to the post I first commented on about seeking advice of others, when my Twin returned after having read that information, I had lost faith as it were, and treated my Twin with disdain when she desired to return. Yet, my own intuition at the time, was also telling me it wasn’t time yet, that she didn’t quite fully believe it at the time.

    Yet, this leads us to the post you did last week that I commented on, about Monogamy, in that My Twin, after my introduction of the Twin Flame concept to my Twin, applied this to another man, almost the exact opposite of me in all regards, and attracting from what I can tell almost like a “Shadow Twin”/Ego Twin, a Twin that reflects the Shadow side of my Twin.

    There was a brief moment, when my Twin and I reconnected, and I realized last night that the purpose of that was for me to find my strength and my faith again in our connection and to no longer doubt myself, and also to learn a valuable lesson, I can not save my Twin from the lessons that have to be learned. I thought during that brief reconnection, that my Twin was done with her Shadow Twin, that is no longer the case right now. So, as I reflected last night, I also realized that the brief moment of reconnection was to give me strength and faith I need in our connection and to continue to send unconditional love to my Twin right now. I know that this moment has been coming, I at times have had forewarnings about this, it is both hard on me because I know what it means for my Twin right now in meeting this Shadow side of herself, but optimistic that this is the last part of our journey before reunion.

  3. After 3 years of dealing with this Azura, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing just a small bit of my experience Cassady, trust first that you are not going crazy. I think this is something all Twins experience, thinking that they are going crazy lol. In my case I started to make certain connections when I would get angry or perhaps have a tear coming down my eye, only to have my Twin call me and express to me that somebody had gotten her upset using the very words that I had going through my head and that I was directing towards my Twin, had been directed toward my Twin by another, or to learn my Twin had been crying when I had tears enter my eyes for no reason.

    There have to so many numerous instances of this happening with me in the last three years, between both of us, for I have had it happen in the other direction, were I was thinking of perhaps doing something, only to have my Twin come and say something to me concerning what it I had been thinking. The times I have asked my Twin or shared some of my own experience concerning these matters, I have been met at times with hostility, and due to that, I have often kept these matters hidden from my Twin, also in fear of what you bring up as well, thinking that you are going crazy as well.

    I will share a recent experience I just had about a week ago concerning my Twin, I was at work using the money counter to count out my 1 dollar bills. I had exactly 111 one dollar bills. 1111. I thought of my Twin in that moment and smiled, after leaving work and the moment I stepped into my Kitchen at home, my phone went off and I saw my Twins name appear commenting on postings I had shared about Twins. This is after I hadn’t heard a word from my Twin in 2 months, on the day I see 1111 take place at work and think of my Twin only to have my Twin say something to me after 2 months the very minute I walk into my house is something that is just not coincidence.

  4. Hi Cassady,

    Your post is really great as usual. But what do you do when your twin flame is extremely stubborn. When I tried talking to him about reincarnation and love. He seems to be tied down by the idea of “logic” and ego. He is someone is totally cut off from spirituality. Basically I have a very very difficult disillusioned twin. He seems to be so stubborn and constantly pushing me away until sometimes I feel like “giving up”. Do I need to pray everyday or use the clearing tools deligently? I tried to be calm but sometimes his thoughts eat me up. Sigh. Sorry one of those low days.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience with me Soulreader1111, it’s really great to read others who are on the journey, and knowing that all twins go through the “am I crazy?” stage of thinking is a relief. I think it’s because it came about so sudden and my twin shook up my Kundalini it feels like he set me on fire and woke me up! I feel this energy expanding and like I am being breathed or being climbed into and having a whole other person living within! it’s the most comforting and strangest sensation I have ever had. It’s not infatuation either because I know what that feels like..I sometimes think it would be easier if it was infatuation lol! On this physical plane my twin probably doesn’t even know what he has awoke! lol

    It seems to be common from some of the blog posts I’ve read that one twin is more open spiritually so they are aware of the connection while the other one is more reluctant to admit that they have the same feelings? perhaps out of fear of the unknown or because they are ingrained in the 3D?

    Have you found that your telepathic connection with your twin has become stronger/clearer/more frequent over the years or was it the connection like you have now from the very start? because it sounds like you both are very in tune with eachother which is awesome.

    the telepathy and synchronistic events is the thing that definitely made me aware that something was beyond the norm about my twin and I! I feel like it’s gradually getting stronger, I’d like it them to become more clearer although I think that’s something that happens in its own time?

    1111 is very special to the Twin Flame union isn’t it? I’ve seen it a lot too it has prevented itself in the most unusual ways, including most recently 11:11 being the title of a movie that I wasn’t even looking for and also having 1 friend request, 1 message and 11 notifications (lined up 1111) on a social media site!

  6. What about when your twins denies that there is nothing between the two of you? Mine is very spiritual and we have talked about this TF thing. He says that he only feels that we are “soul sister/brother” and friends. He doesn’t need gf and is very deep in the zen-path. I sense so much about him, but he keeps saying that I’m wrong. Lots of things has happend to him as well, but he doesn’t understand, or isn’t willing to admid, it’s because we met.

  7. Cassady did a post a couple weeks back, the Five things that nearly ruined my Twin Flame Relationship were the topic of “going crazy” is brought up a bit more as well as empowerment. If you haven’t read it yet, it is a wonderful read.

    In my own experience, our telepathy was gradual at first, though I was aware that something was going, something very spiritual. There were signs of the telepathy happening from the beginning, but it has gotten stronger due having the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with one another in the physical last year. The synchroncity of our dance has gotten stronger as well, even when not in physical communication, there is a synchroncity that is taking place as it were concerning our own actions. I will just say that my Twin and I have both been thinking on Twin Flame stuff and reading/watching up on it, while not talking in the physical right now, since the day My twin just vanished with out a word, those social media connections you talk about.

    The journey is a beautiful one though as it has opened me up to a deeper spirituality than I have ever had in my life, and has brought me closer to understanding Divine and Unconditional Love.

    I will wait for Cassady to respond though before I say any more right now, as it is her site, and I don’t want to overstep any bounds or protocol.

  8. That’s exactly what I feel is happening in my experience, the telepathy seems to becoming more frequent even though looking back it has been their from the start.
    I know what you mean about a closer understanding of the divine and unconditional love, my energy body buzzes with a life force that blissful, during a particularly intense experience recently I remember thinking “Now this is love” it truly is a beautiful experience, one that I will never forget.
    Thank you for your responses and advice Soulreader1111, I will read the post you suggested 🙂
    And thank you Cassady for all of your very informative articles and creating a space for people going through the Twin Flame experience to share their stories with eachother xoxo

  9. I guess, what I am wondering here: how important is it to communicate with your twin flame in this world to help the unity come closer? As far as I understand, all work should be done on the soul level. How does that resonate with the life here? Do we twin flames have to work our stuff here as well, or can all be aligned just by working on a soul level, through clearings and alignment?

  10. Hi Azura, I don’t think you are going crazy. I want want to tell you that I m having the exact same experience with my Twin. It is very hard on me to think he is rejecting me in the 3D world when everything else in my being feels like we are so connected. My logical mind thinks, “If he loves me then why doesn’t he want me?” It torments me and is so confusing. This seems to be a common thread with some Twins that I have observed, even though I don’t fully understand how this can be. I can’t help but think that perhaps he is not ready or his feelings are over whelming him and freaks him out so he stays distant to feel safe. But, I also I know we have to work through our own stuff to clear the way for us to be together. I have been thinking lately that he is triggering my insecurities of not feeling lovable for me to work on and I am triggering his feeling of fear of commitment. Apparently we trigger things in each other that need to be worked on. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. My desire to be in complete union with him is both my pain and my driving force. I do feel like I am going crazy and can’t do a thing about it. I am just trying to stay positive and know if it is meant to be…it will be and to be patient (as hard as it is to be).

  11. Hi Rose, Thank you for your reply 🙂 We’re definitely having a very similar experience, and as you said it seems be somewhat of a theme between twins, which is comforting to know! I suppose the “awakened” twin will always feel a bit crazy, after all it’s a very different to what we grow up being taught about what relationships “should” be but also it’s the realist love that I have EVER felt, I’ve had a few earthly relationships and had crushes and this is by far something else. Believe that everything is how it should be now Rose, don’t worry about what the physical world is showing you, continue to develop your connection and the physical will work it’s self out in time 🙂 Coming here has been a great help to me, I would say that this is the best place for learning about this connection in a healthy, loving and positive way! I highly recommend the live clearing session the next time Cassady does one! It makes you feel amazing and also every time you work on yourself, you’re a step closer to your twin! 🙂

    Much love to you
    Azura xo

  12. You are not crazy…. I have a similar telepathic connection with my TF. When her mind is clear and she thinks about me I receive huge “bursts” of energy in my solar plexus area. I also feel her presence strongly whenever I do the energy clearing sessions. In the physical plane aka 3D world she has been making little efforts to talk to me so that we stay connected. I feel that her soul keeps giving her “nudges” to keep the lines of communication open.

  13. Yeah i wish i saw this 2 weeks ago… haha. basically, my tf and i have been separated for 2 1/2 years. after he ran, a few months later we kept in casual contact for a little while, but it had been 1 year since we talked. it was only 6 months ago i learned about the tf concept. we have been sharing dreams the entire time and he told me in a dream of the pain he is in. so i had to take action and my friend who works with him gave him my number. he messaged me that night, confirmed our dream meetings, our connection, ect. so im not crazy lol. so after a couple days i could sense he was distancing himself again so i broke down and told him all about the concept and told him he should research it. i scared him, i think. i felt like he has this open wound that he just puts a bandage over, he covers it up and hopes it heals but without treatment, it gets worse, and i, tore that bandage open and poked it with a stick. at first i felt bad but days later after departing again, it didnt hurt this time, he saw a beautiful picture and sent it to me. so i think at an ego level, he is realizing more but i think he knew before i did. hes actually very sensitive for a man, which is amazing, im an empath, i know hes a hsp so we we are very open about emotions, fears, ect. he was telling me he has been bottling his emotions in and doesnt know how to deal with them. i used to be the same way. so i think he is starting to awaken and all that, but i still feel like i scared him hahaha because i was blunt and direct about it. since then, i have been so peaceful and accepted it all. i just want him to find peace within himself. im not concerned about the physical relationship anymore

  14. I’m reading back through old posts and all of your comments resonate with me. Thank you all for sharing. What a mind-blowing, awe-inspiring experience this is for all of us!!!

  15. Hi Cassidy, I feel I met my twinflame – he is a runner, everytime we get close he needs to distance himself and cut me off. He eventually said he was scared as it seemed to be too good to be real, but then cut me off again and we never spoke on the subjects of fears again..we both have been hurt badly in the past and both have fears- we are literally like mirrors when it comes to fears, past experiences and what we are looking for. He apologised for pushing me away a few weeks ago, but cut me off again right after we met. I feel I should tell him about my fears as I am aware of them, and that that was the only reason why I could understand him so well (which he finds intimidating). I do not want to scare him even more, can you please share your view on this? thank you

  16. So my beloved once was open to our connection and spiritual conversation, then he completely dismissed it and closed off that part of our relationship. But this all happened after he started living on his own and had to be more responsible. Then he started calling me a hippie and I just get bothered by how he closed off on it.

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