After going through the site with spirit and having a look at the energy of various groups, discussion forums and the Twin Flame collective energy fields – we have come up with some guidelines that are designed to help you as a Twin Flame on your journey. 

I started out wanting to have an open forum of discussion for Twins to freely express themselves with sharing good and bad and ups and downs from their journeys…

But as I’ve learned more and more about the nature of manifestation (what you focus on is what you get more of) collective energy fields and energy exchange between human beings online, it was made clear to me that it would serve you all better to outline certain guidelines for the highest good.

And please keep these in mind with any other site, person, forum, group or account you visit. Everything has an energy vibration.

You see, the issue with an open forum is that it becomes an energy field in and of itself, and everyone who visits and reads, taps into that energy.

So if we were to have a discussion with sharing negatives, frustrations and ups and downs it would mean every Twin Flame visiting the site would be delving into this consciousness pool.

And as you know, the Twin Flame journey is about getting back to the purity of you and your Twin’s high vibrational “soul song”. So it would just make the journey longer and more arduous for you.

I want you to know how happy and grateful I am that you’re here and reading the articles, and that the work I do resonates with you. I’m so excited about the future of your journey, because I’ve been through it myself and know the wonders that await down the line!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

twin flame discussion

PS: For more on this subject, have a look at the following article too

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  1. 2 posts in one day , great cassady <3 !

    Yes i totally agree with you about the energy behind the words. A lot of information on the internet about twin flames , and most of them are negative. When i first started my journey at this topic, i got stuck in a loop many times watching videos, reading the personal stuff of others, etc. I was so analytical in my mind about everything… slowly im changing my old habits about my mind and thinking process. I started to notice that my vibration is higher every single week, with periods of negative states followed by a good bliss in the end. So it's truly a gift from the universe this connection , and your website really help us to stay positive .

    I think that we learn a lot of patience by being in this situation. I don't have any intention or desire to be with another person at the moment, i want to be with my twin flame for my mission here. I feel attracted for other woman, but i know if i have something with them would fulfill only my ego and a quick desire.

  2. Yes! Thank you. This resonates deeply. I realized after your blog some time ago in which you warned for this that I had to stop seeking others for help, venting, understanding, answers. I turned inwards and found my path. These guidelines reflect all I discovered on that path. Thank you for making it so christal clear to us, and thank you for caring to do so. You are not a guru indeed, but a true guide and mentor to self empowerment and I am eternally gratefull for that, dear Cassady. Light and love. <3 E.

  3. Hi Cassidy! I’m loving this info that you present! Of course, I have my ups and downs and the downs are difficult and confusing but this blog and the tools that you provide are very helpful. I have all of the tools and use them regularly. I can see shifts within in the union, but most importantly, within myself! And I know this journey begins with ME! This has given me tools that I have been searching for and it has answers many of the questions that I’ve had because we are all having very similar experiences at very similar times, I guess. That is interesting.
    I do have some questions…First off, I may not get to use the meditations daily, but I use them almost daily. Will this still get me results? I feel that it will, but perhaps at a different rate. Secondly, I wanted to search the blog for where you have written about twins that are married and I cannot find it nor where to search. And thirdly, in the meditations, what is the significance of the light being 300 feet about? Thanks so much!

  4. Get info Cassady! Many issues with my twin, as he just got married for the 2nd time, which is not what anyone was expecting. Between marriages we were together. I’m feeling very sad but realize I must push through. I am working on releasing him again and now feel perhaps I was incorrect, that he is not my twin (after this shocker). I would love to hear your thoughts on this complex situation. Thank you.

  5. Hi Cassady,

    I’ve been eager to post my message here due to it’s message that resonates in me. It’s been a turmoil to me eversince I’ve met my twin. My life went upside down and I don’t know want to do. I don’t know anything about twin flames, twin rays or twin soul before I met him. It’s just a miracle for me to discover this while searching in the internet. Eversince that fateful day, my spiritual development quickly accelerate in an imaginable transformation. Truly, this connection is very powerful and intense in its essence. I couldn’t describe this into scientific understanding or in earthly terms. It’s just “felt” and “known” inside without any hard evidence of whatsoever. Due to this huge transformation and inner understanding, my love became stronger and clearer ever single day. Not only that, I am more loving and compassionate towards everyone and everything. I love myself even more and I know I’m becoming the person who really I am. I’m sharing this so that for every person who read this may understand how blessed and lucky to be in a twin flame journey despite of many struggles and conflicts happening in this relationship. Because of you Cassady, this journey is much easier for me. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. 🙂

    Also, I want to say hi to my male twin who also posted here and share his own experience. Always remember that I will love you no matter what. 🙂

  6. It was great reading your article/s & so much resonated! The energies lately have been pretty intense & much has come up for review, healing & release. The mirror just grew in size! 🙂 lol

    I’m wondering how this April energy shift will affect twins who have a runner that is in a new or existing relationship with another & denying their TF connection? Also for those who have a runner that has moved abroad or lives extremely far away geographically? Or both even?

    My twin has moved back to his home country & is in a new relationship with a girl he met online. He is adamant that he wants a future with her…i cannot see how he will wake up as he is so smitten with this female?

  7. I wish to say this.
    Your site is very helpful, realistic and supportive. I have read about the ascension and I am taken by it in an amazing way. I meditate now and the sensation of my body is just like an electric shock that holds all of my body in a sensation, as if my Twin Flame’s energy is just grabbing me from inside and the pressure is all over. I am finding it hard to express what I feel. Through the garden of beauty and flowers, into the white tent and the Holy Spirit is there with me, in me and around the whole universe. I am in Bliss. All I do is talk to my TF a little but most of all I hold her, kiss her and hug her as I look in her eyes. I imagine her welcoming me with her smile. I accept her as she desires to be, whatever the position we are in, as we journey apart at the moment, but I assure you that when I leave her, she is neutral and I do this every night. I pray every night and I pray and contact my Archangel Michael and the army of blue angels. I feel the source within me and it is heaven. The Holy Spirit is where I contact her through, I feel empowered within. This an amazing journey with biblical numbers when I drive or wherever I am.
    Thank you . This is an amazing path of reflection that you have created for us. I believe that I will leave the decision of the outcome of our journey and reunion between US, to my holy spirit’s plan. I will just keep working positively for our union. Yes, opening to others is a drawback and I must continue to just keep things to myself even though the people I talk to are TF who pray with me sometimes as we encourage each other towards the same goal, that of Re- Union.
    Thank you
    Twin Flame 5050

  8. What if your Twin Flame is not familiar with the connotations of Twin Flame and/or soulmate?

  9. This is what I want to know too. I feel like I’ve found mine in my bff, but I’m pretty positive they don’t even know what a twin flame is.

  10. Hi. It’s so powerful, as reading through I can feel what you saying. Such a thing .. comes unexpected to our lives. Truly miracle . Bless you

  11. Thank you Cassidy for a powerful and empowering article. I totally agree with you! I learnt that from my own experience, seeing that when I take action ( informed by intuition) things always move ahead.

  12. As the feminine energy in this connection I understand the importance of the small rays of hope that shine through occasionally, I would like to share a comment to possibly give hope to others. I have been following your posts since March and being in contact with my masculine counterpart I could plainly see how ‘on the mark’ they were, I also began using your free energy clearing tools at that time. She began working with someone shortly after and has shown tremendous growth, now aware of the connection (that neither of us had ever heard of prior to me ‘stumbling onto’ it) she has returned. Not only have we both grown during our seperation, our love has grown deeper, our communication is greater than ever before and our desire to nurture the gift we’ve been granted is mutual. We have agreed that while we continue to work with someone on our own personal journeys, we will also seek guidance together from a Twin Flame Counselor in Union themselves. I thank you Cassidy for sharing all you have as following you and others has given me the guidance I needed to understand and grow myself first, as well as help the one I love. We are both eternally grateful and hope to one day be able to support and help others along the journey.

  13. What if my twin questions what we are and he is running again, in pursuit of someone else. Can this be a normal thing for twins as well??

  14. Me,
    This is how I discovered my twin flame! He felt somethinh when he saw me and was drawn to me and that was years ago. I knew there was something extremely special and different about us but, I dodnt know until I too stumbled upon it, a little over a year ago, when he left me the firsr time. He has done it again, just a week ago. He says he doesnt see a future for us and I am baffled by this. Maybe I am wrong about us? I have just recently started Cassidys tools to help us come back together. Yesterday was a positive day! Good luck to you!

  15. Hello cassady my name is lamorrie
    Iv been reading your articles for some time now on twin flames 1111 an download the kit as well
    I just want to also say thanks for your articles they help me alot on my journey much love an light for this,

    I have came across my twin flame maybe around four five months ago an i have been going through the running chasing stage an it hurt alot because i dont mean to hurt anyone (sorry started to vent for a second there) anywho all an all i have work with your kit to help me as well it got a little better after words still some flair ups but i give her some space (she on the otherside if you wanted to know) her name is karnella as far as i know an i just wanted to know if im on the right path or weather she’s the one im actually doing my best to be unionized with her i need some help.

    Also the way her i met my soulmate who then she told about my twin flame so to be honest i don’t know it all just hit me at once.

    An i fine your site a beautiful thing to provide this info in also i fine it to set with me well i just want my twin i to to feel better an the more thanks again.

  16. My ex cheated on me.
    I am not able to stop loving him after all he did.
    Now I come to know he’s my twin flame.
    How should I deal with this.

  17. Thank you Cassady, i appreciate a lot the way you are working, and I found your free energy kit very helpful for me. I have a question. How could be possible that my twin is 17 years younger then me? This is my biggest block with him. I know that soul doesn’t have time, in fact on a soul even We are connected everyday , but I can’t imagine how to overcome this problem in this world.

  18. Hi Cassidy! Thank you for you and your blog. Does this mean that my TF’s karmic relationship with his live in partner may be ending and our reunion may happen soon?

    I did clearing and cleansing for around 5 months prior. My healer has helped me a lot in releasing present and past life energies, cutting cords, healing karmic traumas and pain, etc. Now I should be meditating but am not able to – perhaps there is residual resistance on my part for self healing? I find negative thoughts creeping in bec of work or people around me, and resentment towards my TF. I lit black candles for negativity clearing. Red, Pink, white and light blue too.

  19. My twin flame wants to go on a trip together. It just happened and it was not planned that we meet. Has anybody gone on a trip while their twin flame was and is in another relationship, if, so, how did it turn out?

  20. I have been on my journey for over a year now and have just recently tapped into your teachings. I want to Thank You Cassidy so very much for all of your love and guidance. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  21. I guess this isn’t my twin. I can’t imagine one hurting you over and over while ur waiting for their awakening. They’ll probably never reach that point. Must be time to move on and hope for the best with the next person.

  22. From experience your twin flame will never intentionally hurt you. They will help you in every way you need. If they unintentionally hurt you…they always try to change and fix the issue to vibe with you better. You will also want to do the same for them. Its compromising to better yourselves in your journey. Happy twin flames work better together. My sister and I have been through men of different kinds and finally found our twin flames. What’s funny is that inside…you both truely know. It will never be a question.

  23. Hi. I believe i have found my twin flame. He agrees as well. We have only known each other one week. We chatted online then spoke over the phone. Im a very spiritual person and after speaking with my flame i felt a sense of urgency I had to meet this person. We met two days later…. his eyes as soon as i saw them i was speachless. We have everything in common, our lives mirror each other, we already finish each others sentences/thoughts, the passion is electric. I look in his eyes and see my own flaws. Were moving our relationship at lighting speed but it feels so right so natural. Im overwhelmed by it all. Is this normal? Why am i so afraid when he is not near? I dont know what to do? Is this really my twin flame? Am i wrong to question? Am i wrong to hold back because it is happening so fast? Thanks Chaz

  24. Hi I’ve only met my tf only once about 8 years ago at a concert and when we met its like time stopped. He looked at me and I looked at him it took our breaths away. I felt like it was no one else around. We stared at each other for which felt like hours but only a few seconds then I had to leave and we never had a chance to talk. But for the next 9 months I felt him thinking about me wanting to see me and looking for me. I knew what he was feeling and I thought I was losing my mind. Then one day I felt him thinking he wouldn’t see me again and he was giving up and from that point on I don’t feel him anymore but I still think about him often. For a year I felt sad and wished I would’ve handled our meeting better so I gave up and started dating again but I miss him and I don’t even know him which seems weird and foolish. And I question did I misunderstand what I felt or am I crazy. I haven’t told anyone because I don’t think they will believe me or think I’m crazy so I keep it to myself. My question is will I ever see him again or should I give up?

  25. Your description is the only one yet that is close to something I experienced in 2016. It was as if a small belt is inside me and while I slept it “activated”, woke me up, felt so….exhilarating. It happens again many months later, this time there were two belts, One is just below my rib cage and the other is above my belly button. I wonder now if my TF was near to me? I wish I had paid better attention. Thank you for sharing your experience! Best wishes on your TF journey!

  26. Thank you. This page helps a lot. Love and light to you and everyone on their journey.

  27. Greetings everyone, I wanted to ask if there is any LGBT+ Twin in the discussion group. I would love to have the experience of meeting one (or more… 🙂 ).

  28. Im sure he can feel you speak to/think of him. Maybe he felt hurt by you in some way? Who knows.

  29. Hi, new to all this, have only just discovered the twin flame thing. Not even sure we are/were… It seems different to what’s gone before, not sure I’m reading more into it than there is. A clue would be helpful, I just don’t know where to turn. Wishing all a smooth journey, love and light x

  30. I’ve been on my journey for 20 year’s, I met my twin flame when I was 19 and am almost 41… It is a love, a connection that reguardless of the pain you experience, you will do anything to keep. Once you surrender and realize it’s yours, there is nothing to do except streangth your relationship with your self and God/sorce whomever you call it… only have to choose it…then it is given unto you…. just believe in the power of love

  31. I hope you two see this…it’s been six months. It doesn’t look like you kept up the conversation. I relate completely and have wanted to relate to someone for a year. I posted something last nite but maybe it was too long and was not approved. I just now set up my profile better.
    All I know is that it’s been a relief to read on this website that we are not crazy. Just keep remembering this is not the average relationship you can get advice about from girlfriends or Cosmo magazine!!!! That will have you in meltdown mode but fast. TF journey has silence and separation…indeed it’s necessary so we can focus on our healing and growth. The disorientation and pain this causes is all part of it…what that triggers. (and I, also, have tried to severe the connection, wondered why it hasn’t faded, surely it was just a crush, what is wrong with me this is going on much too long, etc…but that thinking only made it much much worse…what gave me relief was suddenly saying to myself and the Universe “but I love him!” and whoosh I felt so good and realized it’s never a bad thing to love somebody)
    But, man, the connection is so strong, right? Being separated is like having a part of your soul amputated. And when they disappear there is no closure or explanation. My psychic reader said it’s cuz he literally does not know what to say and even thinking about me creates an overwhelm feeling that just sends him into a circle-cycle which puts his mental state into a trap…I think the psychic meant there’s no clarity or answer ready yet…so TF just shuts down, doesn’t think about it/me. He said when I do pop in there “where is she, what is she doing” he cuts it off. I mean, in our case I get that. The way we met and our circumstances, esp his. And we didn’t date, only had fabulous talks, connection, a little affection, and a lingering texting life that made no sense really considering how we met. But like you said, ALL the psychics and tarot readings say He’s Here To Stay!

  32. Song …that came in.. Frank Sinatra I love you baby. Sigh.
    My twin an I are In karmics its crazy… I have told my soulmate karmic ty. Ty for everything. I am so grateful the life we share…and he knew the shift hit b4 I did.
    It is quite trippy because the twin doesn’t know anything about spirituality or energy.
    He know he feels something. Different.
    He comes and goes…his karmic I hope is like mine but I feel his conflict and the dysfunction he is in…
    I am surprised over the unconditional acceptance I seem to have to over look his…behaviors. smoking, drinking,confusion….
    I love knowing the twins are hooking up. I have seen the babies?
    It is a beautiful future.

  33. Why not just put a picture you have of your Twin provided you have already met. Or, write down with pen (not pencil) on paper what specifically you want from your Twin. What you want from your Twin is what you want. You have to figure that out for you and your Twin. It is nothing any one else can give to you. Cassady and the sites she has created are beautiful and excellent guides. But, the answer indeed does come from within. Go back and reread some of the forecasts and other side bar links. Me, I journal, I dream, I write down specifically what I want, need, and desire. Additionally, I do the best I can to take care of myself so that my Twin can see that I am doing what I can to give her the best version of me each and every day. Some days I am in control and other days I am a dog that drives. I do what I am able to be better than who I was the day prior – I put myself first in order to take care of her.

  34. Love is patient, love is kind, and love knows NO limits. If you are unsure chances are your Twin is unsure. If you are fearful chances are your Twin is fearful. Remember you and your Twin are two souls separated; and, what you experience your Twin experiences because you are each others mirror. You were created to as one soul forever. The life here in the physical world is meant to teach others how to positively and properly treat you: with respect, with care, with kindness…and, regardless of what life throws in your path we as celestial love and light in physical bodies teach each other how to endure the perceived boundaries and tough times. As separate Twins we also teach how to heal and live (not just survive) together regardless of physical and cultural and societal differences. We are created in love and we are here to remind each other of this. Cassady says it in her emails and forecasts: “sending love and light”. Thank you again, Cassady for all you have done and continue to do for us as Twins seeking each other.

  35. Dear, Gentle and Beautiful Guide Cassady, since I discovered a Pin from your site on Pinterest, my life has made a complete 180. I recognized the connection I encountered with an amazing and pretty soul. I knew that there was something; and, your site helped to put into words and a definition what I was experiencing. I knew it was love. What I did not know is that I was not alone in my situations and what I was experiencing. I truly felt alone in my experience. Thank you, Cassady! I appreciate you!

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