The key to the Gates of Unconditional Love. Why Hurt is a Gift, and the Wonder of A**holes on the spiritual path. Plus, why it’s never time to give up on your Twin Flame…


In this week’s Q&A I’d like to address an issue I’m contacted about by Twins from all over the world – how to deal with hurt and pain and rejection. Especially the deep pain of your Twin Flame hurting you.

In order to really properly give you the truth about the issue in this week’s article we’re going to go deep. Way back. To the beginning.

The Twin Flame path is above all the journey back to Unconditional Love.

As a soul, unconditional love and seeing the best in everyone is your natural state.

In fact, before coming to earth you and your Twin Soul loved each other so much you volunteered to share your love and your understanding of Love with the human collective to help them.

Human Love vs Unconditional Love

The majority of Earth’s cultures have forgotten what Love really is. Unconditional love is not the norm in our modern societies, nor has it been for millennia, if ever in most places.

Human ideas of love mainly relate to bonds of loyalty, sexual attraction, togetherness, marriage, family ties… Human beings love each other most often, because of something.

Human love has fear attached to it. Fear of losing the other person, fear of doing something wrong, fear of it ending, fear of hurt.

Unconditional Love, on the other hand, is completely free from expectations. There is no because. The soul loves for no reason and every reason.

There is no fear in the ENERGY of love. In fact, love and fear are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum. They cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

True Love is an extremely high vibrational energy – expansive, high, light, invincible. The feeling of wanting to share love with every being on earth, the energy of being completely fearless.

Loving no matter what the other person does, says, thinks, feels…

Why We Had to Forget Our Twin

This kind of Unconditional Love is what the Twins are here to re-experience from the physical perspective.

We knew we would forget this Love once we came to Earth, that we’d take on fear and shame and guilt and worries and all the other human patterns, but we were so confident in our love that we volunteered to come here.

To be template bearers of these incredibly high vibrational energies. Most Twins forgot completely why they were here, until ‘awakening’ started rattling us again back to our true soul selves.

Underneath all of the earth energies and beliefs and negativity we’ve taken on, lies the core of Unconditional Love we share with our Twin Soul.

We had to forget this, in order for us to understand the human condition, to assimilate. To understand how almost every person on earth feels incomplete, separate, and is seeking wholeness and love without ever finding it.

But once awakening and Ascension begins for the Twin Flames, our souls start to push us back to remembrance, back to this core of unconditional love again.

It begins to release and push up all the congestion that’s kept it hidden.

This is why the Twin journey can be so hard. I have found that energy clearing is the most effective and painless way to deal with this process, which is why I decided to share free tools with Twins to experience the huge shifts we can achieve that way.

Setting Up Challenges, Pain, Hurt

In order to remember the unconditional love we knew as souls, to push our experience and rattle our deeper understanding, we deliberately set ourselves up with challenges.

We arranged to meet people who would be really HARD to love. These are the souls who volunteered to help us understand UNCONDITIONAL love. To REMEMBER why we’re here.

Because nice and loving and lovely people are easy to love, right? It’s the people who are hard to love who can show you the difference between conditional and unconditional.

Often, the person who’s pushing you the most is your Twin Flame.

The truth is that we ourselves have chosen this. Something which was a big lesson and a challenge on my own journey – the fact that i somehow arranged for myself to be hurt. Pre-planned pain for myself.

You see, the reason is that hurt is an amazing teacher. It breaks down the barriers we’ve built, rattles the illusion of reality and makes us remember who we really are. It makes us seek more, call for more, pray for more. 

Hurt helps push us to the edge of what we’ll tolerate. It makes us carry out changes and take chances and open up to what we might have otherwise been too comfortable or “stuck” to bother with.

The A**hole As Spiritual Teacher

It can be hard to accept that we ourselves as souls can arrange for hardships and challenges to occur in our lives, but I’ve been shown this again and again.

The very people who are rattling us the most, are those who are reflecting back to us our own issues and wounds – and ultimately, they’re the ones who help us the most!

That’s right! The a**holes are our greatest teachers! Why? Because they make us question things, they make us look deeper, they trigger us. And beneath all of that, lies understanding.

If you want to make the journey smoother, to show your soul that you’re ready to move away from the “school of hard knocks” spiritual awakening – start looking for the light inside everyone you encounter. ESPECIALLY the A**holes.

Look for the child in them, the soul in them, the wounded person inside. Look behind the facade. When you start seeing this, you’ll begin to open up to unconditional love. Love that reaches beyond actions and words and behavior.

There Is Always A Reason

And you know what? Those people who are the hardest to love… they’re like that for a reason.

They’re like that because they don’t love themselves. They have shut off, because they don’t expect to ever be loved.

Like many other Twins, I grew up with a parent like that (who was incidentally there to mirror my Twin’s energy to me, preparing me to understand him and his issues).

As the years passed, I learned that my father would never show me love. Eventually I gave up trying.

It was only as an adult with the help of spirit that I understood why he’d been like that – the truth was he didn’t love himself, so he wasn’t able to love anyone else.

And the craziest thing? It went way further back. He had felt no love from his own parents, and that’s why he had shut down. And the same with his parents.

Some families have a history like this of dozens of generations of children feeling rejected and unloved, who then pass it on to their own children as adults.

This is karma in action. We carry both personal and collective and ancestral karma, and love is at the core of so many of humanity’s struggles.

Twin Flames are here to help eradicate and break those exact karmic patterns – we have volunteered to.

Until we understand the repercussions of this, it can feel like being stuck in a loop of misfortune and hurt but it can be unlocked surprisingly quickly once we go within and find out more.

For a smooth and fast way to clear ancestral and personal karmic issues blocking your Twin journey, have a look at my energy clearing sessions for Twin Flames, which takes you through this with ease.

Freeing Yourself From Hardship

A huge change occurs when you shift your mindset, your perspective.

When you move out of feeling victimized and hurt by others, and instead begin to recognize that everyone is a being of light, a soul who has taken on fears and patterns and limitations and distorted perceptions in life and is acting out of these things – you eventually will be able to love anyone, no matter what (in theory… in practice it might be a work in progress).

When you start to shift your perspective like that, your soul will start to “ease up” on you and begin to actively show you more of the good – show you the beauty and the light inside everything. Show you “heaven on earth”. You will not be attracting hurt anymore. 

You came to earth to experience Love, so as long as you’re trying to shut out the hurt or the pain or keep vulnerability at a distance, your Soul will be working to confront you with it in order to free you up. It’s doing it to help you.

Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You

Again, the biggest trigger, the key a**hole we encounter in life, is often our Twin Flame. If this is the case for you, or has been at some point, remember it’s because they’re triggering you.

The two of you have set up this dynamic long before you ever came to life.

You chose the families that would provide you with the negative patterns, the destructive or careless personality traits. You chose to grow up in these towns and cities and in these neighborhoods.

You chose and engineered for yourself these “issues”. So that you would be pushed to remember. So you would learn to love each other DESPITE the problems. To love Unconditionally.

The point of this journey and of the hurt, is to get you to question and release your self-perceptions, your beliefs, your limits. So you can ultimately love yourself and your Twin Unconditionally. This is the true Union of Twin Souls.

Love no matter what. Not just when things are going well.

So, the next time someone’s really pushing your buttons, ask: “What is this meant to be teaching me?”

Begin to look for the light in everyone and everything – yourself included. The more you do, the more it shines through and the greater your capacity for giving and receiving love, the higher your vibration rises.

Clearing energy the way we do in the Vibrational Alignment Program is a really great way to open up to unconditional love because it allows us to eradicate the congestion and negativity that’s been obscuring the love we Twins share at a soul level.

Like an orange, we get to peel away the outside layer of “earth patterns” and energy of worry, fear, stress and all the typical societal negativity we all inadvertently take on during life, and get down to the core of love and light beneath.

This is why I was asked by spirit to share the program and the tools with as many Twins as possible.

When You’re About To Give Up on Your Twin

Lastly, I see many Twins commenting and writing to me that they’re giving up on their Twin Flame connection, that it hurts too much, that it’s not worth it…

I’d like to reach out a hand to all of you and leave you with a thought to ponder:

When you feel like that, it’s a sign that you’re about to break through… The biggest shifts come after the biggest blocks have been confronted and moved.

The biggest growth comes after the biggest push. Often, the change you think is never coming is in fact right around the corner.

On my own journey, I noticed that for every time we had an upset where we made the choice forgive and love each other and put the past behind us, our capacity to love grew. Our love grew deeper and wider and stronger. Our connection got closer.

So if you feel like giving up, try this one last thing. Resolve to forgive both yourself and your Twin for this whole situation.

You don’t have to forget, just release the grip on the pain. Then give it a few days, focus on something else and watch the miracle of energy shifting.

When you forgive, you allow the negativity to leave. If you hold onto the hurt, you’re calling in more and more hurt. Give yourself and your Twin a chance.

As Spirit reminds us – our Twin Flame is us, if we grew up with their families, ancestry, patterns and experiences. Separation really is an illusion. And it’s this feeling in itself that’s the biggest hurt of all.

As always, I’m sending you all love and light for your continued journeys! <3 Thank you all for being a part of the Twin Flames 11:11 community. I believe in you!

Cassady x

Want more? For powerful methods to elevate your vibration, end separation and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit.

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  1. Right when I decided I am giving up on my twin and that he is actually a false twin, this article showed up… But the thing is I dont wanna be stuck on this journey forever, because it hurts too much and I am not getting a physical evidence I am on teh right track…How to tell if yoo really are doing all of this suffering for your true twin or you are just obsessing over a wrong person?
    Can you make this a little bit more clear for me? I have been feeling so stuck in my life with this twin flame concept I even got few readings telling me about my twin..but they were not all equal..Can readings helo anyway?
    What to do?

  2. Dear Cassady, thank you for this post, it resonated with me so much! I was wondering, I was sexually abused as a child by my dad, was that part of the ‘lesson’ that I chose to go through as a soul? Or was it because of past life karma? I’m absolutely sure I chose my parents and I desperately want to heal from the trauma because it’s affecting the way I love my twin.x

  3. Thank you so much for this post. Everyone has been pushing me toward ultimate forgiveness and unconditional love for my TF as the last block I need to face. In the end, I have been blessed with supportive family members on both sides who believe in us even when my heart was broken. The pain is comfortable. Imagining the worse is comfortable. Because I am terrified that having that love and forgiveness won’t mean anything and my TF will still be gone. Forever it feels like. But now I know that I am just missing faith and forgiveness. Because I feel the block of understanding break free. I am on my way to true forgiveness because of you. I was never really alone. My TF never really left. Separation is an illusion. And the physical will be soon too, :).

  4. Thank you Cassidy. My twin and I have always bumped heads when it came to love but over the years we became best friends. I think my biggest learning lesson comes from my current husband. Military background for many years and likely one of the most closed off hearts I’ve encountered, more so throughout marriage. I have learned a lot. The perfect timing of this article is that I have strongly felt for awhile but especially past few weeks, is that despite all the walls and not so nice behavior by hubby, I know there is only love underneath. Which I feel has turned into some type of block because when you know that only love exists it confuses me from action on some level. The only thing that pushes me forward to leave it, is that it’s not the truth, my heart is not here. Still, knowing love is the base of all, always, makes it tricker for me somehow.

  5. Hi Carrie, I’m glad this resonates with you.

    As regards your questions I would recommend going within right now, as your guidance and intuition has all the answers you’re looking for. My experience has been that often the more we look for answers on the outside, the more confused we get. It’s important to break this cycle, step out of the confusion.

    Focus in on your heart, as this is where twins are connected. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and quiet your mind, breathe deeply for a few minutes. Ask your heart chakra to show you the feeling of your twin connection – to give you the insights that you need right now.

    It’s all about the energy, the feeling of the connection. And maybe read some of the above article again, because as it mentions – everything in our lives are there mirroring back to us some inner truth, some learning experience, however challenging that might be… What could you be meant to be learning from this uncertainty and the feeling of struggle with your twin or this person?

    Right now your energy is chaotic with trying to “figure it out” so just pull back a second and allow it to realign, is my advice. When you’re in the energy of confusion, you’re out of alignment with receiving answers. So try to center yourself in your own power, feel the light inside yourself. When you stand strong in yourself, you’ll see the outer situation differently and the answers will come more clearly.

    Sending you love and light x <3


  6. This article came right on time! There’s a lot of stuff coming up, but I am at peace knowing that everything is going as it should. Thank you Cassady!

  7. Thank you Cassidy for this article, at times I think I’m crazy, obsessing over this girl, we had an intense upward relationship, ,,,then as normal she ran, , ,hardly or no contact in 15 months, ,,i know, ,,feel without a shadow of a doubt, she is my twin, ,,i realize with all my heart, I love her unconditionally, I realize she may not be back in this lifetime,I have read thousands of articles on this, ,,i could have written them all,,,bottom line, ,,i love her unconditionally, I have grown so much spiritually ,connecting with God and angels, dealt with all my fears, but most days now, I’m emotionally spent, I can’t see loving anyone more then this girl,,,,i just want her to have happiness and joy in life, people I know don’t understand the love I have for her, ,,,,give up? ,,,i have been ask God and angels to help myself surrender, and let her go with love, , she has no idea how much I love her, I wish I could tell her, she knew while we were together, ,,,i wish I could tell her I love her even more now, even though we are not together and don’t talk, ,,i wish her well on her journey, ,, love is real and amazing, together or apart, ,love you!!! Thanks Cassidy for insight and love

  8. Thank you for this wonderful post. This post couldn’t have come in a more appropriate time for me. This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. Feeling my TS struggling to understand our connection and feeling him pulling away. I was upset with his behavior for not answering my text and avoiding me. It was really tough. I cried and was at the verge of giving up. Questioning why am I so deeply in love with him and yet he’s running/avoiding me. My pride/ego took over and I literally wanted to give up..

    Last night for the first time in my life, I woke up from a dream. In my dream, there was this flurry grey/white cat kept putting its nose to sniff me. Since young, I’ve always been fearful of cats. In my dream I screamed and tried to push the cat away from me but it refused to move. That was when I woke up in the middle of the night.

    In the morning, this dream was still bothering me and I was wondering what was the message in my dream. Then I saw my TS last login time was 2:43am, the same time I woke up from the dream.. I am unsure if the cat in my dream is my inner fear but I need to work on to get rid of it..

    I am still trying to overcome my feeling of being so “unwanted” and unloved by my TS.. Yet deep within I can feel his soul loves me deeply.. It’s just his human mind setting restrictions and limitations.. Trying to stay positive.. Trying really hard..

    Sending my hug and love to everyone here who is going through this challenging yet amazing journey with our TS..

  9. I woke up wondering, should I just give up? Then I saw this gem in my inbox. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for your answer Cassady. It is so hard with all the thoughts and mixed emotions to find clarity of the situation, even though I am getting the signs of seeing 11s all the time (111, 11:11, 222 etc) from the moment I discovered the twin flame subject. When I think about the connection it all makes sense but I cant separate thoughts from feelings anymore. One more question for you, do you think it is possible at all for someone else to tell you the truth about your twin connection?

  11. This comes in the right time for me too. I have reached unconditional love for my twin and me, and I know how nice it feels to see the light in everyone 🙂 I know we are together in 5D, but I still have this problem believig that he loves me in 3D and that he ever will. I don’t know how to overcome this, I don’t want to be in the position of waiting for something that may or may not come as this is also blocking me to open up emotionally to someone else. Because at the end I do wanna love and be loved, it would be nice that it is my twin who loves me back, but if that’s not the case than I would like to be free to love someone else. I hope this is getting cleared soon, somehow the push is very strong 😛

  12. Also to add,,,,im happy I’m in love being in love with her, even though she not part of my physical life, I want nothing but her happiness, ,,,but I just wish this emptiness I feel would disappear!! Catch 22,,,i find a little bit of solace, that eventually we will spend eternity together, couldn’t think of a better person to be part of that reality! What holds me together, is the love I saw in hers eyes, ,,,heaven on earth!

  13. I to felt the exact same thing , I’m not giving up, I believe it’s a matter of time,find the happiness in your heart for the opportunity to love so deeply

  14. I read the rules a while ago, so I hope I’m not violating the rules. And I am positive this has been covered a million times before, but I still have to ask because it’s where I find myself: What about when your TF is unenlightened? By that, I mean doesn’t believe in any sort of connections, lessons, karma, etc. and the 3D version of life is all there is. Nothing has a higher meaning or purpose. That’s fine. That’s his decision to believe what he wants. But now that we are in a place where there is nothing but anger, hate, blame, frustration between us, we both want to live without the other, but as much as I love myself, forgive him, do not judge him for his choices, see the good in not being in each others lives, find the lessons in this situation, etc etc etc, I FEEL his anger. I feel his the negativity of his blaming me for everything. I feel his fear.
    I am happily married. I do not want an earthly relationship with him. I am thankful for the gifts in my life his presence facilitated. I know my calling now, I have new friends, etc etc. But, I don’t know how to stop feeling his pain and anger and hate and disgust and fear. (So much fear.) I can’t fix that for him, no matter how much I work on myself. Despite forgiving him for being so scared and sending me so much s**t to deal with and feel and being thankful for the lessons he’s teaching me, this doesn’t make it better. It is like being haunted by an angry ghost. I’ve tried healings, cord cuttings, energy clearing, Facebook blocking, fb UNblocking, release and blessing ceremonies, etc etc etc. What do you recommend?

  15. You and your TF are such beautiful souls. Thank you for your posts this week especially! You’ve done a masterful job of describing the collective energies, which are just so unusual lately. Your clearing tools have honestly been my #1 go-to daily for dealing with triggers, and it’s a wonderful feeling of validation to hear something while meditating and then find a similar message in your posts. In the name of owning my truth, I hold what I hear personally first and take everything else as suggestion, but sometimes in moments of doubt, it makes such a huge difference to be able to refer back to your page as a reference and source of strength to avoid the feeling of being stuck in one’s own head.

    Ups and downs of course but I must remind myself to look at the big picture, where (since finding your blog) there has been a miraculous and steady progress throughout separation from inklings and synchronicities on an individual level to lucid dream experiences, to an intensely unexpected and out-of-the-blue physical/astral feeling of union just this week (thanks Aries 7th house!). Can’t wait to see what this New Moon brings considering the limits of possibility just got shattered (in a cool way!) this past week. Seeing in which house lunar cycles fall has been quite helpful lately when navigating the collective energy swell.

    It can be a little frustrating as an attuned psychic to know how someone is feeling and then experience such reticence or abruptness in physical verbal communication…but then being reminded by your post about forgiveness for ‘the whole situation’ was like the missing piece. It just made me smile to be reminded that yes, of course my soul would sign up for arguably the most challenging and exhilarating life experience to help the collective evolve its notion of love and possibility. Why not order the craziest thing on the menu?

    Thank you thank you, Cassady. With so much happening right now it amazes me how you can consistently post the way you do. You are a godsend!

  16. This is such an incredibly important post. It inspired me to write something.

    Imagine that you are being watched by your twin flame from the future, after you’ve reached union. If they were reacting to your behaviour now, how do you think it would be? Pure love and admiration. Those thoughts you have that they don’t like you, or are judging you, are completely untrue.

    In fact, if you were able to talk to your twin from the future, I believe they would be able to heal your discomfort instantly with the exact right words. “I love you even when you think you’re being stupid. Which you never are.”

    Since the twin flame connection is about you being stirred to love yourself unconditionally before you can love anyone else, your twin can’t do that for you. That’s why it all hurts so much. We are being driven to love ourselves. Only then can we react to our twin without fear and pain, and instead focusing everything on loving them as much as we can.

    The trick is to be able to come up with those words yourself. Telepathy helps a lot with this. When I was insecure about how hard it was for me to focus on something, my twin told me, “I love your little scatterbrain.”

    Your twin isn’t ready to love you fully yet. Keep trying to love them. It will help. Reach for unconditional love, where you don’t expect their love, but will give it to them unhesitatantly.

    Your twin flame from the future, is always inside of them. It’s called their Higher Self. It’s their soul without any blocks of judgement and fear. Only when they are in true love with you, will they reach their full potential. So you have to keep strong. For them. Take the pain so you can love them like they deserve.

    One day they will look at themselves and see how they’ve hurt you, and they will tell you there was no other way. They couldn’t help it. But they will thank God you were strong enough to believe in them.

  17. hey..thank you so much,I have been on this Twin flame journey for pretty much my whole life,when I look at it deeply and exactly as you mentioned,I see it now so clearly and Im soo thankful for my whole family and many people in my life, who helped me through the pains over and over to where I have came to the power and beauty of the unconditional love and words are not enough to describe the gratitude I feel,when I look at it from a completely different point.As you mentioned, the pain and confusion teaches us the most and my Twin fits into the whole set up more then anything and has always been my biggest teacher, since he is me!Can wait for the magics of the unconidtional love from soo many of us to shine and overpower the fears around us!THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR SHARING!! With all the love Gabriela from Prague

  18. I agree with you on the challenging, ,,not so much on the amazing lol, but I feel a sense of relief it just not me going through this, ,, , am super strong, , this has left a hole, ,,an abyss, ,,but love my TF,,,,with all my heart, ,,,,i can never love one so much like I do her 🙂

  19. Yeah … This is SO perfect right now… Let me tell you my testimony, it’s as if the more I fight this the more evidence I get from the universe that this is real and I need to stick it out. I have been working on a 28 days of gratefulness challenge and have been using the law of attraction principles in all areas of my life…
    Yesterday, my TF showed up out of nowhere super happy telling me he has made the decision to move away… That he feels this is where life is taking him and that he has realized he’s responsible for his own happiness and reality and he’s working on that… He also told me to be happy and do what makes me happy…
    Although I’m sad that he’s leaving, I still couldn’t ignore the HUGE message that came with this… Somehow he and I are on the same path to self love and self discovery and we are both using basic LoA principles, how amazing is that?! I felt sad and cried lots to myself, but I feel as tho this is a good thing, that this will allow for us to become closer, he, at this point, feels so close to me.
    I need to let go of fear, I need to know that I’ll be okay after he’s gone.

  20. Maybe the cat was your twin coming to “sniff” you out indicating he’s curious about what this is and who you are. I’m curious how in touch you are with your feminine side and if he’s in touch with his. The dream could be directing you to get more in touch with your feminine side.

  21. You might write her a letter that you don’t send, but get your feelings out. Put it all down on paper so you don’t have to try to hold the love you feel. I often do this when my twin and I are not talking. The love becomes so big and I have to express it somehow. He inspires me to write poetry too <3

  22. You always nail it. I’ve been trying to forget all about my TF since new year, really giving up on him. And now I read this and stirs it all up. Thank you.

  23. My TF and I have known each other in the physical realm for only a year, yet during this time she has pushed me and inspired me to grow and improve myself in ways I never dreamed of or imagined possible. There is a mutual attraction between us, but we cannot be together. She is married and we see each other only in a professional context.

    We have an empathic/ telepathic connection that is like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel her joy and sadness, I cry her tears, and she seems to be able to read my thoughts. She projects a laughing happy exterior, but she has a sadness within her that I feel very strongly and intensely.

    I continue to send her unconditional love and light on a daily basis through meditation, prayer, and intention-setting. I ask that whatever happens, happens for the greater good and I send her healing energy. When my loving energy is too intense for her, I feel her disapproval and judgment and she can be dismissive and even, at times, mean. But I know it is only because she is overwhelmed by all this and, like me, she doesn’t know what to do with any of it.

    Cassady, I will try as you suggest- to give it some time, but the whole thing feels like such a stalemate. It would make it easier to walk away if it weren’t for this mutual “radio frequency” between us that never shuts off.

  24. This post was amazing! Quick question, what do you mean when you say “often the person he was pushing you the most is likely your twin flame.” Can you clarify a little bit what you mean by “pushing?” Like pushing you away? Thank you!!

  25. Cassady,

    Even though I have a strong spiritual connection with my twin and am mostly confident in our chances of physical reunion I find myself constantly worrying that something bad will happen to her before we can reunite. Is this something common for twins? Might this be connected to past life karma? How can I move past this? I do not want to continually focus on this possibility and send negative intentions or energy out to the universe.

  26. thank you as always. I love these weekly messages. It is so difficult with my twin right now, as he is going thru so many major health issues right now and we are 2000 miles apart and no one here understands the love and committment I have for him. It is so comforting to read your words. As I know and no one can imagine it, but he is the love of my life and my twin and I could never give up on him ?

  27. Thank you for this article, Cassidy.

    I feel this is a huge reminder and that a breakthrough is right around the corner.

    About a week ago, my Twin and I had a fight about his difficulties with people due to Asperger’s Syndrome. I felt so bad when he told me he felt he’s never good enough. I thought I was trying to help. I’ve been doing all I could to learn about AS ever since we found out three years ago. It wasn’t until last week when someone from a Facebook group I’m in shared with me the Aspergers Experts website.

    I’ve been reading some of their subscription emails, and today, I cried out of joy. It felt like my prayers are being answered. And I’m so thankful for the angel meditations I’ve been trying out. They are helping me to open up my heart chakra.

    Sending love and lights to everyone. <3

  28. Yes, it’s possible Mari Love.. I truly hope that the cat in my dream was him coming to “sniff”me out to find out who am I and why the connection. He has absolutely no clue about TS and with his strong religion background, his mind is pretty set that nothing is possible when it’s not stated in the book..

  29. I can totally relate to how you feel.. There are days and moments that I just feel this overwhelming tender deep love flowing like a river in my entire being for my TS. The feeling/love so deep within is beyond words. But there are days and moments I just feel bruised from him running and blocking. All I can say is, it’s never easy to feel your TS running or blocking yet I can feel my soul comforting me to be patient, just love..

  30. My twin flame goes with almost every women around me. Am I still the one who should hold on? I am só done with the pain, every time again.

  31. Hello!
    I am very gratefull for all the good work you do to helping us through this! You talk about your relationship with your father and I had too very difficult relationship with mine, also with my mother.. I recently send them a mail to cut the relationship with both of my parents. An offender from contact. Because they pushed me so deep.. I love them, unconditionally in my soul and my heart, but my life was very trash and they hurt me very deeply… I feel guilty, my mom respond at my email, telling me she understand it, (and she never before, I always fighted to protect me) it was very very very hard. My father also pushed me in the deep, with psychological violence in a point of suicide. I needed protection, when I was adolescent, the youth welfare agencies could take me but it was not the path I was meant to walk. So I have very big big big trash and deep negative and hurtfull energy to release with trauma. I walk this path to let go and break all the blocages and it take me all my time and energy. But.. in the other side, I love my family so much but they all hurted me, treated me like a dark sheep and putting the blame and the shame on me.. So I am doubting.. in the moment.. ’cause my mother just respond me tonight and it drop my good energy and I wanted to cry and I felt guilty and I felt also the pattern of wanting to respond her back … but it’s a bad thing, I need to think of me and protect my soul and healing my wounds to grow and let go all that past.. It’s my inner child, I don’t tell you everything I lived, but I am on this corner now ans also, my family suffocate my light and my love… Can you guide me in this big transition!? I really need to talk about this with someone who understand who I am and how I can feel!! Thank you, and sorry if my english is not very good, my first langage is french! Namaste!

  32. Me too, when we separated, I got big crisis sometime in the idea he can be dead, and because we didn’t had contact at all, I was worry of the idea he can die.. and I cried, because it felt so real..

  33. Is it weird that my twins name is Russell and a Russell just posted right beneath my post 🙂

  34. Exactly, , one minute, im in love being in love with her , the next, I hurt cuz I miss her so, , I can’t understand why, if we had a love so perfect, ,,why run, ,,,i told her once, if this is what true love is,, I like it!!! I have total faith in God’s Divine love and timing that she will return one day, , wish her nothing but joy and happiness

  35. And if your twin flame wanted to break up and resist vulnerability and growth.. and got married and has a baby on the way with someone who is spiritually asleep and also hiding, what is the point? Loving unconditionally from a distance while he still harbors misprojected hate in his wounded heart?

  36. I believe I met my Twin Soul before and only one time back in June 2014 and not been in contact at all since then ’cause we were both angry at each other for somethings and stopped talking to each other :(. He did do something really bad that I thought at the time it’s best for me to avoid him even though I really like him a lot. I was thinking about it a lot of times off and on and also today and your awesome post is a real eye opener. Past 2 years I already had a feeling that it was meant to happen for a reason that way to understand on my own and not physically together what were the reason for him to do the bad thing he did. I know the fact that I sooo so much wanted to meet my Twin Flame that year, at the time and still do. Even though i believe he was The One, but to be realistic I knew 100% it wouldn’t work out well at the time and wouldn’t know how to handle a relationship at the time and obviously didn’t know of your web site nor the TF Help kit to help me. I come from a family that didn’t show love at all to me or my siblings and my parents are divorced, never met family member, experienced many life struggles/problem in my life and with my family so i never seen or been around how love is or in a way open myself to love ’cause i feel like i shut myself off from it for being afraid and too couscous. Also I believe my TF had same issue going on in his own family and didn’t get enough love. I know for a long time i need to do a lot to improve myself and get ready for my own Twin Flame Union first by loving myself etc.. I do already try to work on unconditional love I’m still staying optimistic that I’ll meet my TF again one day especially after finding your very helpful+awesome blog and help kit 🙂 because i def. don’t want anyone but The One.

  37. I hear you. I guess only time can heal. When ? No one can tell you. All I can say is somehow subconsciously your soul desired this experience. Try to dig deeper into it. When the purpose of this experience will be complete, you will get rid off the fear too. And then you will be able to look back and figure out why you needed to go through this. You will be transformed when it happens.

  38. I have gone through similar situation and still go through. What I can suggest is when you get more relaxed and think something good about your twin like a positive thing – may be he/she was under pressure, had issues, may be they truly loved us and so on .. you will find a sign or some kind of message from the universe to confirm you are thinking right. For example his name will come up, his DOB, his favorite lines or something that connects you to him. I think that is the hint that you are thinking correct and he is your twin. See, as I write this to you I see 9:44 to confirm what I say 🙂 Dual numbers are one sure sign I feel. May be you can keep an eye on such signs. But make sure your positive empathic thoughts for your twin comes from your soul without doing it on purpose. I guess it will happen once you sit quiet and go into deep thinking about them. At some point you will be empathic towards whatever led to the separation/conflict and then you will know. Go deep within yourself. Hope this helps.

  39. I’m so glad I read this. I am at a point where I feel like giving up but I also know how great things are becoming so I can’t give up.

  40. i have experienced the same thing with someone who i thougt to believe he was my twin, he turned out to be the one that paved the path for the real thing… a great gift he gave me, the first time i uncunditionally loved someone… i still thank him for have done that for me, for us… your real twin could never do such a thing to you…

  41. My twin flame said he feels guilty and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings so wants to close relationship but I know it can be closed

  42. I feel confused. If we came here to help others, how do we do that? I definitely have a pattern of attracting those that do not love themselves, and am currently with someone who comes from a family that does not show love to each other and he is completely detached emotionally, bit I also feel that I have met my twin flame in someone else’s else who is running. Am I to help this current man, show him what love is and help him, even though my heart is not in this because of feeling that I have found my twin flame in someone else?

    My heart wants to pursue my twin. I truly believe he is my twin.

    I am not sure what I am to do about this current relationahip…I am completely confused.

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