Divine Flames Of Light, The Energy Of Love, Pure Consciousness Divided… The Truth About The Twin Flame Connection – Plus, Who And What Were You Before This Life?

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Today I’m answering something so many of you have asked over recent years:

– Courtney

A: To answer this, we’ll go way back.

Beyond human names and lives, to the very origins of energy and consciousness. Because in its essence the Twin Flame connection is a spiritual connection – all about energy.

The Origins Of Twin Flames

Twin Flames are two souls who were once one and the same energy consciousness – this is why they are called “Twin Flames”, as energy can appear as flares of light resembling flames.

Two parts of the same original consciousness that chose to divide into two to experience the nature of duality, expand learning and evolution of understanding and to ultimately reunite through love.

Why Twin Flames Are Magnetically Attracted To Each Other

One crucial thing to know about Twin Flames is they are always identical on a core energetic level – as they were once one and the same consciousness.

This is what we call the “Twin Flame Soul Song”, the identical frequency that no one else in existence shares – what creates such a magnetic pull and feeling of mutual deeper understanding between the Twin Flames.

Even though many Twin Flames have dissimilar appearances and can be vastly different in terms of age, race and background, there are always certain commonalities between the two, and often there are specific complementary traits manifest where the two balance each other’s strong and “weak” points.

Compare to the physical realm of Twins: two identical babies growing side by side from the very same original embryo that divided to become two instead of one.

Most often these twins grow up to be so similar people have a difficult time telling the difference. They are the same in some deeper way.

Like identical human Twins are born from one embryo dividing itself, Twin Flames are expressions of one consciousness divided.

Why Twin Flames So Often Experience Problems Together

Of all beings in the universe, only you and your Twin Flame are of an identical frequency. This is at the core of your being.

On top of this, however, you then have the physical body you currently live in, the beliefs and thoughts and habits you have taken on through your upbringing, as well as any past lives you may have had.

As you and your Twin spend time living on earth and interacting with others and experiencing ups and downs along the way, you take on energy that is out of resonance with the core frequency you share.

You could say that your shared “soul song” gets out of tune from energetic “pollution” you take on. And this is where the much feared Running/Chasing/Separation stem from…

Watch a short video on this here

What Twin Flame Ascension Is Really About

So when you come into direct contact with your Twin Flame (even if it’s through a meditation, a dream or an astral experience and not physically) your systems click into “activation” – stirring a process of release and cleansing of this pollution in order to get you back into your deeper harmony.

Twin Flame Union cannot happen in the lower consciousness from a place of disharmony, so your systems begin to purge negativity in an effort to bring you up into a state of complete harmony – Unconditional Love.

This is called Ascension (read more about the Twin Flame stages here).

This includes a period of “awakening” to your deeper soul identities, a remembrance of who you are beneath your current earth identity.

Your souls trigger this deep “soul song” in each other; like a key to a long lost lock.

To Be “Cut From The Same Cloth”

Twin Flames have much in common with biological twins in that they are always deeply connected, and share certain core similarities no matter how long they spend apart.

To illustrate, we could metaphysically say that the Twin Flames are “born from the same cell of consciousness, dividing itself” or that they are “cut from the same cloth” – in truth, they are of the exact same energetic frequency.

The term Twin Flame comes from the visual perception of energy consciousness, which often look like flashes of light or streams of fire. From this perspective the Twin Flames look like two identical flames, forged side by side from the same original source.

Twin Flames are much more than simply a romantic term for two people who fall deeply in love or who are deeply attracted to one another, although there is most often an intensely romantic aspect to the Twin Flame connection.

(Read more about the intimate component of the Twin Flame connection here)


Here To Elevate Concepts Of Love, Evolve Perceptions Of Unity

This resonance of the same core energy frequency is the reason why the Twin Flame connection is so deeply palpable on a physical and metaphysical level, and why the Twin Flames are so attuned to one another both emotionally and energetically.

It is most often described as a profound feeling of having come “home” to your other self, or “belonging” together. Mirror souls.

Most Twin Flames see repeated number 11:11 around the time of their initial meeting.

(Read more here about the hallmarks of True Twin Flame Recognition)


Eternally Bonded Heart To Heart

The Twin Flames are always connected to each other by an energetic cord that runs between their hearts, no matter what. It can never be severed.

This is why many Twins feel each other’s emotions and dream of each other even when they have been apart for a long time or have never met in this current lifetime.

When you clear yourself of any negative and congested energy which keeps you in a low vibration, you can clear the way opening up to your Twin Flame – as well as lifting yourself up to a vibration of love, joy, peace and into alignment with a happy relationship with your Twin Flame.

When my Twin Flame and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter, through using new metaphysical energy methods, I was asked to share this with the Twin Flame collective. You can go here to discover more about our step-by-step Vibrational Alignment Program.

twin flame program

Or, you can try the Free Transformation Kit for Twin Flames the energy cleanse tool here has worked miracles for so many Twin Flames!

Every single week I hear from someone whose “Runner Twin” got back in touch after they used this guided meditation.

Read more testimonials here.

Why Twin Flames Are Really Here

Twin Flames are a true metaphysical connection that many people are experiencing first hand in the world today.

Many souls divided into Twin Flames to experience lessons around love and assist the higher development of society on earth – from a conflict based, separation consciousness into a love based unity consciousness.

More and more Twin Flames are awakening to their connection every day, and as you might already know – there is a very particular purpose to this.

When Twin Flames remove the negative baggage of conflict, hurt and “separation mentality” of the historical human relationship paradigms, and reunite from a place of Unconditional Love – their love positively affects the space around them.

Forming a “gateway” of high vibration energy to reach into the earth plane. Uplifting, healing, harmonizing far and wide around them.

Read more here about the Twin Flame Mission


How To Avoid The Dreaded Twin Flame Struggle

Energy healing is crucial to the smooth unfolding of the Twin Flame Journey – as negativity surfacing for resolution can trigger “running”, separation and other expressions of energetic repulsion between the pair.

I was asked to share a Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames to assist in cleansing the pair’s systems, removing triggers of Running/Chasing and Separation and to shield the pair from outside negativity.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Have a look here to learn more.

A complicating factor between Twin Flames is the two share an interconnected energy field and karmic field where both in the pair influence each other. This is often referred to as the Twin Flame Mirror.

In essence your Twin’s experiences in life and your own experiences will have impacted each other, as you are of the same energetic frequency and are two aspects of the same core soul.

As human beings on earth, you may be in physically separate bodies, but beyond this you are always connected. The illusion of separation is a core and final lesson many Twin Flames are being pushed to learn in this lifetime.

A benefit to this deep connection is that that on the energetic planes the Twin Flames can interact without any limitation – this is often experienced through dreams, telepathy, feeling and sensing each other’s emotions, remote interacting and so on.

Read more about Twin Flame Dream Encounters and Dimensional Interactions here.

The Past And Its Role In The Twin Flame Journey

Karma is an important part of the Twin Flame connection. The Twin Flames share a karmic field and a collective energy field.

Many Twin Flames’ lives for this reason seem to develop in parallel to each other, with commonalities and mirrored experiences because they karmically and energetically impact one another.

Go here for a quiz that will help you map out your karmic debt as a Twin Flame pair.

As you and your Twin Flame may have experienced shared trauma on earth in the past, there is also a possibility that you are energetically corded to one another in the lower vibrations.

This something it would be beneficial for you to address and clear.

We go through clearing karmic wounds, old attachments to past lovers, outdated soul contracts and more in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

For example, if you had a lifetime where one of you was forced to leave the other, or you were close and one of you died before the other – you may have fear based cords between you, cords relating to fear of abandonment and fear of separation. (Read more about how this works here – in real world terms)

These negative cords will still be in place even if you have not been through a situation like this in your current lifetime.

Negative cords like this should be cleared in order for the two of you to move up into higher energy vibrations and experience increased harmony, and it is absolutely essential in the preparation for Twin Flame Union.

If they are not cleared, it’s highly likely for repeated cycles of “Running” and separation to occur – as your souls push for the resolution of these triggers.

What is the difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates?

Lastly, we all have many Soul Mates but only one Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame or Twin Soul is your identical energetic counterpart or identical mirror soul. Someone who shares your exact core identity as a consciousness.

(See an infographic on the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames here).

This means, on the energetic plane, that you are in perfect alignment on the innermost level – you may be living in two human bodies, but your souls are two parts of the same whole.

Soul Mates are those who share a similar core energetic resonance with us. We often “sign up” to meet soul mates to learn from each other and to evolve as souls. Our Twin Flame, however, is the only other being in the universe who shares the exact same frequency as us.

This is why energy management is crucial to reaching the Reunion of Twin Souls – making the journey back to our core frequency, where we are effortlessly connected in harmony.

With our Twin Flame, we are in an accelerated experience of learning centered around love. We are always impacting each other, “automatically” pushing each other to learn, heal old wounds and resolve inner issues.

Because Twin Flames’ energies are of an identical frequency, all our “issues” and inner shadows tend to play out in the Twin Flame dynamic. You could almost call it a ping-pong effect, of each Twin’s inner fears affecting the other.

This happens in an effort for the pair to learn the spiritual lesson that all fears are based in illusions and that love is the only truth… To awaken to “illumination” while still in a physical body, to become “enlightened” through love.

For more info on the Twin Flame connection and the journey to Reunion – go here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I’ve been using your energy healing tools and I can really feel the difference. I love the free meditations you’ve shared, and I always feel so refreshed after. My Twin even came to my dream last night after using them!”

– Alicia, California, USA

twin flame program

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  1. Hey Cassidy, I really appreciate all your posts and the free toolkits are a blessing. I find yours to be the best source that’s guiding my TF journey, perhaps we are part of the same wave? I’ve been on this journey since 2013. I feel like union is close to happening soon….

  2. Getting into vibrational alignment is the toughest thing in my experience. I have been doing a lot of energy work but still my guides say I’m not a vibrational match to union. I’m surprised at how many blocks there are even in a particular region. I’m focusing on one area and so far there been like around 15 to 16 emotions in my vibration.

  3. Just last night I dreamt twice that my twin and I joined our palms together and a lot of beautiful white Light appeared. I could sense that it was coming from our union and spreading to all the planet.

    It was amazing! And now I read your article explaining how twins are here to spread love, healing and uplifting through their Unconditional Love. My dream correlates so much! Thank you, Cassady!

  4. I am having a purely sexual relationship with my twin flame, he does not dig deeper than sex. Is this possible or am I confusing him for my twin flame?

  5. I have noticed either I’m afraid of myself or actually afraid of my TF. My inner child is fearful especially with men. I was raped as a child and I have blocked a lot of it. I’m not sure what I’m resisting, denying with myself but I know that I’m blocking love and my TF and not sure how I can clear this out. I have tried but I just keep burying something. Maybe I just do not want to remember. I can hear conversations in my head where someone telling me they love me and trying to comfort and I hear someone say leave me alone, go away. I believe this is me. I fear intimacy and I know my TF is very intimate. He is not in this world but I know he comes in to lay with me. I do like that he does comes in but this part of me is afraid. I do not want to be.

  6. Hi, you mentioned biological twins a lot in this post. Can a biological twin also be a twin flame? Thanks

  7. Thank you for this clarification as to why we are here as twins and what needs to happen. A great article to point our newly awakened twins to, so they can gain a better comprehension – a conversation starter.

  8. Hi and Namaste! I have never seen a situation as that me and my twin have, ever. So I would like to share that now, and what I have most recently learned which is mind boggling to me. And then I have one question that maybe you can address in future articles. ……….. My twin is 26 and is in India, I am 61 and in USA. The age gap is very painful for me, although he doesn’t seem to mind……. I feel that long term in 3D union, it is at least currently a detriment on his side. We have been in union for 3 1/2 years, our souls fully merged, our hearts beat as one beat, our breath is one. The challenges preventing us from physical union have been extreme, and they are not stopping. This does not question or threaten our divine trust and affinity for each other. However, I always wondered WHY such a huge age gap and astronomical challenges for us compared to other twins, and recently I learned why. He had been born earlier, we were meant to meet and unify years earlier and be together, but dark forces took him from this earth and me, I was overtaken by dark force energy thus our union was prevented. Without going into further detail, we were meant to be together in this life time and so he came back……. some years later…….. and now we are in union, although not physical union…….but this explains sooooooooooooooooooooooo much of my life!!!

    My question I am hoping you can address in some future writing, is how can we stop the physical challenges presented us non-stop…. mainly in the form of financial hardship and physical accidents, i.e., illness, death, accidents of himself and family members (which increase and exonerate the financial hardship)


  9. I have heard many times that “twin flames were one soul that split into two bodies” …and think I took this for granted and never fully understood this. Was there a time (before me and my twin split into two bodies) when we were living life as a single person (not human necessarily) for a lifetime or more? Because, mind blown here.

    And not everyone has a twin flame but every one has multiple soul mates, right?

    Also, didn’t we all come from the same energy at some point and that is why truly all beings are “one” with each other — how does this fit into the origin of twin flames?

  10. Bravo, this is brilliant, especially helpful for newcomers, a great introduction to be the topic of Twin Flames and your unique teachings, which I find very insightful and adroit, given the ethereal nature of this very special love connection, something that can only truly be described as “divine.”

    Thank you so much Cassady, you enlighten us so generously on this Twin Flame journey – truly a treasure!

  11. Thankyou for going over this again. I think it will be helpful to those just waking up and I’m hoping my twin is one of those at the moment. Is it wise to post this on Facebook so he can see it or would that be me subtly chasing and just triggering more running?

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