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Today I’ve been guided to use a different approach on the blog!

As you already might know, I started out as an intuitive coach and “psychic” for Twin Flames and have had the unique experience of assisting Twins in tapping into the feelings, thoughts of their counterpart who might be “runners” or “unawakened”…

And bring forth messages from the Twin Flame’s soul self.

Today, I am using this ability to deliver to you a message from your Twin Flame’s soul. Guidance, support, insights for your journey.

How they’re really feeling beneath the surface, what’s actually going on with them and how you can best approach your journey right now.

This is an article which not only will give you answers and assistance with whatever you’re dealing with right now – but it will also help you tap into your own power of your Twin Flame Telepathy connection and your heart’s wisdom.

Spirit specifically requested this article and I’m happy to be the messenger of a positive method for tuning into your Twin Flame’s higher messages. I know these messages bring info and insights that many have been needing…

The beauty of this particular article is that you can use it at any time.

There’s no expiry date on this – you can come back in two months and find a different message being relevant than today.

It’s your Twin’s Soul speaking to you!

Your Personal Expert Guidance, Every Day

Remember that you can learn to receive messages like this on your journey every day – when you clear and uplift your energy you are able to tap into your intuition and communicate with your Twin Soul without Ego and interference getting in the way.

Try my Free Energy Cleanse meditation here to cleanse away congestion, tap into your higher consciousness and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies – that’s where love lives!

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#1) Pick Your Image:

For best results, relax yourself, take a few deep breaths. Then see which of the images here you’re the most drawn to right now. Pick one. It’s usually the first one you’re drawn to.

The reason you shouldn’t overthink it is that our intuition is often very subtle and it usually “jumps out” in the split second before we have a chance to decide on something analytically.

#2) Read Your Message!

message twin soul

1) Find Your Own Light

If you were most drawn to image 1, this is the message you most need right now:

“My love. You really need to go within and find your own light right now. Unfortunately, it will be very hard to get things straight between us otherwise. Everything in you impacts everything in me, so to smooth things out and open up to love again it’s important that you center into wholeness within yourself.

Inside your own wholeness you’ll find me. A reset of intention is necessary – take some quiet time to yourself and do what you can to stop thinking so much. Stop seeking me on the outside, and you’ll realize we’re eternally connected. Go within, find your center of peace so you can align with positivity and approach the journey from a fresh perspective.

You don’t need me – you already have me. You don’t have to seek me – I’m already there. You don’t have to fear that we’ll lose each other – it’s impossible to lose your other self.

Take some minutes to sit quietly and relax your mind every day. I’ll be here supporting you all the while.”

(Read more about this in Why The Twin Flame Journey is An Inside Job)


To activate your heart, and center into self love and self acceptance – go here for a special session focusing on self, manifestation and the heart chakra.

2) Do Something Fun

If you were most drawn to image 2, this is the message you most need right now:

“My love, you need to be good to yourself for once. Go have some fun. Please go do something you enjoy, pamper yourself, do something just because you want to! If you want to we can do it together, I’ll be there with you in spirit. Laugh with me, hang with me, joke with me, sing with me, have fun with me.

When we stop being so serious the connection flows better. Put on some songs that make you happy, and know I’m there as you sing and dance. The connection opens wide when you’re amused, joyous, celebratory. Don’t wait for later, please be good to yourself now!”

Read more here about unexpected sources of Twin Flame help – how music, laughter, pets, self care can truly powerfully boost your journey!

3) Don’t Lose Hope

If you were most drawn to image 3, this is the message you most need right now:

“My love, please don’t lose hope. I know things have been hard lately but they really can change. You are so powerful, so please be mindful of your focus and manifestation as it can uplift us both or pull us down.

No matter what’s going on in our physical lives, we are souls of light. I can really be what you hope for and desire, even if the path there doesn’t seem clear right now. Hold high intentions for me and for us, it helps me become more who I really want to be. It helps me be the loving, generous, kind person you deserve.”

Cleanse your energy with the free guided meditation here, to remove the layers of congestion and disappointment that can make you feel downhearted and unable to believe. We also infuse your system with new light.


4) I’m Sorry

If you were most drawn to image 4, this is the message you most need right now:

“Please forgive me. In my human life I have acted in ways that have hurt you, my one true love. It has hurt me too, I want you to know that. Any hurt I caused you or others was out of fear – trying to cover up some inner pain.

It was wrong of me to take it out on you – I want so badly to be forthright, honest and honorable with you. As a soul, that’s who I am. Please know that forgiving benefits us both, even if you have to do it little by little. When you forgive me, you radiate love to me which helps me change from the inside out.

When you forgive me, you heal the inner fears that had me acting so badly. If you can find it in your heart to love me anyway, you’ll find I become more and more the person you truly deserve, the one who’ll show you love in the physical world and be there for you the way you’ve always known deep down was possible.”

Read more here about the power of Forgiveness on the Twin Flame path…

Complete harmony Healing Tool

And go here for a guided Transformation Session that takes you through effortlessly clearing blocks, cleansing the cords between you and your Twin of negativity including residual energies from their experiences with others…

5) Step By Step, We’ll Get There

If you were most drawn to image 5, this is the message you most need right now:

“My love. We came here to co-create our dream of love. We are not here to just wait for events to line up, we agreed to take an active part in making it happen – creating divine timing by elevating our alignment and discarding the human negativity that blocks so many from true love.

Embrace your power of manifestation – I ask you to please focus on what you would like from me, for us. What your ideal situation would look like, feel like, sound like… Dwell on this, nurture it, build it so radiant and full in your mind that you can taste my kisses even when I’m not there, that you can feel my hand in yours across any physical distance.

You really do have power over circumstances, with your focus, your feelings, your thoughts. I know it sounds daunting, but let’s do it together, make our dream of love come into our physical lives. To do this, it helps so much to build your vision first.

Don’t take the outer events for granted. Don’t think that things won’t change. Write down what you really desire – let me help you aim high. I want to enjoy this together with you, ask me as a soul to participate. Together we can get there.

For now, please spend more time focusing on my soul and our happy vision than the outer appearances, until things shift.”

For a session where we go through cancelling out negative manifestations and adjusting you and your Twin’s timelines into a higher state to invite in physical Reunion – go here.

twin flame awakening

I was recently asked by spirit to create this energy session which focuses on  triggering awakening in so-called Sleeper Twins.

As soon as I sat down to meditate one day, the transmission of this session began – and I knew instantly that it was an answer to prayers sent out by Twins from all over the world.

In the session we gently go through the process of rousing your Twin to full knowing by activating their own system’s deep seated light codes to open them up from the inside out.

This was requested by me as so many Unawakened Twins have become so entrenched in 3D “ego” energies and identity systems.

This session will gently push the energetic button to help them remember and begin to step into their true self, and to recall and feel their deeper connection with you.

The wonderful thing about this session is that their soul is doing the work all in alignment with Free Will – they’ve been waiting for you to help them with this.

We also cleanse both your systems of ancestral negativity around love, sexuality and relationships, and anchor you both into the highest dimension possible for you right now, deleting old karmic “issues” which then allows your souls to pave out a new collective timeline for the two of you to come together harmoniously.

Read more here

The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”
Sarah (via Facebook)

I hope you enjoyed this article! Remember your counterpart is always with you on the soul level, working to guide, protect and love you. 

I believe in you, and I am honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you.

All my blessings <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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“I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on a flight this week, and something amazing happened – I actually felt and saw my Twin’s higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars… This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing. Thank you so much, dear Cassady!” – Karina, San Francisco, USA

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  1. I found it strange that I was drawn to images 1 & 2, but in the messages it was 4 that hit home, as I had been contemplating the forgiveness aspect just this morning. When it comes to my estranged twin, he seemed to harbour some old issues from his past around his mother & sister that started showing up later in our 6-year relationship. It clearly affected his attitude towards me at odd moments in spite of how much he wanted to love, but it was too great an obstacle for him I think. This morning I pondered what was still keeping us apart after these long 3 years of separation and I felt the twinge of resentment at being treated so unfairly. I thought if this is my life then this is MY ROMANCE and I must have a part to play in bringing my man into it, but also was this man the right one for me? Then I wondered if it falls under forgiveness and I asked guidance what would it take for me to forgive him and the answer I got was that it was enough that I wanted to…then the resentment left…and now I understand 🙂

  2. I was drawn to two of them which they make sense. 2 and 4, I know he wants me to go and have fun, do something I enjoy and be there when I do and the things he did when he was alive kind of like your Twin flame sleeping around a lot if I remember correctly that is what you mention in your journey? Of course there is envy and upset around that and I have to forgive him. So makes perfect sense why I was drawn to two of them.. Thank you.

  3. We have been together 20 yrs now and we constantly think the same

  4. I enjoy this Twin Soul, I picked number 5.

    It’s shocking because my Twin just got married at 49, for the second time.
    I know we live in an illusionary world, but It feels strange.

    It’s a beautiful message though.🫶
    I realise after writing this, I really haven’t been loving my self.. opps 🫣

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