From Recognition and Awakening to Twin Flame Union – what’s really going on behind the scenes on your journey? And what’s the real cause of the infamous Twin Flame Running and Chasing? It’s all here in this brand new infographic…


I decided to do something different for this week’s Q&A and represent the answer in the form of an infographic – the Twin Flame stages is something I’m asked about every single week by Twins from all over the world. I’d love to hear what you think of this infographic, and what other subjects you might like covered this way!

While reading – please keep in mind that the exact journey varies from pair to pair depending on the energy you hold and how many unhealed wounds and “baggage” you start out with, so I generally refrain from talking about set “Twin Flame Stages?.

However, there are certain commonalities and themes that describe the energetic and soul sides of this path. So I decided to map them out in this infographic, including some advice on how to make the journey as easy and joyous as possible underway.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued path! <3 x

Cassady x

twin-flame-stages-infographic (1)


If you’d like more information on energy and karma clearings, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I created for Twin Flames – these are the tools and methods I myself used to get to Union with my Twin within 18 months of our first encounter.


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  1. I love this and have been researching this topic all week!! Unbelievable timing!! You mentioned in a post that I’m coming into anchoring in 5d this winter solstice and union stage next so I’ve been curious of the stages naturally! What’s been Intersting is that I’ve been feeling this connection start to grow again and find myself thinking more of him after such a nice break of not! He wanted me to not email him anymore till year is over and I’ve battled that as I have for sure felt days this week where I absolutely feel the need to reach out. My 3D head says don’t but my 5d body wants me to and honestly feels there is no wrong one way or another. I want to respect his wishes and yet I will feel torn not to. Is there a way to make peace with these types of decisions? Or best to clear on my end and let the universe and guides finish up the work and wait for him to reach out? I hope this question helps others too!

  2. Dear Cassady,

    I find it a very clear overview that captures the generalized idea of the process and is at the same practically helpful (because that is sometimes simply what you need).
    Thank you!!
    Love and light to you <3

  3. Actually, Cassady, I have one weird question. As I am more and more in the higher frequencies and I immediately take action when I feel my body or emotions tell me otherwise, I realized I have found this last block (weird one!):
    I felt fear that if I continue to feel so peaceful about separation and being with my twin only on soul level, I might not care anymore about reunion in 3D….(which I do want still now). So a block about this process. Is that a common thing?
    And also: clearing it did not do the whole trick, should I continue to clear or is there another option?
    Feels funny, after all these karmic and youthpain things… quite unexpected 🙂
    Thank you!
    <3 E.

  4. The infographic is great, Cassidy! I, personally, prefer it as it is clear, concise, and well-organized. Since becoming aware of the TF phenomenon, I have been guilty of scouring the Internet and finding an abundance of conflicting information – much of which is written in paragraph form with jargon and “fillers” that add to confusion and misinformation. This was extremely helpful and easy to read! If possible, it would be great to have some info on how soul groups (i.e. romantic partners) influence TF union/reunion? Thanks! Your blog (and clearings) have helped me tremendously!

  5. Hi Cassady, thank you so much for this post. It is so helpful to see and read this, I am so grateful for the guidance and insight. I have a question about time and intuition as well. My twin and I came closer to physical reunion a couple month ago than we have in years, I was full of hope again and he even finally stepped out of his old relationship and was saying he wanted to and was going to be able to see me. I also felt this intuitive knowing that we really were and are, so close to coming together after all these years. I even received guidance that it was happening. But then he suddenly he started ignoring me, and he is now dating someone else. I have been working as best I can through my heartbreak and confusion, to remember these emotions are coming up because they are part of Ascension and that my higher self is guiding me to clear this so we can be together I the physical realm. I feel more challenged now though, than ever before on this journey, and I think that’s because I have been doing so much energy clearing work and shifting my energy so much, and seemed to have been resulting in such positive shifts with me and him. But I feel so much sadness and confusion as to how things are right now. I am still working with the vibrational alignment course daily and it was just this summer that I began using it and my twin and I came so close, closer than ever before.

    I guess my question is why would I feel so clear and confident that we were so close to coming together, and instead it all goes this other way? I feel confused about why I would feel and see and truly believe, that we were so close to coming together only for the opposite to happen. That makes me doubt my heart and my inner knowing. But maybe the separation is all an illusion and maybe we really are closer than ever before and this is all happening as part of our Ascension process.

    Regarding “time” or our concept of time on earth, and time as a thing on this journey, maybe it’s possible that the guidance I recieved and the inner/intuitive knowing that he was coming soon, was and still is the truth, but maybe my concept of “soon” could be a much different amount of time than I thought or would want it to be. What are your thoughts or understanding on time? It all felt so soon and so close, and now it all seems to have gone the opposite way. I feel so heartbroken and sad.

    I would be grateful for any insight or thoughts you might have on the concept of time on this journey and why things can seem one way and yet still go another or maybe that’s an illusion. I know for sure a new cycle had been developing with me and him this summer, and into the fall months as well and I was and still am doing the vibrational alignment course daily, and I have seen bigger shifts in myself and with my connection with him than ever before. I guess that’s even more so why I am trying to understand why things have gone this way now with us. I think that’s why this hurts so much, because I could see how it all shifting and I knew I was doing the work. I want to keep faith and I want to have the courage to keep believing and keep going, but it’s so challenging for my heart to stay in a high vibration with faith, when I look at the “reality” and I feel so hurt, ignored, jealous etc. I keep wondering what more can I do right now to help me and him reunite?

    I feel like I have done so much and we were so close to finally seeing each other after years apart and now it appears it is going in the opposite direction suddenly. Maybe that’s an illusion as well, maybe we are closer than ever before and maybe it’s triggering these emotions so that I will clear them for both of us even more. I am praying for guidance on this, any insight you can share I would be so grateful. Thank you so much for your amazing post and for helping all of us on this journey.

  6. Cassady,

    This was very helpful as always, thank you. Can I switch gears and ask a question about spirit attachments? I just recently started working with an energy healer and I’m already seeing positive results. One of the things that threw me for a loop upon my first session with her is that she said I had several spirit attachments! They were amplifying the anxiety I felt and making my existing issues much worse. She has since cleared the spirit attachments along with one of my core blocks and I am starting to feel much better. She said that as I start to raise my vibration I will be much less susceptible to more attachments. What is your advice concerning spirit attachments? Every Twin Flame journey is unique but I can say that for myself it was extremely important to have them released so I could move forward. Scott

  7. Thanks Cassady, I love the infograph and the tips section! This is what has been missing from so many blogs and posts on twin flames, I love it! Please do more Q and A’s this way.I would like to see upcoming Q and A’s on what the “still asleep” twin expreciences and also tips on how to best handle when your twin has children from a previous relationship and if you interact with your twin on a daily basis such as working together and your awakened but their not? Much love to you as always!

  8. Hi, this is extremely common, Scott.

    Most people on earth have these attachments that keep them tethered to certain low vibration patterns – often we “inherit” these negative attachments from parents when we’re very young.

    I go through how to clear these attachments with ease in the Vibrational Alignment Course. I’ve cleared a lot of these myself and I agree completely that as you raise your vibration you step out of what aligned you with them in the first place, but the soul contract you made with them must be cleared.

    This is why I have a chapter about it in my course, including tools for you to learn how to clear this yourself, why they attached in the first place (they work in alignment with free will) and stay out of their influence for good. Clearing these attachments are an essential part of permanently lifting your vibration and getting into alignment with harmony and union.

    Sending you light and love <3

    Cassady x

  9. Great idea, Cici!

    I’ll for sure write about the “still asleep”, and I’m sure spirit has advice about to handle situations such as the ones you mentioned!

    They’re indicating that everything negative we experience is a mirror for the issues and unhealed wounds we have – so try seeing any situation from that angle. With children, maybe there’s a sense of never really getting to have your twin flame “to yourself”?

    Cassady <3 x

  10. Star, thanks for sharing and thanks for your question – in short, it sounds like you’ve reached a block in your system. Often we make so much progress we move past our perceived “safe points” and a subconscious resistance hits in. It’s good though, in many ways, because it means you’re moving past your “comfort zone” and making progress.

    Often the resistance blocks relate to a subconscious need for safety. When we get close to someone we’re in effect vulnerable to hurt also, and the subconscious defence mechanisms click in. You can work through these with energy clearings though. Ask your soul to show you what the resistance is based in, and clear it.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  11. Hi Me,

    Yes, there are about as many weird blocks as we can imagine, I’ve found the “trick” to be to just clear them because ultimately they’re based in limitations and you’re a limitless being – so the fact that there is a potential problem, is an illusion.

    If you didn’t notice a difference from clearing that block, it means there’s something underlying still, something you didn’t untangle: could it be that there’s some fear about not truly caring about anything because that would mean there would be “no purpose to life”?

    The subconscious reasons for blocks can be very subtle, like the above mentioned. Ask your soul to show it up to you in a way you can easily understand, so you can clear it and move on.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  12. Wow, that’s so exciting Amber! I’m happy our timing matched up so well!

    There’s lots of new info coming up about the 5D gateway and what it really means on Monday – including what’s going on with twins in the lead-up to the new anchoring.

    If you feel stirred to do clearings, then go ahead – something we’re being pushed to learn right now is to listen to our intuition and our hearts above all.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  13. Thank you so much! I do have the Vibrational Alignment Course…. I think this is a sign that I need to get back to studying 🙂 Scott

  14. OMG Cassady, you hit it right on the nail! That is exactly how I feel, that now that I’ve found my twin, that I have to “share” him with so many people. So, I guess I found another block to heal! Thank you Cassady and I will eagerly wait for you post addressing these issues! Your the best! Tell Spirit, I said thanks as well! 🙂

  15. Thank you so very much Cassady. I wish I could express in words my gratitude for your reply here and for this post. Just by looking at it this way, as a block in my system and knowing that I can clear it, is already giving me that light spark of hope that I so need. Thank you so much and I will ask my soul to show me so I can know how to clear this and clear it for good. I know I have the courage to keep clearing, keep listening to my heart, and trusting my intuition, and continue to clear my energy with the tools and clear this all the way for me and my twin. I wonder if experiencing this block, is part of it my twins block too and as I clear this, I believe I will be clearing it for him too. Is it possible his higher self is asking for help to clear this block as well, and that maybe we are both experiencing it in different ways, but I can clear it for both of us … Thank you so much for this. I am so grateful. Love and light.

  16. this morning before getting up I was guided to create and do a energy healing to all my ancestral lines, and all ancestral lines of my descendants including children lost during pregnancy throughout this life and up into all the akashic records of all ancestral lines involved for a infinite healing.. all due to feelings of abandonment which was fully triggered by meeting my twin over 2yrs ago.. only today I understood the why as my ancestry has a few baby style abandonment stories (I do family trees, so I know most of them.. and now I understand another connection to my deep joy and love for genealogy lol.. helps me understand where blocks can originate) oh boy my body started tingling so I just hit a very special truth abt my purpose.. I have been wondering past few days if there is a way to combine my spiritual gifts with my genealogy research… wow I’m in awe of where this may lead me

  17. Hi Cassady,
    i have been a silent reader till now, but lately i have been wondering what if I dont wana be with my twin anymore. i see he’s happy content with his own life. i no longer feel the need that crazy yearning for him anymore. Yes, we are still connected through dreams and he easily transfer his thoughts to me and vice versa. But what if i’m done? And so is he? I want new things from life now. Everything around has changed I have changed, evolved not just with him but as a person of my own. I want to settle down find someone who’s worthy and loyal enough. Can this be it? I wonder what stage this is that I’m experiencing right now.
    Some part of me wants to know why, the other is so at peace with self and everything around that even if i dont find out the whys, I guess it ok. its perfectly alright.
    Has anyone else experienced or experiencing it?

  18. As I feel the higher realms and feel the connection, I get a tad confused on how to listen to guidance within regards to reaching out to twin. My higher self and 5d can already feel the union and the togetherness and feel absolutely great about contacting him. But with respecting his wishes of not writing till after the year is over and not wanting to disrupt his process, I find myself a bit blocked in how to proceed forward. When I feel the super nudge to reach out I waiver even though I feel deeply sure I should which then creates inner conflict. Is it just continuing to trust inner guidance and wait or is that action time? Thanks I much, I truly love the guidance and help you continue to give us!

  19. Hi Cassady – thank you so much for all the helpful info you provide! It’s a wonderful reference source. I have been working with a soul healer for 4 years now & have been making some great progress in clearing & healing negativities. My twin seems stuck in one aspect of his life & is holding a lot of guilt. Is there anyway that I can help him clear & heal this? Love & light xx

  20. Thank you, Cassady! I love the infographic as well it helps focus when reading. Sometimes the energy shifts for me make it difficult to focus reading things online and this helped! 🙂 It is good to know the stages and I appreciate how much you emphasize that the running and chasing issues are not necessary. I have been feeling more and more that my Twin and I both have ways we have tried to “hide” from each other. This feels more like self love lacking in some way the more I see it on both sides. It is a fear of acceptance. The karma and energy clearings are helping US so much! I can feel him doing work as well. I was bogged down yesterday and suddenly the heaviness was just gone. I sent a huge thank you. Thank you again, Cassady for all your energy and light!

  21. I had a similar experience with others feeling the same as well, Cassady says it’s the level where you are letting go of the old paradigm and creating new ways to be together, she told me in a previous post that we’re also anchoring into the 5th dimension this winter Equinox and coming into the union stage and said congrats. So just when you think it’s done, your possibly entering a final stage.

  22. Yes. I go back and forth with this all the time. I posted on it before but never got an answer.

  23. I really liked this too! It is much easier to read. I have a problem staying focused when I’m reading and this breaks it down in a simpler fashion and also keeps the mind focused with the pictures and added background etc.
    I have been wondering what the unawakened twin goes through as well! I think that would make a great post!
    My question is, what happens on the flip side; I know twins share energy and our linked on a Soul level and that we need to work on clearing karma and negative energy so that we aren’t staying in that low vibration. But, what happens when one twin is working on clearings and bettering themselves and the other twin is unawakened and living in a very low vibration? Since we are connected, does the unawakened, low vibration twin “hold back” or slow the awakened twins progress on their path since twins are connected on a Soul level, does it not work both ways? Some days it seems like that is the case for me and I don’t know how to not let it slow my own progress.

  24. Dear Cassady, I agree with Cici with the on the “still asleep” twin. It can get so frustrating. Especially that I am STILL bumping into my twin out fo the blue who is so very unaware. many thanks.

  25. OK Cass, here is a major question that I need to get sorted. For days on end, I will be in complete Bliss over my twin and everything makes sense and I can feel the love and harmony, even if we don’t speak in physical form, i know he is there and we are SPEAKING telepathically. Then, as it happens, all of a sudden this back wards slide type thing begins and I feel almost like these mechanical workings happening on my heart and my head and then I go into this stage of trauma/release and thought processes that last sometimes 2-3 days. During that time, I do not know if it is HIM or me, because once I return to my normal state, I feel Like, “Where the heck have i been?” and I almost feel like I have gone to a place where I lost my mind and my Spiritual Higher Self for that time period. I never know if it is his energy or mine – but when it is all over, I feel like things make sense again and I am so in love and then I have this strong desire to call him and connect and want to hug him and see him and so on….I cannot stand when this cycle arises and I really want to get to the root of it and be done with it. It is not who I am at all and it makes me feel so out of sorts.

  26. Thanks Cassady! I think the infographic looks great! I was wondering if it’s possible that one twin is totally unaware that there is something going on? And how can the awakened twin really be sure that it’s not just wishful thinking on her part if he doesn’t acknoledge the connection?

  27. Thank you, dear Cassady. Good remark: every problem is an illusion…. Apparently there is some fear, just have to find the core belief of that I guess. Is understanding always necessary, or can you also clear somehing you are not fully aware of?
    Love and light! <3 xxx

  28. Cassidy I truly thank you for trying your very best for being of more service to more of us. I bless you for that! After listening to one of your online clearing recorded sessions for over 2 months and using the Vibrational Clearing Tool I moved so many layers of crap that I call it “Operation Lasagne” in acknowledging my nonna (grandmother) favourite dish. I then took my risk and decide it was time to dish out such path to my Twin. That is when he exploded and told me that I am full of shit and that I am trying to desperately find a benign fairytale to justify an impossible relationship. “I think you all the time, but lets stay friends and stop this circus”. In the past such confrontation would had crashed me (last time my kidneys gave in), now I say “see you later mate, I have work to keep doing”. THANKS

  29. I’ve been dreaming a lot about my TF we’ve not been in touch since he told me he had got engaged to his girlfriend that was 4 months ago..does dreaming about him mean he’s dreaming or thinking about me?

  30. Hi Amber, thanks for sharing what I exactly feel these days as well. I researched more on the universal consciousness and came across unity in love, light and harmony beginning this Dec which probably is the reason for this experience on the twin journey.
    My future twin did not stop me from sending him messages but he decreased his communications beginning last week and kept on saying how he wish we can meet soon and be together. At some point, I almost wanted to wait for him to be ready again (as he was religiously communicating when we reconnected after almost 2 months of separation) but I felt really sick early today of not reaching out to him. That’s why I just sent him a message and I felt relieved afterwards.
    I really look forward to Cassady’s forecast for this week and infographic on the unawakened twin and 5D transition.

  31. Love your post as always 🙂 I have a question that maybe will get picked….how does a twin deal with the death of their twin flame? How do you stay in a positive “high vibration” when all you feel is the deepest most gutwrenching sadness and pain through this experience?? I literally feel as if half of me died with him and what does it mean in terms of the stage we are at on this twin flame journey, is he waiting for me on the other side or is he reincarnating to go thru all this again? I guess that’s more like a few questions but I just feel so lost in regards to all of this. I’m not sure how I can go through the rest of my life knowing i found him but time ran out, so many questions for him and no answers…maybe you can shine some light on such a dark subject! Thank you~Love & light. XXXO

  32. I’m so glad I found your site and the information provided within, have truly clear my confused mind.
    I met this person 5 years back, nothing happened for a long time because I was not open to see more that was offered to me at that moment, but one day the monster waked up and my entire existence change dramatically, how could care for someone so deeply all of the sudden? How could that happened to me? For the past 21/2 years this has tormented me deeply, trying to find the explanation and the motives that drove me to that stage in my life, but I couldn’t make sense of it till’ now that I read your articles.
    Now I’m not confused, but enlightened, now I have found some form of peace in my soul I didn’t have for a long time, Now I know who I found and why, and I know the process wont be easy in my case for many obvious reason, but at least I can smile at it and have a much different perspective of life and its truly intricate outcomes.
    Now you have one more follower, and a change man, a man that need some work to do. please send all the advice you can. Thanks for your kindness and spiritual guidance.

  33. i feel like i reached stage 5 or 6, like that the union has started. i even dreamed that we united in spirit, i dreamed a big bright light opening from the sky and us walking towards it and i just knew. this was some months ago, but now i feel it like it’s happening or it’s going to happen in person, but could i be wrong (or that i’m guided wrong) since it seems like my twin has not even awakened?

  34. Hi Grainne,

    I’d love to know the answer to that one too. The male I believe is my TF, we were in, from my side, ‘gentle’ random e-mail contact, always initiated by me. I’m not sure, but to my knowledge, he’s completely unaware of all this stuff, be it psychic phenomena or TF. I contacted him end of last year re all the astral communication I was receiving and gave him the info I thought it was all about. He told me he had no interest in what I’d shared and to never contact him again. The astral dreaming was exhausting me plus him constantly being on my mind. I had no idea what all this was about until I discovered info re TF in December. We still randomly occasionally get dragged by our magnets into the same shop, or drive past each other on opposite sides of the road. I’d so love to know if/what the ‘sleeping’ TF thinks of the random sightings or if they even think of or dream about us too???

  35. I’m really confused right now. You write that it’s planned for twin flames that they come to earth to reunite. How can your reunite when your TF is dead? Thank you! Anyone.

  36. Hi Jessa – this is possible and many Twins share a bond across life and death, even reuniting. There are also many from the other side coming in as soul exchanges over the next few years, so a life/death connection can become a physical connection. When this happens it’s deliberate. Have a look at “My Twin Flame Story” for some more info on this.

    Sending you love and light x <3


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