How do you know whether it’s your Twin Flame or your Soul Mate? Karma, Energy, Heart Bonds, Soul Recognition… Brand new infographic covers it all – plus, a Free Tool for discovering the Truth about your Twin Connection.


If you’re wondering whether you’re with your Twin Flame or your Soul Mate, keep the energetic nature of this connection in mind – there are many tell-tale signs of a true Twin connection but ultimately you yourself will feel it once you learn to center yourself and go within, silencing your mind and listening to your heart.

Your Heart As A Truth Detector

Here is a short method that can help you get clarity if you’re wondering whether you’re really with your Twin Flame or not. Remember that the less pressure you put on the outcome, the clearer the answer. If you’re set on one outcome or another, your ego mind will try to interfere. So the more relaxed you can get, the more tuned in to the truth you’ll be!

This is a method that tunes into energy to discern the Twin Soul connection. The Twin Flames share the same energetic frequency at their core, so it’s “all about energy”. It’s a feeling of “home” or resonance with yourself you’re looking for.

I’ve been fortunate to connect with both my Soul Mate and my Twin Flame in this lifetime, and I’ve therefore been able to learn about the differences and similarities between the connections.

One strong theme has been that although my Soul Mate and I share many similar personality traits and interests in life, our energies do not seamlessly overlap in the same way that my energy and my Twin Flame’s do.

With the Twin Flames, there may be both similarities and dissimilarities in personality traits and interests – but their energies fit perfectly together as two of the same.

It is an identical core energy frequency, whereas Soul Mates do not share this same core frequency no matter how similar they may otherwise seem.

A Free Tool For Discovering The Truth About Your Connection
– Telling Soul Mates from Twin Flames


1) Find somewhere quiet to sit for a few minutes, turn off your phone, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out.

2) See a bright ball of light around you, like you’re sitting safe and sound inside a glowing glass ball. Sense how this light is connecting you deep into the center of the planet and up into the source of light at the core of the universe.

3) Now, count to 5 as you breathe in, then hold the breath for 5, then breathe out for 5. Repeat this sequence three times. 5 in, 5 hold, 5 out. This helps to realign your energy and your physical body.

4) Now intend that you’re asking your Heart to show you the truth, and that the answers will come with ease and grace.

“The Heart is the energetic center of the body, and sends out and receives more electromagnetic pulses to and from your surroundings than any other part of you. Your heart is a highly attuned ‘energy detector’.”

5) Visualize the person you’re wondering about, standing in front of you. Next, visualize moving over to them and stand so close that you could reach out and embrace each other (you can do this too if you feel drawn to).

6) Feel your heart against this person’s. Feel your hearts interacting. What’s the feeling? What sensations do you get in your body and emotions? (A tell-tale Twin Flame feeling is the sensation of your hearts being like magnets pulling each other closer, wanting to get impossibly close, a feeling of lightness and elation – bliss).

7) Next, visualize putting an image of this person into your heart chakra. Then listen, sense, perceive, observe what happens… Your heart will now be reacting, and you can get a sense of what it’s telling you. This information can come as feelings, physical sensations, images, words… Remember that truth feels light rather than heavy.

Tuning in Further

If you don’t feel you get a clear answer or impression the first time, leave it for now, find some way to relax and make sure you clear out any energy congestion that could be getting in the way. Then return when you feel relaxed, upbeat and ready.

It’s much easier to get intuitive insights and receive confirmations when we’re in a high vibration and a neutral state of mind.

In general, I would not advice seeking spiritual information during moments of despair, heaviness or negativity, as you’re more likely to tune into ego and fear patterns. It’s better to calm yourself, neutralize your state of mind and emotions first, then get to “work”.

Your Highest Good Comes in Many Forms

Lastly, remember Soul Mates and Twin Souls are both very special connections, and one isn’t “better” than the other!

Whether you are with your Twin Flame or Soul Mate right now, know that it is what’s for your highest good at this part of your journey!

Now, have a look at the infographics for further guidance. I hope it helps you gain important clarity x

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x


twin-flames-vs-soul-mates-infographic (1)


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  1. Dear Cassady, if a twin marries a soulmate whom they loved dearly, why does the love disappear just because they’ve met their twin?

  2. Hi Cassady,
    I wanted to ask you if it is possible for twinflames to communicate even through songs or images, movies and stuff like that? A few days ago I sent an email to my twin which I knew he wasn’t going to reply. Later on during the day I starred listening to this album and one of the song, out of the blue, just made me cry and couldn’t stop. When I went to search for the lyrics it almost felt like this song was his reply to my this possible or am I just being deluded?

    Many thanks A.

  3. OMG that happens to me too! You’re not being delusional at all! I once complained to my angels that I wish I could hear my twin’s voice again, and then he posted a video that same day where he was talking to his son! It was like a miracle! I believe that his ‘higher self’ answered my prayer, because remember that on a soul level, your twin loves you and wants nothing more than for the two of you to come together, despite their earthly behaviour. Just like you were guided to listen to that song by your higher self, your twin’s higher self is working on them too. Like Cassady said, listen to your heart and you’ll feel the truth. Don’t allow the ego to talk you out of it. Hope that helps! xxx

  4. Hey, Annie.

    This has happened to me. My guides talk to me a lot about my twin through songs.

    I thought there were so many coincidences with me, my twin and some songs… One day I started to think that the songs could be a message from him for me to wake up. And suddenly one of these songs started to play, out of nowhere. Later that same day, I thought about it again, and I don’t know why I looked at my cellphone and it was 11:11 🙂

    What I mean is that if you feel this was a message, then it probably was.

    I wish you all the good :*

  5. Hi Annie. I hope you don’t mind me sharing something here. In my experience, This IS the way that twin flames communicate. Mostly via the 5th dimension – telepathically through symbols, coded messages, number synchronicities, songs, dreams. Because this is the place where our higher selves meet and this energetic connection is way more powerful than anything on the 3rd dimension. I have felt deluded so many times on this journey, sometimes it is so hard to believe what is happening, but you are not going crazy, there are many of us. It is amazing! Love Stephanie XX

  6. Thank you so much! It’s nice to know other people are experiencing the same thing. Xxx

  7. Thank you! So true the heart knows always better. And that’s what i am doing right now. A big hug x

  8. Beautiful replies, everyone. I’ve experienced many of these types of things as well. Early on I understood that I had support along this journey in the form of my Guides but it hasn’t been until more recently that I fully understood that the Higher Self of my Twin has been the real energy behind these messages. When our Twin’s love comes through it helps keep us going. They don’t want you to give up on them!

    I don’t know about you, but as I’ve progressed on this journey I’ve come to realize more and more that we are truly integrating with our Higher Selves in this process, so know that these messages from the Higher Self aspect of your Twin really is FROM your Twin! Even when it doesn’t feel like it, trust it is so, and the emotion of “feeling their love” will come through. Their current actions may not indicate it, but if you ever doubt their love for you, simply go into your own heart and feel the love you have for them and trust that theirs is equal to it. Bask in it energetically and send it back to them through your heart.

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