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I’ve had requests from many of you to write about Twin Flame Telepathy – so here it is! Simple, yet kind of complicated when you look under the surface.

Twin Flame telepathy is most often triggered at the point of Kundalini Awakening, which is the start of Twin Flame Ascension for most. It’s when you and your Twin connect energetically (for many this happens through sexual encounters or intensely emotional interactions in physical life or in dreams) and you’re connected to source.

When you both connect this way, your dormant connection with your Twin and any dormant metaphysical abilities are triggered and brought out into the open.

No Previous Skills Required

Even if you’ve never had “psychic” abilities previously in life, Twin Flame Telepathy is something that can develop rapidly, almost “overnight” when you and your Twin interact energetically and your souls are “brought online” – connected to your higher consciousness.

Twin Flame or Twin Soul Telepathy enables Twins to hear each other’s thoughts and converse mentally, and aside from the actual verbal communication many experience that they can sense their Twin’s feelings and moods, including suddenly knowing things they have never known before – this is called claircognisance; the transferring of “chunks” of knowledge energetically. Claircognisance is like downloading a file onto your computer – the knowledge is “downloaded” from your Twin and suddenly you know what they knew.

Touching Across the Distance

Remote Touch is also common between Twin Flames, and both this and telepathy is especially noticeable and active at times when our brains are in Alpha or Theta state, where our defense mechanisms and ego are relaxed and communication is open – like just before we fall asleep or when we’re meditating.

Many Twins feel their counterpart holding their hand or kissing them, and some even experience sexual encounters this way.

To boost your connection and get in touch with your Twin’s soul, try the Alpha Level meditation in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames I’ve created.






Because the Twin Flames share an energy frequency that is unique to the two of you in the whole universe, your souls are already “tuned into each other’s channel”, like on an old-fashioned radio. It means that you’re always in communication somehow on the energetic plane.

This is why so many Twins feel and sense and hear each other’s thoughts, feelings and moods. Twin Flame telepathy gets stronger and easier the more we clear our energy to get into alignment with this core frequency we share.

Twin Flame telepathy is an amazing way to stay in touch regardless of how much physical distance is between you – if you want to make your Twin happy or send them a message, starting with simple things like “I love you” or “I forgive you” can be very powerful as these are archetypal messages that are easily transmitted through the nervous system and the energetic channels.

Sending love is another amazing and simple thing you can do. Focus on your heart space and focus on the love you feel for your Twin; intend that you’re sending this love to them – they will sense it somehow, even if you’ve never spoken before in life or you’ve been estranged for years.



Be alert to messages and impressions that come in the form of images, sounds, dreams, sensory impressions such as touch and emotions, warmth, cold, heart palpitations, arousal… Energy and emotions can be communicated in so many different ways.

Do not be surprised if you suddenly perceive a memory from your Twin Flame’s life, or experience déjà vu-like moments when you begin the Union Process – this is due to your energies being merged and as a side-effect of the process you take on some of their information as they do with yours.

Those times you suddenly have a thought pop up about your Twin Flame – it’s likely them thinking about you. And when you feel the warm love between you even when you weren’t focusing on it, it’s them feeling it.

Sometimes this is happening on the soul level, where there is always love between the Twin Flames, but the more attuned you get to consciously using Twin Flame telepathy, the more you can stay in touch like this.

It can really boost the feeling of togetherness and intimacy (and fun!), and because the Twin Flame connection doesn’t just rely on plain words, there is less of a chance of misunderstandings and conflict. To put it simply: The energy of love is unmistakable.




As with most phones, once the line is busy you can’t get through. In Twin Flame telepathy this means that when we’re congested energetically or are busy “on the line” with our own ego drama and the mental monologue of worry or blame, the line is “busy” and our Twin’s messages don’t reach through.

Because we are energetic beings and the whole world is full of energy from other people, we can unconsciously end up absorbing energy from others and this will congest and distort our channels of communication.

Running energy and clearing our energy daily is an excellent way to keep these telepathic channels clear and open – this also helps us stay clear of any negativity that can mess with our mood and wellbeing.

There are many cutting edge methods we can use on the energy planes that are so much quicker and easier than the traditional meditating for hours and burning sacred herbs to “smudge” energy. As souls of light in human bodies, we can literally vacuum out congestion and others’ energy in less than 30 seconds so we’re free and clear every day with a minimum of hassle.

If you’ve never experienced telepathic communication between you and your Twin before, the first step to activating this ability would be to clear your energetic channels – chances are you’ve been blocked from receiving. If just one of you does this, it will be a huge help in opening the both of you up. If the channel is congested or blocked, telepathy won’t work the way it’s supposed to.



Sometimes you might hear weird, confusing or disheartening comments and get low feelings through your connection with your Twin – the reason for this is because the connection isn’t just from your conscious self to their conscious self. Sometimes you’re picking up on your own subconscious insecurities and even your own ego voice or others’ negativity.

Imagine dialing your boyfriend’s number and getting Freddie Kruger on the line instead. Only he had your boyfriend’s voice, kind of, because you weren’t hearing the actual voice but just the words – so you didn’t notice the difference and just kept talking … Needless to say this wouldn’t be doing your relationship any favors …

This might sound ridiculous but in Twin Flame telepathy it’s actually quite relevant – often we don’t hear our Twin’s voice, we just get a sense that the words are coming from them. Really what we’re recognizing is the energetic signature behind the words. We can feel who the person is.

This is why it’s essential on the Twin Flame journey to get energetically clear and get familiar with how energy works – so you can sense the difference between your true Twin Flame, other people and your own fear instincts, and so on.

In life it’s most often our own fear instincts that throw us into a spiral of negativity and “feeling” that someone is falling out of love with us or is interested in someone new, or is angry with us.

Once you learn to discern your Twin’s energy from other people’s and your own ego and subconscious fears, and you’ll save yourself a lot of worry and problems.



Twin Flame telepathy happens on the energetic plane, and in order to develop this ability reliably and quickly you have to keep your energetic channels and meridians clear and healthy.

Managing your energy will help you open up to Twin Flame telepathy quicker than anything else. For me it happened in under a month, using energy tools. It went from a word here and there to having full-blown conversations. And I had never in my life had any “psychic” abilities before.

As with any skill, the more you practice, the easier and more effortless it gets. My Twin and I developed some fun tools for this on my journey, and it can be exciting and a great source of bonding to experiment with this. We’ve included our tools in the home-study program for Twin Flames.



Talking to my Twin became a gateway for me to talk to all my guides. Once your ability to communicate telepathically with your Twin is opened and strengthened, you are also able to communicate telepathically with your own higher faculties and guidance team.

This can be a huge help on your journey as they are full of wisdom and insight and love for us here on the earth plane. A word of precaution: I would advise anyone communicating with spirit to take certain precautions to make sure the information you’re getting is to your highest good and that you are indeed talking to your true guides.

Telepathy and energy based communication means that theoretically you can communicate with anyone across any language – because energy has no words.

I really hope you’ve found this useful! If you’re interested in developing and exploring Twin Flame Telepathy further, we have a whole class on Telepathy plus tools for developing it (and a class on how to reliably talk to your guides) in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit!

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. Could this be possible? It’s kind of sad. I met my Twin Flame who lives in another Country. We are emotionally drained from trying to make something happen and keep our flames burning because of our distance. But the connection is like no other. So we agreed to stop speaking.
    We have different languages. But still connect in an unbelievably deep way. We have to translate every word and I’ve never felt closer to another.
    Sadly – it hurts too much to spend the energy to remain together when it is impossible to see each other.
    We hadn’t spoken in a week and I always “feel him.” This night I said out loud “I feel you do you feel me?” Just then my light bulb above me burst and a light smoke blew around me and glass fell in front of me.
    Powerful. But seemed so negative.
    How would any of you perceive this. It was instantaneous and incredibly powerful.
    I miss him every other minute it seems.

  2. Mine happened spontaneously with twin… one thing we need to mention is that regardless of what happens here on the earth plane whether they recognize it or not on this earthly level or whatever their soul is always in contact.. regardless of what their human self may or may not believe… and this is what I’ve had to remind myself of many, many times. I also have found a much more prevelant connection with my guides since twin showed up. This being said I’ve always had them around since I was but a wee thing however.. it is definitely stronger now. Great article Cass!

  3. I keep having dreams with them every single night. In them I feel he doesn’t want to ever be with me again. But in some parts he wants to reach out and hold me and embrace me when im silent and then when I want to tell him how much I love him in my head he pulls away and every dream I end up feeling I just want to never think about him again because it’s a bit of torture even though I don’t talk to him in the real world, as ive given him his space. but at the very same time I know that’s not what my heart wants. That dream was a bit dark and I remember on your story saying that when u tried to communicate with him other entities were lying to you in your head telling you things about your twin. Idk if that’s the case in dream as he always wants to embrace and dies and then quickly just gets cold shouldered almost.

  4. I wrote my previous comment before I read the article, it seemed in the dream I couldn’t find him as soon as worry and fear filled me. So I guess it’s my ego and false beliefs getting in the way.

  5. Suppose you dont want your twin flame to know your thoughts? Isnt that an invasion of privacy? If he’s on a date with someone at a restaraunt can I just sit down and start talking to him??

    Also what if your twin flame judges you for your thoughts?

  6. Gina, it’s more a question of you and your Twin being able to “hear” each other when you deliberately communicate “to” each other. I don’t hear my Twin’s thoughts unless he’s directing them to me.

    So it’s not a question of being in constant conversation unless you want to. It’s more like opening up the connection so you are able to talk when and if you want to. Most Twins are somewhat aware of each other’s feelings at all times, however, that doesn’t just go for when it’s sent deliberately. The verbal communication is more deliberate.

    Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

  7. Our dreams are often our soul showing us our deepest fears and stressors so we can clear them! <3 So try clearing it, M.

    Also, once we clear our low vibration energies and patterns of fear, those pesky entities (and other people's negativity) lose their ability to bother us at all – we're out of "range" once we're in a higher vibration

    Sending you love and light x Cassady

  8. Wow, how exciting to be in touch with your guides so early in life, KJ! Glad to hear your TF connection opened it up more too.

    Yes, I completely agree – Twin Flames are always in contact regardless of whether the conscious self realizes it. <3 Cassady x

  9. Clementine, if you’re feeling sad you can clear that energy. Please don’t lose hope. It doesn’t sound like a negative thing to me, it seems like an actual physical sign of the power of the energy between you. Sometimes light bulbs blow when I’m working on energy with my guides…

    Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

    PS: On the energetic plane anyone who's attuned can feel any other being, it's how psychics and intuitives read people's energy and emotions. I've channeled living Twins' souls before. It's pretty intense and I wouldn't do it again because it messed with my own energy, but it's fully possible… We live in a universe of energy. The physical body seems separate but inside we're much more free flowing than we might realize… There is no distance on the energetic planes

  10. Yes well it started for me very early on in my life but I didn’t really pay much attention to it until my mid 20’s when I began down a spiritual seeker’s path if you will.

    Today it’s weird he must be thinking of me because I can smell a cologne or something all over me and it isn’t mine… it’s very masculine and it literally is all over my hands, my skin everywhere… I’ve tried washing it off it won’t go away… this has never happened before

  11. Yes the interesting thing is this.. today I swear he’s got constant thoughts of me today and the most interesting thing is I swear I can smell him.. this has not happened often. But it’s literally all over me.. like coming through my skin. It isn’t my shower gel or anything but it’s like there’s an energy vibration which I know is him and a scent I am loving but it is not of me.. I can’t wash it off or anything… and I can honest feel it must be him, he’s not saying anything but.. it’s him alright.. no other energies ever bring smells with them…

  12. Incredible insight. Although I’ve had some psychic and intuitive experience- never have I had this level of power and intensity occur.
    Thank you for your reply and insight.
    Are you saying it is dangerous for me to ask and call for this out loud Cassady?
    I want to make sure I am clear. – by the way – he contacted me today.

  13. Hi Cassady,

    I just got done reading all of your articles today. Your blog has helped me immensely on my own Twin Flame journey and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insights and being willing to selflessly help people. I know it is greatly appreciated by all of us here. Keep up the good work.

    Immediately after finishing reading I tried the Breakthrough Kit for the first time and I have to say I’m blown away by the results. For a little back story, I met my Twin Flame when I was 19 and it’s now almost 6 years later. There have been many separations and reunions along the way, her getting into relationships with others and coming back after she told me she just couldn’t stay away from me and that it was just too hard to stay out of contact, and I choosing to remain alone because after meeting her and being together and really knowing her and our connection, being with anyone else has never felt right. So a few months ago we got back into contact again after a few months of not communicating, and we seemed closer to fully reuniting then we have in a couple years. Things were going great, but at the same time I felt a weird energy between us. Almost like I wanted to get away from her or run, but I still loved her and wanted to be with her. Very confusing to say the least. At the time I thought the feelings would pass eventually. But one day she confided in me that her feelings hadn’t changed but that she felt things between us weren’t as effortless as before and that the dynamic between us had changed. Soon after she abruptly stopped seeing me in person and would avoid questions I asked her through text and very quickly became cold and cruel towards me. She told me along with our past fighting and how she now felt “differently” about our situation, that it just wasn’t going to workf and she didn’t want me to feel like I “wasted my time”. I told her I didn’t want things to be over and she stopped responding to me altogether. About a month after I found out she had gotten in a relationship with someone else because we were still friends on facebook. I was crushed to say the least, for the third time. I felt hopeless after that and had to delete her due to it being too painful to see all the loving posts she made about this new person she was with.

    It’s been a little over two months since we last talked and I have gone through some the most intense, challenging stages of my journey this third time around. After she left this time I was really pressed by the universe to look and focus on myself, work on myself, figure out where things went wrong, etc. Even though I had been through this song and dance with her two times prior, this time somehow seemed the hardest to deal with. I also could always intuitively feel her and always knew she would come back. This time around I have not been able to feel her intuitively as I did before and I could not feel her coming back. Initially, this scared me as I started to think all of the typical things, “this must mean she’s never coming back”, “I must have been wrong about thinking she was the one for me”, “I must have made it all up in my head” etc. etc.. I was also feeling extremely bogged down and weighed down from the situation. So much so to the point where I felt physically weighed down. I also felt angry all the time and would get infuriated at the smallest things. (After reading many of your articles, I now realize this was because of all of the spiritual congestion that had built up without ever being cleared.) After over a month of feeling this way constantly, I felt a breakthrough one day where I started to feel lighter and happier and I felt her energy and felt like I knew again that she would come back eventually. I then started having experiences where I felt a huge wave of loving, blissful energy come over me and I felt as if she was stepping into my body and looking through my eyes, if that makes any sense. And I felt like my energy was doubled. This would last for a few minutes and has happened periodically since then. I’ve also grown exponentially in the last couple of weeks, thanks to all of your articles and putting in lots of my own effort, and learned how to really hone and harness the ability to visualize being with her again as if it’s already happened to bring about manifesting it.

    But I knew I still needed something more to help me. That’s when I noticed that in most of your articles what kept appearing to me was your suggestions to clear your congested energy. And I realized this may be why I can’t “feel” her intuitively like I could before.

    So I did the meditation and the alignment you provided in the Breakthrough Kit tonight to help to start clearing away my congestion and past karmic hurts, and afterwards I felt so much lighter and happier and more energetic and positive and I just felt love. My mind was clearer in general, since I’ve been having a hard time focusing and remembering things lately, and I felt so calm and relaxed. Also, right after I got done with both of them I could feel my Twin’s energy so strongly. I felt her beside me, just as if she were physically here, and I also felt her in front of me like she was looking at me, and I could also see her face in my mind’s eye. The energy was so strong and intense and I just felt the love coming from her and coming from me and going between us. I know it was absolutely her. Then for about a half an hour afterwards I felt her right next to me going everywhere I went and sitting next to me in the car and it was as if I could see her sitting there too!

    I apologize for this post being so long, but I needed to let you know how much you’ve really helped me and how much just the Breakthrough Kit has helped as well, even on the first night I tried it. I also hope that other Twin Flames out there can read my story and take comfort in knowing they’re not alone, and also be able to relate.

    Thanks again so much, Cassady, for all of your help and all of your insights. They’ve helped me and others so much, and I know they’re greatly appreciated by myself and everyone else here.

    Much love <3

  14. Hey, Clementine.

    So interesting your experiences with lamps. In seven days, during a very magical week, five lightbulbs of my house just started burning out or break (in little pieces), forcing me to use candles. The last one went off when I was praying for my husband (I’m married but this other man appeared in my life out of nothing).

    This specifc week started with me admiting that I was in love with a man that doesn’t know that I exist and ended with a very dramatical sign that, yes, he is my twin (althought I’ll only believe when we meet face to face): something involving the fire I was forced to use all week.

    Good to know this didn’t happen just with me.

  15. Hey, Cassady.

    One of the craziest experiences I had with this man that doesn’t know me at all, is that on Valentine’s Day, this year, I was listening to a song and thinking about him, just trying to send love. A few minutes later I checked his Instagram and he had written the exact words of this very old, not so popular song.

    Another thing was that I felt a little pain in one of my fingers one day. Later that day, he tweeted a picture of his bruised finger: same finger, same hand that I had felt the ache.

    This other time, I was sort of desperate and decided that his whole twin flame thing was nonsense. So I stopped thinking about him and didn’t look for his online stuff anymore. Until one day I felt his feeling of missing me. It was a longing sentiment, so heartbreaking and almost tangible. It lasted like 10 seconds, but it was a unique experience and one of the few times that I actually knew that he was aware of my existence.

    Thank you so much for your posts, Cassady! You are always so helpful and write so well!

  16. Can you share what it is you do for clearing so quickly rather than meditation? I have gotten to the point where I can focus on a guided meditation now but I spend so much time every day doing meditation, if there is quicker ways for clearing energy I would love to know!!
    Another great article Ms. Cassady!!

  17. This is just is amazing. I don’t know if I will ever meet mine face to face either.
    This was a giant bulb – and I was also surprised it did not shatter everywhere but in one concentrated area right in front of me.
    For you to have FIVE must be significant. I would think?
    It is nice of you to share this with me. Thank you.

  18. Great article, Cassady…. I’ve been waiting for a telepathy Q&A. 🙂 My TF has been in my life for 2 years and last year I started getting “bursts” of energy in my solar plexus area late at night and in the morning… right around the time she would probably be falling asleep and waking up. After I told her that I had feelings for her I started getting them all the time and they were incredibly intense and powerful. I didn’t realize she was my TF until just a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been clearing energy every day and my goal is to bring us much closer. She has a boyfriend but their relationship is very toxic. I actually work with her so I should hopefully start seeing results very soon. I believe we will eventually be together, it’s just a question of how soon it can happen. Thank you for all of the great info and tools that you have shared with us! Scott

  19. Is she the same age as you are? Hang in there…. things get very complicated in the early to mid 20s. She’s your TF and will eventually come running to you. My TF is 24 and she has a LOT of baggage to release before we can be together. If you use Cassady’s tools to clear energy on a daily basis you will start to see things move in a positive direction.

  20. Hey Cassady! Thank you so much for this blog post. I’ve been wondering about Twin Flame telepathy lately as the only information that I have found on it so far has been that you may hear them speaking to you in your head! so it’s great to read about some of the more subtle ways that you can communicate with them.
    I feel like my TF will connect with me through song or I may think of him wearing, saying, doing, or something happening and he will post a picture or say something related to it the next day (I have started to write these things down so I have a timeline and for my own peace of mind) I’ve also noticed that these things happened more frequently before I read that TF Telepathy was only “a voice in the head” so I totally get what you mean when you say that looking at information online can cause an energy block, I started to think that what I was experiencing wasn’t telepathy at all and was just wishful thinking on my part. So this post has come just at the right time for me! And I only come here for guidance now. I am also still using your Live Clearing audio, every time I do it I have an incredibly vivid dream about him which is always loving and positive 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the next one!

    Much love to you
    Azura xo

  21. Thank you for your reply. I needed it today. Yes, we are the same age. Only 4 months apart. I feel like she has a lot of baggage to clear, as well. Not that I don’t have my own things to work on, but it’s hard. I’ve been so positive lately and all of the sudden tonight I just took a plunge. I’m not sure if I’m picking up on others energy or what. I think I just need to keep up with and be consistent with the energy clearing tools.

  22. Hey, Clementine.

    I just recalled this U2’s song* that says “Your love was a lightbulb hanging over my bed”. Every beautiful love song reminds me of him <3.

    Yes, when the second burned out I started to get a little scared, but I completely freaked out when the last one broke when I was praying for my husband.

    I noticed that my supposed twin has a better comunication with me when my husband is far from me – in different cities, to be more specifc. He completely reaveals himself to me when I'm alone. I have no idea what to think about that.

    Sending love to you. I hope you can be together with your twin soon. Mine is also in a different country, but I feel him so close to me <3

    *The song is "Ultraviolet (light my way)".

  23. I think my initial reply didn’t go through. But thank you for your reply, I needed to hear it. Yes, we are the same age. Only 4 months apart. She, too, has a lot of baggage to clear, but I definitely have my fair share to work on. It’s been hard for me the last couple of days. I’ve been so positive for so long, but all of the sudden I took just took a plunge and have been feeling a little depressed and really hopeless. I’m not sure if I’m picking up on other people’s energy or what’s going on. I think I just need to do the energy clearings more regularly.

  24. Stay strong… I’m struggling a lot this week as well and I think it has to do with the Blood Moon Eclipse happening this weekend. The energy out there right now is INTENSE. Read Cassady’s recent posts about it and it will make more sense. Use the tools in her free kit if you haven’t already to stay grounded. Our situations are very different yet similar. I’m 42 but my TF is 24 so she’s about the same age as you and your TF. She has a ton of baggage that needs to be cleared and that takes time. Have you tried the energy clearing session that Cassady offers? I highly recommend it… it really helps to clear out a lot of the stuff keeping you in separation with your TF. Once you start blasting away at the blocks between you better days will be coming.

  25. If you ever need someone to talk to when it gets rough like this week feel free to email me at scott.william.evans at g mail dot com. We’re all in the same boat, trying to get to Union 🙂

  26. Magnolia. Thank you for this reply! I just received it today and really needed it.
    I love that band the very most of all bands !!!
    Still having issues with the separation just as soon as I think I’m not. You are awesome for thinking of me. Thank you!
    I must find a way to work this out. A flame is such an amazing powerful gift. But it burns as well.

  27. Thank you so much for giving me advice, and being willing to talk with me when times get tough. I could really use someone to talk to who understands the situation and what the whole Twin Flame thing is about. I really appreciate it and it means a lot. Thanks again. 🙂

  28. You’re very welcome. Since I last posted I’ve had some amazing developments occur in my TF journey. I would love to share them with you….

  29. before our separation, my twin and i had telepathy. we would say the same things at the same time and share thoughts! haha. it was fun. we havent talked much for a long time but i think most of our telepathy is via dreams. before we stopped talking altogether, we confirmed with eachother that we would have the same dreams almost every night.. we would never say anything in those dreams, just enjoy being together so i think we would meet up. i had a dream a few weeks back where he told me how miserable he is in his marriage, and how desperate he was to get away, but he has child. the night after that, i layed down in my bed to go to sleep, and all of a sudden, i heard music playing in my right ear, although my house was silent. itwas guitar, sounded like rock or metal( our favorite type of music). then, my heart chakra felt so warm and bursting with love, i felt an intense energy come over me, felt it throughout my entire body, and i heard him whisper “hey” in my left ear. the energy and my heart felt like it was going to explode and then it subsided. crazy right? haha. i talked to him a few days later and he confirmed he was still having the dreams, and confirmed our connection. sometimes i will randomly get warmth in my heart, get butterflies in my stomach, then he pops up in my mind. its great.we went our separate ways again because he still needs space. he has much more clearing to do. its funny too, because we both are sharing very similar life situations. the telepathy hasnt happened very much since then, because i could sense him distancing himself again, so i broke down and explained the twin flame concept. im pretty sure i scared him hahaha. im sure it will take time for him to accept the idea, but the way i see it, its better off for him to know so he can look into it more and understand what he has to do to move forward with himself, and us.

  30. Thank you for this! I really know exactly what you mean when you say that you may not be talking to your twin flame. Ive had so many times where I have asked myself is this ego or someone else? Like quiet stumbling and combinations of words would come through. I’ve even had Rob (twin flame) say I don’t know how to explain this to you in words but I would know what hes trying to say. The more I read your site the more excited and freaked out I am getting nobody else on earth has ever understood this nor have I really talked to anyone about it. Some of the things you say, its like your writing about my experiences! I am so happy to have my experiences confirmed in a way, it’s so unusual it cannot be a coincidence I needed this to know for sure! I thought I was just crazy and couldn’t handle grieving at least my ego would think that way.

  31. Hi, I recently had an experience of the sensation of being kissed on my lips, it felt warm and was at bedtime just before I was about to meditate, is it possible for that to of been my Twin kissing me?

  32. How do you discern that it is your twin communicating when you’re physically separated by continents?

  33. I was having similar feelings of distance and not feeling connected to my twin. I was also crying during meditation because I didn’t want to leave him because I miss him so much. Cassady suggested it wasn’t my feelings, but HIS that were affecting me. I believe that’s true and reinforces the connection I feel towards him now. Best of luck to you!

    Elizabeth xo

  34. Before a block came up between me and my twin soul we could talk to each other and I could hear his voice and he could hear mine even when we were physically apart.when this ended I had depression because I was so used to being with my twin soul all the time. I’m clearing this block but I have some trouble clearing it because I don’t have clairvoyant abilities and can’t know what my guides are telling me what the block is. I hope I can clear this block soon.

  35. I was like you too because I only heard his voice twice only. How do you clear the blockage? Any tips to help me? 🙂

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