Learning to be psychic and connecting with my Twin Flame on the other side began getting heavier than I’d bargained for as I became acquainted with the not-so-pleasant residents of the energetic realms…

I loved connecting with my Twin Flame in spirit, don’t get me wrong. He was and is the nicest person I ever met, and was so obviously caring and full of love for me that I had no real fear in opening up to him and the things he showed me about life beyond death.

He was “sleeping” with me in bed at night, an arm protectively around me, and woke me up each morning with “I love you”. We laughed and played together all day long and I was constantly discovering new and exciting things about myself, about him and about the universe I lived in. I was in the weirdest heaven I’d ever known.

Lies, insults and confusion

However, as time went on and my abilities to perceive beyond the physical developed rapidly strange things began happening… Out of the blue my dear Twin Flame would insult me in the middle of a pleasant moment, make jokes at my expense, ignore me, tell me straight out lies. Or so I thought…

At first they were small, odd things I didn’t fully question and just decided to let go. But it gradually developed. I should have known something was up when my jealousy was suspiciously triggered, but I was too preoccupied to really take notice of how “arranged” everything felt.

Played for a fool

The real blow came when I decided to ask him about his connections with other people. I knew that spirits often guide more than one person at a time, and as we were getting closer and closer by the day I decided to ask him whether he was also helping and spending time with other people as a spirit guide. I was still developing my telepathy so the answer wasn’t quite clear but I heard that yes, there was another girl, quite similar to me, whom he’d also known in a past life… He had been visiting this other girl in dreams and visions while he and I had been together, and apparently they were sleeping together. 

I couldn’t help but feel like someone had slapped me across the face. Completely irrational but it felt like I couldn’t breathe… I panicked and shut myself totally off from him. I started questioning everything – everything he’d told me, my feelings, what this connection really meant… Everything.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I felt like such an idiot. Of course I couldn’t possibly have known him as well as I’d thought, of course we couldn’t really have been as close as I’d lead myself to believe. Gradually, as the days went by and I did my best to ignore him and anything he said, like the intermittent “I love you more than anything in the whole universe” I heard in my head, I started getting a strong feeling that there was something strange going on. Something wasn’t quite right…

It was like being with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Was this really who he was? Rude one minute and loving the next? Still I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t know how to.

Sore points, sharp digs

One day he told me I looked particularly ugly that day, and I felt deeply wounded. Especially considering he normally paid me compliments every five minutes… Another day, I had just completed an exam and thought about what result I might have gotten, and out of the blue he told me I’d failed. I panicked, I racked my brain to figure out how it could have happened because I’d studied so hard and thought I had everything under control… How could I have been so wrong? Then the next day as I waited for my results, he suddenly told me the opposite, that I got an A. I felt completely lost, getting more and more unsettled and confused by the day…

“Spirit under oath”

Eventually I decided to take action and see if there was some way to get to the bottom of this. In the psychic development classes I’d been doing I had learned a tool to put my Twin on the other side “under oath” to make him tell me the truth. One afternoon I finally did it properly.

It turned out that as I’d been developing my skills and interacting spiritually with him (when the Twin Flames interact energetically they often trigger latent psychic abilities in each other), I’d inadvertently started flashing up as an ideal target for negative entities… He said he had meant all the loving things he’d said – he never loved anyone this much, and he had stopped guiding other people so he could be with me, he’d been waiting for me to open up to him for a long time and now I finally did he wanted to be with me every minute.

The rude, mean things I’d heard weren’t from him and he seemed both apologetic that he hadn’t been able to step in, and also relieved that I finally took matters into my own hands to check up on things. He advised me to start shielding myself to keep the low vibration entities at bay.

Nightmare creatures

He explained to me they weren’t dangerous, these entities, and he’d never let anything bad happen to me but I still freaked out and started questioning everything. The idea of strange beings influencing me made my skin crawl. Literally. For a few days I was in a panic, not listening properly to him, just chaotically going over everything I’d discovered and learned over recent months, completely confused. Everything he had said to me since showing up in my life, I had to question whether it was really him, double check every single assumption I’d made.

And I realize now that I was playing right into their hands… the more unsure and fearful I became the more they could feed off my low energy and hold me in a loop of panic. I started feeling afraid of going to sleep at night just like I had when I was little, because something was picking up on my fearful energy and had begun showing me ghouls and shadow creatures hanging up under the ceiling in the half-dark room as I lay in bed…

Out of bounds

And the more scared I got the less I could perceive my Twin… later I learned that when my vibration got lowered due to fear, it became almost impossible for him to reach me, because I was literally out of bounds to hearing him. He was still there, though, holding me and soothing me, I just didn’t realize.

Eventually I regained some of my previous confidence and lightheartedness with him, and as time went on I learned not only how to shield myself from low vibration beings, but actually how to clear the ones that had attached to me. As the days went by I felt myself calmer, and I could sense my Twin more and more. I had missed him so much.

Clearing fears

Gradually, various fears I’d had all the way back to childhood shifted and I began feeling freer than ever. And my Twin was there with me the whole time. I learned how to clear the attachments the low vibration entities had to me, so they would go away.

He explained that because telepathic communication is close to tuning into a radio station or calling someone on the phone; when the line was busy or out of reach he couldn’t get through – the low vibration beings had been occupying the “line” and now that I was clearing them away he was able to get through more and more. 

I started feeling and hearing him whispering in my ear again: “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, holding my hand wherever I went, giving me energetic gifts and sweets and kissing me and smiling and laughing with me, my best friend/big brother/love of all time.

When I went to the movies with friends he’d be there with me (I’d be sitting on his lap everywhere but no one knew) and we’d discuss books together, he’d encourage me and give me compliments on my creative efforts, do his best to make me feel good in any way he could and I with him. We got to know each other again more and more each day, and it was the most fun I’d ever had.

Confronting the darkness

So I moved on with my life and gradually learned to not fear the darkness I’d started recognizing in the energetic realms. I felt pretty good. I thought that was it, everything was plain sailing from then on…

My next lesson on the path of dealing with the dead was to prove a little more than I could handle, however… As I began exploring and confronting the darkness inside me in the Akashic Records of past lives, I realized I had gotten in way deeper than I would ever have wanted.



Have you developed spiritually since connecting with your Twin Flame, and have you ever encountered any “negative entities” on your journey? Perhaps in the form of inexplicable jealousy or fears about your Twin, only to later discover that you were terrified for no reason?

We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments! 

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In our Vibrational Alignment Course we share tools for how to clear any negative attachments with ease, and take you through how to shield yourself and your living area to avoid them for good – and how to safely connect with your Twin without interference.

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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  1. Although the details of our circumstances are different, it is helpful to see you addressing predatory negative influences. I have found myself vulnerable to such issues at various times in life when focusing on becoming more open and aware, even before a sudden, “spontaneous” reconnection with a long lost high school classmate that led to early-stage discoveries about the concept of Twin Flames.

    Over the past 2 years, we have reconnected and disconnected 4 times (we live in different parts of the world), each time due to escalated verbal assaults that he suddenly takes to disturbing, shocking, confusing, and alarming levels. Prior to, and outside of, that the intensity and depth of feeling like “home” with each other is something we both have been astounded by and were awestruck to discover.

    While there are many nuances and complexities to the context of the circumstances, the bottom line is that I would never stoop to low blows, potshots (or worse), with anyone…and especially not with him. I am familiar with the way that patterns of behavior can easily transition from nasty arguments to emotional, and other kinds of, abuse. That is not a safe environment for anyone at any time. So, when such circumstances arise, I provide one opportunity for him to pull himself out of that mindset, turn it around, take a deep breath, and try again. Otherwise, I must remove myself. We are all human, but we must also know the boundaries and deal-breakers.

    We are both highly educated, and he typically prides himself on having a gentle nature. So, these vile outbursts are especially confounding. I know the source of some of it, but there is nothing I can do to release his past wounds; my work is on mine, while his work needs to be on his.

    Now, I am no shrinking violet, and I keep a healthy balance of pragmatism in conjunction with spiritual pursuits. So, the pragmatic side instantly goes to: he is a mature adult, should know better, be able to maintain more self-control, truly never want to cause any kind of deliberate harm (since that behavior comes from fear and ego, not love), and I would think that he would want to work to grow from that in order to ensure that such fiercely negative and damaging encounters are not repeated.

    Alas, that is not the pattern of events. Each time, he apologies (typically, only if I do the reaching-out to bridge the rift; otherwise, he says he is shameful but grateful…since he never expected to hear from me again). But, in a few weeks or a couple of months, another escalation inevitably occurs that is worse that the prior.

    Since this is already a very extended post, the point I want to inquire about is hearing you address a counterfeit/fake flame, as compared to the true connection…but one where where self-development is certainly necessary. We can all benefit from perpetual growth. Life should indeed be an ongoing trajectory of growth & improvement. I am confused, however, as to why this connection with him would be so deep, resonant, and unlike any other in my life (I have had other long-term relationships, engagements, but never felt like those men were “the one” – whereas, I got that sense with him), and yet be so devastatingly flawed.

    It is simply disheartening to realize the powerful connection of friendship (while we both recognized the inclination toward romance, we also repeatedly marveled that basis of the friendship itself was/is the essential core) and depth that we can both access together when things are good, and think that this would not be enough of an incentive for him to self-develop in order to loosen that ego grip and purge the past triggers he has accumulated. What is more important? Why would he not be drawn toward a self-motivated inclination to arrive with me as his best self, the way I want to offer my side?

    We continue to be out of contact now, but I did let him know that I don’t hold him hostage about what has occurred. I simply know how we should be treating each other, and those vicious/violent attacks are not the way. That is not a safe space, that will not nurture trust and intimacy, so those behaviors cannot be included. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Glimpse, this sounds familiar to me from a soul mate relationship I’ve been in previously (not to say it can’t happen between Twin Flames – most Twin Flames have karmic issues to resolve)…

    It sounds like there is a combination of Karmic energies (anger patterns based in a deep fear, most likely resulting from past life experiences) and Low vibration entities attached with a basis in anger and fear… If you think back, you’ll probably notice you felt that your Twin wasn’t “being himself” and this is a strong warning sign that karmic patterns and/or LVEs are involved…

    I would *strongly* recommend you look into the Vibrational Alignment Program we have (https://twinflames1111.com/products.php), as we give you tools to clear karma for good and clear negative attachments like this with ease and speed… There’s even an audio track to make it as simple and effective to do as possible.

    I have worked with these tools myself for years and have overcome so many lifelong patterns that were holding me back and causing conflict or fear for “no reason”.

    Wishing you love and light on your continued journey <3

    Cassady x

  3. Cassady, I just came across this, and it is sending a shiver down my spine right now and my own experiences in the last three years with my own Twin.

  4. Cassady, so if similar stuff like you discussed in this particular blog is happening to someone but both twins are incarnate in this physical, what could that mean? and what could be done to prevent it from happening again and clearing the hurt?

  5. Cassady, I have a really important question for you (Sorry, I dont know, where to post them… in the comment section? via email?)

    Where can I place my question? It’s about removing negative entities/attachments from yourself. I searched the web for it and couldn’t find something, that resonated with me.

    So I wanted to ask someone, whom I trust.

    —> Cassady, do you know some method, how I especially clear negative entities/attachments from yourself FOR GOOD?

    I am scared, because since developing my psychic gift of clear feeling/knowing and our tf connection, I feel literally haunted. Exactly as you did (and written in your post). I’ve started seeing ghouls, horrifying faces in the night… even, when I try to meditate. This got me to the point, where I’m anxious to even start to meditate. I can literally feel their presence (Yes, I feel, like theres more than one entity). This sometimes got me really anxious, even though I KNOW, that this low vibration is exactly, what they want from me.

    Would be really nice, to hear from you.

    Thank you dear

  6. Cool story. Nice to read how you and your twin interact across dimensions. I too have had an out of character word said to me here and there that raised my eyebrows and caused a tantrum or two. My experience is that my TF is always very supportive and never criticises (even though he might be justified at times LOL). And he will always draw me back to him with his “love pull” <3

  7. Thank you. Once I was messed with while trying to meditate. My phone turned really loud and it either said or flashed on the screen,, I can’t remember which now, “you want to hear a bad joke?”. I knew what was happening and I could feel the dark entity behind me but I didn’t let it bother me and didn’t even turn around and look.
    Also a couple years ago I used to be scared something was going to grab me from behind. Now I’m slightly feeling that feeling when I walk outside to the shed at night. So I’m glad I read this article again so I will shield myself and see if it’s just something playing on my fear. I’m so grateful for you and all your teachings. L

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