Jealousy, Hexes, Karmics, Curses, Sabotage: Outsiders trying to Break Up the Twin Flame Pair. How Negative Influence Works & How to Clear it. Plus, the Secret Reason Why it’s Happening…

After Twin Flames 11:11 having been online for several years now, I have heard from thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the article comments and the emails I receive every day.

I’d like to thank everyone who writes to me!

I want you to know I read everything but unfortunately I don’t get the chance to respond personally to every one of you. What I do see in the hundreds of emails I get every week, is that Twins all over the world are struggling with the same issues, even if they’re not aware of it. And these are things I went through myself on my own journey.

This week’s question is another one I’m asked by Twins all the time: How to deal with negative interference and influence from outsiders…

“Could you please do an article about a third party interference in Twin Flame relationships. Many times negative people and circumstances come between the Twins, they will try to pull them apart, due to spite, jealousy, malicious gossip, their main intention being to separate the Twins, because they do not comprehend the significance of this spiritual love…”

– Giovanna

5 Keys to Dealing With & Ending Others’ Sabotage/Curses/Hexes/Jealousy/Gossip/Attempts to Break Up you and your Twin Flame

#1) It’s Not Really Dangerous, It’s Just Energy

We live in a universe where everything is energy – tiny atoms vibrating at different frequencies. You’re atoms in one formation, the chair or sofa you’re on are atoms in another formation, and so on… Everything is energy.

Others’ jealousy and envy, intentions to sabotage your Twin Flame relationship, gossip and so on are energy. Electromagnetic signals and pulses. Curses, hexes and so on are energy. It’s simply negative energy directed towards us. It’s not dangerous, but it can feel really bad.

That’s why it’s bothering you so much, because you can sense it and it’s affecting your energy field palpably.

The great thing is that you can clear all of their energy and negativity away from yourself and your Twin, and it’s not hard or time consuming. I’ve been clearing away others’ influence from myself ever since I learned these tools and it’s regained me a freedom I rarely felt before.

In life, other people will always have opinions about us and plans for us and desires about what they think we “should” be doing, focusing on “what’s best for us” or even sending us negativity, trying to place their priorities and will on us.

This becomes energy plastered onto our own and can feel incredibly stifling and aggravating, even painful and causing deep fear and anxiety in some sensitive people.

If you’ve ever felt more like yourself when you’re away from others, you’ll understand this. Clearing others’ energy out of ourselves is probably the most helpful thing we can do in life, and especially in situations where others are trying to inflict their will on us.

(You can get started with the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here)

#2) You’re More Powerful Than You Think

Negativity can really only hurt you if you believe it can – the truth is you’re an infinite being of light, living in a human body. So is your Twin, and you are connected by an unbreakable soul bond that no one can ever destroy. Have confidence in your unbreakable soul bond.

You can deflect and ignore other people’s negativity. Just like someone is free to call you on the phone, you have the choice not to pick up and answer if you’re not interested in talking to them.

In fact, by aligning with a situation where you fear others’ influence and get worried about them being able to break you up, you’re moulding your energy to allow that to happen. If you choose to, you are so powerful you can deflect any negativity. It cannot harm you unless you allow it to.

Now, I understand that this isn’t always easy to accept in practice, but that’s how energy works. The main thing is to set your intention this way – that’s how you shape energy.

Shift your mindset out of any helplessness or victim mentality (meditation and energy clearing is a huge help with that) and start to focus on your own power and joy instead of the negativity and potential problems.

A great affirmation for this situation is: “I AM powerful. I choose to live in harmony and joy. I AM always protected from negativity. I AM powerful.”

Because you may have been subconsciously picturing future horrors happening between you and your Twin because of these negative people, you might want to spend a few minutes on creative visualization every day in order to begin aligning with positivity instead.

Maybe even write down your ideal situation, the way it would be without any outside interference and sabotage attempts. This really helps shift both your mind and your energy.

#3) You Can Protect Yourself

Energy is free flowing by nature. Unless we set boundaries, we can get tangled up with others and take on collective energies around. The best way to stay strong and be free to follow our own path and bliss in life, is to set boundaries around our space so we’re not pulled in different directions by the currents of energy

Shielding yourself and your Twin on a regular basis, will protect you from anything negative and avoid you taking on others’ energies. Even if they’re sending jealousy or negativity or sabotage to you, your shields will deflect it. I would recommend holding the intention that you’re always shielded by the light – see an orb of light around yourself and your Twin, always deflecting anything that is negative or shadowy.

Grounding yourself to the center of the planet every day also helps your energy stay strong and resistant to outside influence.

If you follow this “routine” for the next 2-3 weeks you’ll experience big shifts for the better: 1) Shield yourself, 2) Ground yourself, 3) Clear your energy daily.

We go through easy and fun methods for this and more in the Vibrational Alignment Program. Or you can try the free energy cleanse tool in the no cost breakthrough kit.

#4) What’s Happening Is Revealing An Inner Lesson

Everything that happens in life is in resonance with something we’re holding in our space – no matter how unconsciously, like a box forgotten in a basement corner. There is a lesson to learn here, a “gift” in this situation you’re experiencing. Our energy fields are always in alignment with what happens in our lives in some way.

This is the law of energy. Like the law of gravity, it’s completely neutral and at work at all times. This is why some people have all the “luck” and some people work hard without a break for years – it’s due to their energetic resonance.

The negative experiences you’re having are there revealing some hidden negativity or block in you. This could be a karmic pattern from a past life of you and your Twin Flame having been “broken up” or your relationship sabotaged by others (we go through karma clearing in depth in the Vibrational Alignment Program).

If you and your Twin share negative past life experiences like that, it’s lodged in your energy fields sending out this same signal out and attracting similar situations over and over – this is why karma is called a “wheel”, because it causes us to unwittingly repeat old experiences over and over.

Alternatively, you could be experiencing these things because of underlying negative belief structures you’ve taken on in life – things like “love is hard”, “other people always get between happy lovers”, “human beings are mean and destructive”, “people always sabotage my happiness”, and other subconscious beliefs and contracts you may have taken on.

These can seem like small and unimportant beliefs, but the problem is that they become structures for manifestation, automatically keeping you in alignment with these experiences more and more.

We go through clearing negative belief structures for the Twin Flame Journey in the first Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

In summation, these negative experiences could actually be helpful for you long term as it shows up a block you’ve had, and now you get to know about it, clear it and move on without it. Your soul will support you in doing so.

#5) What You Focus On, Grows

Again, the laws of energy are always at work behind the scenes: The more you focus on something, the more of it you’ll get. No matter whether it’s positive or negative.

Spirit always advises us to disregard negativity as much as we can, because this lets it flow along and away from us. If we focus on the negativity and “buy into it”, it sticks to our energy field because we’re interacting with it and claiming it.

Spirit’s advice is ultimately to stop focusing on anyone who is trying to sabotage you or are jealous of you and your Twin – stop giving your attention to them and the negative situation. Enjoy your Twin connection regardless of what others think or feel.

Spirit’s advice might seem illogical to our human ears but energy really works like this – when you focus on something you tangle your energy up with it and engage more with it. You “feed it” with your energy and focus, bringing it closer to yourself.

Energy management (do it regularly like you’d shower or brush your teeth – a healthy habit that helps you) combined with a shift in mindset will help tremendously with any situation like this.

Lastly, spirit’s message is – when others begin to sense that you’re no longer engaging with them on a low vibrational level, eventually they’ll stop focusing on you with their negativity. Their energy will be “bouncing off you” to no avail, and they’ll stop trying.

Thank you so much for this important question, Giovanna!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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  1. Thank you Cassady for all you do!! Since the death of my twin your blog keeps me going and gives me hope for the future…LOVE & LIGHT! XXO

  2. Thank you for this message! I am not experiencing anyone outright attempting to sabotage my Twin Flame union but have a couple other energetic scenarios that have been coming up for me to show me what needs clearing out and this article helped me see that.

  3. Does this apply strongly to Pyschics and Intuitive Readings Cassady?? I’ve had a few lately and I get negative feedback about me and my twin even though I know for sure we are meant to be…I’m an intuitive healer myself and it’s sometimes difficult for me to “read myself” so I seek out others…but I get so many signs everyday and visions of our future together and have seen our children that haven’t been created yet…I need to trust myself…what are your thoughts on that please? Thanks you!

  4. Thank you Cassady. My twin and I have experienced so much of this we have told these folks that we have broken up to stop the negativity. The local spiritual medium even called me out of the blue and told me this man was not the one for me. Great to know we can shield, protect and clear ourselves. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it really is so helpful.

  5. i really don’t know how to explain it all but my twin is married with a son and he told his wife about me saying i’m in his thoughts. He didn’t know how else to say it to her. Though we are 15,000KM away, she blackmailed him to end it with me otherwise she will leave him. Even after that, he still quietly spoke to me because the separation was even more painful, but one day when he got home, she took his phone laptop, scanned through every chat and told him to end it now or else she is leaving. The next day, he called me just to say goodbye. He sounded so cold, so broken. I never felt him like that before.. I didnt know what else to say except, you know just because you are saying goodbye doesnt mean the connection is going to go away right. He said i know. It’s just a week, but feels like an entire lifetime. Even the clock is ticking slowly. There are moments where i feel like he actually died and Im mourning for him.
    I feel him everywhere, i see him everywhere, i can feel every pain he is going through, every torment, i can feel the coldness sipping into my heart and my sadness drowning him into a pool of misery. It takes a whole lot to stay positive, it drains every cell in my body that at the end of the day, all i feel like doing is sleep.
    Even right now in my heart, all i can is us being together one day, i know i will be meeting him again soon but i just don’t know how to handle this running/chaser thing. It is awfully painful at times….

  6. Hey Eva, you may need a extra boost form Mother Nature’s little helpers! I would go get some Tourmaline, it is a awesome Crystal that can be used for Purification and Protection. Emotionally helps dispel worry, judgement, fear, anger, shame and other toxic emotions. Spiritually aids with grounding and cleasing of the energy field!

  7. Honey, get yourself some Rose Quartz! it is a healer of the Heart…. sorry for your Pain….hopefully, he will be able to sort this out…..

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