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Surprising Twin Info: Essential Insights I Learned on my Journey to Union and from Coaching Twin Flames from All over the World – The Bad, The Good, The Ugly…


After beginning my journey of awakening, I have been on a rollercoaster of learning and exploration and my life has transformed beyond what I ever imagined possible. Sometimes I still have to pinch my arm to remember that I’m not dreaming…

As well as my own journey of learning, I have been fortunate to work with, coach, do intuitive readings for and talk with thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the comments and emails I receive every day.

This means I’m fortunate to be in a pretty unique situation – knowing that Twins all over the world really are struggling with a lot of the same issues, even if they’re not aware of each other. This is why I was asked by spirit to create the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames after my own Twin and I reached Union.

Here are 5 of the most crucial things I learned from coaching Twin Flames from all over the world, so you don’t have to struggle with and learn these things the hard way:





– Shifting out of Running/Separation/Struggle

Put simply, all of our universe is energy in motion. Nothing is really solid. The world, the floor, the computer, and even your body, are atoms vibrating at particular energy frequencies. This is scientifically verified, and has been for decades and decades now.

The great thing is that energy mostly behaves in predictable ways, just like gravity is always predictable (you don’t wake up some mornings to see garden furniture floating mid-air instead of being on the ground, for example).

One of the most useful things to keep in mind as we go through life, is that energy interacts with what it’s in resonance with. This means that “as within, so without” – your personal energy field has a particular frequency, which always brings you in resonance with outside circumstances, people and experiences that are a match with that frequency.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla


So if you’re feeling stressed, your vibration is in resonance with more stress, causes of stress, feelings of stress, other people who are also stressed… A person who’s shameful of themselves, are in energetic resonance with outer experiences that match this, and so on.

You’ll notice this in people around you – some people seem to have “all the luck” while others constantly struggle. It’s not a random thing, it’s because of their energy.

The amazing thing is, we can shift our personal energy frequency by clearing out the lower energies and emotions such as shame and fear and guilt. This brings us into resonance with new and more positive things. I have experienced this myself and in countless clients.

When you change your energy, you ultimately change your life and your experiences. Sometimes it takes a while for the outer circumstances to “catch up” with your new energy focus, but it will always happen.

Again – we are all energy in motion. If you look at human tissue close enough in a microscope, you’ll see atoms vibrating. Nothing is solid.

For Twin Flames, “as within, so without” means that shifting our energy lifts us up and away from all the typical Twin struggles, running, separation and problems.

Every single day, I receive emails from Twins whose journey has changed for the better as a result of energy clearing. (If you want to read some of their testimonials, have a look here).



– How to make your Journey ever more Blissful

Another law of energy deals with how our focus onto something, brings more of it to us. This is because we engage with it deeper and deeper. It’s also how the brain works, where repetition makes the neural pathways deeper and deeper and more engrained. As an example, if you’d been a smoker for two weeks it would be a lot easier to quit, than if you’d been a smoker for twenty years.

Because we are energetic beings, we impact things around us with our personal energy. We’re like snails, constantly leaving a trail behind us where we go in our minds and with our bodies. The more time we spend somewhere or think about something, the more of “us” we put in it. This can be good and bad, depending on the situation:

When we focus on a particular fear or worry over and over, we are putting our personal energy into and blending with the energy of that fear or worry – tangling ourselves up with it and bringing it closer to us.


On the other hand, if we use our power of energetic focus to think about an ideal situation over and over – like we do through Creative Visualization – we can deliberately bring those ideals closer to us, putting more and more of ourselves into them and blending our energies with the situation so that we’re in alignment.


Be conscious of the true power of your unseen faculties, because you can with your focus align with either positivity or negativity – staking out a course for your future.

Most people do this on automatic, aligning with fear and worry. But now you’re aware of it, you can choose to focus on what you want more of, not what you’re afraid of.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want” – Abraham Hicks


WHY THIS IS CRUCIAL INFO FOR TWIN FLAMES: There is so much information out there about the “horrors” of the Twin journey, and if this is what we focus on, this is what we’re attracting and manifesting. Many Twins believe that running and separation and trauma is “supposed” to be a part of the Twin Flame journey and that it is a natural and necessary part of the connection.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the more you focus on running or the “problems” of the Twin Journey, the more you align with this and draw it to you. It’s always your choice what to focus on and create.



– How to regain control over the rollercoaster


Like I just mentioned, the universe is all energy in motion. What most people don’t consider, is that emotions are also energy, thoughts are also energy.

We live in a culture where we’re somehow given the impression that thoughts and emotions carry a huge deal of weight, and most of us have a habit that goes something like this:

I feel bad, therefore something must be very wrong – and therefore I start focusing on it, looking for it, trying to find the causes, getting tangled up in worry and looking for problems.

Or I feel low today, therefore something must be very wrong – and therefore I start focusing on it, looking for it, trying to find the causes and getting tangled up in worry and looking for problems.

In the world of energy, however, this is completely backwards!

What is really happening is, emotions are the “language” of energy being translated into your body. When you feel sad, it is because you are reacting to the energy of sadness. When you feel angry, it’s because you’re reacting to the energy of anger.

Fear is just an energy pattern, jealousy is an energy pattern, shame and sadness and feeling utterly distraught – they’re all energy patterns you can clear and shift out of once you know how!

And the craziest thing – it’s not always your own energy you’re reacting to!

You could have been reacting to someone else you’ve been speaking to, or to some other outside trigger (you’ll know this from watching sad movies – even though the sad things aren’t happening to you, you can still feel the sadness from the story of Romeo & Juliet or The English Patient, same with friends’ harrowing stories, or the news and so on).

The truth is: emotions are just energy! So don’t take them so seriously.

If you feel sad or down about yourself, clear it! If you feel angry or stressed, clear it! Don’t let the emotions run the show – you’re the boss. Emotions don’t get to tell you what’s going on.

Learning energy clearing tools was the single most transformative and positive thing I ever did, not just for my Twin Flame connection but for my whole life!

The hardest moments for me on this journey came after spending time in crowded places, travelling and dealing with other who’d been struggling – I didn’t realize at the time but I was reacting to their energy. Once my twin and I cleared those energies with the tools I developed, our journey opened up smoothly again!


WHY THIS IS CRUCIAL INFO FOR TWIN FLAMES:  On the Twin Flame journey it is crucial knowledge to not take your Emotions so seriously – because in the Ascension process your being is purging all past negativity and low energies from your being in order to open you up to Unconditional Love and blissful Union with your Twin once more.

This means that sadness and self loathing could be coming up to the surface to be cleared, and if you’re operating on the common human pattern of taking emotions very seriously, this stuff will mess you around and have you locked to an exhausting rollercoaster of ups and downs.

The worst is the Twin Flame tendency of allowing the negative feelings to colour their whole connection. When in a good mood, the journey is “beautiful” and full of love, but when in a bad mood it’s a pain, full of suffering – we end up casting blame onto the journey and the connection, when what we’re experiencing is actually just old energy coming up.

When you begin to take your emotions with a pinch of salt, you regain control and you define your journey. When you begin to live from the knowing that emotions are just energy, you can detach from the drama for good and begin to enjoy your connection and see it for what it really is!

“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain – is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” – Eckhart Tolle


In fact, spirit channeled a brand new energy clearing meditation for the Twin Flame pair to me just recently, which is specially designed to remove any negative influence that has a tendency to travel between the Twins in the soul merge process, causing flare-ups of running and separation.

It also goes through shielding the Twin pair, updating your programming and unifying and uplifting your timelines into the highest possible dimension and vibration. You can read more about this here.



– Don’t let outsiders dictate to you


You’re way more powerful than you have ever believed. You are not just the body you see, the name you’ve been given and the things you’ve experienced. You as a soul are infinite. You are a creator, a manifestor.

No matter what’s happened before, you are infinitely capable of creating and enjoying a Twin Flame connection of bliss, a life of joy and abundance.

My higher self once woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me:
“You can be, have and do anything you choose. Don’t ever forget that.”

Society mostly teaches us the opposite: to listen first to parents, then to teachers, then to employers and the news and other authority figures.

Most people spend their lives working and living according to someone else’s rules, often not even considering what would give them true joy and fulfillment.

Our habit is most often to accept authority figures as more powerful than us, but the truth is that we’re all infinite energy beings experiencing life in human bodies. No one is ever more powerful than you, and if they seem to be, it’s because of a constructed hierarchy. It can only be true if you let it be. As souls, we are equals, no matter how it might seem on the outside.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their
dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Your life is yours. You get to choose what’s right for you, and the easiest way to do this is to begin to listen to your intuition and how your energy reacts to people, places and events. If something feels good and light, it’s because it’s resonating positively with you. If something feels bad and heavy, it’s because it’s resonating negatively.

The world is as full of opinions as it is full of people – just because someone else has experienced something or believes the world to be a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s true for you. Spirituality is still an unchartered area, full of opinions, so be sure to check whether something resonates with you before you accept it as true.

WHY THIS IS CRUCIAL INFO FOR TWIN FLAMES:  The Twin journey is full of other Twins, writers, authors, bloggers, healers who have shared their experiences with this connection and present it as hard facts for how it will happen for you. Now, while it might be informative, it’s not always helpful, because each Twin pair is different.

This is why I share tools and information to empower you to make your own choices and open up your own path, clear your own blocks.

Many share their negative experiences in the belief that the Twin connection is supposed to be a “beautiful struggle”. That’s just a story. It’s a myth. It doesn’t have to be true for you. You have the power of choice. This path is yours, the journey is yours to take in any way you choose.




– No one will do it “for you”… but that’s a good thing!


Your life is your creation. We are constantly creating with our thoughts, feelings, focus and mental imagery. Everything you do has been preceded by the decision to do it. Your free will is what you use to create.

We Twin Flames knew that Soul Reunion would not be imposed on us, but co-created with us by the universe as we learned to manage our energy and manifest consciously, following our hearts back to each other… And we wanted it to be that way, we wanted to experience this.

A huge issue for most people is karma – their ancestral and personal patterns which keep them locked in a loop of creating and attracting the same things over and over. This is why you see people living near identical lives to their friends and family – they’re living on a loop, a fixed pattern of creation.

When we step out of this “automatic” living, by clearing karma and eradicating self-defeating energy patterns from ourselves, we become able to create more joyously, more freely – we become conscious creators. As opposed to those “still asleep” who are going through the motions of repeating karma over and over.

I teach easy but deeply effective karma clearing tools for Twins in both the audio sessions and the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames – it’s something that’s completely changed my life for the better.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
– Stephen Chbosky


If your family and ancestors have been perpetually living lives of feeling unloved, working hard for very little pay, being unhappy in marriage and feeling that love was a lie, then these will have been passed down to you as “automatic programs” in your being, just like physiological issues are passed down genetically.

Needless to say, you don’t want to be stuck in things like loops of disappointment with love, feeling like nothing goes your way in life, or the experience of men always abandoning you…

Karmic patterns can be big underlying blocks for Twin Flames. Clearing out karmic patterns can really open up our ability to create joyously and consciously, avoiding separation, running and all the typical Twin issues – big shifts come when we remove karmic blocks from our field.

I know how quickly things can change for the better once you start taking action – it happened for me, and I’ve seen it happen for so many Twins I’ve worked with too. All it takes is that first step…

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For powerful methods to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try my Free starter kit

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  1. I want to say thank very much…I am truly grateful that you are out there to help other twins on their journey… I have been reading your blogs for quite a few months now and haven’t really commented until now. I receive your blogs via e-mail and they ALWAYS seem to come at the right moment and time and explain EXACTLY what I had been just experiencing. Your help has been like no other… I am truly greatful. I really seem to resonate with what you say ….with this blog helped to reaffirm what my inner guidance has been showing me when a very strong outside force unknowingly and unintentionally tried to break my union down by making it seem as though it was not for me and an unhealthy experience….when I know through my soul otherwise. This is my journey…my path and no one else’s…I need not explain to anyone else why I do what I do…even when they are and claim to be a great intuitive that communicates with higher power… I too am an intuitive and communicate with higher power…I may definitely have things to work on with myself and my twin journey…but I know what this is…I know who I am and I know what we are and I know we are protected and guided by the Universe …I believe this last experience was a great lesson in trust I g that inner strength and guidance no matter what so as to get us to unconditional love in Union… so I thank you from the depths of my soul for doing what you do <3 …love and light to you and to all of you out there in your time of struggle…stay strong within clear that negative out…live in love 🙂 <3

  2. Wow i have goosebumps… My name is Jessica too and for some reason I wanted to look at who has commented on this new article. I too have been getting the emails and they resonate always with my twin flame journey and have always wanted to write something and right when I was going to I bumped into this comment which is pretty much everything I wanted to write. I can say you took the words out of me not only that but I didn’t see your name till I was done reading your whole comment and here I am reading everything I wanted to say and when I look up JESSICA. It’s almost also a message for me. I’ve had a crazy year of ups and downs with my twin we are not together now and it always seems like it’s outside forces putting work to separate us and push us apart and it’s also the fact that he isn’t spiritual and I can even say he doubts there even is a god though we have had a lot of synchronized events that he can’t ignore. Either way as soon as I can I will get the energy clearing tool kit and I thank you for offering advice through your continuing emails of love and light. It is of great support for all of us trying to push through all the negative energies. I am grateful for this site too. Much love <3

  3. Hi Cassidy,
    This is very helpful, thank you! But how do you cope when you miss your twin like air? We keep constantly getting together and then repulsing each other and being nasty to each other. It’s awful. I miss him in my life, I miss talking to him, even though I feel him inside me so much. So much and it does bring some comfort. We do trigger each other a lot as we did when we first met 16 years ago. I also wanted to ask you if the ascension process happens only when you have had a sexual experience together in the physical?
    Many thanks xx

  4. Thank you for this article…. A great reminder of energy & positivity. I wanted share that I had the most amazing Reiki session recently. I found it hard to shut off my internal chatter to completely relax, but I knew how much good it did me! Half way through, I began to say to myself, as this helps me, I hope it helps my TF. Suddenly my heart began to ache with so much longing & yearning for him. So much energy gathered I thought I would let out a shattering sob. But just as it was getting too much to bear it was as though all the energy gathered into a bubble and floated out of my chest. I’m not quite sure what this means, or what affect it will have but I’m positive it was for good! Any thoughts…?
    Love and light to all and the glass is always half full… xx

  5. I have been reading your articles for a while now, they help me. How do you get through moving on from your twin flame if they chose to reject the deep powerful love you share? What is they dont want to feel it? They admit that they can feel it, and they have deep love for you but, they keep choosing to be with other people and going a different path with their life. They keep consciously hurting you, he comes around and acts like he want to be in my life, then disappears and doesnt communicate at all. What if you have a child together? we have a 3 year old son. I would really appreciate your response it is really hurting me deeply, i dont know what to do anymore.

  6. Everything happens for its reasons 😉 There are no coincidences 😉 and this message was for all of us…Guides and angels speak through us to help… thank you for responding 🙂 I too am not with my flame…at the moment….but I believe that are union is inevitable… I believe we are ment to be in Union so as to help heal and send divine light back to others and to help heal the Earth…I believe twins are being called…light workers are being called and a new way of living for the highest good is being manifested …I believe we are living in some very magical and exciting times…I belive in my twin flame union..I believe in him..I belive in his strength that he can do this…I believe in me…I believe in us

  7. Hi Cassidy, dropped on ur web page out of the blue and I have read on twin flames from other websites mentions going thru a surrender phase is it possible to go thru it twice? Only found out last month that I truly believe I have found my twin flame we have never met in person but did meet online I didn’t get the instant feeling knowing he was my twin soul straight away didn’t awaken until last summer when we was in a separation phase I was the runner this time around and I’ve done it for a second time just in the past week, he’s a very secretive person and my trust issues got in the way but i also felt he had lost interest in me got bored cos most days he say hes busy but couldnt take 5 mins out of his time to say hello or even a good morning maybe it was the big gap on our time zones long distance, I am at this moment learning to love myself been using ur free kit and honestly can say it is helping a little only started a few days ago.

    I am so glad and happy to have found this blog and very grateful to u cassidy this place as been very helpful its great finding and knowing I’m not alone, thank u xxx

  8. I’m so glad to hear that Jessica! Apologies for not seeing your comment until now but thank you for sharing your experiences!

    It means the world to me that the site and resources have been working for you.

    Know how powerful you are, outside “forces” are never more powerful than you. Don’t give it power by focusing on it. Visualize yourself as a golden castle, or in a white knight’s armour – something that helps you FEEL your power and how futile any outside negativity is in affecting you.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


  9. Corrine, apologies for not seeing your comment until now.

    First of all, don’t forget how powerful you are!

    Your son seems to be an important source of light and learning/evolution in your life, although he may be too young to express things in words, his wisdom is seeking to support and guide you in subtle ways.

    Allow him to show you his love, he’s helping to open your heart to love in general – it will have ripple effects in your field and has an impact on his father too. Everything your son does out of love and goodness creates positive ripples.

    It’s as if he chose the two of you to help you both, as he embodies unity – he has already mastered the lesson of unity and unconditional love on the soul level. He’s a very wise soul and will continue to assist you in spoken and unspoken ways – looking to experience human life and to be a source of light in the world.

    I hope these insights may be of assistance. Don’t give up on your heart. Your guides are always with you, also.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


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