What Really Happens When Twins Connect? 9 Signs Of the True Twin Flame Encounter and Connection – Soul, Eyes, Heart …

After Twin Flames 11:11 having been online for a few years now, I have heard from thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the article comments and the emails I receive every day. I’d like to thank everyone who writes to me!

I want you to know I do read all of your emails but in order to keep the blog active and the articles timely I can’t respond to everyone personally. I like to focus on answering your concerns and questions through the blog and focus on the questions that the majority of you ask.

If you haven’t already, please download my Free  Twin Flame Help Kit   which contains a selection from my full program and has powerful energy cleanse tools, meditations to strengthen your soul connection with your Twin and other important e book Guides for the Twin Flame Journey.

Riding The Twin Flame Rollercoaster

After been through Ascension myself and doing intuitive readings for and coaching Twin Flames all over the world, I discovered what really works and what doesn’t – to resolve the typical Twin Flame issues of Running, Struggle, Separation and the rollercoaster of emotions most Twins in Ascension go through.

Energy really is the crux of the Twin Flame connection: When your energies are aligned, you exist in harmony together. When your energies are imbalanced, there are flare-ups of conflict, negativity and problems.

This is why energy management is the deepest and most effective way to shift your Twin Flame connection into harmony, love and joy.

You and your Twin Flame share the same core energy frequency, as the only two beings in the universe that are exactly the same energy. However, throughout life as you interact with other people, experience hardships and take on toxic energy from people and places, this core frequency gets “polluted” and the Twins are brought out of their innate harmony.

Twin Flame Recognition – The Soul Song

When the Twin Flames meet and recognition happens on a soul level (as shown below), your energies begin a purge of any energies that are out of resonance with your core frequency – your “soul song”.

This process of releasing all past negativity in order to raise your vibrations and realign you and your Twin back into harmony, is called Ascension (you can read more about it here).

The problem with Ascension is that it brings up all the past negativity, all the “baggage” again. This can feel really awful, and it often triggers bouts of Running/Chasing and Separation between Twins. For an infographic on Reasons and Solutions To Twin Flame Running, go here.

Many Twins really struggle with the release of negativity during Ascension, The Free Help Kit can really combat this and help you move out of struggle for good. It really works – just have a look at these testimonials from other Twins

Moving From Mind to Intuition

As you may already know I’m a firm believer that information can be an incredible, helpful thing in life – but we can get too much. Too much thinking, not enough conscious action.

If you look around you at society, it’s part of the problem these days – it’s not that we don’t have enough insight or information, it’s that we have so much we can’t think straight because our brains are buzzing with a million things at the same time!

There is such a thing as information addiction. And information isn’t something that can “magic” a solution for you, no matter how tempting it seems. If your energy stays the same, you’ll keep attracting the same things.

So in these intensely mentally frantic Gemini times, I decided to keep it simple and put up a lovely, colorful infographic. In fact, as you’ll see in Monday’s upcoming article, a theme for these times is to let go of the intellect and center ourselves more into the heart and intuition…Because your heart and intuition know the solutions to your struggles. The mind only knows how to find more problems.

When I was meditating yesterday, I was given the insight that a block for many is the getting attached to the mythology of their own journey – to become absorbed in the addictiveness of the drama of the Twin Flame connection…

And that’s a mental/emotional thing. Once you take charge of your inner commentary and dialogue, you can help yourself so much… To do this, become aware of how you’re thinking and speaking about your Twin and your connection.

Negative, blame/complain-driven patterns are most often inherited or taken on from others – so if that’s your pattern, don’t feel bad. It can easily be cleared with energy tools to allow you to move out of the cycle of negativity.

Let Your Soul Run The Show

If you forgot, your soul has a blueprint to how to get you to where you want to go. Your soul really has the answers if you learn to listen – with your intuition. It’s how you could recognize your Twin even if you’d never met before. It just “clicks” – something that defies analysis and any prior experience.

To give you a reminder that the journey is about action more than it is about “understanding every little thing” – let yourself remember the weird and blissful first encounters and the dizziness of recognizing your Twin Soul.

You were probably not able to understand it or explain it, yet it was likely one of the peak joyous, blissful, intense moments of your connection! That’s because your Soul was running the show, not your mind. 

Let that ground you into the completely illogical, un-analyseable, amazing nature of the Twin Flame relationship, and allow your mind to relax for a minute.

Here are 9 signs of true Twin Flame Recognition.



As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For a Step-by-step Roadmap to Twin Flame Reunion, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.



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  1. Hi Cassady,
    What I have noticed with my twin is that for every step we take towards harmony there’s 2 back almost straight after. The closer and intimate we get the further apart we end up. It almost feels like a cicle. Also the more the mind gets in the way the more insecure I feel. Funnily enough when we don’t talk I feel the connection so so strong in my heart, I have frequent dreams, sensation all over my body and only because not having contact with him I am forced to look inside and rely on my heart. And that is where is he always and forever. Thank you for this xxxx

  2. Thank you Cassady for reading my comment. Thank you for drawing me back to soul & blocking of external narrative. I needed that right now. X

  3. I keep seeing the number 69 everywhere (i know it has a sexual connotation but to be honest i feel that it is more than that) what could this mean in actuality?
    I’ve already met my twin flame (we spoke for a short time, a month) but he moved hours away back home and we stopped talking on not such great terms. I can sense that we don’t dislike each other, we just needed to be apart from each other. Yesterday I kept seeing the numbers 69 together and today I also keep seeing the number 69. (and today’s date is 6/9 … weird.) Why is this and what does it mean?

  4. Loved everything about this post! I am just so thankful for the energy clearings you have created for us, because I know I wouldn’t feel as calm as I do without them.

    I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on one of my flights this week, and something amazing happened– I actually felt and saw my twin’s higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars… This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing.

    Thank you so much, dear Cassady!!!

  5. Hi Cassady,

    How should I understand the burning sensation in my heart, accompanied by some breathlessness/gasping for breath sometimes? it doesn’t seem to come from “my own” feelings or my thoughts. It happens more during separation. Can it mean that my twin is hurting inside and it reaches me? How to handle this situation and stay positive and help the twin stay positive? This happens in spite of shielding myself energetically.

    Thank you

  6. I have the same situation with my twin. When we get closer and reunite, we then take a few steps back. It is a complete roller coaster at times. It is as if our fears take over and our minds sabotage everything. I realize now that it is our energies out of alignment. The connection is always stronger when we are apart. When I listen to my inner intuition, I feel the same and know that unconditional love is always there. This has gone on now for 2 and a half years and only in the last few months have I worked on what you know deep inside. It is a beautiful journey when you feel it from your heart. I wish you blessings.
    And thank you Cassady, you have helped me so much to truly understand the beauty of twin flames!!!

  7. Hi. There I see 69 and 96 a lot too. I think it means energetic alignment between the twins… yin&yang. One day I must have seen 69 like 7 times in the space of an hour – during that time my twin who was not even talking to me endorsed me for a skill on Linkedin. I think 69 means alignment and synchtonicity between the twins – at that time you are both just insync.

  8. Hello, Thank You Cassidy for what you do. I have an intense question. Is it possible for a twin flame to have Narcassistic tendencies or to be a narcassist? If so, What does a person do? Or if there was emotional abuse?

  9. If you are on a Twin Journey, I have noticed that you will see certain numbers that are unique to you and your twin and global numbers that apply to all Twins. Global numbers would be the 11:11s 222s 333s, which I believe are more like gateways and path markers. You and your twin will discover the unique numbers as you go along. Oftentimes related to your birthdays. The the depth of these can go crazy deep. For instance, my twin and I were comparing birth certificates one day and realized we were both birth number 134, 14 years apart. Much of our numbers revolve around pi, 3.14159, and 134 is the reciprocal of 314. I think 69 is a general number indicating the overall Twin energy dynamic and as you can see putting them together does make the Tao, or Yin/Yang symbol. If it is resonating with you non-sexually (which is does with us, too) it is a likely reminder of the dynamic you share. You must each find inner balance to come together, though that balance will continually be affected by the other. Treat it as a journey, not a destination.

  10. Hi Dani, I realize too it is our fears stopping us from being in alignment. Even though I come accross in our situation as the one who is ready, I know deep inside I am not. And I am sure he can feel it. I have been connecting with my twin higher self and the communication, sensations of pure love are so comforting and beautiful. We are love and we are going through this and knew our love could whistand anything as it is the strongest divine bond. Love and light on your journey and thank you for sharing your experience xxx

  11. Yes thank you Mr8, for such an informative response. I just recently found out about Twin Flames. I’m convinced that an energy forced made me to Google why I couldn’t forget about my twin flame (I am not the type to obsess, so I started searching why I felt the way I felt and ran into this blog and other sites). Lately I have been doing a lot of meditation, as well as, Cassady’s free kit.
    I recently discovered my twin flame’s birth day and month is in my punchin number for work. As well as other things that seem too odd to be coincidence. I will start to see it as a journey more than a destination now. It was very difficult at first when I didn’t understand why I felt like death when he left and blocked me. It still hurts from time to time but I am slowly but surely finding peace through meditation. It is also becoming fun to learn new things. They come in such sudden flashes that I know I can’t be making stuff up.

  12. Cassidy without fail – every time I get an email from you it describes EXACTLY what I’ve been going through in real life the same week. EXACTLY. It’s unbelievable. It reassures me that even though external appearances seem hopeless I’m still being guided on the right path…this week I was moving from mind to intuition. I’ve been trying to shift my twin from my mind and move on but my intuition reminds me to remember my first impression, our moment of pure connection and to shift the resentment instead. Thank you xx

  13. Thank You Cassidy for this. It really shifted my perspective on what I’ve been going thru lately. I’ve been knowing inside myself that this is it, but couldn’t figured out where are all this fears coming from and why the are so strong.

    You, see, I met her few months ago in the other side of the world and moment I saw her, I just knew it, there she is, there is everything I ever wanted, standing surrounded with a golden energy. We’ve been together then few times, until I return home, but of course realised that there was my new home and now I am working on my way to get back for good. Universe supports me in all the ways now, sometimes I am really scared that something will brake as its so supportive as never before.

    Everything you typed in here and in the Tool Kit resonate 100%, it really calmed me down yesterday as everything I was already seeing and feeling was just confirmed.

    Therefore, now when we are separated and she often doesn’t speak to me for days (because she is having a strong processes of getting back into her balance as well) I am going thru such an extreme pain and fears that I often think I will just die. Fear of loss is so strong that I can’t even express it. I am clearing it on a daily basis. I meditate every day and pray for help from the angels, but sometimes its just too hard. Some triggers comes that I receive panic attacks.

    I started this Tool Kit of Yours yesterday. How long will it take to get our communication back into the alignment? I consider myself as fast developing spirit as I am really awake person and self aware. Sometimes I even help others with my awaken nature.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi I.

    Look at the astrological sign of Pisces – it’s a 69 shape, which indicates the yin and yang. Harmony. Polarity becoming wholeness. That’s what you’re seeing! Completely completing each other. Perfect harmony! <3

    Sending you love and light x


  15. Hi Lili,

    Like I mentioned to I. above: look at the astrological sign of Pisces – it’s a 69 shape. It indicates the yin and yang!

    Harmony. Polarity becoming wholeness. That’s what you’re seeing! Completely completing each other.

    Perfect harmony! <3

    Sending you love and light x


  16. How awesome Blesson! Love your name, by the way, “bless on” 🙂 How wonderful! <3

    Sending you love and light x


  17. Omg! I think I may have found my Twin Flame. It’s like after our first encounter my entire being has been yearning for him. I get tingles all over shortness of breathe like a high school girl….. His touches Electrifies me. When we’re close to another it feel like gravity is pulling my inner energy out of my body….. The sad part is that we both stated we just want a friendship nothing serious….. Well that was before we became intimate… Now idk what to do or feel…. I’m just going to go with the flow….. #thinkifoundmyTwinFlame#confused#we’rejustfriends

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