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The Twin Flame trigger – Mirror Gateway to Ascension. Symbol Of Divine Counterparts and Soul Awakening: Code Activator of The Two Parts Becoming Whole…

This week’s question has come up many times from many of you, so we decided to write this post as a useful reference point for anyone who’s wondering:

“What does 11:11 mean?  Why am I seeing it everywhere? What does it have to do with Twin Flames?”


Seeing these numbers means that your spiritual guidance team, including your own higher self, are giving you a message; nudging you to take notice at the exact right times for you to see these particular numbers. Because our thinking minds often block us off to communication from spirit, they use numbers as a way to circumvent our thoughts.

On a general level our guides use numbers as a way to reassure us and let us know we are never alone, that we are always supported on our journey here on earth.

You might notice that when you’re feeling particularly low, disheartened or doubtful you’ll keep seeing numbers such as 333, 555, 7777 and 11:11 even more than “normal” – this is your guides working extra hard to keep you in faith and show you that you are safe and taken care of at all times.

Two Parts Becoming Whole

Many numerical sequences may be used for personal reference (birthdays, anniversaries and so on) but 11:11 is a universal sign that you are being triggered to remember of who you are as a soul, as well as a signal to pay attention and that your guides are by your side.

The mirroring sequence of 11:11 specifically stands for a gateway, the two Twins unifying and bringing about a portal of source energy. The two parts becoming whole. 

If you are with someone and wondering if they are your Twin, this is a great indication that yes, they are.

Gateway Number

11:11 is a trigger number signaling that things are changing – mostly on a deep inner level. You are becoming aware of your soul self and are being alerted to this by your higher self and the universe.

The number 1 is generally used by spirit to indicate that something is manifesting – newness, beginnings, a new cycle (number 9 is on the contrary often used to signify that a cycle is coming to an end and that things are about to shift and change).

Signal of Ascension

11:11 says that ascension is afoot and has been scheduled in for you, with your will, in this lifetime. 11:11 functions as a signal that “It is beginning – you are now in the process of becoming aligned more and more with your soul self”.

Ascension involves facing those sides of yourself that are no longer serving you, to release negative energy, karmic blocks and outworn perspectives and reach up into higher and more expansive levels of experience.

Inner alchemy, integration of shadow aspects and balancing your energies in preparing for Twin Flame Union (to read more about Union and how to get there, have a look here).

Clearing your energy consciously and shielding yourself from others’ energies helps tremendously with Ascension. Check out my free Twin Flame Help Kit if you’re new to energy clearing – clearing your energy consciously means you won’t be experiencing the heaviness and turmoil of Ascension, plus it removes common triggers of Twin Flame Running and Separation.

Ascension is a challenging experience for most Twin Flames, so your higher self and guides are always at hand to lead you to information, tools and teachers who can make this process smoother and easier for you – since they cannot most often reach you directly and speak openly to you, they seek to steer you towards those who can.

When you find information or assistance as if by “magic”, you can be sure that your guides have been working on your behalf to help you get there.

Your True Mirror – Your Twin Flame

For Twin Flames specifically, 11:11 signifies that you are becoming aware of and alerted to the existence of your energetic counterpart, your divine mirror – your Twin Flame.

11:11 is a perfectly balanced gateway number – a mirror symbolizing the perfectly whole halves of the Twin Flames coming together; it is a gateway number, a number symbolizing the union of the two forming a triangular energetic communion with source energy, connecting “heaven and earth”.

11:11 signals that your Twin Flame may be around, or you are soon to encounter them, that you are becoming more in alignment and attracting each other into a physical meeting, or you are somehow connecting already either through dreams or waking life.

Ultimately, seeing 11:11 repeatedly is a sign that you are currently in a significant period of existence – on your way to understanding who you are beneath the “facade” of earthly life.

For Twin Flames this deeper understanding of yourself is also an awakening in terms of remembering that you have an energetic counterpart (your true Other Half) and who they are.

Until next time I wish you love and light on your journey! <3

– Cassady x

To understand more about awakening and learn how to reach Union with your Twin have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

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  1. I know it might sound like I’m joking but all jokes aside, for the past several months I have been seeing 420 everywhere and I’m curious as to what meaning this sequence has?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your question! In my experience our guides often alert us to number sequences that have a personal significance to us – I for example often see my Twin’s birth time and my own birth date and so on…

    Generally, however, 4 stands for creation in the physical realm and 2 indicates balance, relationships. 0 can denote a clearing energy, a “reset” of something.

    If you’re ever unsure what is being communicated, though, ask for it to be communicated to you in a different way or clarified somehow, and keep alert for any symbolic dreams, any information that comes your way in any form.

    Good luck!

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  3. Cassady,

    I use to see 11:11 a bit but over the last 2 months, I see A LOT of “11” (in the minutes section, sometimes every hour — if I look at the clock once an hour. I also see 44 minutes a lot and 4:44 when I am around healers. The minutes section of my clock is pretty much stuck on “11” and “44” haha. I also had things happen that I know was the spirits guiding me towards new and better information — so I trust that the universe is supporting me. Wha do all the 11s mean? I’m guessing it is not the same meaning as “11:11” which I rarely see this past month.

  4. interesting enough, about 15 months ago i DISTINCTLY remember the man who i am certain is my twin flame suddenly looking at me & says “11:11” for no apparent reason

  5. On particular days I see 11:22 and 11:33 when I look at the clock for example. Or sometimes even 11:11 up to 11:55 in 1 day, 1 hour! Last time I noticed that one day all my receipts from the store had a total amount of 999 or 333 and few days ago 555. Love how the universe works ( but not always ;))

  6. What happens if you used to see the 11:11 all the time, but all of a sudden it just stopped completely. The repetitive numbers just stopped appearing in your life without explanation

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