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Everything I Wish I’d Known When This Wild Ride First Began… Avoiding the Pitfalls, Core Rescue Remedies – And What the Journey Is Really About Deep Down. Unlocking the Codes of Unconditional Love


Yet again I want to say thank you so much to everyone who writes in – I know it’s a big thing to open up to a stranger about your deepest feelings and fears. But I also know that on this Twin Flame journey we often don’t have anyone around us who truly understands. And I want to thank you for trusting me with your experience.

I want you to know I do understand and I appreciate you opening up, so much. I do read all the emails and contact I get but as there are so many Twins writing to me every week I’m not able to reach out to everyone personally.

If you’re hurting right now, my best advice after encountering thousands of Twins to date and having been through Ascension myself is to begin working with your energy and your core beliefs.

Energy really is the crux of the Twin Flame connection: When your energies are aligned, you exist in harmony together. When your energies are imbalanced, there are flare-ups of conflict, negativity and problems.

I’ve had Twin clients who’d been waiting 20 years for their Twin to stop running, to no avail – it wasn’t because the universe had deemed them unworthy of coming together or because there was something wrong with them. (To read more about Twin Flame Running, go here)

It was simply because they weren’t in alignment with it. Their energy was blocked to it happening. The great news is things really can change for the better for you, no matter what’s happened before.

I was asked to create the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames to help as many other Twins as possible reunite in love. You can also download my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool to get you started on raising your vibration and clearing your chakras right now.

And have a look here at the amazing experiences other Twins have had with my energy tools here.

Also, there might be previous articles on this blog that can help you with the specific issues you’re dealing with – have a look through the archive or use the search box!

Today, to sum up the biggest insights and things I learned (the hard way, and from coaching and doing intuitive readings for other Twins), I’ve made made a concise guide to the biggest DOs and DON’Ts on the Twin Flame Journey. And you’ll find a bit more about each point in the text underneath the infographic! Enjoy! And go ahead and share with other Twins too, or save it on your phone to keep it handy…


twin flame journey guide



#1) Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Affect Your Connection. Your journey is yours and outsiders can never fully understand your experience – plus, you don’t want the grief of other people getting involved with their energy, stressing you out, influencing you and opposing what you potentially feel is right.

#2) Don’t Hang Onto the Past. If you let go of old hurts, you open up to new positive shifts and developments. Often easier said than done, I know: Energy clearing helps eradicate the attachments and negativity from the past so you can move on with more ease.

To read about how forgiveness actually benefits *you* more than anything, and why you should do it right now, go here.

#3) Don’t Get Dependent on Psychics/Tarot cards/Pendulums – although you might get good insights sometimes, it places the focus on a power outside of yourself. Use with caution, because no reader is right 100% of the time and if you get negative feedback it can destabilize you for days. Learn to connect to your feelings and your soul – at least as an addition to start with. Your higher faculties are always able to give you multiple levels of insight for extra reliability once you open and clear your channel. Learn to “feel” the truth rather than having it served to you from others.

To learn more about connecting directly with your intuition, opening to guidance from your soul and getting verifiable insights from spirit – have a look here.

#4) Don’t Let Anyone Tell You it’s not Meant to Be. We are co-creators of our experience, infinite beings living in human bodies. If you decide to make something happen, you can do it – set the intention, then clear anything in the way of it. This works every time. It might not be instant, but it’s how our universe of energy works.

#5) Don’t Get Duped by gender stereotypes/spiritual dogma and other people’s warped ideas about love. Society is full of damaging beliefs about women and men and relationships (love hurts, the Romeo & Juliet story, the beautiful suffering of love, men only being after one thing…) This stuff trips up more Twin Flames than many realize. Beliefs become blocks to openness and love. Do some “digging” to discover your true beliefs, and clear them for good. Your energy will shift and you won’t be recreating negativity anymore. As within, so without.

We go through clearing the biggest Twin Flame belief blocks in this full energy clearing session.

#6) Don’t Buy into the Surface Illusion no matter what’s going on for you and your Twin Flame as human beings on earth, your souls are always together in love. Life on earth is in many ways an illusion. Try to begin to tune into what’s going on behind the scenes – the soul connection – it will strengthen your connection and open up to “miracles”.

#7 Don’t Let The Past Trip You Up – no matter what’s happened before in life for you or your Twin or between you, things can change for the better. When you begin to shift your
energy, your whole dynamic and experiences begin to shift too.


#1) Do Listen to your Heart and Soul. Get in touch with your intuition. Your heart and soul know exactly how to get you to a place of harmony and joy – both within yourself, and with your Twin. Learn to quiet your mind and allow insights from your deeper faculties to come forth. Meditation and clearing congested energy from your chakra system is an amazing help with this.

#2) Do Throw out the “Rule Book”. Your journey and your connection with your Twin is unique – allow things to unfold at your pace, in your way. Other people’s experiences don’t necessarily relate to your own. Embrace your inner power, feel the light inside yourself. When you stop seeking the answers, the answers reveal themselves. Searching creates more searching

#3) Do Stop Using Labels like Runner/Chaser/The Dance/Separation – these labels only reinforce and entrench the struggles, creating more of the same negativity. Make up your own words and see your experience with fresh eyes, because you avoid tapping into the Twin Flame collective’s preexisting negativity around these terms.

#4) Do have fun with it! I know it’s not always easy, but try your best to focus on the fun, the laughter, the amusing weirdness, the wonder of the synchronicities, the happy times. Amusement is a powerful way to lift your energy vibration into more joy and love. You get more of what you focus on.

For inspiration, have a look at this article where Twins from all over the world shared their mind blowing experiences in the comment field below. Amazing!

#5) Do Focus on Gratitude. Write down the positives. Collect the joys and the fun of your connection, and if you’re not feeling so great – revisit these. If something didn’t feel so good, release it from your space as soon as you can so you don’t draw in the experience on repeat…

#6) Do Remember to Live your own Life too. You might be a Twin Flame, but you’re also an individual with your own aims, desires and dreams. Don’t forget to prioritize your own self. Being one of a Twin pair doesn’t mean you have to give up your own happiness and dreams. You are whole inside. Tap into the feeling of wholeness within as often as you can, paradoxically it shifts your Twin connection into balance too. Wholeness within equals wholeness without.

#7) Do Remember to Love Yourself. It can be easy to forget to take care of and nurture ourselves in a busy life – not to mention with the ups and downs of the Twin Flame journey. But your relationship with yourself determines how you interact with others and what you draw out in them – especially between the Twin Flames who are two parts of the same original consciousness. Show yourself love. Learn to let any “flaws” go and honour your gifts, talents, good traits. Learn to embrace yourself as the perfect being you are, and this positively impacts all areas of life!


At its core, the Twin Flame journey is a path back to oneness – both within yourself and between the pair. It is about unconditional love both for yourself and your Twin.

An alchemical experience of embracing your shadows and facing your hurts so you can release them, of forgiving and loving another so they can transform into their true self beneath the facade of ego, of understanding the paradoxical nature of hurt and love – and ultimately rising above the illusion of human separation and suffering.

A journey back to yourself as an infinite being of light, and the unconditional love for all beings that comes through that. There’s your key and your lock.

You are such a beautiful soul and I’m so glad to be on this path alongside you – I know awakening and ascension can be tough, but you’re never alone.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey.

I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes, and a powerful energy cleanse tool to start raising your vibration right now

And if you want to take the bull by the horns and begin deeply healing and shifting your energy Twin connection, have a look here for more info on my tailored program for Twin Flames – the methods that got my Twin and I to union within 18 months of our first encounter.

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  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful words every week! It’s not much time that i’m reading your advices but i’m really happy to found it! You are really helping twins with your words! Thanks again and i wosh you all the best!

  2. Dear Cassidy,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do. Since around 2 weeks, I started using the free help kit for twin flames and, I want to mention that the change is incredible. I momenterely experienced shifting and very strong connection with my twin in 5D. Not only that, but yesturday on the 1st of September, exactly on the solar eclipse, I physicly reencounter with my twin flame, who I haven’t seen or heard of in 5 months. This was a miracle! The meeting was mind blowing, and I felt such a strong and undeniable connection. However, after that I started feeling very heavy and emotionally unbalanced, in other words in pain. Do you think that this meeting triggered negative blocks that I need to cleanse ? Is there anything that I can do in moments like this that will help me balance myself quicker ? All I know is that I will continue using the help kit and when I am ready, I will download the vibrational alignment program.
    Thank you so much. <3<3

  3. You are a beautiful soul too Cassady!! I love you too!! 🙂 And it is also about unconditionally loving and feeling oneness with ALL. Your twin, anyone they may or may not be with, etc. Because wanting everyone to be with their perfect match and deleriously happy and unconditionally loved and accepted opens everyone up for miracles! You never know when your power of love just drew in a miracle for the one your twin is currently with that helped them find the perfect match of THEIRS and opened their eyes and a conversation to change the course of everyone’s lives! Oneness with all. Love.. light.. acceptance .. forgiveness.. for ALL! Not just for the ones you love, but for the ones who “do bad” are you may have viewed as “blocks”. They deserve love too! Sending them the power of your love to help them get the love the deserve just might be all the universe needs to go, yep that was the ticket! Here you go! Everyone with their perfect match now! Boom! 🙂 I am the powerful creator of my life and am receiving my twin flame in miraculous ways now. Because I love and I believe! XOXO all! I AM making miracles happen in every part of my life. 🙂 I AM blessed and eternally grateful for every step in this life!

  4. Does free will trump God’s will? My TF seems to be turning their back on me and choosing to be with someone else. I can’t tell if I am feeling them intimately when I reach out to them or if I feel my TF with their other, (perhaps hiding behind me,) which makes me ill to even consider. I keep doing the clearing work, but they are burying themselves in work and this other relationship, perhaps to distract themselves from me. I get the impression that they are the kind, “if I ignore you, you’ll go away”. But short of no longer existing in the physical plane, I don’t know what to do with this.

  5. The advice about psychics is so true. Be careful guys, with who you talk to. I had to let go of one lady. All she said was he’s running, each conversation with her left me drained and worse than when I got on the phone with her. That’s a clear sign. Even though I was starting to feel more peaceful and balanced during that time she turned everything into a negative, saying I only felt peace because my spirit was learning to ” cope” with the situation. Highly manipulative and deceiving. Some of them feed off our energy, they live off of selling these cycles more than anything. I felt a wave of relief after her and I disconnected. Be careful whose energies you allow to speak over you. Thank you Cassady for this article! ??

  6. I can never thank you enough, your posts help me get thru the darkest time in my life!! My twin passed away and trying to find my way back to the light has been extremely difficult and somehow your posts always remind me of what a miracle this is. Forever grateful…Love & Light <3 xoxo

  7. Hi:
    I was wondering, maybe this was posted before, how do you know when you are in union? Is union an obvious state? Thank you for all the wonderful insights, Cassady, I look forward to it every week.

  8. this is incredibly spot-on.

    after experiencing the most joyous, relationship-affirming few weeks with my twin flame in town (from across the globe, no less), i made a mistake that has hurt and angered him, and we haven’t spoken for the entire week as a result.

    i did some energy clearing for help uncovering what lessons the universe might be offering up via this rift, and it occurred to me – prior to reading this – that the reason this has happened is to teach me forgiveness (of myself and of others) and to be less fatalistic in relationships (i tend to cut people off without a second thought).

    i sense this is what my twin is struggling with now – whether they can forgive me, whether they want to, and what this means for the road ahead. i’d already begun composing a message for my twin when i received the email link to this post. after reading it, i promptly reached out with an apology and conveyed my theories about the lessons inherent to this negative interruption of our bond.

    so now i’m somewhat at peace, waiting and hoping i will be forgiven.

    cassady, if you have any tips or get any reads on my situation, your feedback would be MOST appreciated.

    thank you for all that you do.

  9. Thank you for this post. It was very much needed. I met my TF online this year and spent July 29 -August 26 with him. Throughout that time he was mean a certain points. But on just a week ago he was just completely verbally abusive to me. I got on an airplane and went back home. It has been tough trying to release the emotions from what happen last week. He’s contacted me several times since and has apologized for what happen and wants for us to meet again in person someday. Forgiving ones TF after they hurt you so deeply is difficult. But I take this post as a sign from Spirit to continue to release my anger and hurt and forgive my TF.

  10. Hi Elena, I’m so glad to hear about your amazing experiences with the tools!

    Regarding your question, yes: Twins do trigger each other, especially when we meet in the physical and our bodies’ energy fields interact also. It sounds like the meeting has caused a release of negative emotions on a cellular level… especially the sadness/disappointment of feeling separated from each other. It’s not just your own energy you’re feeling, that’s why it’s feels “imbalanced” – you’re feeling your Twin’s emotions too.

    Your souls are so keen to be together and there’s a sense of being frustrated at “reality” getting in the way and making things slow. The cleanse tool will help you shift out of the negativity you’re feeling, for sure!

    I would also recommend looking into the program too, as it will help speed up your whole process just like your souls are hoping <3 😉

    Sending you love and light x

  11. Thank you, e+e0331! And I agree – it’s a journey to get there, but once we release and clear the 3D opposition mentality on all planes and reach the level of unity consciousness (5D) there is no hurt or “darkness” anymore. We feel love for all beings, including the ones who might have hurt us. That’s the journey of the spiritual seeker – to find the self in others and realize that perspectives change everything. We are all beings of light… <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

    PS: Did you know your "name" has my birthday in it? Nice synchronicity! : )

  12. Caitlin, thank you for sharing your experience!

    I cannot tell you how many Twins have written to me distraught because a psychic has told them their Twin is cheating or they are “not meant to come together in this lifetime”, and so on.

    There are some genuinely gifted people out there who can assist us on our journey, and for some Twins this is a part of the path in opening up to communication with spirit and the other side – but be careful. And it’s always advised to tune in to your own inner guidance so you’re not placing it all in the hands of an outsider.

    I love how you put it, Caitlin: talking to this psychic gave you a bad feeling, like you were drained and felt worse after speaking with her. Our feelings always let us know when something is “bad” for us. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx


  13. Sam, that’s so wonderful! I’m glad you find inspiration on this blog. Have you read about my own experiences with my Twin on the other side? It doesn’t have to mean the end when someone leaves their physical life and goes on living as a soul. Whenever you’re ready, you can interact again xx

    There are 7 chapters in “My Twin Flame Story”, starting here:

    Cassady <3 x

  14. Hi, I have the question about “the past”: shall I also let go good memories from the past in the relationship with Twin Flame when we’re now separated? As it’s obvious that releasing painful memories need to be cleared, do I have to let go of the loving past remembers too?

  15. Dear Cassidy,
    Thank you very much for your response. It really helped me.
    Thank you for everything that you are doing; words cannot describe my gratitude! <3<3

  16. Cassady,

    I love your emails. They are so insightful, helpful and make me feel like I am not going crazy (or alone in this!). You are just wonderful!

    I have reunited with my Twin Flame. I met him last November. And I was ecstatic about it.

    I have had this piece of my heart missing since I was three years old and as soon as he and I met, that “searching” in my heart vanished. We immediately hit it off. Everyone we know said there was something very special there. There are (and have been) the strangest and most blatent sign throughout my life about him. I have experienced all of the stages, I glimpsed him before we met, I recognized him as soon as I saw him, etc.

    He is a photographer and, instead of him asking me out like I felt he would, he went to Hawaii to photograph Pipe. He didn’t try to keep in touch with me or anything! He was able to just leave without looking back. It was heartbreaking.

    It has been almost a year now and I have seen him maybe four times throughout it. Each time, the unearthly feeling comes back as though I have known him forever. Even if we touched there was an energy there that I have only read about in romance novels. The past four or five months he has traveled throughout the US and I haven’t heard from him. Nothing.

    The ridiculous similarities between us, the energy and the attraction is unreal, yet he just walks away from it. From me. Like I don’t affect him. I am left here unable to move on, feeling like a moron and he’s off traveling as though we had never met.

    Since I was little I have been able to feel people’s “intentions” or feel their energies. If they are a positive or negative energy. With my TF I saw him call me his wife the first day we saw each other. However, he never physically said it. Hard to explain. It was like I saw into the future. But at this rate, it looks like he is quite happy on the road alone. I feel…let down.

    feel like it IS him, but his actions prove otherwise. Where do I go from here?

  17. This is wonderful! This article reminded me a lot of things I have been doing and the things I shouldn’t be doing. When reading this some of my fears came up to the surface yet while reading it inspired me to clear them away, which I decided to write down all of my fears and energy clear them away. It is a beautiful reminder that there is hope in every situation and we aren’t as helpless as we thought. I love how you tell us we have power over our situation while other Twin Flame bloggers/psychics… well…. say we have to surrender or there is really nothing we can do, because it just is. It is lovely to have someone out there who can tell us about Twin Flames without bias or personalizing every experience and call it truth for every Twin Flame. I can totally stand by to what you have written because I went through this myself, “…if you get negative feedback it can destabilize you for days.” This is true. So true. A psychic told me he wasn’t my Twin Flame and we will never meet again and what I feel is just a lingering energy from our past life together. THIS alone destabilized me for 2 weeks! But in the end I decided to pick myself up and disregard what she said. It was hard yes but it is achievable to move forward away from the pain and negativity. I’m still learning to trust myself in all of this process about Twin Flames but in all honesty, your blogs have helped me so much! I have done your energy clearing for over a month and it most certainly made me more sensitive to my Twin Flame’s energy. It’s pretty awesome! Because the energy clearing alone made it so clear who my Twin is regardless of a “professional” psychic’s insights. Thank you Cassady I am glad and grateful that the Universe led me to your website! Much love and light!

  18. I totally agree with you! I went through a similar situation just like you did the only thing was she told me he isn’t my Twin Flame. At the start of the session I felt a sinking sensation but went along anyways since I’ve already paid her. But yes be careful who we choose to speak with, sometimes reviews don’t always speak for the Reader. That session left me devastated but in the end I realized something, it taught me to look for answers within me. It was a harsh lesson but it did me good. I hope everything goes well with you!

  19. This is something I needed to hear. In the next few days there is a possibility of meeting my twin in person again after more than 20 years apart. I am trying hard to be positive but the negativity and old expectations keep coming up. I’m really trying to clear those thoughts and be positive.

  20. Hi Seraph,

    Ultimately only you know what’s good to keep vs tidy away for you personally. I’d say, do the bad memories first at the very least! : ) Allow your soul to help you tune into what’s most important for you x

  21. Hi Elizabeth, Have a look at this article I think you’ll find a lot of useful info in this article:

    It’s technically about letting them know they’re your twin in subtle ways but it really describes how it works, that the unawakened twin is always aware on some level. Have a look at this one too:

    And yes, the truth is you can clear for both of you 100% but spirit seems to always indicate a combination of connecting with your twin on a soul level to ignite their soul identity again from the inside as well as clearing. That way, they themselves will also be working for it even if they’re unaware of energy clearing tools.

    You are a team, your twin flame’s higher self is showing me to write to you – it’s just that you’re not consciously aware of how he’s helping you… Things are shifting, even if it seems slow right now. He loves you so much. Ask your Twin’s higher self to be with you and show you how he really feels underneath it all… <3

    Sending you love and light! Cassady x

  22. Thank you for your reply Sarah! I appreciate the confirmation of this, it helps to have someone tell me I’m not the only one to go through this particular kind of situation with my twin lol. I plan to start using Cassidy’s energy tools soon!

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