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Are Soul Contracts, Past Life Karma and Secret Fears Keeping You Apart From Your Twin? A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Love and Union Happen on All Levels…

Thank you everyone who writes to me with love and with questions – I so appreciate you!

I want you to know I’m truly grateful for you reaching out. However, I’m not able to answer everyone personally due to the volume of messages – but I do whatever I can to answer you here on the blog!

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One thing I see every day, is that Twin Flames all over the world are dealing with the same issues.

And if you’re hurting right now, I can tell you for certain that things CAN change for the better –  much faster than you might think.

I’ve seen in hundreds of cases how Twins’ connection changes once you begin working with your energy vibration and your core beliefs.

This is why I created the Free Session with a powerful energy cleanse tool to get you started on raising your vibration and clearing your chakras to begin shifting your situation right now.

Twin Flame Energy Session

Not sure? Have a look at the experiences other Twins have had with this and my other energy tools here.


Today’s question is another one I’m frequently asked by Twins from all over the world:

“How Can My Twin Flame And I Get Together In Physical Reunion, Not Just On the Soul Planes/5D?”

“You say that Twin Flames are never apart on the soul level, I have no doubt about this – but what about the earth level, how can I manifest this reunion concretely on earth level?” – Seraphine

Thank you for this important question, Seraphine! Many Twins are interacting on the soul planes but still apart physically, whether it’s because you live in different countries or are in ‘separation’ or in other relationships – so I’m glad to get to address this important issue today.

I’m glad you mention that Separation doesn’t apply to Twin Flames as we are the same original consciousness – we’re never truly “apart”. That’s completely true.

But that’s not to say it’s wrong for us to want to be together in the “real world” too! So today, we’re looking at how to make that happen.

There are a few important things that impact this situation.

First, let’s look at what might be getting in the way of your Physical Reunion:


#1) Past Life Issues – Is Karma Getting in the Way?

I’ve seen many Twins whose past life experiences keep them in an unconscious pattern of feeling that it’s unsafe to come together in the physical world. Most often this is because of painful experiences from the past (war, abandonment, forced separation).

This means these Twins on some level have a fear that bad things will happen if they come together in the “real world”. They feel safe and happy to unite in the “5D” or soul realms but are blocking physical reunion.

Clearing this karma will remove the block – opening up for all parts of you to feel safe and good to come together yet again.

Karma means something unhealed – where a part of us is “stuck” in a past trauma and sending out that same fear signal to the universe over and over. We often have karma from our current life too.

A lot of love blocks and diffuse health issues (the type where there’s no clear medical diagnosis) are based in karma – trauma from the past. It can truly transform our lives to deal with and clear karma. It opens us up to positive conscious creation rather than being locked to a cycle of negativity.

For simple but effective karma clearing tools and info on how karma really works and how to deal with it – have a look here.

I use karma clearing all the time still, and it helped me move huge blocks on my own journey. To read about a particular karmic pattern my Twin and I had and how we got over it, have a look here.


#2) Unlearned “Lessons” – Do You Have Unfinished Business Where You Are/With Someone Else?

We’ve all chosen our place of birth and the people we grow up around. Before we reincarnate our spirit and our Twin’s meticulously engineer our life circumstances to help us with our desired soul growth and mission for this lifetime.

We often have soul contracts not only with particular people, like soul mates, but also with collectives. We often have soul contracts with our native country, the other inhabitants there, and soul contracts with our families and people who are central in our upbringing.

Having “unfinished” business with others can be a pullback from relocating geographically and from shifting out of one life situation and into another (such as getting together with your Twin).

Similarly, attachments to others who would unconsciously prefer you to stay put (family, most often) will energetically act against your own desire to move.

Attachments to lovers from the past or people you’re currently involved with – such as family or “old” friends – can interfere with your desire to reunite physically with your Twin.

Therefore, clearing attachments and resolving old outdated soul contracts will help clear you up to get together in the physical with your Twin.

We go through this both in the Vibrational Alignment Program I created for Twin Flames – my step by step guide to Twin Flame Union – and in the Energy Clearing Sessions for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

#3) Toxic “Baggage” – Are Fear Patterns/Negative Beliefs Secretly Sabotaging You?

I see this often with Twins. The human tendency is to think that if we want something, that’s it! It’s done and completed.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We forget that the human psyche is complex and deep, and that an estimated 95% of our thought activity is unconscious.

The unconscious is the storehouse of all our fears, past hurts, beliefs, doubts and negative expectations. And these create counter-intentions to our conscious desires.

Say you want to get together with your Twin Flame in the physical, but unconsciously you feel that where they live is unsafe for you, or that relationships usually end unhappily, or that men usually betray women, or that you might not be able to afford the move…

These are all working directly against your desire to get together with your Twin. It’s like trying to drive a car right and left at the same time – it doesn’t work. The car just stops.

On the Twin Flame journey, it’s important to get clear on our counter-intentions so we can deal with this. Fear is the number one basis of counter intentions, and often fear is based in beliefs we’ve been “fed” by others in our upbringing.

To begin mapping out your counter-intentions, get out a piece of paper and write out your desire. Then, note down all of the negative implications.

Like: It might not work out. Your Twin might change their mind and decide not to want to be with you. You might not find a good job where they live. The universe might not support you, otherwise it would have happened already. And so on… All the fears and doubts you might have. Write until you can’t think of anything else.

Next, get out a new piece of paper and write down all the “Best Case Scenarios” for your desired situation. You and your Twin might enjoy being together even more than you had hoped. Life is short and it will be a fun adventure. You’d love to experience living a different place. There are more opportunities there for you. And anything else you can think of.

This is feeding your unconscious mind with positive info that supports what you desire, helping all of you to align with your getting together.

Lastly, clear all the negatives either by tearing up or burning (in a safe place) the list of fears and doubts, or by using energy clearing tools. I’d recommend energy clearing as it erases these negatives from your whole being.

Try the free energy cleanse tool in the Free Kit for Twin Flames to begin with and intend that the light flushes all of these fears out of you, or to go deeper, have a look at the sessions here.

Now, as our second part of the process, we begin to actively create and manifest your desire. Now you’ve begun clearing out the blocks, you’ll find that it’s much easier and smoother than before!


#1) Set Your Intention – Feel As If You Have it Already

Visualize your ideal situation often (for a specially created visualization for Twins, go here). Write it down. Get into the feeling energy of having your ideal physical reunion NOW.

Avoid getting into feeling sad or disappointed that it hasn’t happened yet. ****There is a HUGE difference between the energy signal of HAVING something vs WANTING something!****

WANTING usually has an energy of not having it yet, which attracts more of NOT having it…

So surround yourself with reminders of what it would be like to be in your joyous physical reunion right now. What would you be doing, saying, wearing, feeling, thinking? What would it look like? Script it in writing, visualize it, make a vision board and make this your focus.

Act as if it’s already happened. This is what keeps you aligned with it and attracting it to you without interruptions and blocks. Creative Visualization Meditations are my favorite way to manifest – guided along by my voice you can get the “easy way” to manifest Twin Flame harmony too.

I’ve created a special track for Twins, including some “unconscious tricks” to help all of your mind get on board with creating love and unity – you’ll find it in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

#2) If More Blocks/Negativity Comes Up, Clear Them!

When we set the intention to manifest something, our soul begins to bring our attention to whatever might be in the way of it.

This is why the Twin Flame journey often brings up so much struggle. When we send the signal that we desire to unite in love, our soul shows up all the things that are blocking that very thing.

So make sure you clear what comes up! That’s how you open up to creating and experiencing it. For easy tools to do that, go here.

I’ve noticed that many people seem to think that meditating means clearing, or that thinking about letting something go means clearing the energy. It doesn’t.

Meditation can lift your energy vibration temporarily and help you attune with your soul, but it can’t permanently eradicate negative karma or energy triggers of things like running and separation.

Energy clearing tools are completely different from meditation. They are instant and allow you to use your power as an infinite being to permanently erase any causes of blocks and disharmony, even those that aren’t conscious to you.

#3) Stay Focused on Your Desire – Keep Going

Remember that energy is 100% predictable – therefore manifestation is too.

f you stay aligned with your desire and remove any blocks in the way of it, it MUST happen at some point. The laws of energy ALWAYS match like with like.

So if you can hold the vibration of Physical Reunion consistently, you will be drawing it to you more and more. It might not happen instantly, but it can be a lot faster than you’d expect.

Things really can change overnight. Remember to stay in the feeling of having it now and clear the blocks with energy tools.

Learning energy clearing and vibrational management was the turning point for my own journey and it’s helped so many other Twins too. Have a look at their testimonials here, and get started with the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames right now.

I hope you found this useful. If you have questions, make sure you use the search box to see if I’ve already covered the issue. I have over 300 articles with free help and advice for you on this site and in the sessions.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey.
I believe in you! <3

(If you want to work with me more closely and get personalized help for your journey, apply for my Twin Flame Coaching program here)

Cassady x

“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.” – Erin B, Indiana, USA

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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  1. Dear Cassady, my twin is staying in his marriage because of his infant son, so what if the ‘soul contract’ isn’t outdated yet, and my twin agreed to be with his son for another 10 years, does that mean we can’t come together physically until the contract ends??? Please help! I pray that you’ll answer this question xxxx

  2. Thanks so much Cassady for this article, it is well timed! I try hard to be aware of being positive and working on myself to overcome the TF struggles of separation but when doing the negative list (& Best case scenarios list) I realised how many different nano second thoughts come into my mind about reunion – my list was enormous and many just pop into your mind and out without you really realising it and also how it really affects you deep within. A lot of work to do:) As soon as I put together the positives list, i felt so much lighter and brighter so will put this into my journal to remind me!! Lots of light.

  3. Always on point and so helpful. This is such a beautiful journey especially when things are aligned and cleared. Thank you again for this…much love and love!!

  4. Cassady,

    Every time I’m dealing with an issue, it’s addressed in these blog posts. It is so mind-boggling!!!!! I’ll get upset or thrown off because of my own doubts or thoughts, then read your/Spirit’s messages and just laugh! It’s amazing how things work. Thank you for doing what you do. <3

  5. This post is so relevant to my current situation. Just last night as I was using the connection tool from the free kit, I was unexpectedly more emotional than I’ve been since I first used the connection tool. I began to tear up as I looked at my twin flame and realized how much I missed him and wanted to see him in the physical. Even after I was done with the guided meditation, I was still sad and had to wipe my tears away. I’ve been doing my best to visualize me and my TF together in union, but I’ve realized from this post I still align with wanting more than having even when I don’t mean to. When I catch myself I try and switch my way of thinking and visualize us together and happy. Cassady, is there anything that my spirit guides would like me to know at this point? And what could’ve caused the emotional flare up last night during my energy clearing session? I’m trying my best to remain positive and appreciate every little blessing that comes my way. I know I just have to remain patient and I will continue to do everything in my power to make union happen for the both of us.

  6. Dear Cassidy,
    Thank you so much for your help. I have been experiencing so much growth and improvement since I have started reading your blogs and using the energy cleansing tools. Recently, I have been wondering about the situation that my arise between the so called awakened and sleeping twins. Until recently I have been thinking that I am the awakened twin and my twin flame is the sleeping one. However, recently I have started recalling conversations that I had with my twin flame, when I first met him.And most of them were spiritually oriented. Most of them are topics, to which I am becoming aware in the moment. I am starting to question myself whether I was the sleeping twin, and my twin flame was the awakened one, who was trying to help me. Is this possible ? The fact that my twin was the awakened one, who was trying to connect with me, in this way ? I hope that my question is clear enough. Thank you once again from all my heart <3

  7. Wow, I was meant to read this article! It helps give me hope and encouragement 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Thank you so much for this article, Cassady! Here you give an answer to all my questions- I’m not the “Seraph” who asked. Especially the change of country part, as when I was physically with my twin I was struggling to find a way to immigrate to stay there permanently, and was pervaded by a toxic father father even beyond the Atlantic ocean. And also I like that you mentioned that we can be born in a country for karmic contract reasons because I never felt at home in my native country, whereas so much more alive in my TF’s homeland, even independently from with him or not.

    Your post gives me hope and reminds me that all I want is possible, beyond any expectation and illusion of impossibility. I recently used the karma cleansing session and it uplifted me incredibly fast when I was very down, and this allowed the telepathic communication to come back, and even felt again the powerful kundalini that was between us when we were in a lover relationship during the connection exercise from the Breakthrough Kit. Now time to manifest it in the physical world, as you said we never have only one chance with our Twin 🙂 <3 Thank you for all you do for us!

  9. Thank you so much for your posts! Sometimes I really struggle to have patience and understanding for my twin when she’s ‘acting out” towards me, or showing me a lack of care or compassion that I know she wouldn’t do to anyone else. This is such an interesting situation to be in, feeling so destined and committed by my heart and soul but also feeling like I’m being treated like crap half the time. I’m definitely the awakened one and I usually remind myself that if it’s hard for me imagine how hard it is for her (since she is awakening and not quite as spiritually robust as I am right now). I don’t want to pressure her ever but it’s HELLA frustrating to just get her accelerated moodiness in return –she’s a cancer so she’s already moody, but now when she’s “hot” she’s slowly increasing in affections and when she’s “cold” she’s brutally cold, like worse than before. Sometimes I don’t even know what to do because I try to be complimentary to her moods, but I always hold it down with love as the rock in the situation. Sigh, looks like I just need to keep working on myself, praying, and sending her love for her to come around. But yes your posts have been educating me more on the subject and offer light to me when I feel like I need to give up. I kind of can’t give up anyways because the 2 times I’ve tried the Angels and Guides have bombarded me with signs about her until I give in again. At this point as much as I truly desire reunion I really just want her to be consistently nicer to me LOL! I’ve sent her one article of yours I hope she’s been reading your stuff and quietly plugging away at her own karma, not just for us but for her personal happiness–she is pure light when she’s happy! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen really…Keep writing for my sanity as well as everyone who is destined to cross your blog! Thank you for all of your light work Cassady <3

  10. Hi Sonia,

    I’m so glad you write this so other Twins can see it too – often we think we’re doing everything right and it’s just not working, when the truth is that we’re actually the ones sabotaging ourselves unconsciously…

    It’s such a common human thing to forget about what “lurks under the surface”, when those are the very things working against our desires. This inner alchemy and getting to know our unconscious mind is such a huge help on this journey!

    Well done for doing this for yourself, I’m so happy you noticed the almost instant shift! <3 Sending you love and light x

  11. Hi Renegade1122,

    Spirit tells me visualization works in two ways for twins, not only is is extra powerful in terms of deliberately creating positive futures, raising our timelines and moving into positive energies for the pair – because we’re always connected – but it’s also more than just “imagination”. When we visualize ourselves with our Twin we’re actually engaging with them on the 5D planes…

    <3 x Cassady

  12. This is so familiar to my story. I’ve often wondered the same or if maybe the fact that he brought up these topics was just so that I would later (now) be open to believing and accepting the truth of our connection. So much of what he said then is so relevant to all that I’ve learned on this TF journey now that we’ve have not been in communication. At the time it was interesting but I didn’t understand it the way I do now. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are welcome and thank you so much for sharing, as well. As you said, things do make so much more sense now. And I do believe that my twin was the one helping me at that time, because I often experience synchronicity when I think about this situation.

  14. Thank you for everything. It’s been less than a week since I found this community and it’s been incredibly helpful. I can’t believe how much has changed in just a few days. I’m now excited about the journey, slowly letting go of all my fears and past hurts. I can feel them melting away and it’s the most incredible feeling in the world. I’m aware I still have a lot (and I mean A LOT) to do but I’m currently filled with trust and gratitude. THANK YOU.

  15. I read the article about how to tell if this is your true twinflame as you suggested… well, I felt all of these feelings, but this person avoids me so I don’t think they feel them as well. So I’m wondering, is this just a soul contract that has ended to prepare me for what’s next? How do I know? I felt the energy but I don’t want to hold on to something just because I want it to be real.

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