‘One Soul In Two Bodies’: The Journey of Returning to Original Bliss – The Twin Flame Soul Song, Alchemical Merging, Vibrational Alignment, Unconditional Love … Your questions answered. 

Another hotly discussed topic that I receive questions about every week, is the Twin Flame Union or Reunion process. Many Twins are unsure how this works and whether they’re in this process, how it will affect them and whether they’re making the right choices along the way.

You Can’t Get it “Wrong”

Know that your choices are always “right”, because you’re here on earth to learn and explore. As long as you’re learning something, you’re doing the “right” thing.

If you want to experience ever more joy and happiness with your Twin and this is a focus for you – my personal experience and insight from coaching Twins all over the world says that energy clearing and vibrational management is the fastest, smoothest solution. 

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An Ongoing Process

All Twin Flames are ultimately on a journey back to each other and to Union in some way or another – for some it’s direct and smooth, for others it winds back and around itself for healing purposes.

Reunion is above all an energetic process of bringing both Twins’ systems into one whole – this is why all the past negativity is forced up to the surface in Ascension leading up to Reunion, and this is why energy clearings are crucial on this journey.

Union is a theme and a process underlying all Twins’ interactions whether we’re connecting in person, across continents or across life and death.

It’s a journey of healing, integration and self love, not just love for another. 

Remember as always that each Twin pair’s journey is unique and individual because we all have a different karmic and energetic background, with varied experiences and “baggage”.

There’s no “wrong” way to go about this journey, so be gentle with yourself and stay open to the process unfolding in what might potentially be unexpected ways.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Hi Cassady. Through law of attraction, when you’re visualising being in a loving relationship, not with your twin but just in general, is it possible to attract someone else who is alignment with your vibration or will it only be your twin that comes to you?

  2. Dear Cassady, what happens if twins don’t reunite by the end of their lives because they never somehow manage to get into vibrational alignment because for instance they don’t have access to the knowledge about clearing their energy etc? I ask this because you said there’s no guarantees on this journey and we have freewill choice.

  3. Hi Cassady. I have felt a connection with a certain person much like what the Twin Flame connection is described as, (That is how I first began reading about this topic in the first place.) I felt the most intense connection to this person a couple years ago, when I had multiple dreams and just felt a crazy connection to that person.

    He was the runner though and we never ended up getting together and I just got hurt. He eventually got another girlfriend and I pushed him out of my mind to try focusing on other things and my life. Recently he has appeared again in my life through various random meetings, he seems very happy to see me.

    I just don’t feel the connection the same way anymore… I think because I have pushed myself away so much to avoid getting hurt or wasting my time. Is this a real TF connection since I don’t know if I feel it as intensely as I used to? He still has a girlfriend too.

  4. Hi Cassady. You say that twins must be in alignment before Union can take place which makes perfect sense, after all, Source wouldn’t want twins to unite if they’re going to suffer. But many apparent twins have talked about having come together and then breaking up because of the baggage that came up. Is it possible for twins to unite before they are actually ready?

  5. Thank you, Cassady, for your uplifting and positive messages. I look forward to reading your posts every Monday and Friday. I repost your work on my public Facebook page for other Twins who, like me, may be struggling with their journey. But you help provide a voice of reason in a process that can make you feel a little crazy. Your website is a great resource, as well as a gathering place, for all Twins to come to common understanding and help bring about healing and reunion. Ultimately, so we may all work toward healing the world.

    Your positive energy is always a welcome part of my week. Thank you, again. Sending you #Light! Even though this blog may be a burden sometimes, you are helping people in ways you may not even be fully aware of. Gravity is an illusion; it’s actually the thing that allows to fly.

    Best wishes–


  6. Yes! I have been wondering about this lately, too. I feel like the dynamic between who I believe is my Twin, and myself, has changed. I don’t feel it as intensely as before and I feel angry with her and tired of all of things I’ve gone through with her. So I’m wondering the same thing as you. If this could still be considered somewhat normal in the realm of Twin Flames and if this is mainly related to all the negative energy and “baggage” coming up to be cleared.

  7. Thanks Cassady, its so hard to find information that resonates fully most articals i read make me feel like i can never live up to this perfection that they’re telling me i need to achieve so i just stopped looking. Ive been with my twin flame for 12 years we are getting married in November we dont meditate every day and go about our lives sometimes unconventionally but we’re always moving forward on our journey even when it feels like we’re not. You’re right there is no set way to get there i believe its all about the individual journeys. Its so refreshing and encouraging to hear you say that we are perfect just how we are after all this is all about unconditional self love. Roxy.

  8. I love my Twin so much, and I believe we are in a state of Alchemical Marriage frequently. This Union is my spiritual path and my greatest priority, though I may resist it often! It is getting stronger, this Unity between us, although there are still blocks. I no longer go into complete darkness when I’m not in connection with him. There is more security, I guess, and things feel calmer, more peaceful, although still incredibly intense and BIG! Almost too BIG sometimes! However, we are still estranged physically. He is married, which is part of the issue. And we are both proud. And he is definitely holding me at bay. It was crazy between us when we were in the same space physically! Although it was also amazing, of course! (He was the leader of a spiritual group I was part of) What I would like to know is, do the Twins have to be together physically in order to experience the completion of their Union? Or can this happen purely on a Metaphysical/Spiritual level? Although I still long to see him, I’ve mostly accepted things as they are. I get messages from Him all the time, and many gifts! I know His Love for me!

  9. Wow…reading your blog was like reading my own story in full detail… I have the same connection with my twin… I know he is my twin.. He is also married …sends me messages and gifts…is the great spiritual guy in town that councils so many in pain..a true light worker… but we struggle with this ..it’s a process that we are both growing from..I hold faith in the process of the divine….very intense though

  10. This is awesome! TI love the infographic. Is there any way to get a printed version of these awesome posts?

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