Including: Why You’re Not Just A “Pair” You Are Already One, Sharing Dreams, Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma, and more… Plus, Did You Know that in the Later Stages of Union New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?

First of all I want to thank you all for being a part of the growing Twin Flames 11:11 community – I’m so happy to read about this site makes a positive difference to so many of you!

If you’ve contacted me personally I want you to know I’m so grateful for you reaching out – I know it can feel very vulnerable to open your heart that way…

Unfortunately I get so many emails and messages from Twins every week that I don’t get the chance to respond personally.

But I want you to know I read everything! And what I do see in the hundreds of emails I get every week is that Twins all over the world are dealing with the same issues.

To immediately help with anything you might be struggling with right now, I would recommend energy clearing and management – experience a free Twin Flame healing here

Twin Flame Energy Session

Energy work is the most powerful method I’ve encountered on this journey, and it’s worked wonders for so many other Twins too – you can read about some of their amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit.


So onto today’s article. Because so much of the writing on Twin Flames focuses on the hardship and negativity of the connection, I again felt it was time to flip the coin on this and remind ourselves of the gift of being a Twin Flame.

Not only can it be a wonderful reminder to shift our perspective, but focusing on the positives actually means our energy shifts to allow more of it in. This is how energy works – it’s self-enforcing. What we focus on, we get more of.

If you keep thinking about your Twin Running, the Universe doesn’t “understand” that you don’t want your Twin to run. All it registers is that you keep sending out the energy signal of your Twin Running and you being upset, and accordingly it matches you up with this.


We create with our thoughts/focus/words/feelings: The best way to avoid negativity from an energy perspective is to not engage with it. If you want something to not happen – avoid focusing on it.

Instead, allow this article to help you re-focus on the positive, amazing, miraculous aspects of the Twin Flame connection! This in itself will align you with more of the good.

And I would love to hear from you in the comment section below about your peak experiences with your Twin!

What’s been the most inspiring, happy, miraculous, mysterious experiences you’ve had together? Please share in a clear, brief comment and help inspire other Twins to know that “miracles” can happen!

twin flames

7 Amazing Facts
About The Twin Connection


Remember the butterflies, the strange feeling in the pit of your being that this was something you’d never experienced before?

The strange magnetic pull between you and your Twin, maybe even physical heart palpitations? The surreal feeling that this was something completely out of the ordinary?

When Twin Souls meet and interact, our souls “click in” and our whole systems react to finding the “missing part” of our energy. For most Twins, there is nothing else like that feeling of “home” we get when we meet each other.

Often, Twins live their lives feeling a bit subdued emotionally, like there’s something “missing” on a deep level they might not be able to put their finger on.

When you meet your Twin, this feeling is completely replaced by a sense of wholeness. There’s nothing quite like it. To feel the Unconditional Love of coming home to your mirror soul…

Most people on earth live whole lives without ever feeling that Unconditional Love of their heart connecting with another’s…

As a Twin Flame you get to experience this not just once, but to journey together toward this being ultimately your way of life. To get to live that love from the inside out. How amazing is that?

(Watch a video on the 22 signs of Twin Flame recognition here for more)



Remember the rush of realization and excitement when you first began to notice number sequences like 11:11 and 333 pop up wherever you went? The feeling that something not of this world, or out of the ordinary was trying to communicate with you? The feeling that you were being guided?

The Twin Flame journey is full of significant symbols, messages, subtle indications that physical reality is only a small part of existence.

The thrill of experiencing this for the first time, often after an early life of feeling that there was nothing “out there”, is incredible! For many Twins this is the first feeling ever of there being a deeper meaning to existence, and it can be a huge rush.

Most people on earth live their lives feeling that the physical reality of everyday chores, bills, work, family is all there is. Twin Flames get to live the adventure of this world and beyond. To live with the excitement of an unfolding journey into greater meaning and mystery.

If you’re interested in looking up the meaning of particular repeating number sequences such as 777, 111, 888, have a look here….


Nearly all Twin Flames share significant experiences together in the form of dreams and sleep journeys. Many Twins actually dream the same dream, where both experience it the same way.

These dream experiences can be wonderful connections of emotions, physical love and joy, where the hassles of the daily physical world take a back seat and love becomes the focus once more.

Often, Twins wake up from these dreams with a feeling of being completely fulfilled and nourished by each other’s love.

Many Twins’ first encounter actually occurs in dreams, where their energies “activate” each other back to recognition through Unconditional Love heart to heart.

This often happens when Twins encounter each other remotely (like through the internet), and was the case for me personally (to read about this, go here).

Some Twins carry on physical love relationships on the dream planes and in astral journeys for years – some without fully realizing or remembering it in the waking world.

When we go to sleep at night, the waking ego consciousness relaxes its control and the Twin Flames’ souls can come together peacefully in love no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

To remember more of these dreams and actively engage in lucid dreaming (where you are aware that you are dreaming, and can control your dreamscape) have a look at energy clearing.

When we remove congestion and others’ energies, we become more attuned to our inner dreamscapes and intuitive abilities. There are also courses in Lucid Dreaming available online if you’re interested in investigating further.

Dreams and astral experiences are a common way for the Twins’ higher selves and guides to give indications, signs and information about ongoing energy work, blocks that need to be resolved, to trigger memories and help the journey move forward.

To read more about decoding these dreams and symbols, have a look at this article on interpreting dreams, signs, symbols on the Twin Flame journey.



There’s nothing quite like the kick of realizing for the first time that you are “talking” to someone else in your mind, or sharing information with another in a conscious way.

Often, this begins as small phrases popping up here and there. Strange words or images or songs you suddenly realize are floating around in your mind, and didn’t come from you…

As time goes on, many Twins open their telepathic communication so fully that they can converse even when they are physically apart. And excitingly, Telepathy has now been scientifically proven to exist!

Telepathy of words/images/emotion/meaning is one of the hallmarks of The True Twin Flame connection – because Twins are two aspects of the same original consciousness, they are always “tuned into each other’s channel”!

However, some Twins are so congested with energy and others’ attachments, that their channel isn’t open. If this is you, don’t worry.

It can be remedied with energy clearing methods – the clearer our channel, the more communication can come through (to get started on that, click here – I have a module specifically for Twin Flame telepathy and remote interaction).

You could actually be so mentally busy that you’ve not noticed the telepathic communication going on, so try quieting your mind a few minutes each day to open up the space to receive again.


One of the most wonderful aspects of the Twin journey, although challenging at times, is the awakening from “the sleep” of earthly life. The majority of humanity live in a tightly boxed off space of repeating the same actions, thoughts and experiences over and over.

Most people live on the wheel of karma – stuck in repeated experiences, where “free will” is more an expression than a reality.

Twin Flame Awakening and Ascension can be traumatic – to be removed emotionally and intellectually from everything you’ve ever known. This is why it’s done gradually.

Peeling back layer by layer, so that we can adjust as we go along and awaken to our deeper soul selves. Common to Twin Flame awakening is that our eyes are opened to a larger reality.

On the Twin Flame Journey we learn that we are not just human beings, but souls experiencing physical life.

That we are not just the small “ego self” we’ve been shown as we grew up, but that we are unlimited consciousness that does not conform to titles, gender, age, residence or any other earthly category.

We are the universe expressing itself, and our bodies are made of the same material as stars (you can even read about the science behind this here).

Twin Flames are part of a small but growing group of fortunate human beings who get to “awaken” while alive on earth, to get to experience the larger existence here in the physical reality. This is such a rare thing!

To open up more to this, you’ll benefit from clearing any ancestral “reality grids” you’ve inherited and been anchored into… and connecting up to the higher consciousness grids of 5D – where unconditional love and unity of souls exists.

We do this and much more in the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session…!

twin flame awakening


Often there is a subtle undercurrent in Twins’ lives before meeting each other – to always be on the lookout for someone you’re not sure who is. To be searching for one who is like you. To seek your “missing heart” in others as you journey through life. Until you finally find that one person.

When Twin Flames meet and events and synchronicities increase to the degree that many begin to question whether they’re “going crazy” or are making things up…

The subtle soul reality tells us something different…

This initial awakening period is a challenging push and pull between intuitive knowing and the logical mind… In this period, we begin to realize more and more that we are not just meeting and interacting with a person who is like us. We are actually interacting with ourselves, in some deep way.

This is the crux of the difficulty and the beauty of the Twin Soul connection – that we are not just “pairs” or “couples” but that we are already one. Once you begin to look for this oneness – everything begins to shift.

Throughout the Twin Flame journey, our souls are constantly trying to show us this, and most Twins share significant similarities and early life experiences with each other. Mannerisms, preferences, feeling tendencies, family structures, interests, passions, dislikes and likes…

These are not just signs that you have found a “good fit” but that you are meeting yourself mirrored. It can be an amazing and mind-blowing experience to realize this!

But for many Twins this aspect of the journey can also be understandably challenging as it goes against everything we’ve ever experienced.

If you are in a stage of finding this process difficult or “too much” – stretching you beyond your boundaries and stirring up turmoil in you, please try the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames. When you clear your energy and funnel in new light, you’ll feel much more calm, settled and whole in yourself again.

Read more about this in “The Spiritual Method – How I Reunited With My Twin”


When Twin Flames Reunite in the “Alchemical Union” or “Hieros Gamos”, their whole energetic systems are brought online with each other.

For myself and my Twin Soul this happened bit by bit, first in a ceremony where our Chakras were connected to each other with cords, then in increased reconnections of more of our systems, the unification of the Akashic Records of past/current lives and timelines and so forth.

Gradually more and more of our systems were integrated back together.

After we reached Union I created the Vibrational Alignment Program to help other Twins do the same as well.

For some Twins Union happens on the soul planes without them being consciously aware of it – many are too mentally “busy” to be open to receiving information from their higher faculties on this. Meditating and clearing congestion with energy tools is a great way to stay open to this kind of communication – you will be shown what’s happening, in some way.

When Twins’ souls are “merging” we step deeper and deeper into Unification, and often Twins notice each others’ memories surfacing and an increase in sharing emotions and personality traits/mannerisms.

Unification opens up the channels more and more. On the soul planes we go from being “separately connected” to being “one whole”.

When the time comes that Twins are Reunited in Soul, this is a union of joy and love. In later stages of this Union process, not only the 7 main chakras are connected, but also the higher three chakras that extend up beyond the crown. Eventually, new collective chakras are activated and brought online.

The “new” unlocked Chakras are unified from the beginning – they are the first ones in the Twins’ system that are actually unified and shared to start with.

These are high vibratory, high dimensional Chakras that enable the Twin Flames to function more and more as a unit, bridging  the gap between the earthly self and the higher self more and more…

This is ultimately how Twin souls unite to “bring about heaven on earth” – allowing high vibration energies to flow through both to their own joy and to assist all of existence into greater balance. Integrating their high dimensional consciousness onto the earth planes more and more, allowing for an open flow of love and light.

To assist you and your Twin in this process and remove any negative triggers from your systems, have a look at this Harmony Healing that was channeled to me – including downloading new light codes and unifying your systems safely.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Again, I’m so glad you’re here, and please always remember that you are on this journey because you are infinitely capable – you yourself know that you hold the key to returning to Unconditional Love and Union!

I hope you found this article inspiring, and I would love to hear about your own experiences with the positives of the Twin Flame connection

What have the most miraculous, mind-blowing moments been on your journey? Please leave a comment with your “peak experiences” below!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For a step by step, high vibrational method to harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

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  1. I am surprised there are no comments here yet! I will share that the ceremony you talked about has happened with my Twin and I. I have felt our chakras align and merge on several occasions. It was the most blissful feeling as if we were finally whole and able to breathe and relax into the feeling instead of searching. I cannot wait to have that experience in the flesh. I also saw him put a ring on my finger almost two years ago. I feel it often when I think about him or if I know he is thinking about me. It is a ring of light on my left ring finger as if we are already married. I feel his love, I feel when he is working on our soul and uplifting us into higher vibrations. I keep saying we are close to Union, that I feel it right around the corner. More and more I am realizing it is in the NOW, we are already One. Lately I have been seeing visualizations of us being together, happy and joyfully living a life of love and light that uplifts everyone we encounter. It is more real, more grounded into visions of a 3D reality than it has ever been. Our 5D connection has been mana to me. It has kept me going and changed me in so many ways. I am grateful for this process of coming together. I would love to add physical interactions here. We seem to be a pair who is somehow in confusion about who we are. So, I will leave that for when we are sure and in physical Union. I have had catalyst interactions as well and I am grateful for how they have helped us clear and heal. It will be clear soon. I believe. I trust. I know. WE believe, we trust, we know, we have faith this WILL happen.

  2. Where do I begin? My twin flame is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me, He’s the reason I woke up, he’s the reason I’m here..meeting him has completely transformed my life and who I thought I was, and I know I have the same effect on him and his life. I feel so blessed, every day just knowing we’re never really apart …i learnt how to recognize the messages from him when we’re not physically together, through the songs, other people’s words and messages, the feelings, images,,,we are always communicating… we feel each other’s emotions and physical sensations. When we do meet after the periods of separation, the energy is’s feels like my heart is bigger than this world. I’ve never seen so many rainbows since I met him. All those hundreds of beautiful synchronicities that happen every day. We do the same things at the same time when we’re apart. I’ve had so much wonderful evidence of this, it is truly amazing. And I am ever so grateful to you, Cassady, for my soul has guided me to yours to take me to this point of being more and more confident in myself and my twin flame. Thanks you so very much, and for all of you other twin flames….please keep faith, focus on the good stuff…because when you know, you just know xxx

  3. This is so beautiful and uplifting! After reading this post, I now feel even more inspired. Thank you, Cassady!

    As far as my peak experiences with my twin go, one comes to my mind the most: back in 2007, one night, I had this overwhelming sense of fear for my twin’s life, and so I prayed… I prayed very hard for him to be protected from whatever caused me to feel alarmed; and then the next day, I read of a mass shooting that took place at his university. Very, very scary, and so many people died, but he was spared. This has stayed with me for years, and I’m sure it’ll remain with me forever. I wasn’t aware of twin flames back then, and misunderstood the idea of soulmates; but now I know and understand our connection, and our experiences, from the core.

  4. I met my twin about 22 years ago in a work related setting: he about 30 years older than me. That same night I dreamt he walked up to me and reached out for me with his hand; ‘come with me?’ he asked. I hesitated and said: ‘I cannot’. When I saw him walking away I knew I made a big mistake. And when I woke up, I felt love like have never felt before. I left everything behind and followed my heart. It was the start of this beautiful journey that has brought me unconditional love, happiness, joy and made me remember my source, my power, my being part of all that is far beyond physical life.

    When we look into each others eyes, we do not need to speak: all is said and all is well. When we speak, which we love to do, everything flows, inspired, funny, deep, we know each others sentences, we understand without explaining. I know him deeper than anybody does and vice versa.

    The physical attraction and physical joy is unique and one of a kind: all six senses are involved and physicality mixes with non-physicality. Spirit and body in one. It is heaven on earth. True magic.

    Seeing him creates instant alignment, and vice versa. Being apart from him taught me that I can and want to find my alignment on my own. Being apart from him showed me we are never apart and always together. During our times of physical separation, we met in our dreams, which later on we both remembered.

    When we are not physically together, I feel him, I smell him, I see him, hear him. It is so easy to get there. Once I understood I am responsible for my own resistance, and that I simply have to allow myself to feel as good as I can, I saw that I can create the reality I want. Because I create everything in my reality. I now understand how I am here to enjoy my physicality, and to let that bigger non-physical part of me flow with me. I finally truly love being here. I understand now my purpose.

    Thanks to my twin I know what is true love. When he looks at me, I feel the eyes of source upon me. I am blessed with him, and with my journey, my remembering. I love. I cherish. I appreciate. He is me and I am him. All is well.

    I appreciate all the guidance I got from two special people that I attracted on my path; Cassady Cayne and Esther Hicks. They, each in their own special and beautiful way, have helped me to remember and empower myself, and thereby also my twin. Thank you. I love you more than I have words for. <3

    Love and light,

  5. This isn’t spam:
    It was more than butterflies. There was absolutely NO way I could miss that it was an outstanding moment with someone. It was unmistakable and unforgettable. It highlighted someone with floodlights and fireworks. NO ONE else has ever done that in my decades on this Earth.

    I just don’t know what in the world it makes her to me.

    I felt an electrical surge from top to bottom, which focused and lingered inside my head, inside my chest, inside the area of my stomach and made the top of my head tingle. I used to remember it as bottom to top, but it was the other way. I felt a current of energy flowing through me and I was humming internally. It almost physically moved me when it first ‘hit’. Literally. This was just from sending love to my much younger whatever she is, who is on another continent half-way around the world. It happened immediately when I concentrated on her and in my mind’s eye and saw us together with a cord between us. I felt love and ‘sent’ it to her.

    I was in this vibrating, blissful, connected place for at least 3 hours. I spent that time enjoying it, but observing it carefully also. I felt the presence of someone with me in my energy. I hope it’s her because I saw her in my mind’s eye and ‘felt’ it was her.

    That was almost 3 years ago. It has been happening to a lesser degree nearly daily since then. I feel her. Out of the blue, her image pops into my mind’s eye and then I feel this bliss and this love and feel like she is with me in spirit. I stop everything to be with her.

    Then, when I stop everything else and focus on her, I also feel the same thing. It’s a conscious action, but I observe what’s happening, I don’t imagine it. I feel a kind of limited communication in thought forms or sometimes emotions.

    She had an experience where she ”discovered herself” surrounding something I communicated to her; but on the whole, she doesn’t recognize me as anything in particular nor does she tell me that she’s feeling anything other than joy and peace during that one experience that I helped her have back in January.

    There have been strange synchronicities. The oddest was when I accidently discovered a strange thing about my previous smartphone. On her Twitter account page, her birthdate was mine, October 22. Yet, on my PC and my new phone, and everywhere else, it shows her actual date, May 19. I never shared my birthdate with Twitter.

  6. Loved this article. Your articles have been a great help. I am feeling very grateful for my twin flame connection. It has changed my life dramatically from an unhappy professional to a happy person working to heal the earth. And in the last one and a half years, since the connection appeared in 3-d I have grown lighter and happier in every way, growing aware and shedding my old patterns. Fortunately, I and my twin flame, who is also a light worker, share a caring and mutually supportive connection in 3-d, though there are challenges. He has been totally opposed to the idea of a ‘romantic’ connection that I yearn for, and in periods when the connection grows strong, negativities also surface and periods of silence occur. There have been many peak moments of connection and healing, intense moments of great joy and growth. The last two moths have been very productive in my personal growth, though at the 3d level there is silence between us, and I have started seeing number and colour signs, including 1111.. I am also now learning to recognise the subtle signs of connection and trust them — earlier I used to only trust the intense moments, and think of the subtle ones as my own mental creations. Now there is also visibly more support from the universe in my own affairs, and my motives in working in gift, which is what I am doing now, have grown purer and purer and in consequence there is more lightness and more trust that we are really one and will soon come together in the physical. There is also more gratitude for the periods of silence — 3d and 5d — which I have begun seeing as periods of working towards my own growth and ascension. Your starter kit has been great help, I practice the vibrational alignment tool nearly every day along with some other tools I found. I would really love to buy your twin flame harmony healing, but thanks to the change in my life, and because the cost is really high in Indian currency, I find I can’t afford it. However, I am not worried. I know that whatever support I need on this beautiful journey will come on its own, at the right time, in the right form. Your weekly articles are an example. 🙂 Thanks for being such a wonderful resource.

  7. Hi Cassady, I’m so glad you did this article, because I was a little exhausted by negative things not just about twin flames stories but by everything going on in the world. Strangely nobody shared their stories when it’s all about being positive…anyway. These last few days, I only keep (consciously) good memories of me and my twin, ”we are not together” in the physical but I feel his presence. And I’m using your advices with visualizations techniques and writing as if I’m already with him, it’s the only way for me to feel good and positive in this journey. Thank you so much for your help and your good spirit. Montreal, Canada

  8. Wow! Thank you for sharing, Anneliese! <3 x

    PS: Another synchronicity for you: I've been writing a book with channeled love messages which is coming out soon. What you say about seeking the "gold within" is exactly what one of the messages is about…!

  9. Hi Angelus, thank you so much for sharing! I know the life/death Twin connection can be if possible even more disruptive than to meet our Twin as another living human being… I’ve been told the same thing – to let go and forget – many times, but our souls know, and like you say there’s a reason we open up to this experience. The life/death connection is so misunderstood in our culture, people think death means the end – I’m so glad you get to experience this special connection! Wonderful symbols, see you are already opening to telepathy – the images you’re perceiving means your channel is in the process of opening xx <3

  10. Hi Dara, thank you for sharing this! I often feel that the Twins whose journey is “drama free” aren’t usually sharing their experiences online, so I’m glad you took the time to share how the connection can be all happy. Sending you both love and light <3 x

  11. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had an amazing journey together, Annie! Remember Twins are never truly separated.

    What you describe in your question – for sure this can be the case: Once when I was really low my Twin’s higher self literally made me sit down in front of the computer to write a long list what I was grateful for – while I was crying he typed it all out with me so I could shift my perspective. Thank you so much for sharing <3 x

  12. Thank you so much, Jana! <3 x Feel free to post your question here, I'd love to answer in a Q&A so other twins in similar situations can benefit too x Sending you love and light

  13. Hi Monica, thank you so much for sharing (and for making it brief – I know from the emails I receive that most twins’ experiences span years of synchronicities and amazing connections and it can be tricky to condense everything 😉 ). What a beautiful story <3 x

  14. Hello, I have been experiencing intensified signs number patterns (intensified has been 2, 3’s, 5’s) I do see 11 111, 1111, seeing at least one crow on a daily basis for the last several months , seeing my TF car EVERYWHERE, songs/lyrics out of blue that resonate w/me, feeling an energy running through my body which at times is EXTREMELY intense and may last for HOURS. Experiencing “intimate moments ” for last couple of months Most recently, I have seen his name, initials, messages on license plates, including the word KISMET (fate or destiny). I do get to interact with my TF through texts and emails as we are linked through work and I see him once/twice a week. question about what’s been happening lately is the three people closest to me/journey have been experiencing seeing crows 2. Intensified 3’s and 5’s patterns. They pause and realize this is a message for me and feel the immediate urge to tell me. I have been told “Come get your birds!!” , of course, I experience these things most frequently, but they are getting these messages for some reason . Has anyone experienced this???!!! Cassady–can you shed some light?

  15. Hi, have just joined this website, have just been reading some of the posts. Amazing!! Lovely to hear others experiencing the bliss I have been experiencing with my twinflame. Am looking forward to sharing my story with you later today. My twin flame was in spirit but has recently come through as a walk-in through soul exchange as a special gift. This has been told to me by Spirit. He is always around me and we look forward hugely to the divine timing that will bring us together in the physical. Love and Light, Rainbowstar xx

  16. My twin flame experience was beautiful and heartbreaking I dream of him before I started working their. The first time I saw him my soul was letting me know it was him. We could not keep are eye’s of each other. The energy was so strong it made him weak in the knee. Then one day he touch the back of my hand, when he realized it he took a deep breath and we look deep into each other eye’s as my heart was beating with his my soul was getting warmer and in the corner of my eye’s I started seeing colors of our Aura’s mixing together. At that very moment we connected we was telepathic we never spoke much to each other because we would look into each other eye’s and we just knew what was being said. But he got a knew job and moved away. It was heartbreaking. We love each other so deeply and we just walked away from each other. I still see him in my dreams or hear his name on the radio and TV along with it his name on cars advertisement his name not that common. But I know his thinking of me. Seeing 1111,2222,3333 when I see his name I know it’s meant for me. We have not spoken in three year it gets easier day by day

  17. ?I’m with you there. It’s an amazing journey. One step closer everyday. The only way to go is forward

  18. Hi Sena,

    Thanks for your question! Nuri is right – our true guides are always uplifting and loving – this is not true guidance your friend has been getting.

    Try to detach from the situation, and visualize yourself protected in a bubble of light. Know that any negative consciousness trying to get involved is just “energy stuff” that can’t harm you or your friend. If she stops listening and interacting with this “voice” it will stop having a hold on her.

    I would advise you to not listen to anything that’s been said by this person/voice. But don’t be scared of it either. It’s just “nonsense” – energy. Using the cleanse tool in the free downloads will help you detach from it and lift up into truth.

    Sending you love and light xx <3

  19. Take time to heal and nurture yourself. Don’t take it personally. He may have things to work through on his own and maybe you do to (we tend to mirror each other). Love and light to you.

  20. Your webpage rescues me today, just yesterday we have had a really annoying encounter and i was so so devastated..
    but today i can laugh about it!!! Thank you!!

    *The first time me and my twin kissed i fainted.. and he catched me.. twice :D*

  21. I have been told this too, forget him and get on with and live your life here on Earth. Like you both said, why did this incredibly wondrous, magical thing happen – that has absolutely turned your life upside down – if you’re supposed to discard it? How is it even possible to walk away, anyway? When our TFs are in the Spirit World they can, and will, go wherever they want to go. And where they want to go is exactly where you are! They are irresistibly attracted to you, and you, them.

  22. i have someone i think to be my twin flame. i felt like i knew him the moment i met him. things about him, his hand shapes(as silly as it is) have always been familiar to me. we dated on and off for three years. never official. i always see 1111, ive had times of thinking about him and then he texts. but in april he had to move for work. we were going to try the long distance thing, but then he met someone. i see his name everywhere, his car.. i could be thinking about him, look up and the the street im passing is his name. i dream of him almost nightly. i swear i have astral traveled to him before as well. he obviously would be the runner, if im correct in my thinking of being twin flames. we have lived in the same area around the same time. we do have an 18 year age difference. last night i dreamed of him like usual, but i knew i was dreaming, it was like we both did. (hes in a serious relationship with the new girl now) when both knew when it was time to wake up, like we knew we had to leave… he gave me a card before he left and told me to read it when he was gone. it said i still think about you all the time, i miss you. and i will be back. ….. am i crazy? or does this really sound like a twin flame connection to you??? i dont even desire to find anyone else. i only want him. i would rather live my life alone, than with out him or with someone else. pllllease help me!!!

  23. One of the WOW moments was when she sent me the link to your blogs, this happened just after me and a friends talking about TF.
    We were in a romantic human relationship for 5 months, very intense from the moment I saw her eyes. So we decided to still be friends and we communicate almost every day for the past 4 months as she moved out of the country. During this period I used to dream about her and feel her feelings. The universe guided us, introduced us but we are also the universe so I’m not afraid of doing what it’s my hands to learn and enjoy this journey, meaning doing more self inner work and moving to another continent.
    She knows about our TF connection but maybe she needs a bit more of time to digest and believe in it. I have chosen to take this beautiful journey of getting to know and love myself meanwhile until we reunite in the physical again.
    Thanks all of you TF’s out there for making this happening!!!

  24. It was lovely to read this today. All of this is EXACT for my twin and I. I found him a year ago while looking for the cover art for my new book “Healer”. I’ve had no less than 20 highly synchronized occurrences with him. The most blatant is the 11:11 visually popping up whenever I hear from him, time of his posts that are pivotal, and last week I heard an important radio interview he did before the 2012 shift and starting listening at 11:11. We are both Tzolkin geeks having both worked with the Mayan info for decades. He knew Jose. We are direct occult partners and complimentary partners in the Mayan Time system and working together on bringing that info. accurately into science and society. Thank you for this site. The Universe is directly using us to unify humanity into love and light. Twin Flame event is a HUGE piece of gender equity finally.?

  25. I am just learning about twin flames, but I’m also realizing I met mine almost 5 years ago now. I was for sure the runner, but even then I was aware of our connection… I was reading this article/comments and I kept asking for sign and there it was “Rob”. His name spelled right out in front of me. Thank you for everything you have shared, it has brought me closer to what I believe will be reuniting with my twin flame soon.

  26. Cassady, thank you so much for all your words, all your love and light! It always feels so good to read you and your messages, to remind us over and over of all this positivity and light there is for us!
    I’m so lucky to have my SoulOne who’s always been there in such a smooth and gentle way, even awakening me through his human self in a gentle way, but so clear one, without his human self realizing it! That always makes me smile, to realize that he does all these things, like sending me just the song that I need, but not fully realizing all that it means, accepting this ‘new larger world/reality’ through me in such a natural way, allowing me to do the work for both of us in my awakened side and always supportive. And always sending me ‘clear-3D-signs’ when I need help to quieten my mind a bit, to be able to keep on trusting him and opening up more and more to our 5D-connection.
    He even kept me from sites that only present the negative and difficult sides of the TwinFlames journey until I found you, so that I could this new step on a positive and smooth path. For that, I am so grateful to the him, to the Universe and to you!
    Thank you, with all my heart and my own light!

  27. I would like to know if this could happen or has anyone actually had this happen? My twin flame lives in a small, very small apartment you can barely move around. We are not physically together at this point. But I have noticed I bump myself at least 3 times a day sometimes more. Can I take on his living conditions. Even though we are not together? Could that be the reason why I keep bumping myself?

  28. I just recently met my twin. About a year ago. Right away we knew something was different. It wasn’t till she moved in as my roommate that we discovered we were twins…. Everything is the same our lives intertwin. It’s the best feeling in the world. I am blessed enough to have my soulmate and my twin flame.

  29. I have a question. I want to know if twinflames have same palm lines? Though they have different bodies but their destiny is the same. I have few friends who are in a twinflame relationship and they have their twinflame partner with same palm lines. One of them even told me that his TF is a copy of him but in a female version. When I search online I get a variety of answers to this. I would be very thankful to you, please share if you have any information on this.

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