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Your Own Shadows Are Calling For You To Go Deeper – That’s What The Running/Chasing/Separation/Struggle is All About… Discover Why Everything Needs to Change, and Why There Was Going to Be No Article This Week.


I’m going to be completely honest with you. Today’s article was a struggle to start with. It was actually nonexistent. Stubbornly so. And it’s never happened before. As an empath, I’m always sensing what’s going on for the Twin Collective, and I receive messages and feel what is needed at any given time – and that’s where the articles come from.

But this week it was stuck. With a capital S. Nothing forthcoming. In fact, it felt like I was being blocked from writing anything at all…

Eventually, the meaning of it all trickled into my consciousness. I received a clear vision: A male Twin Soul trying to get his female Twin’s attention, to no avail. With this came the download of information: Twin Reunion is there for many right now if you are just able and willing to shift into it.

But like someone blinded by the sun, many Twins (and I was shown females in the main) are so absorbed and preoccupied by the “problem” of the Twin Flame connection that they’re oblivious to the love that’s really there. And it’s not because they’re not smart, or loveable. It’s because of engrained programming. Overthinking, overanalysis, fear, the “human illusions”.


You Are The One Running From *You*

I saw the masculine soul counterparts of many females’ there with them, trying to get their attention, but unable to because they were so mentally engrossed in the feelings and thoughts of problem solving, difficulty, struggle, negativity, running, chasing, stages, the future, the past – all the human illusions about the Twin Flame connection. That’s what I was shown.

It was made clear to me today that in many ways there WAS no article. There WAS no “message” today. A powerful energy in the Twin Collective wanted to make it clear that a bigger shift is needed. A shift that’s not about reading words.

I was shown that it’s all about the inner aspect of the Twin connection. You’ve heard of the Twin Flame Mirror. Well, what it really entails is that your Twin Soul is always reflecting in some way the energy that you hold toward yourself.

Meaning that if your Twin is Running, it’s *you* who are running from you. If you are separated from your Twin, it’s because of something going on inside of *you*. You are one soul in two bodies, and everything happens according to this.


Soul Contracts Of Healing, To Open to Love

Because the two of you are indelibly connected and have signed up to help each other heal so deeply that eventually nothing remains between you but unconditional love and joy and peace.

This means that the issues keep coming up until you are ready to face them. Truly face them. Be honest with yourself. Don’t try to figure it out with your mind. Go deeper.

I can’t “fix” you with my words. And I feel the energy of thousands of Twins every day – calling for “fixing”. When the truth is that you are your own saviour. I have shared with you everything I know, but many are still holding off, hiding from themselves. Staying on the surface, when the answers, the transformation lies much deeper.

That’s the point of this Twin Soul consciousness that wanted to be expressed today. That there’s a shift that needs to happen. To turn from the outside into the inside. To finally take on the proverbial “monsters of your inner consciousness” so you can emerge in a new light, your Twin’s true love. Instead of trying to escape the darkness.


The Clarion Call For Inner Transformation

I could say it’s the Divine Masculine Twin Flames’ souls speaking today, but that would make you think of men and women and those associations might overly complicate things and bring out preconceptions…

But there is a strong energy from this Masculine essence aspect of the Twin Souls, that the journey needs to go deeper. There is a clarion call being sent out that it is time to move the journey away from the surface and into the realm of true transformation.

It needs to move out of the realm of words and intellect and analysis and “gossip” (yes, if we’re being honest there is often an energy of female twins coming together not so much to resolve issues and move forward, but to bond over shared hardship… and that really doesn’t help anyone)…


You Had The Key To Love The Whole Time

We’re called on to go into the deeper unconscious emotions, the energy, the body consciousness, the primal sides of ourselves. Transformation comes from going within and understanding what is truly going on in the non-verbal parts of our psyche. Confronting the shadows.

Finding the places where we’re lost to ourselves, discovering where we ourselves keep ourselves locked into a self made prison of thoughts and fears, and opening the door. Because we have had the key the whole time.

Embracing the shadows in us, shining the light of love on all the wounded parts of ourselves… that’s the alchemy of self love.

That’s the crux of the Twin Flame journey. It’s not just about being in love or finding the man or woman of your dreams. It’s about transforming darkness (unknowing, the human illusions, hurt, pain) into light by using the power of love.

To accept all the hurts. Yes, to accept everything bad that’s happened. To pick up the pieces of ourselves and glue them back together, healing every pain with love.


Making The Twin Flame Mirror Reflect Back Love

That’s what will bring out the love and the unity with your Twin Flame. What will reignite the fire and have the mirror shine a bright reflection of love back to you.

Because as long as you’re running from yourself and are full of unconscious chaos, old fears, outworn beliefs and counter intentions – that’s the chaos that will continue to be reflected back to you with your beloved other self.

The outer situation is simply a mirage calling for you to go within to heal the real wounds. And the more you keep focusing on the outer situation trying to “fix it” you just push more energy into it, strengthening the “problem” with your focus and your thoughts and your words. All the while the true wound festers within.

It’s no coincidence the phoenix is a sign of the Twin Flames – a pair of these two mythical birds who die only to be reborn into a new fire from their own ashes. This is a journey of the mystic, and the path goes within your own darkness into the light in the core of your being.

At the innermost point of you, where you become your Twin Flame and they become you.


The Twin Flame Inner Quest

So, today, resolve to do something different. Stop running from your own darkness. If I ever had a gift on my journey, it was my relentless desire to go deeper into my own psyche and understand why I felt the way I felt so I could resolve it.

It’s how I developed all the techniques I use to this day, including the inner child work, past life work, dealing with the shadow aspects of my own consciousness…

To really “fix” the outside, go within.

Get to know what’s really going on inside you. Like a mythical hero, accept your quest. You already know what awaits at the end – love. The love is always there. Go into the darkness of your own psyche, confront the fears, the “monsters of your mind”.

Use your energy clearing tools, your “weapons of the journey”, to clear the fears, transmute the darkness into light and heal your inner self with love. Entering into union and love first and foremost with yourself, so that this unity and love is reflected back to you with your Twin in the union of souls.

It’s been a theme in the cosmic energies in recent times and we’re being pushed to fully realize this yet again: You are your own saviour. You might have noticed less help from the unseen lately, and as if you’re separate from your Twin more than usual. It’s so that you will pick up the mantle and be your own “hero”. To embrace your own divinity.

You might find the great mythology expert Joseph Campbell’s writing inspiring, because the Twin Flame journey really is in so many ways a modern day version of the mythical hero’s journey. To read more about Campbell’s work, go here.


The Mission Statement That Got Me Here To You

To end with today, I want to share with you something I wrote in my deepest darkness at the beginning of my own journey. I still have it in my gratitude journal and I see it every single day.

“The pain I experienced will not be for nothing, I will use it to create profoundly moving work and reach as many people as possible, and contribute to shifting perspectives – on themselves, life, love, death – to transmute darkness into light.”

When I wrote this I had no idea how it could possibly manifest in my real life. If I had known then that so many of you would be here today reading my work, I would have been in complete awe. Moved to tears, most of all because it so strongly demonstrates the power of the universe, the power of love, and the power of the human will.

Because that’s what got me from there, to here. The universe responding to my intentions and my actions, most of all. My choices. My awareness. My clearing work. My transformation. My love. From me writing those words, I was taken on a journey of transformation through energy work. And that is my gift to you, for you to make the same journey I have but with much less pain and much more joy.

You can download the free Twin Flame Help Kit, which is deeply effective but still a starter, a plaster on wounds not sutures to permanently heal…

Or you can discover the full tools and methods I used to heal and unify on my journey, and to reach the inner and outer union of souls with my Twin – after making the journey myself, spirit asked me to create with them the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible reach a state of unity and love.

Because that really is why we’re all here. To join together in love.


What If You’d Never Had A Shower Before?

And although my own journey has been relatively short so far, three years compared to many who struggle for decades, I do believe that this has a lot to do with my own willingness to go within, confront my fears, dig deep into understanding my consciousness and to transform and uplift through the very powerful tools I developed and learned.

I know awakening can be tough but there is always love – and once you clear away the fears and baggage with metaphysical tools, you can really begin to feel it again.

Energy really is like this: imagine if you’d never washed before in your life, then one day you went into the shower, stood under the hot water and let nature wash away from you the grit, the dirt, the sweat, the past…

A few hundred years ago no one brushed their teeth but now we wouldn’t dream of going a day without. It’s my honest hope and foresight that in another hundred years, people won’t be able to believe how we used to go our whole lives without ever clearing our energy – walking around with old gunk and other people’s thoughts and feelings pasted to us.

So, are you ready to go within, to transform your journey and invoke the Twin Flame mirror to reflect all love back to you? If so, I’ll be there to hold your hand.

Cassady x


To see a short video on how Twin Flame Ascension works and download the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, go here. Or, to go deeper into your journey of transformation and manifest unity on all levels, have a look at the full program.

twin flame program

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  1. this is so powerful and beautiful. i feel like you have really led by example here and shone a light on your own darkness and opened up so much which was hidden before. inspiring, powerful words and impact. lots of love to you and thank you for sharing xxx

  2. I love this article! These last couple months have brought so much to the surface and it’s felt so good to clear out the negativity. Oddly enough, I was beginning to wonder if I was “doing it wrong” because I’ve been so focused on working through my own stuff, rather than focusing on my twin. Based on this article, my intuition was right on track, and it’s so nice to have it confirmed through your writing. For now, I’ll keep working, learning, clearing. Thank you again for all your work.

  3. Thanks Cassidy. I can only speak for myself, but you are, as always very in tuned with exactly where I am. For the first time in a while I wasn’t in anticipation for today’s post… I have felt rather disconnected from my twin for the first time, like we are on different wave lengths all together. I’m seeing this as an opportunity to get my energies in balance, cuz when I think of my twin, they (my energies) go wobbly, dark, fearful ect) intuitively I know that this further “disconnect” to my twin is giving me the chance to clear, balance and align myself. Unfortunately, right before our last separation, I hate to admit but I know that I pushed my twin away cuz my energy was too far off in the wrong direction – I was relying on her for my happiness.. it was a lot of pressure to put on someone, especially the person who mirrors you back to you. This separation has led to her being in a loving relationship with someone else, and I am respecting that space and their union, and am slowly becoming at peace with the fact that they may be together for a long time… which is helping me clear my issues around jealousy, self worth and abandonment. We have karma that is being cleared, and I know that if spirit wants us to come back together one day, then we will. Either way, I’m going within and working on myself, with not the sole purpose of “getting my twin back” but to do the work to elevate myself and assist in my ascension. It’s been a hard time, but getting easier as a let go of earthly expectations and practicing un conditional love for both myself, and my twin.

    Thanks again for your support in this journey of “spiritual maturity”


  4. awwww!!!! ur so cute xD
    That quote is gold, i figured that out using my art to heal too, but i loved how you worded it <3 may i use it in an art article? ill credit you, ill even link you so you can see it 😀 inspiring !!

  5. Wow, oh wow! This really confirms what I’ve been tossing around in my head the past few days. Just earlier today (before reading this) I came to the conclusion that I would really start digging deep and strive to heal myself fully. Thank you so much for this. 🙂

  6. This article came in handy, because I start realizing yesterday that I’m the one impeding myself to connect to my twin, mostly because of the expectations I had from my twin directly talk to me, since he shot me out first, and I sometimes get to closed off that I don’t allow information regarding to him and consequently me, get to me.

  7. This is where I am right now. I have never felt such a disconnect as I have right now. I am trying to fix situations outside of us, when I really need to look inside, clear the darkness and eliminate the fear, jealousy and pain. Thank you for the article 🙂

  8. HI Cassady, this both amazing and timely. I just had this as a major awakening yesterday to a degree I had not yet fully understood. I am always teaching my clients that the journey is to look within, turn the mirror to self and here the greatest gifts, growth and rewards are present. That it is through this that true transformation takes place, which creates space for us to come into Union with our Twins and then I awake to this article today.

    I was prompted to ask myself a question while in meditation about this exact topic. It was so powerful for me to realize that I see my twin, I talk to him, we telepathically connect all the time and that is easy for me and he shows up in so many ways. I feel him so present with me sometimes and yesterday I heard him say ‘I NEED you to allow me to do the same’. I came out of my meditation and wrote down the questions I had heard immediately before my ego mind got in the way.

    When I heard the question I saw myself allowing my twin to ‘look’ at me. I saw the love in his eyes for me, rather than him just seeing the love in my eyes for him. He started to pass on messages of love to me and said thank you several times for letting me express my love to you are so good at expressing your love for me. I asked what was my biggest fear regarding my love for him and the answer floored me. I immediately had tears as I knew this part had never been brought to the surface before. This was an aspect of self love I had not yet come into alignment with.

    It was a real eye opener and so timely and amazing this is your message today.

    Namaste and thank you for all the amazing gifts and guidance you offer to us on this life changing, transformative journey.

    Diane, Wisdom Of The Akashics

  9. Thank you so much for pressing on to write this article, Cassady.

    Every single point you’ve made stands with so much pure truth– as Twin Flames, we NEED to work on clearing the deeply-rooted negativity that has remained within us; if we are longing for peace and union with our beloved, we need to be at peace with the part of the soul we possess.

    I’ve found myself feeling very resistant to clear energy as of late, but I PUSHED myself to participate, and it has lifted so much darkness from my inner being. I went through things I had no idea existed, and am now able to appreciate myself much more– a building block to self-love.

    I’ve thought of this as dreading to clear out a basement: it’s dark, and sometimes we feel it’s easier to avoid it; but we’re aware that once it’s been cleared out, we’ll be able to feel free of its emotional chains

    I am still in awe of the articles you wrote about lessons in love, and reading of our Venus placements– very, very moving!

    I am a Leo with Venus in Virgo, and my life path number is 5; while my twin is a Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio, and a life path of 4. After reading and learning, it really all makes so much sense, and it’s encouraged me to truly throw myself into energy work.

    Thank you, Cassady! Love and light as always– you are a true gift to all of us.

  10. I feel like I’m loosening my mind, I have only over the past year had any exposure about twin flame and true love. I have always been on a spiritual path and I also think I maybe a empath. However I have know real way to know, I have always been told I’m just to sensitive and take things to personal and that I’m depressed. Anyway I just don’t want to keep going down the wrong path and honestly I have always wanted love like has been described I just can’t see me actually having it. Long story but nothing in my life suggest I’m a person who will ever have that kind of love. Anyway these articles are great inspiring and have helped me understand energy even better. So thanks but I am making myself sick and I’m a single mother so it’s not good for me… I apologize I just wish I had something more then noise of chaos to guide me. I have no training and I have always just lived my life by my intuitive nature but when it comes to love I just get confusion and have no where to turn. Thanks for all these your awesome for sharing your life with us.

  11. Cassady,
    This week end i met my twin after 16 years since we met. I honestly thought reunion was near. The signs, the universe i felt that everything was in the right place. But when this morning i told him i wanted us to meet again soon, we live in 2 different countries, he told me there was no point as he just didn’t feel the same way i felt about us. In his arms i felt at home. A feeling I have never felt before. But after hearing his words my whole world collapsed. Everything that i thought was healed came back with a strength i thought i was crushing under its weight. It made me realize one thing. That everything in my life is not where I want to be. My current partner, my job, where i live, it all felt out of place. I didn’t feel whole. I know that when i will fly back I will have big decisions to make. My twin hurt me with his words and detachment. He was cold and i couldn’t believe the things he was saying to me. Inside me i know he is my home. But my journey back there has to start from inside me back to it. I love him this will never change. But I guess right now he is showing me all the pieces i need to get back together to find me again. Love and light to you.x

  12. Hi Natica, I’m so glad you find it inspiring!

    I was going to write “sure go ahead”, but spirit is nudging us both (me and you) to know this: truth is always more powerful when we put it into our own words. So they urge you to find the words for *you* to express this sentiment and intention : )

    Tune into your soul and let the words flow onto the page, just like you do with your art, they’re saying! <3 They're indicating as a creative person it's important to stand in our own truth, to put things into our own personal expression – because that is our own unique beauty xx Hope that makes sense! They nudged me pretty strongly

    Sending you love and light! <3

  13. Oh wow, I’m so glad to hear that Amara <3 I'm seeing a golden kind of glow in my mind's eye as you describe your journey so far, there's so much love there x Spirit says as I'm writing to you "darkness is just absence of light", so when we shine the light of love onto what was in shadows, we liberate our true selves once more <3 Sending you love xx Cassady

  14. Thank you for your article! I met someone a few years ago that I thought was my twin. We met online and still have never met in person. I just in the last few months met someone else but am not sure as to think of him as being the one the original person I thought was my twin has led me to? As in maybe the first one was only preparation for this new person? I’m doing my best to listen to my heart but am a bit confused as to what the universe is saying to me. I have done an amazing amount of self work and am grateful for the experience but am not sure what to do in this case. If you have any insight on this, would be great. Thanks again for all your help. Much love

  15. OMG!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!!! I heard that from my intuition too, and actually erased that part of the comment, but then i was like hm.. even though i feel that i wanna say that anyway, i feel it will lead to something for us…. you just gave me a nudge of confirmation I was listening to my intuition! and yes! it was just as strong for me too! so cool! Ill definitely remember this experience ! That was amazing lol

    that really opened me up actually to clear aalll the doubts I was having quoting people for my other creative projects as well…so this was pretty cool!

    yes. its so important to say things we learn not having an attached quote cause our interpretation it has out own energy, also carries our wisdom story! wow im just Mind = Blown right now. so liberating!!! xD i feel like weight was lifted off my chest, and I know when that happens it means i nailed my intuition or payed attention to the message accurately. woah!

    I can soo Happily write my projects no doubts now xD

  16. This is always the Truth and the only answer. Even if we never get in union in the physical with our twin, the most important thing is that we go inside ourselves for the answers as sovereign beings capable of healing ourselves. Physical union is the cherry on top, but the real prize is discovering who you are and your power within.

  17. Hi Amber, I am in the same situation. I have been praying for answers. Today, I realized one of the things I need to do is always hoping for the highest good of all and no matter what praying for his continued happiness regardless if we are together. Clearing my energy and looking deeper has been helping. Less overanalyzing and less focus on the situation is a big part now. Took me a long time. 3 years and with Cassady’s guidance and tools I can finally see how much more this is about me. The marriage aspect makes this connection more complex, so I completely empathize with you. I wish you all the love and light on your journey. It is a beautiful journey especially when the roller coaster stops or slows down. ??

  18. Dear Cassady,
    How can I be sure that he is my twin flame and not a product of my mind? I think I’m too scared I’m wrong about him, because of all the crazy situations following us, that I can’t connect to myself or him and trust myself that it really happened and is happening?

    Can you help me? I feel stuck.. Sooo many mixed emotions

    Thank you..

  19. Hi Julie
    Thank you very much, I am so grateful for any encouragement and guidance. Like I mentioned before I have none. I have very little knowledge of these things. However I have always been led by the spirit and have been guided by my intuition. In living this way information has always just came to me, one way or another I have stumbled into all the information that has led my life to where I am now. To long of a story however I’m sure you understand. I would love to receive more help I am just now starting to use the tools that Cassidy has provided. I am hoping it will open more up for me and show clarity in how I should move forward. Anyway thanks so much again and wholeness and balance to you as well.
    Jessica H.

  20. Yes I learned that quickly too, even past few days. I have to get out of my head because I’m getting in my own way. He reached out the day she wrote this to tell me he is here. Unbelievable timing wouldn’t you say?? Still it’s a new way navigate and not so easy. Take care and thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you I am in separation now but praying to come back together it has been painful and this all applies to my twin flame situation…we have really had a rough go at it…I miss him so much, despite all hurts of past, I cannot stop loving him…but right now there has been Divine Intervention and your work helps me so much I only hope my twin reads these and that they help him just as much. I am working on it daily to heal…to be gentle and forgiving to him and myself…fears still over ride at times and I act from jealousy and insecurities just like he used to do when in the physical together…but I have started to use the free kit you offer and it has started to help…I will be buying the full kit when I can…for now I must allow for the time and space for us both to do some inner work. Thank you again Cassady much love to you!

  22. This article really helped me, seriously. I knew there was work to be done within myself but trying to figure out exactly what it is can be tough. I’m definitely going to start journaling my feelings and thoughts to pick up patterns. Thank you Cassady for these words!

  23. Hi Cassady!
    I’m building my activity of energy coaching, but I prefer call it “alchemical coaching”… I found my twin flame and I had the blessing of had seen our past life encounter during a session of karmic debts cleanings… so I’m wonderfully in love with her. I love you’re thoughts, similar to mines, and so I’m happy to have wonderful insights from you!
    I only want to say thank you!

  24. Is it sometimes best for twin flames who are temporally separated due to extreme challanges to remain separated to work on them self before reuniting? Or would it be more beneficial to work it out together.

  25. Hi Julie, I was also raised as an orthodox christian so i also relate to the huge fear and worrying that “i’m being tricked by the devil” thing. and i still get those fears sometimes.

  26. I have wondered about “venting”, if when everything is getting to you are you better to get it off your chest or does this lower your vibrations? But then sometimes not talking about things can make you stress more. Generally lately I keep everything to myself as I don’t want others opinions to weight me down

  27. Mine, my counterpart is so blinded and needed a magnifying glass to see that he is the cause of resentment. He deny it because he is conscious doing it in purpose.

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