What Energy Support And Guidance Is Trying To Reach You From The Natural Kingdom?


Today I’ve been guided to provide another resource on a subject that isn’t much discussed for the Twin Flame journey. Spirit animals and symbolic messages from the natural kingdom.

This is something I’m often asked about, and since my own journey began it’s often felt like there are symbols and messages wherever I turn – especially in the form of repeating, symbolic animals.

Whether they arrive in the form of logos on shop signs, photos on the internet or in person… animals carry strong symbolic messages of wisdom that are trying to get through to you.

When we’ve begun awakening to our deeper soul’s path we’re often shown repeating numbers, symbols, signs of significance for our journey – as support, inspiration, messages meant for the soul…

What Wisdom Is Trying To Reach You?

And you will notice throughout your path there will be periodic themes to your experiences – and in these periods, certain spirit animals are likely to show up with “messages” and support.

You do not have to interact with an actual animal, but the energy that a certain animal species represents is somehow helpful to you right now – and you are being alerted to it.

Often, it’s enough to look up online what an animal stands for, what wisdom they embody and what about them can assist you both practically and spiritually right now.

I would always recommend clearing and uplifting your energy so you get a “clear channel” both for your benefit with Twin Flame Reunion and so you can “tune in” to what your animal messengers are trying to communicate.

Did you know Twin Flame Union can only happen up in the registers of Unconditional Love?

Take the channeled Quiz here to discover whether you’re really open to the Love and Reunion you desire.

In the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames we go through opening up your spiritual channels of communication to open up your Twin Flame telepathy, and I show you how to safely receive guidance – avoiding ego and negative influence. Discover more about this here.

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“Hummingbird + Swan + Lion” = Happy, Eternal Love and Courage

At this point in my journey, I have developed a “secret language” with my guidance team like this. Often these messages show up in my mind’s eye. If I’m being shown hummingbirds  I know it means – focus on happiness, be light on your foot, try to not worry.

If I see a kangaroo, I know it means “be brave, jump into it, don’t fear change”.

If I see Swans, my Twin soul is communicating – “I love you eternally”. If I see a lion, I know it’s a message to find my inner courage and strength, to center into my power and forge on.

Being familiar with animal archetypes this way can be *incredibly* helpful on the spiritual path, where we are always moving into uncharted territory, faced with ever new challenges and opportunities for growth…

How To Connect With Your Totem Spirit Animal

Spirit suggests you use the Free Guided Meditation in the Twin Flame Help Kit and intend that when you get to the garden you will be meeting your totem animal.

This is the archetypal animal energy you are the most closely connected with in this life.

Your totem animal is your guiding star, so to speak. This can be an incredible and humbling experience, which I would highly recommend trying.

Much like so-called “angel numbers”, repeating sequences like 11:11, 333, 777 and 222 (have a look at these here) – spirit animals and animal symbols can be a powerful help on your journey. Most of all because they are able to bypass the ego mind and reach through to you despite of fear and uncertainty…

So, what animal archetype or number or sign do you keep seeing? I’d love to hear about it – please leave a message in the comments below.

(Have a look for more info on Twin Flame Symbols, Dreams And Messages From The Soul here)


Twin Flame Journey Spirit Animals

When you keep seeing certain recurring animals ask yourself:

What is this trying to tell me? What do these animals represent? How do they live? How has human culture represented them symbolically?

What can I learn from them, what message might they be trying to convey?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


PS: Go here to read part 1 of this series on spirit animals, which includes Swan, White Dove, Wolf, Penguin and more…






Hawks are powerful predators who spend a lot of time surveying their surroundings, taking a high perspective and being fast to assess when the time is right to make a move.

Hawk is relaxed, confident and wise. A messenger of taking a higher perspective. To not get dragged down by illusion but to rise above. To not care so much about details, but to see the larger picture, and then recognizing what is truly important.

When hawk appears on your path, you are reminded of your Soul’s infinite nature, of your higher wisdom. You are being asked to take a higher perspective, to step back and reassess the situation at hand.

Hawk is a power animal who will help you rise into the spiritual truth of the Twin Flame connection by detaching from collective belief systems and step back into your soul’s wisdom. (For a session where we go through this, have a look here)

Meditation is a key method for centering into your inner power, connecting with your intuition and receiving higher guidance for your path.

Go here to download my Free Guided Meditation, which includes powerful high vibrational binaural beats music.




Lions are known as the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. As a spiritual guide Lion is a teacher of passion, courage and being true to your heart.

In terms of love, lion is all about passion, the bigness of love and romance. Although lions are not monogamous, they have for millennia been a symbol of vitality, virility and the power of love.

When Lion appears on your path on his own, he is there as a teacher of courage and connecting with your passions. Have you been letting go of your dreams lately? If so, Lion is there to reignite your fire and your courage so you can take action.

If you see Lions in pairs, this is a message of passion and romance for your love connection. Do not hold back now, but rise up into the incandescent passion of your connection. Be in your light, open your heart, go all in.

When Lion pairs appear on your path, you are being reminded that you and your Twin Soul are “made for each other”, to flow with the power of the connection and to let the fire of passion carry you forth rather than letting fear hold you back.

Did you know that when we’ve been hurt before in life, we almost always build defences around our heart to protect ourselves? These defences unfortunately become big blocks to love and the Twin Flame connection.

For a session where we gently release old hurts, cut negative attachments from the past and activate your heart’s true power of love, go here. We also help your Mirror Soul with the same.




Fox is one of nature’s most flexible hunters and survivors. As clever omnivores and opportunists, these animals share two important messages with us.

That there is always a solution, that there are opportunities even when there seem to be none. Nothing is “impossible”, and fox is an expert at guiding you to the tiniest of glimmers, to where there is an opening.

Fox magic is in the halflight, traditionally seen as messengers of the beyond worlds. And if you’ve seen foxes in their element, they are experts at having fun! Fox is a messenger of thriving in existence, of taking a playful attitude even when things seem difficult. Learn to laugh more.

When Fox appears on your path he is reassuring you that yes, there is a solution. Allow opportunities and resources to show themselves to you. Never give up.

Did you know that when Twin Flames are both incarnate it is with the express intention of reuniting in love? If you were not planning on coming together, things would be different. Discover more here.




Bear is a messenger of gentle strength, and the value of solitude and restoring your inner reserves. A solitary animal, bear is a wanderer who goes where there is nourishment. Once a year, he retreats into hibernation to replenish himself and survive harsh conditions.

When Bear appears on your path, he is a teacher of self nurturing, of finding your inner wisdom and power. You are being reminded of the spiritual necessity of solitude, that in order to find your strength you must disconnect from the multitude of others’ voices.

Bear’s wisdom is in assessing phases, knowing when it is time to “feed” and be active outwardly, and when it is time to go within.

When Bear shows up to you, he is likely telling you that it is time to go within. To seek what nourishes your soul.

That at this point, your connection with your Twin Soul comes from within. Do not seek them outside of yourself right now, but go into your “cave” of self and discover the opening there – where your hearts and souls are always connected.

For a meditation where we go through this, have a look here.






Rabbits are a wonderful symbol of renewal, youth, fertility and innocence. Known for their incredibly high sexual activity, rabbits are symbols of virility and passion – from a place of play and lightheartedness.

When rabbit appears on your path, he is asking you to go with lightness. To enjoy your physical connection of love, to throw yourself into the powerful vitality of sexuality.

Did you know that Twin Flame Sex isn’t merely about physical intimacy? It is a source of spiritual transformation, unleashing the soul’s powers and more. Read about this here.

Rabbit is a messenger of not worrying about the future but enjoying the present moment. When he or she has shown up on your path, it’s time to let go of worries.

To stop putting pressure on your situation and to reconnect with the innocence and passion in your Twin Flame relationship.

If you’re finding it hard to let go of past hurts or worries about the future, you will find it healing to access your inner child and your Twin Flame’s – to discover what is truly going on deep down and open your connection up again into love.





Dolphins are social, playful animals who even display altruistic behavior – being famous for helping lost sailors navigate to shore, rescuing humans from sharks…

Dolphin sexuality is not much discussed but this is an animal who mates for enjoyment, not merely procreation. Sexuality, communication and play is a big part of Dolphin socializing.

In spiritual terms, dolphins symbolize high vibrations and are said to have connections with higher dimensions. They are powerful guides of harmony and higher states of consciousness. Gliding with ease through the water, they show us that we too can smoothly navigate through life.

When Dolphin shows up on your path, you are being guided to your higher consciousness. You are likely experiencing dream connections and energetic downloads that transcend the physical plane.

For Twin Flames, Dolphins are often guides to the higher aspect of the connection. To remember “where you came from”, illumination of past life issues and of your higher dimensional wisdom – unlocking the soul’s gifts.

For a session where we go through this, have a look at the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session for Twin Flames. In this session, we also gently trigger your Twin Soul to fully step into awareness of your sacred connection – with their own Free Will. Have a look here for more.




Butterfly has since ancient times been a symbol of the nonembodied soul, of our eternal self – lightness of being. They are messengers of the art of transformation, metamorphosis and stepping into a higher evolution of self.

When Butterfly appears on your path you are being reminded of your infinite self, that you are a being of light. This messenger often shows up for those who are in Ascension – the process of metamorphosis from “ego self” to “soul self”.

When Butterfly appears, you are being shown that you are in a process of transformation and to trust your higher wisdom.

To read more about Twin Flame Ascension, go here.



Lizard is an incredibly interesting being – in primordial terms, they are our ancient cousins and can show us much about the deeply ingrained survival mechanisms that still are present in the human body, in the so-called “reptilian brain”.

The fight or flight response and the considerable fears that can block our ascension.

Lizard is a spiritual messenger of swiftness and stealth, being able to find the sunshine when you need it.

“Don’t ever be afraid to leave a part of yourself behind to get to where you want to go,” is a message I received from lizard wisdom. If danger calls, lizard is capable of losing part of its tail to escape.

When Lizard appears on your path, work to discern which message is being given: Either he is symbolizing to let go of the past to allow a new beginning to rise forth…

Or sometimes this being can represent ancient fear blocks in terms of ancestral survival patterns – the “reptilian brain” that tries to keep us safe and can block love.

Read more about this here in – Hacking Your Brain’s 3D Blocks To Open Up To Love



Snake is another ancient messenger of spiritual wisdom. As a being who sheds his skin, Snake is a powerful symbol of death/rebirth and transformation.

Snake symbolizes untraditional ways of navigating forward:

Do you need to let go of an old outworn part of yourself in order to reach your desires? Is one phase currently ending so that a new can be unleashed?

Snake is a teacher of self mastery, and of transformation.

However, he can also represent negativity being brought to your attention, so feel into the energy of what you’re encountering.

From a negative perspective, snake represents “venom” – emotions such as jealousy, anger, lashing out at others, blame, bitterness, envy, trying to hurt others from an inner hurt.

If he is showing you this, you have some “shadow work” to do. Illuminating and clearing these negative emotions that are direct blocks to love. For simple yet powerful methods to permanently clear negativity, go here.



On my journey I have been shown that we also have “shadow messengers” with us. Those who help us symbolically face the inner fears that have held us back. These spiritual guides show up with dark coats to symbolize the absence of light. The fear aspects.

If you repeatedly see an animal with a black coat, ask yourself what shadow aspect this could be alerting you to. Below are two examples:




Horse is a messenger of physical strength and power. In dreams he is most often a symbol of the body self, of the physical experience.

When you encounter black horses, ask yourself what your body might be fearing? When the body feels threatened, it can cause powerful blocks especially in relationships. Hysteria, panic, “drama” and conflict are often veiled expressions of the deeper physical self feeling threatened.

If this is happening with you, face what the mirror is showing you. Look within. Sense your way to what body fears might be trying to express themselves.

Have you been hurt before and is your deeper self trying to block it from happening again? Are you afraid of opening up and potentially losing power?

Go here for more insights on this.




Black Leopard is a messenger who is seeking to show you where you are holding yourself apart from your own power. He will often seek to show you the deeper roots of issues surrounding jealousy, fear of abandonment and loss.

He seeks to illuminate all the places where you have held yourself in “darkness”, in fear, and alienated from your full inner light.

Black Leopard and other Shadow Messengers will show up at times of Twin Flame Conflict to signal to you that there are deeper wounds involved.

Look beyond the current situation. Be honest with yourself. What are you truly fearing?

With Shadow Animal Messengers’ help, you can heal and integrate the parts of your being where you have unwittingly been pushing love away. Wounds and negativity relating to the inner self.

Read more about this in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”


“Your energy updates and integration techniques have helped tremendously and continue to do so on such an intimate level. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your time, care and continued effort. The love you share daily is such a beautiful divine gift to receive. Thank you for picking me up when I have fallen down. You are loved by all of creation dear sweet benevolent soul.”

– Tosha, Minnesota, USA


twin flame program


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  1. Did I miss something? Where is part one? I keep up with your blog posts and I don’t remember seeing the first part. Please post the link to it.

  2. Seems to be a kingfisher (bird) for me lately. They are fairly rare in our area, but one hit my living room window three weeks ago (was stunned but recovered) and then I was out with my twin last Saturday evening (11/11) on a bush walk and we spotted a pair of them.

    It felt like a very strong message from Spirit, especially when I looked up the spiritual meaning of it and that we saw them on this special day!

  3. Numbers and Animals have are in my focus all the time, or have been for the past 4/5 years…i met my twin in 2013 but it has really only been since 2016 after a kundalini triggering did i start to see specific numbers if we see 1111 keep paying attention as the the numbers can change and can very relavent or specific meaning that relates to you – not the TF collective just relavent to your journey..i look at the time and all i saw was 11 minutes past the hour on a clock this took a while for me to get, for example i wasnt paying attention to what hour was the 11 minutes past soon as i saw that it was very specific and sometimes reflected exactly what i was thinkingabout or pondering on – ofcoarse information didnt just fall into my lap i had to do a bit of work and research into understanding numerlogy / the individual vibration of each number 0-9 to start with but trust it – try it, i find it has been a great a tool for receiving messages etc, once i started to notice and my bit to..i still see 11 so much like 7/8 times in day other numbers change as and when i seem to need it – 11 is overload right now i feel it might be karma is at work in my life right now, oh it really is very much so, family mostly but no doubt..DOB is 111074 the messages Animal is birds , Ravens , not crows. Black Ravens & always in 2’s , always..these birds are so so cool and yeah they are communicating i haven’t felt this drawn and familiar feeling with an Animal in the way i do with Ravens and as it turns out they are my Animal totem [Oct]..Ascention is sooo intense for us , or me being more awake so aware i feel it, so much right now i really can’t be online much when i feel like this – i have to sensor myself , if not i just feel crap and ill – however my intrest in anything has just gone recently, and i think there is ryme to why, otherwise i litrally feel sick, that is my experience x x x Cssady – Spirit planes Thanks, i know im not alone – oosh saluete

  4. Awesome. Thanks for this! I commented a while ago that I had been seeing a lot of references to bears and lions. It’s good to see them in this list.
    At the beginning of my journey (when I made the decision to reunite), a rare migration of white butterflies appeared. They were absolutely everywhere. They were always in my path wherever I walked. Usually there was 2 of them fluttering together which was cute.

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