The Power Of Illumination – Cleansing Flood Of Light Causes Ripples Of Change For Twin Flames, Timelines Shifting… Plus, Are You A Wayshower For Humanity?


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We’re in the midst of turbulent and transformative times energetically, and with the Winter Solstice coming up – I’ve been asked to bring forth a message for the Twin Flame collective:


“Dear ones,

We are with you today in love.

We are coming forth to bring a message concerning the state of affairs and to bring  guidance for the coming part of ascension and the onward path.

The Answers To Prayers

We want you to know we hear your prayers, we hear your questions and appeals for mercy, for assistance. We wish you to know that yes, we do hear you but that it is imperative that you open up to fully receive the answers.

Look around you. Where is the answer to your prayer? It is somewhere in your vicinity. Always. We never leave a prayer unheard. There is always an answer shown up…

So which metaphorical window is ajar, which door is opening for you? Which messages are repeating in your experience recently? Which opportunities are opening up? Begin to use your intuitive senses. There is always an answer.

When you have prayed and asked for assistance do not forget this crucial step, which is to receive, be aware of the answers.

The Implications Of Free Will

We are always bound to act within your existing energetic reality, which means sometimes all that can happen is that we show you what you have not been aware of, we present to you a perspective you have not been seeing.

These are keys to what seems like locks to you. If you are feeling blocked off, know that there is always a key – some action or perspective change on your part which will open it all up.

We assist you in finding this. But you are here as an infinitely capable soul. If we were to carry out actions on your behalf we would be stepping on your free will.

Only embodied beings, those alive on earth, are capable of transgressing the free will choices of others.

We who are here assisting must adhere to what you have set out. So to invite in more help, more joy, more ease – we ask you to please work on opening your mind to the idea of miracles, of possibilities, of solutions, of love.

Create and nourish in your mind that which you desire so that you uplift your reality into a state in which you are compatible with love. This can revolutionize your experience of living.

Illusions Tumbling Down

These are hard times for many, as illusions are tumbling down. Not just for twin flames, but for the whole human collective.

Underlying information has been and will continue to be illuminated – revelations that have the purpose of leveling the playing field between people.

To extend more harmony into the human realms by eradicating false power structures.

You are always capable of reaching up into a higher state. This is what we wish for you so much, to detach from the human world of conflict, the society of you vs me mentality. Because that is not where love lives.

Bargaining is never aligned with love. Ultimatums are based in fear. Do you hear us, dear ones? When so many of you in desperation reach to leverage power against, to reach into force, it is a sign that on a deeper level there is profound fear. Can you see this?

Illumination Incoming

Now, the question is what do we do with this. How do we handle this fear? How do we reach up into freedom and confidence in love? In the knowing that good can happen?

We remind you that you are a being of light. That you are infinitely capable.

That the fear pushing you, making you feel pressured, is a lie. It is based in a perception of powerlessness, which is untrue.

This coming year is strongly colored by the energies of illumination. To shine the light of truth on fear.

But illumination can be a challenge. There are many in the human world who are afraid of being revealed, because they are living a facade and are afraid of losing “power”.

Why Some Twin Flames “Run”

Some as yet Unawakened Twin Flames are afraid for this reason. This is why many “Run”, because in their counterpart they see their true selves and this can be frightening – it undermines the facade of the ego self.

We say to you this: You are so much. You are so powerful. You are so beautiful. You are a flower blooming in the desert.

What we see as best for you this year coming, is to focus upward. To ignore somewhat the things seemingly going on around you and between you on a human level. To instead draw into yourself, stay close to your inner center and reach upward from there.

Meditation is an excellent activity to serve with this. Go within, and reach up.

The Art Of Transcendence

In this way you will transcend the paradigms and experiences of separation and ego that are so embedded in the human society.

You will instead reach up into an experience of reality where only love exists. Do not let others pull you down with their belief systems. Stay true to yourself.

Work on your passions, reach through into love by going within. Talk to your counterpart on a soul level.

This is where peace resides. Interacting with others on the separation ego mentality level is likely to trigger and bother you, as this state of being is unnatural to you in essence.

Twin flames are all high vibrational souls who are much higher in frequency and soul development than the human body and human society.

Twin Flames Assisting Key Lines

Many Twin Flames are in origin so high vibrational there is a mismatch between genetic background and soul identity – this can cause energetic overload and sensitivity.

Originally it was taken on as an effort to assist some key sources of lineage in transmuting heavy karma and thereby uplifting the whole.

When you, dear ones, chose to be born into challenged backgrounds and to encounter souls who had lessons to learn about love, you knew that this would involve uplifting others with your mere presence.

Simply through growing up around a family and other children, your inherent high dimensional energy frequencies would impact them positively.

You would with your mere presence alleviate suffering long term. Would help humanity in rising up into a higher state of development.

The Basis Of Fear Vs Love

We remind you yet again that all is love. Fear is the absence of love. In any situation you will discover that either fear or love are the basic motivators.

And you will discover that where fear rules, there is conflict.

Twin Flames are on earth in this important period of human development in order to remind humanity of what is really going on beneath the surface.

To reveal the illusions of fears and show up the truth of love.

To cut through the illusion of right, wrong, ideology and opinion, cutting through the illusion of race, gender, social background, age in order to show what really lies beneath. Love or the absence of love.

Energetic Flood of Cleansing

We show you this as a symbol for the coming year’s energies – a flood coming in to wash away all illusion. If you can stay in your truth, you will feel cleansed, uplifted, in light.

But if you try to hold onto illusion, onto the human systems, onto separation mentality, you will feel it as if you are being pulled around by the current.

We remind you yet again that you are so powerful and you are here for a reason. Please do center back into the truth that you are your Twin Flame and they are you.

This is the deeper truth, the key to reunion, to the bliss you desire. The metaphysical moving closer.

Thoughts of you vs me and holding onto blame becomes an energetic force which pushes you apart. To create a momentum of moving closer, focus on thoughts of unity, of similarity, of love.

Are You A Wayshower For Humanity?

We tell you this, the future years contain more joys, more learning experiences, more abundance, more transcendence if you allow it to be so.

Many of you are being asked to step forth and assist others in rising up, not merely within the Twin Flame collective but as leaders of humanity. For this is above all why you are here, to help lead everyone back home to love.

Humanity has forgotten its spiritual origins, that unity is the truth. You are here as Wayshowers, as leaders to help the collective remember, to awaken, to uplift, to find their way back to the essence of love.

Many twin flames and other Lightworkers are strategically placed in society by choice as soul contracts, to be capable of reaching a wide audience of attentive others.

If you are someone reading this right now, who has the power to influence others to return to love, then we ask you to please heed the signs you have been receiving.

Following Your Higher Guidance

No one will ever force you to take action but feel inside your heart… If you spoke out in favor of unity, of love – what impact could you have? If you spoke out against fear… If you raised your voice and expressed your infinite truth as a soul, who could you awaken?

If you lovingly shared with others what you know and what you have experienced, who could you reach? Who could you uplift, empower, awaken? And who would they in turn then uplift and awaken?

We show you this, that throughout history, some of the greatest changes in humanity has come from seemingly disparate and small individuals choosing to stand in their truth and to voice their soul’s uniqueness.

To speak the deeper truth, to share their observations for the good of all. No one is too small or insignificant to impact the whole in a positive or negative way.

What Inspiration Have You Been Receiving?

You are here as wayshowers of light. Now take that power and feel it radiate from your whole being. Take that light and shine it far and wide. It will have powerful repercussions for generations to come.

Whether your voice is the written word or music or acting or a business… Follow your inner calling. Follow your soul’s nudges to share love, to share your gifts. Follow your guidance to carry out the ideas you’ve had.

We believe in you. And we want you to know that when you follow through on your soul’s guidance you will find that resources show up, that doors open for you…


If you feel moved by what we are saying today then please carry out this small task with us for fun and as an experiment:

1) Write down with pen and paper the idea, the divinely love based idea you have had.

2) Now write down two things, two small steps you could take to get it started or to move it forward.

3) Begin to take these small actions, and experience the thrill of connection and synchronicity as the universe and we begin to show up more and more…

Surprising Reasons For Twin Flame Separation

Your Twin Flame journey will greatly benefit from you taking these actions, as your clarion call to your Twin comes from you standing in your soul’s truth.

When you yourself are united in your inner light, when you are whole and standing in your truth, you are magnetic to them…

If you are a Twin Flame currently not physically with your counterpart, consider that your soul might be pushing for you to carry out an individual task or “mission” first.

It might have been holding you in “separation” physically to give you the time and the focus to carry out this divine mission of love as a guide for humanity on your own, before the two of you “come together”.

If this resonates with you, then please do take some action on this and watch your Twin Flame connection beginning to open up as if by a miracle.

The Truth About Who You Are

Who are you? A beautiful being of love. An infinite soul capable. One of two but completely whole unto yourself.

We are so proud of you, and we cannot wait to see what magnificence this next year’s period brings out of you. Because truthfully that is what is happening, no one is imposing growth or opportunities, love or conflict on you.

You are the one responding to the outside events and incoming energies.

Do listen to your soul’s truth, and we will be supporting you the whole way to rise up into the realms where you breathe love every day. Where love is who you are, not something you are seeking.

When you are in a state of love and purpose, Twin Flame Reunion is “inevitable”. When you step into your soul’s truth, you activate your counterpart to step up as well.

Self Forgiveness To Open Up The Twin Flame Connection

Transcendence is a strong theme of all for this next year and onward. Transcending boundaries, transcending the human world. To reach into the soul’s truth while living in a human body.

Forgiveness of self is an important aspect of this. In this coming period, do what you can to light up where you might have been holding yourself in contempt.

What past events have you been “stuck in”? Get out a pen and paper and write down a few. Perhaps you regret trusting someone who hurt you, perhaps you blame yourself for not realizing that a person in the past would betray your confidence…

Make a note of it now, and forgive yourself. These were all learning experiences.

Make a note of what you learned, what the gift of the hurt was. And now write down what you would like an ideal future “version” of that experience to be like. For example, you would like to meet people who have honorable intentions, people who meet you in your positive expectations, and who treat you as worthy of their respect and understanding.

Profound Changes Coming – Timelines, Collective Energies

Forgive yourself for the past involvement that brought hurt. Know that you are more than that. You are so much more than what others may have treated you as.

We see the truth about who you are and we love you so dearly. Past hurts may cause fear in you as situations are changing over this next year, but we tell you this, you have nothing to fear. Your authentic self is all beauty, all power, all light.

Many many many things are changing in the human collective and timelines over the next few years, the energies are adjusting profoundly.

Love centered living will become a powerful agent of change impacting society. Old modes will be worn away…

Know yourself, know your soul’s song and know your twin flame’s true higher self, and you will be safe and sound and comfortable no matter what. In the midst of change you will be home no matter what. You will stay anchored in love.

When the flood of change has washed over the human collective, you will see yourself more radiant than ever, more connected with love than ever, more in your power than ever.

We encourage you to always keep seeking light and the unity in things, people and experiences. We recognize the beauty and the love in who you are.

With all our support and respect and our gratitude for the important undertaking you have signed up for. We honor you.

Archangel Michael and the Angels of Light”








twin flame awakening

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  1. Beautiful message, thank you so much Archangel Michael, the Angels of Light and of course you Cassady for bringing us this channeling. I’m so excited about what’s happening in the world, how we are in the midst of profound changes and the part we are playing in all of it. I feel so honored, blessed and humbled and I do what I can to spready love and light and enjoy the wonderful souls I am fortunate enough to meet.

    And to also keep seeing the love and truth where they don’t seem to be, although that part can be and often is a bit challenging still, but so much easier than before. And looking back to where I was a year ago when I was about to find out I was a Twin Flame (almost a year after meeting mine) I’ve come such a long way and I’m so proud of myself and all of us! I love life and I love my journey back to my union with my one true divine love and in the process making the world a truly better and more beautiful place. What more can anyone wish for right? Happy happy happy! 😀

  2. I’ve been shown many times what to create. It’s on land that I create sacred geometry on, walking paths, labyrinths and a healing center that opens to the outdoors. Connecting to all elements, air, fire, water earth. The idea mostly of mostly helping to bring the heavens to the earth, to connect up and get it on the ground. Theres so much else that goes into this place and have felt halted but recently found a way to possibly start it. It’s small and not sure of a couple important details, ( like open land and needing a restroom spot for clients)but hope to see those answered soon or figure them out! It’s a small step but a needed one. I believe! I hope the the rest will too!?! If you have an insight cassidy please do share!! It’s so close! Thank you and Happy Solstice! ????

  3. I’m so glad this resonates with you Monique! <3 Thank you for being here and holding such wonderfully high intentions for everyone xoxo You're a light shining bright x <3 Cassady

  4. On point as always Cassady.! These readings always mirror what Im currently going through. Its really incredible. ???????

  5. I feel it speaks to me I am going to read it anytime I need encouragement to carry on on my path. ??

  6. This message resonates a lot with me, thanks so much! My twin flame and I have just taken over an animal welfare organisation together (as volunteers) four weeks ago. We are both extremely passionate about it and it feels like it is our inner calling. The way it unfolded was far from straight forward, with many ups and downs, but we let it happen, stepped in when necessary and it worked out. I learned a lot from this experience, and now try to apply it to our physical union!

    We have come such a long way as well, there were and still are challenges, but we have already started to make the world a better place and it is bringing us closer, too. It’s such a huge milestone on our journey to union, and I’m very excited about it! ?? Love and light to everyone out there. Katie

  7. You wrote this for me, didn’t you. It’s as if my Twin came and channelled this through you especially for me, haha.

    The butterfly graphic resonates too. Been seeing a lot of references to them. And yesterday I had these strange twinges in my solar plexus… after a few hours, I realised I had a case of butterflies. Some interesting stuff going on around my Twin at the moment. Very interesting times.

  8. im not sure if this is the correct channel to ask this question but i just recently found out about twin flames, as i was telling one of my friends about my relationship with who i now realize is my twin flame she mentioned it and i started reading about it. but how about if he doesnt know about all this? how can i tell him about it? he seems to be going thru an intense period of soul searching right now and we are not together at the moment, hes on another relationship. we have been on and off for 4 years now, never able to stay away from each others lives. he recently told me he loves me that hes always thinking about me and that he cant stand when we are not in contact. idk how to bring all this up to him but this has helped me understand so much about us and about me that i want the same for him.

  9. I really needed this message! It makes me feel in sync and safe.
    I look up to you and am inspired by you!
    Love and light?

  10. Thank you so much for this Cassady, your help has completely transformed my life. I am still so puzzled how much love I can actually feel and how grateful I am for everything and how much love the world is mirroring back to me. I know, I have a twin flame, but I haven’t met him in this world yet, but I am already so filled with love, it’s nearly hard to imagine, that it could even get any better… yet, of course, I cannot wait to meet him!

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