You Might Be Shocked By Today’s Post – The Problem With Predictions, How Twin Flame Experts Keep People Trapped In Struggle, How Unawakened Twin Flames Operate Behind The Scenes, And Much More…


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The Articles I Almost Didn’t Share With You…

Every year there are many articles I hesitate to hit publish on – because I know they’ll push people’s buttons. Because I know someone out there will get upset. Because I know what I’ve written goes against the “rules”.

But these are nearly always the articles where spirit is pushing the most to get the info out. And most often, I end up baffled and humbled by all your positive feedback as you read the article!

It usually turns out that these are the very articles that prove the most eye-opening, the biggest perspective shifters and the most impactful on your journey!

So here are twelve of the year’s most button-pushing, deep-going, controversial articles about Twin Flames!


*The truth about Twin Flame predictions

*Secret sabotage Twins encounter on their journey

*Desperate measures for Twins whose counterpart just isn’t responding

*What karmic debt really means for your Twin Flame relationship

*Where you go when you meet your Twin Flame in your dreams

*Why you should always take Twin Flame advice with a pinch of salt and instead listen to your own intuition above all

*And so much more…

Have a look below!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



5D Twin Flames – Are You Connecting Inter-Dimensionally?

What Exactly Are 3D and 5D, And What Does it Mean for You? Discover The Real Reason Why Your Souls “Volunteered” To Come Together in Love, And Where You Go When You Meet In Dreams…


Is Negative Karma Blocking Your Relationship?

Do They Bring Out The Worst In You? Are There Cycles Of On-Again-Off-Again? Do You Keep Going Back Even Though it Hurts? Discover The Truth About Your Love Karma In This Brand New Quiz


Can You Force Your Twin Flame To Awaken?

Pushing The Hand Of Fate By Getting Serious With Someone Else, Threatening To Shut Down The Connection. Free Will Choices – Solutions to Ongoing Frustrations…


Is Your Lifestyle Working Against Your Twin Flame Connection?

How Your Job, Friends And Drinking/Drug Habits Impact Your Love Life More Than You Ever Realized. 7 Things That Damage Your Twin Connection And 7 Solutions


Twin Flame Predictions – 8 Reasons You Should Stay Skeptical

You Might Be Shocked By What I Have To Say Today Because It Shakes The Very Foundations Of The Twin Flame Blogosphere… Your Highest Good Vs The Human Need For Knowledge And Status.

6 Secret Ways Twin Flames Self-Sabotage Their Journey

Are You Guilty Of Any Of These? Prepare To Be Surprised: 6 Secret “Twin Flame Sins” And The Damage They Do To Your Connection…


The Twin Flame Connection Reset

Did You Know You Can Change Everything With This One Simple Activity? Your Heart’s Desires And The Secret Power Of Light… Discover More Here.  


What If Your Twin Just Isn’t Responding?

Is It Possible To Be Happy Without Them? Is There Ever A Time To Just Give Up?



7 Signs Drama Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Relationship

Is Drama Causing Your Twin Flame Connection To Short-Circuit? Dysfunctional Childhood Love Blueprinting = Adult Relationship Trouble… Discover How To Uplift Your Journey Into Calm, Loving Harmony Once And For All


When Ego Is The Only Block To Twin Flame Reunion

Groundbreaking Spiritual Info To Unlock Your Path And Take You Higher … Did You Know Twin Flames Have The Power To Completely Revolutionize the Journey Through Love?


A Warning to All Twin Flames

Are You Waiting For A Savior? Beware The “Guru Trap”. Why The Journey of Your Souls’ Creation Is In Your Hands, More Than You’ve Been Ever Allowed To Believe…




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