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The Enemy Within – 5 Keys to Tricking Your Brain to Finally Letting You Have Love: Overcoming The Primal Human Hardwiring That Can Sabotage Your Journey…

Since starting this website I have heard from thousands upon thousands of Twins from all over the world, both as personal clients and via the article comments and the emails I receive every day. I’d like to thank everyone who writes to me!

I want you to know I read everything but unfortunately I don’t get the chance to respond personally to every one of you.

What I do see in the hundreds of emails I get every week, is that Twins all over the world are struggling with the same issues, even if they’re not aware of it. And these are things I went through myself on my own journey.

Today I’m covering an issue that affects us all:

“Your human brain is likely the biggest saboteur on your Twin Flame journey, even if you don’t realize it yet.”

Let me explain: A huge issue for Twin Flames and other lightworkers is the complication of running new higher vibrational energies on the old human “body systems”.

Our bodies aren’t wired for unconditional love, and most of us have ancestry behind us where no one ever experienced love of this kind or the other true high vibrational energies.

On the Twin Flames’ Journey of Love, our human brains are working against us in many ways. The old 3D paradigms of separation, polarity, opposition, survival and conflict are not merely *theories* we opt into.

These 3D patterns are ingrained physiologically in us – as neural pathways in our brains – and can be a deep block between Twins. The Twin Flame journey is all about overcoming polarity and perceptions of separation, to unite. 

It’s an issue not many speak about on the Twin Flame journey, but the brain can be responsible for the deepest and most stubborn blocks between Twins.

But know that we really can uplift your journey by changing how your mind works!

5 Keys To Tricking Your Brain to Letting You Have Love:

Bypassing the Built-In Human 3D programs of Separation, Drama and Problems – so you can have Happiness and Reach Twin Flame Reunion

#1)  Distract Your Brain From Its Natural Hunt for Danger –
“Running 5D Unconditional Love In A 3D Survival System”

Our brains are ancient! Hardly anything has changed in us physiologically since the Stone Age.

When we go through Awakening and Ascension, the process is a lot like running brand new software on an ancient computer – they’re not compatible. It can be a lot of hard work.

Our brains for the most part “think” Love is a huge waste of time, except if it relates to survival in the sense of being taken care of, protected and procreating. There’s little to no hardwiring for Love, especially the 5D, spiritual, Unconditional Love Twin Flames are here to embody.

This is new. And it’s why the Twin Flames are here on earth. We’re working out the prototype for a new product to launch to humanity, so to speak. Unfortunately there are still some bugs in the system to work out…!

The human brain is designed to look for problems to protect us from. Our deepest neural pathways are routed in to danger, danger, danger.

For our ancient ancestors it meant that they’d stay alert to the sabre tooth tigers lurking in the bushes, so they could get away in time. It was a great system for their mode of living.

But for most modern people there are no gigantic predators around to look out for. In today’s society, these old patterns of scanning for danger manifests for most of us as unnecessary worry, perfectionism, stress, anxiety, jealousy… The mind running riot looking for problems, even where there are none.

As you may have guessed, this becomes a huge issue in relationships and with the Twin Flame connection, where we have to be vulnerable, open, potentially get hurt.

Most people don’t realize that their brains would often rather be without Love because there’s less potential danger that way.

The human brain is wired the opposite from how we human beings want it to be now in our modern era. We want to be happy, in love, enjoy life – thrive.

But mentally, we’re hard-wired to always be looking for and creating new problems to solve, new dramas to live out. The brain’s job is to keep you safe, so this is its biggest focus – looking for danger.

“Seeking and avoiding danger is our deepest pattern as human beings. Our bodies and our brains are unfortunately designed to Survive, not to Love.”

And when you do what the brain’s deepest wiring is created for – looking for danger, finding danger, scanning for potential problems – you’re actually rewarded chemically.

Dopamine and serotonin are the brain’s reward drugs, that are released into your system to create a feeling of pleasure every time you act on these old programs of survival.

This is one of the reasons why action movies, watching the news, gossiping, worrying, reading shock stories about other people’s horror stories (like sad Twin Flame runner accounts), is so addictive to so many people.

The survival patterns are the oldest, most deeply engrained parts of the human brain. On a basic level the brain thinks that everything is potentially a killer, because that’s how our ancestors survived long enough to actually procreate and carry on the genes and energies we are now carrying.

We’re carrying the energy of the “best survivors”. Not just the strongest and most sickness-resistant physically, but the most mentally suited to survival.

LASTING FIX: When you notice your mind running through worst case scenarios, give it something else to do. Count all the orange things in the room, or list all the cities you’ve ever visited.

Make up little “games” to use the brain’s danger scanning program for something MORE lighthearted. Give it something to “chew on” besides your happiness.

#2) Treat Your Brain Like Hired Help – Tell It Exactly What to Do!

The good news is that because the brain is so stuck in its old ways, we can USE the negative patterns to our advantage. Think of it like a computer that will run any program you put into it as long as you have the right password.

My Twin describes the brain as a sheep dog. Fiercely active and busy, but very destructive when left to its own devices.

Like a sheep dog, your brain will do an amazing job at helping and serving you once you give it clear signals. If you leave it to itself, on the other hand, it can tear your house apart.

The deepest and oldest parts of the brain house the most primal activities, such as the fight or flight reaction, breathing, the physiological management of heart beat, blood flow, the body’s processes – the so-called “reptilian brain”. The subconscious mind that deals with these things, is constantly working without you even noticing it.

You yourself know that don’t have to remember to breathe, or tell yourself to keep your heart beating or learn how to walk over and over. You do it automatically. When you ingrain skills deeply enough in your brain, they become automatized.

The subconscious mind’s patterns are always operating whether we know it or not. The most common pattern is to scan for problems, pitfalls, drama, conflict – in order to ensure survival. However, as you probably know this can wreck havoc with your relationship and your life.

Happily, we can always give our subconscious mind new things to learn, new things to focus on.

Just like you taught yourself to drive, speak or play an instrument so well you don’t even have to think about it anymore, you can teach your brain to focus on Love, Harmony and Happiness instead of Conflict, Problems and Drama. Moving from 3D into 5D.

LASTING FIX:  Gratitude is a highly effective tool for this, and has actually been scientifically and neurologically proven to change your mindset and make you 20% happier just within a month.
GRATITUDE IS also a huge boost for your energy vibration, bringing you into alignment with love and Twin Flame reunion. There’s more about this and other tools for realigning your brain with Love and Unity in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

twin flame program

#3) Your Brain Is “Stupid” – You Can Lie To It To Get What You Want

Research shows that the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and false images and impressions.

An example of this is the Placebo effect, where people get real benefits from pills with no medication. This now overwhelmingly accepted as proven in scientific communities.

More and more medical professionals now use the placebo effect deliberately in healing, because it has been proven time and time again that the human power to believe is so strong we can actually change our physical bodies with our mere thoughts.

You know when you wake up from a nightmare, drenched in sweat and with your pulse racing? That’s your body reacting to images, dream experiences. Not reality, but mental images and non-physical experiences. This is how powerful non-physical stimuli is to your brain.

So when you worry and think about everything that could go wrong between you and your Twin, or in your finances, or at work – be very careful, because you are sending signals to your brain that this is reality. If you can shift your thinking, you can shift your emotions, your body and your reality.


Here’s a striking example of the mind’s power: Imagine right now that you have a ripe, juicy half of lemon in your hand. Lift it up to your mouth and smell that strong citrus scent… Now, take a bite of the lemon, really bite into it.

Did you notice your mouth producing saliva? Watering in response? Your mind didn’t know it wasn’t a real lemon.

Creative visualization utilizes this human “weakness” or mental “disconnect” to our advantage and to reap big results. To get our energy to align with and create positivity by feeding our brain deliberately positive input. Creative Visualization originates among Hindu Sages thousands of years ago (who also developed yoga, meditation and the ayurvedic system) is a technique that top athletes and actors have been using for decades with amazing results.

For a Creative Visualization meditation specially designed for the Twin Flame journey, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Regularly feeding your brain positive images and words is highly recommended on this journey, because it shifts us into a higher vibration over time. And it actually changes our neural pathways.

Our human habit is usually to talk about and think about all the things we don’t like, reinforcing everything that’s a problem: we complain, gossip and debate all the negatives. This ingrains the negativity deeper and deeper. Energetically AND neurologically. 

Unfortunately many Twin Flame circles feed on these repeating cycles of negativity, where people vent about their bad experiences and set others up for expecting the same. Locking into a limiting energy field that’s focused more on problems than solutions.

The amazing thing is, you can deeply shift your mind, your situation and your energy by changing what you focus on and give your attention to. As the spiritual adage goes:

“Thoughts become things – what we focus on, is what we
get more of”.

LASTING FIX: Write down your desires, collect images that inspire you, make a vision board, listen to music that makes you feel good – lift your vibration and teach your brain to think differently!

#4) Treat Your Brain The Way You Would a Puppy or a Child

The brain is great at what it knows, so if you leave it to its own devices again it will revert back to its old behaviors – because these are the deepest neural pathways.

The brain expends a lot of energy and the body is focused on limiting energy expenditure (the brain uses 20% of all your fuel, even though it’s less than 10% of the size of your body) – so the brain is highly focused on effectivizing its processes.

To run the already established old programs of negativity “costs” less energy than creating new ones, because there’s less resistance. It means you have to work harder at what’s new than at what you already know.

If you’ve got some bad habits or have ever been a smoker, or you crave checking in with Facebook or Instagram every 5 minutes, you’ll know exactly what this means!

It’s only too easy to go back to those habits. In fact, your brain actually releases dopamine when you do, keeping it an addiction.

So while you’re building up your new Love and Unity patterns, keep an eye on your brain because chances are it will try to lead you back to your old haunts.

If it strays, which is likely, do what you’d lovingly do with a puppy or a child – guide it gently back again and again to where you want it to be.

If you start to feel negative or jealous or imagining worst case scenarios about your Twin Flame situation again, lift yourself up by using your chosen positive images, written goals, CREATIVE VISUALIZATIONS and other tools. we go through more about how to clear and update negative ancestral energies and upgrade out of damaging ego structures in the VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT PROGRAM FOR TWIN FLAMES

#5) Rinse and Repeat Until it “Takes” – Creating A New High Vibrational Setpoint To Align With Twin Flame Love And Unity

Research shows it takes about 21-45 days to form new neural pathways. So in order to see lasting results, repeat your new positive cycle over and over until new neural pathways have formed.

The key to knowing that you’re succeeding, is that it starts to feel easier and easier as you go along. The first time you do something new, it feels hard, because there’s no preexisting “path”.

Stick with it, as it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

First it’s like a small trail through a thickly overgrown forest but then the more you walk it, it becomes a strong path, then a paved road, and before you know it you’re cruising down the Freeway of Positivity and Harmony… 

This is how human beings learn and excel at any skill – from sports people to virtuoso musicians to business moguls – some way or another they create the neural pathways that support their effortless action. It doesn’t happen in a day, but once it happens, your whole life changes.

For Twin Flames, spending a few minutes a day on this can Truly Transform your Journey (yes, it’s so true and important that I capitalized and underlined the letters!).

I know it might seem academic and tedious to start with, but trust me:

“Once you teach your Brain to be a team player instead of a Secret Saboteur, your Twin Flame connection and your whole life will gradually change.”

The Twin Flame Journey is above all a journey away from the old 3D ego structures that are embedded physiologically in the brain, to the new, higher vibration 5D structures of Unconditional Love and harmony.

Union happens beyond and above the 3D Ego level – so to move out of your blocks and open up to unconditional love, your brain must be shown how to operate differently. Otherwise it will be working against you the whole time.

Many Twins learn to do this on their own by sheer willpower and repetition. But with energy clearings and proven tools, it can become a lot easier. It can take as little as five minutes a day – the crucial thing is repetition and intent. Once you get started, the rest flows more and more easily.

For simple yet powerful methods to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try the Free Twin Flame Help Kit!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

Want more? For my most recent channeled session, Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening For Twin Flames, have a look here:

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

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  1. Thanks again for this. You are correct that negative thinking and old patterns can sabotage happiness, not just on the twin flame journey. I struggled with addictive spending and eating, a short course of hypnotherapy has kicked them into touch so I would recommend that anyone struggling with the issues raised at #4 looks into this. It is worth it.

  2. Wow! Word for word is as if you were in my head and responded to all the drama my sweet dear brain has been causing all week!!! My twin has been away because of health issues and I created this whole scenario in my head and made myself miserable this week, only to find out it was all simple and nothing at all… This is so important for me to read, also, not a word of a lie, I just started a 28 days of gratefulness program! Amazing that you touched on that. Thank you so much! I look forward to these every week!

    This article really targets something so important for me and it is very helpful to read it here.
    I have observed a cycle in me where I go from high vibrational energy and naturally focuses on positive and then in a moment the cycles shift the other way around, and I dig my own whole by focusing on negatives. I now understand that I feel in danger somehow and that then the brain goes into automatic survival mode.
    I was wondering how can these shift happen so abruptly?
    Almost feeling like I have two different person in me …
    I will start now to keep practicing creative imagery when that happens.
    Thank you for your help! Starting now to hack my brain!

  4. Brilliant article, thank you! These tips can be used for all areas of life for all people whether on a TF journey or not! The glass is always half full! Positivity, love nd light! 🙂

  5. Hi Yasmine,

    Yes, the whole physical body/brain actually has built-in patterns and limits to what it feels safe with. When you experience this kind of negativity, it’s like you say some part of you has been perceiving danger and becomes noticeable. It’s resistance.

    My guides have been showing me this often comes up even late in the ascension process for twins, so don’t worry although I know this can be very heavy/intense when it comes up. Know that you’re doing really well – the fact that it’s been coming up for you means you’ve been pushing your boundaries, rising into a different vibration. Ultimately the body consciousness often feels unsafe with what’s new…

    Having positive things to focus on can really help at those times, and just keep in mind it’s a sign of things that are being brought up to release to help you open up to the unconditional love of your spirit and your twin flame <3 So it means you're moving in a positive direction! x

    Sending you love and light! xx Cassady

  6. Wow, what synchronicity! Thanks for sharing, Marie! Yes, the mind can be our biggest tormentor on this journey – Eckhart Tolle, the psychologist/philosopher goes into this: if you heard out loud what most people are thinking in their minds, the world would be a frightening place – everyone would sound crazy! It’s how we’re taught to be, in so many ways…

    I’m so glad you’re taking positive steps and following your guidance re. the gratitude program – it can be so much fun! And at some of my darkest moments early on this journey my twin actually forced me to sit down and pushed me to write down what i was grateful for to shift my mindset, moving my hands on the keyboard to write down all the good things in my life. Quite an eye-opener for me…!

    Sending you love and light! xx Cassady <3

  7. Thank you, Aquarius Girl! I’m really glad this resonates with you, it’s made a huge difference to me on my journey and it’s something that’s not often talked about in Twin circles so I’m happy to be able to share.

    Yes! The glass is brimming over : ) <3 Sending you love and light xx Casady

  8. That is so interesting. The exact same scene in my life happenned. My twin had gone away for health issues that his mom is having …. wooowow …

  9. Deep thank for your guidance and encouragement!
    I do feel huge resistance of letting go, I was suggest to do gratitude exercises too and I read it below so I am going to start that today!

  10. I love Eckhart he was my intro to all things relating to spirituality. That’s amazing that you were moved to be grateful! Something so simple yet so unnatural to us. Thanks for the reply. Xx

  11. I am realizing this so deeply now. The more I step into what IS and leave behind what was the easier it is to see the illusions of the old paradigm. Love has taken its place in me! It is amazing the difference. I feel at peace, blessed, and so full of life. The habits are nearly gone. Each resurfacing is like that is the dream life and this new found Love is the reality. I am grateful 🙂 <3

  12. Hi Cassady! I’m sending you lots of love and greets from Germany and wanted to let you know, that you’re an amazing help for people AROUND THE WORLD! Thank you for doing all this!

    I’m having two questions – I couldn’t find the answers on your website (maybe you can provide me the links or give me some short response. I think others would need that feedback too!).

    1. When exactly did your union happen? And how did you feel it? (the situation is a bit different for you!)

    2. People online write that they’re communicating with their twin in dreams. I don’t. Why is it so? I’m really wondering. Today I had a dream where his energy was present (but his look was not quite the same!) and other women (and their energies) were invading my dream the whole time. I recognized how jealous I still am. The sensation of the dream was very dark (the whole time), probably I was clearing out blockages in my subconsciousness.

    3. AND THE LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: It seems that females are suffering more on the twin flame journey for some reason. I went through all this really intensive purges after our break-up and I feel he didn’t went through all the hardcore emotions like I did. Why is it so? What is happening to the male counterpart while the woman is experiencing the emotional rollercoaster ride and having all those painful purges?

    Thank you in advance for answering!


  13. Hello,

    I’d been reading ur articles for past six months.. Had learned a lot of things from u.. Thank you.

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