Seeing 11:11, 333, 2222, 999 and other numbers and signs everywhere you go? Here’s the list of meanings, in a clear visual map for decoding Twin Flame signs and messages.


Decoding repeated numerical messages is one of the most common questions I receive from Twins all over the world, so here is a handy map to the meanings embedded – with a unique focus on Twin Flames. There are other standard readings of these numbers, but this infographic has been created in collaboration with guidance to be specific for Twin Souls.

Personal Messages 

Keep in mind that along your journey you might also be receiving messages of personal significance, such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Numerical codes and signs are a common way of communication from the soul and guidance systems, as they allow for bypassing the ego self and barriers of disbelief and skepticism.

Nearly all Twin Flames observe signs like these on a regular basis after Awakening and Ascension begins – the signs tend to increase at times of doubt, struggle and separation, times when we need extra reassurance.

For a full class on more common signs, how to interpret divine guidance on the Twin Flame path and enlisting extra assistance on your journey, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. Includes a class on how to safely and effectively connect with your intuition and spiritual guidance team, avoiding ego and negative influence. Plus a tool to make any being tell you the truth.

Times of Struggle

Know that if you’re having a hard time with your Twin Flame or are wondering about some existential issue or focusing on a big life decision, chances are you’ll see numbers popping up all around you as reassurance and guidance. You might have noticed this already.

Signs like these are meant to provide a guidepost on the journey, to show continued support, nudges and assistance, and to above all reassure you.

Please feel free to repost and share this infographic, and you might want to snap a screen grab so you have it handy when you’re out and about for situations where the third or fourth car with licence plate 1111 or 888 comes driving past…!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x 


Ready to take your Twin Flame connection to the next level? Have a look at the full Vibrational Alignment Program here – make sure you read the testimonials of other Twins’ amazing experiences with the program! 

Alternatively, you can try the FREE Twin Flame resources here!

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  1. Wow! Thank you! So interesting, my birthdate is 8/8/80. Always wondered what it meant. I feel more abundant and prosperous and supported everyday too! Woo! Thank you for your wisdom Cassidy! I appreciate you always!

  2. Q&A
    Hi Cassady,
    Thank you for this post. It came in much needed time for me. 🙂
    I keep seeing 911 all the time. The frequency has gone down in 2016 but it was a lot of 911 from 2012 to 2015.
    Is there any significance of 911 for twin flames specifically?

  3. During a mediumship reading my TF’s mother was waiting for me. I never had the privilege of meeting her in the physical. She gave me numbers to remember. 921. So I did some Google research and found that this was her birthday.
    22:22, 222,22,111,11,1111,333,444,555

  4. The license plates are just ridiculous! It’s so true when I’m lacking faith I get bombarded with more numbers. Birthdays, mine and his, even his parents home phone number. Recently the exits on highway to the town we met in. I always see 144 too, that is just as common as all of them. Not sure what that relates to?

  5. I want to know how to deal with family where your journey cannot be shared with them. I feel isolated from them in some regard. My journey seems to be my priority and they do not share my beliefs. At least I don’t think… Can’t realy talk about it with them. How do you deal with this?

  6. This message was timely for me as well. Earlier this week I was on a 3,000 mile road trip for the life purpose business I’m starting that I know is as much a part of my future as the Twin Flame journey I’m on. After meeting my first contact in one city, I drove another 12 hours to the next city where I’d meet my next contact. Nearing the city I saw a road sign that said “Kelly Canyon Road”. My Twin’s first name is Kelly. I thought to myself, “That’s a sign, but Kelly is a common enough name to see. What would really be something is if I saw his last name on a sign.” An hour later I arrived in the downtown area and drove around looking for a place to park. Finally I found one and then spent the next hour walking around enjoying the sights of the city, but in spite of my best efforts at staying positive, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I came back to my car and right across from where I’d parked was a huge construction site trailer parked in front of a new building being erected. In giant letters across the entire side of the trailer was my Twin Flame’s last name. It is a very, very uncommon name and I’ve never seen it anywhere before. I stood there in stunned amazement, wow! I could have parked anywhere in the city but my Angels made sure I parked right there so I’d see it. Your message here today reminded me that yes, that was a message of encouragement and to keep on releasing lower vibrations of fear and doubt and choose happiness and trust that things will unfold exactly as they are supposed to.

  7. I’m currently in this same situation.. “The black spiritual sheep of the family” its not necessarily a bad thing 🙂 always remember that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be… You chose to be born into a family with different beliefs for a reason.. Try to find out that reason. You have all the answers deep inside you if you just relax calm those thoughts and let them come to you 🙂

  8. Hi there, I am ‘forever’, but I mean seriously continuously seeing 12:12, 13:13, 15:15, 17:17, 18:18 and 19:19. Anyone else ? Overwhelming sometimes, as if I can’t let it all in, it’s that much !
    Sometimes think I must be a basket case that I need that much ‘guidance and or comfort’ !

  9. I keep seeing 11:11 every time I see a clock. In fact, today, at 11:11 I texted my TF an “I love you.” I hope we can be together soon. Only thing that troubles me is there will be repercussions to our situation. And some will get hurt. But we need to be together.

  10. There were 333 Facebook Likes when I opened this thread. <3 I love seeing these signs!!! And, yes, I see them on license plates all the time. There is one with 222 and one with 333 on my regular routes in my daily routines. 444 was very linked to my awakening and the fourth chakra agape LOVE that engulfed me at that time.

  11. Every time I am thinking of him I see these numbers – 211 (his street address) and or 113 or 311 ( his birthday nov 3 he is military) what can it mean. Is it the universes way of letting me know that he is thinking of me or that yes I am right about my feelings and that we will find a way to finally be together? Just need a little help – Thank you!

  12. Hi Magie, I’m so glad this was useful! I
    know it’s something many twins wonder about because so many of us see repeated numbers everywhere!

    Spirit has shown me that for me, at least, combinations of numbers can be read as combined messages. So 911 would be the energy of 9 plus the energy of 1 plus 1, 447 would be the energy of 4, plus the energy of 7. Not adding up the numbers to a new total…

    So 911 is a signal that you’re about to finish off a cycle, and you’re being encouraged to keep your thoughts positive so that the new cycle is as positive as possible.

    You can use the above “map” to piece together multiple meanings this way!

    Sending you love and light! <3

    Cassady x

  13. Hi Christelle!

    Thanks for raising this subject – yes, sometimes we’re nudged to look at the time when the numbers align like this. Sometimes it’s really more of a general message of “you’re safe, we’re looking out for you, don’t worry”. Or if you have someone close to you on the other side, they might be trying to get your attention… Often if you still don’t “listen” they’ll start giving you chills to get your attention! <3

    Our guides normally keep a certain distance to let us journey and learn as much as possible, but loved ones will get more "up close and personal" if they really want to communicate something to you.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  14. Hi Amber, as I mentioned above you can read the messages as combinations!

    144 would be “Keep your thoughts positive (1) because (4) (4) it’s the little things you do and think every day that adds up to your life creation. Stay diligent with your positive thinking – focusing on it every day really makes a huge difference.”

    Sending you love and light! x

  15. How cool! I love that! I have 3 x 3s in my birthdate, I always wondered what that meant too… <3 I'm so glad you're here, Marie, thanks for being a part of the Twin Flames 11:11 community xx

  16. Thanks Love! Sending love and sweetness to you and everyone else on here! Have a gorgeous weekend! xo

  17. Thank you for your comment, Jasmine. It was reminiscant of what my TF says to me all the time! Relax, don’t over think it, it will come! There’s a whole different me emerging with this beautiful journey, not one that is so viable to everyone, but more of an attitude. I want to shout from the rooftops, share with everyone I hold dear, especially my father and sister who have a similar spiritual understanding. I’ve come so close to sharing everything with them but I’m sure the first thing I will hear is how do you keep this from your husband?? Honestly, I don’t know!!! I’m more surprised he at that myself. In fact, my TF can come to me in the night and he never wakes up! We chuckle about it because my husband is such a light sleeper, and my TF says the same thing happens to him with his wife! It’s like they’re frozen in time during our spiritual visits! It’s really freaky when we think about it!!

  18. Cassady could you talk about what role physical attraction has between twin flames. I have zero attraction to mine although I care for his soul. How is it possible to love someone unconditionally when there needs to be some sort of physical attraction between a couple?

  19. I can empathize with you, Angelosophy. I’m physically attracted to my twin, but he’s very different from me in terms of the type of lifestyle we lead. We’re so different, in fact, it’s difficult for me to imagine how we could ever make a traditional romantic relationship work in our 3D lives, but I wonder if that’s part of the lesson? Perhaps we’re being shown we can love someone unconditionally in spite of vast differences and in spite of the fact that we may not be each other’s “type.”
    Or maybe our differences are part of the balance we’re all discovering?
    This is such a beautiful process. I look forward to seeing it all unfold as we continue doing our work 🙂

  20. I’ve recently learned about twin flames & believe I’ve found mine, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know about twin flames & I don’t know how to approach the situation. If I’m wrong, I’ll feel like a fool.

  21. I, too, have that same sense of wonder about how and why this connection has happened. Actually the why we both agree on, but the what to do with it given both our married situations, is quite perplexing! Go with the flow, follow our intuition and recognize the various signs that seem to applaud our relationship. The physical attraction part is a bit interesting because as I have told my Twin two weeks after we meet online and before we exchanged photos, I don’t care if you have two heads, it would not change how I feel in my soul! Even with the exchange, I can say that in a normal situation, I would never have even given this guy a second glance! That’s how strong this is! Just feels right, no matter what!!

  22. Right!! Lol! Me too!! I have my time on my cell and my twin’s time too. We’re in different time zones, so I see it all the time too, every single day!!

  23. Hi, been meaning to ask for some time. I have days where I see numbers thrown at me left right and centre. Then there are days when I struggle to really ‘see’one at all. Typically though I have become aware of different synchronicity occurring between my twin and I. Lately i have seen a lot of 11:11 ( I also see this daily as my house is number 11 and it is marked on the postbox and the kerb pretty well side by side)
    I have been wondering though about other things. A few weeks ago I saw a sign on a main road in the town where I live. The street number stood out bold despite me driving past every day. I never thought much of it until someone mentioned birthdays. This is the number 780 (birth month and year of my twin) I purchased plates for her with this number 780. I could go on and on as no doubt many of you could. I used to think many of the signs were just me overthinking. Now I begin to think that maybe there’s more to it , and I’m not crazy after all !!! I’d love to here more from those of you that have been through and come out the other side. This is a tough time for me with my twin refusing to communicate with me whatsover, yet i feel her pain and confusion.

    Thanks for this site it’s awesome to share and continue to learn and grow

  24. Sharon, I completely agree with your comment! The strong pull toward my twin is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I met my twin 20+ years ago, when I was in high school, but our huge age difference prevented us from acting on any attraction. We both moved away, lost touch with each other, and married other people…. but a couple years ago, we found each other again after I received clairaudient messages about him and we both had a series of shared dreams. We haven’t physically seen each other in over 15 years but the pull is so strong. It’s been hard to reconcile the feelings I have for my twin, with the wonderful non-twin husband I’ve chosen to spend my 3D life with. I know my twin and I are both working through lessons with our spouses and families and, for now, our only 3D contact is via email and text.
    Honestly, though, the mind- boggling synchronicities, dreams, and correspondence via meditation are what holds us together. My twin and I are so outwardly different, but I can’t imagine our bond ever being broken.

    I wish all Twins the best! Love and light to all!! <3

  25. I got quite emotional reading this. I cannot imagine spending 20 years in this limbo-type state! ! I even told him I didn’t see how this meeting would ever happen. But then I wrote right back saying I take that back, that I was momentarily distracted from my belief in our journey, that our relationship is not logical nor does it follow linear thinking and that I lost my focus caught up in thinking I could orchestrate how things should happen. That’s not how this works! He is so relaxed about this that it makes me nuts sometimes and he says I need to learn patience! That’s what I’m working on! This is not what either one of us expected to happen at this point in our lives and yet we know it triggered an epiphany in both of us. We are both happily married and I constantly think, what the hell! ! Lol! ! Expect the unexpected certainly played out here! !
    May we all continue to grow in enlightenment!

  26. I’ve had many signs that came in time of need but the one which was strangest was beginning of this year. The entire day I’ve been pushed to reach out to my twin, to write him. And since he is the runner and in another relationship I really didn’t want to do it, I was terrified of the thought and of what he might answer since he can get pretty hurtful with words. But the push was so intense that I’ve felt like I’m gonna burst out of my skin. So on the way back home from work I was thinking that ok I will write him only if I get a clear sign that this is what I should do. In the same moment I turned my head because a car was approaching, and the licence plate was 1111.

  27. What does it mean to see someone`s birthdate every day? I sometimes see that exact date more than 20 times a day. Could that be indication of twin flames? I know who the person is, but what is the message?

  28. Yes, he is fully aware, though I believe I opened his eyes to what was going on and the meaning behind our “chance” meeting. He, like myself, always felt different. From early childhood, we knew something was missing and it never bothered us; we actually liked it that way. That was one of the things we had in common that we thought so unusual. He is very in love with his wife, as he believes love is the key to life, and he lives it! I so respect him for that and he has taught me to embrace love in my life as it is more spiritually harmonious with the Universe. Because of finding each other, our spouses have benefited from our heightened spirituality and feelings of unconditional love. We love each other through our spouses! Lol! My husband thinks he has somehow died and gone to heaven!! I love my TF’s wife. He loves my husband. Our kids feel like they belong to all of us. We are one happy family that has never met on this Earth plane! My linear mind blows every time I think of this!!! Unfortunately, our time together is not on a time frame that either one of us can even foresee. It would seem that something highly unlikely would have to happen for us to be together as we would like. So much more of this journey to talk about and so little space! :))

  29. Hi Sharon, I am in this same situation with the exception I have met my TF. We have played the runner/chaser on both sides. I would love to be where you are and be able to have the spiritual connection you do. I would love to here more about your story.

  30. Being in this situation is bizarre to say the least, when you think of a conventional relationship! I think I want to meet him personally so badly, and yet deep down that is not important! Almost before I knew his name, we communicated for a couple weeks like that, I told him I didn’t care if he had two heads! The language of the soul speaks no words nor has it preconceived expectations! We are what we are to each other because WE ARE each other! Who can you say that to and have them understand, except each other? You know what I mean? Now I know so much more that meeting is a dream of monumental proportions just to finally be able to harness all that raw energy.

  31. I just have to say this! I am so overwhelmed with my human conditioning that I battle with myself about whether I’m totally imagining all this stuff, that something is seriously wrong with me, how can I be so normal and have these things happening! Two years ago, I would not have believed any of this for more than a few seconds, and just thought wouldn’t that be nice! But now, I know and feel and see and believe so much that I don’t understand why I continue to wonder if I’m crazy! Does anyone else feel like this? Lol! I can hear my TF say, No! It’s you! Ha-ha!!

  32. Cassady recently posted about the negative effects of others’ comments and it caused me to remember your comment about how sad you were that I’d known my twin for 20 years, but we weren’t together. First, I want to apologize if my comment moved you in an unwanted direction. Second, I want to clarify that I met my twin 20 years ago, but we haven’t had a 20 year ongoing struggle. I was 15 when I met him. He was in his 30s. We were attracted to each other back then, but I was not emotionally ready for a romantic relationship with a grown man, not to mention the fact that it would have been illegal. There was something special about our connection that I couldn’t put my finger on, but we both moved away, I went off to college, and we didn’t interact for many years. To be honest, I didn’t think about him much during that time and when I did, I always wished the best for him. Even though my thoughts for him were very warm and positive, I didn’t feel compelled to contact him. Fast forward to the last 7 years when I experienced the dark night of my soul and a spiritual awakening. The more I awakened, the more I was drawn back to him. I got back in touch with him and found we were having shared dreams with each other. We’re both working through a lot separately, but I feel like our connection is still very warm, loving, and mutually supportive. I’m very thankful to have him in my life and I’m so sorry if my earlier comments made it seem as though I’ve had 20 years of ongoing struggle. I wouldn’t describe it as a struggle at all.

  33. OK, I know who my twinflame is. I met him last year. He lives in kauai, I live in california. He’s a libra, I’m a taurus. He’s been flip flopping in & out of another relationship pretty much since I’ve known him & they’ve been together since early 2014. As of a few days ago, they split again for maybe the 4th time. I’m 33, hes 39. We’ve never really disconnected & I’m not sure exactly if he’s been awakened to who we are to eachother, but I’ve had it confirmed now twice through my own readings, so I know its true.
    We also have a ridiculous amount of synchronicities when it comes to family & relationships; names, birthdays, etc.
    He’s very guarded with his feelings because his ex wife cheated on him. We had a convo about this recently & he told me he didn’t want me catching feelings for him because hes “not able to fully love” after what happened with his ex wife. But he acknowledges enjoying the chemistry & conversations we have with eachother. Regarding the girlfriend, I believe its a karmic relationship because he recently told me that although she’s special to him & there are feelings between them, they can “never get it right” so it always ends up with them breaking up.
    My question is this; lately, I’ve been seeing mirror numbers every day. Some of the numbers mentioned above (not all), but also opposites like 12:21, even 18/81, 07/70, 25/52 … the last few are just a couple examples of several different opposite/mirror numbers I see everyday on my phone; time/battery charge %. I haven’t been able to find anything specifically for why this keeps happening, although I know there has to be some kind of significant meaning behind it. But what? Is this twin flame related?

  34. what about 10:10 ? .. every day i wake up after having a dream that am texting my twin flame at 10:10 to wake up and its 10:10

  35. I’ve been seeing a lot of 22, 44, 55, and sometimes 11 although that is less common. But 22 and 44 seems to something ive been seeing more than usual. Does it mean anything?

  36. I saw a video once (not sure where) from a twin flame that said reflective numbers were another sign you are a twin flame. Once I saw that, I told my angels and guides to send them to me if I was. I’ve been seeing them everyday (8 out of 10 times) for over a year now. I take it as a big HUG from the Universe. 🙂

  37. same thing here… I began to wonder, “how many streets can honestly be named after him??”…And these numbers and the name are just put right in front of you when you look up!.. I saw a lot of that earlier in this connection…Now I’m going into this other stage & having a lot of internal spiritual development…But, major coincidences keep happening…career, location, names, & numbers, too!…

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