Awakening, Ascension and Twin Flame Union – What Energy Support And Guidance Is Trying To Reach You From The Natural Kingdom?


Today I was guided to provide a resource on a subject we’ve not touched on yet for the Twin Flame journey. Spirit animals and symbolic messages from the natural kingdom.

This is something I’m often asked about, and since my own journey began it’s often felt like there are symbols and messages wherever I turn – especially in the form of repeating, symbolic animals.

Whether they arrive in the form of logos on shop signs, photos on the internet or in person… animals carry strong symbolic messages of wisdom that are trying to get through to you.

When we’ve begun awakening to our deeper soul’s path we’re often shown repeating numbers, symbols, signs of significance for our journey – as support, inspiration, messages meant for the soul…


What Wisdom Is Trying To Reach You?

And you will notice throughout your path there will be periodic themes to your experiences – and in these periods, certain spirit animals are likely to show up with “messages” and support.

How this happens is, your attention is repeatedly drawn to these symbolic animals and the wisdom and energetic support they represent. You do not have to interact with an actual animal, but the energy that a certain animal species represents is somehow helpful to you right now – and you are being alerted to it.

Often, it’s enough to look up online what an animal stands for, what wisdom they embody and what about them can assist you both practically and spiritually right now.

I would always recommend clearing and uplifting your energy so you get a “clear channel” both for your benefit with Twin Flame Reunion and so you can “tune in” to what your animal messengers are trying to communicate.

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“Hummingbird + Swan + Lion” = Happy, Eternal Love and Courage

At this point in my journey, I have developed a “secret language” with my guidance team like this. Often these messages show up in my mind’s eye. If I’m being shown hummingbirds  I know it means – focus on happiness, be light on your foot, try to not worry.

If I see Swans, my Twin soul is communicating – I love you eternally. If I see a lion, I know it’s a message to be brave and proud, to center into my power and forge on.

If I see a raven or an owl, I know there is something I need to ‘see beyond the human illusion’ with – that this world and the next are not as separate as we may believe.

Being familiar with animal archetypes this way can be incredibly helpful on the spiritual path, where we are always moving into uncharted territory, faced with ever new challenges and opportunities for growth.


How To Connect With Your Totem Spirit Animal

Spirit suggests you use the Free Guided Meditation in the Twin Flame Help Kit and intend that when you get to the garden you will be meeting your totem animal. This is the archetypal animal energy you are the most closely connected with in this life.

Your totem animal is your guiding star, so to speak. This can be an incredible and humbling experience, which I would highly recommend trying.

Much like so-called “angel numbers”, repeating sequences like 11:11, 333, 777 and 222 (have a look at these here) – spirit animals and animal symbols can be a powerful help on your journey.

Most of all because they are able to bypass the ego mind and reach through to you despite of fear and uncertainty…

For example, swans are one of nature’s monogamous species – they mate for life and are a common symbol of Twin Flame Union.

So, what animal archetype or number or sign do you keep seeing? I’d love to hear about it – please leave a message in the comments below.

(Have a look for more info on Twin Flame Symbols, Dreams And Messages From The Soul here)


Twin Flame Journey Spirit Animals

Most Twins have individual animal guides, energetic support for guidance and evolution of the soul. But we also have Totem Animals for the Twin Flame Journey, and these can change depending on what stage you are at of your Union unfolding.

When you keep seeing certain recurring animals – especially in pairs – ask yourself:

What is this trying to tell me? What do these animals represent? How do they live? How has human culture represented them symbolically? What can I learn from them, what message might they be trying to convey?

This article is focused on Twin Flame specific spirit animals – monogamous species. But you might be seeing other “messengers” on your path.

Are there other animal spirits you keep seeing on your journey? If so, leave your comment below with the name of the animal you want to know about, and I’ll create a future article with even more insights into spirit animals!

I left out Unicorns as this is a symbolic mythological animal, but this is often a symbol that shows up during the Twin Flame union process or to remind us of the underlying eternal unity of the Twin Flame pair.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



***Twin Flame Spirit Animals Decoded***




Swans mate for life – they represent the energy of Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union. The eternal love of oneness between two beings.

Swan energy is gentle, elegant, wise. They glide with ease through the water but are very protective of their mate.

When swan appears on your path, you are reminded of the eternal love between you and your Twin Flame as souls. That you “belong” together.

To learn more about the Twin Flame Mission of unconditional love, have a look here.



twin flame spirit animal

Like their cousins, the pet dog, Wolves are fiercely loyal to their pack. Above all their mate. Wolves mate for life and represent moon energies, lunar energies. Intuition, pack wisdom and the soul’s deeper knowing.

Wolves live in packs and are intelligent hunters who collaborate to get the most of their labour.

When wolf appears on your path, you are reminded that your mate’s soul is willing to fight for you and that they are eternally loyal to you.

You are being shown that they will do what it takes for you to be together, and to listen to your feelings instead of your mind. Your heart is where you will feel the strength and the truth of your connection. You are never alone – there is spiritual support all around you.

Many Twin Flames get overwhelmed by the purge of negative emotions that happens in the Twin Flame Ascension process. Learn more here about how to use your feelings and your heart to your advantage, to reach a state of harmony and Reunion with your Twin.




beaver pair

Beavers are another mammal who mate for life. These are very hardworking animals who know the wisdom of manifestation. Step by step, if you take the right actions you will get to your goals. Beavers build structures most humans would struggle with, and that even big machinery would take much time and energy to complete.

Beaver’s wisdom is in taking things step by step – holding the bigger vision all the while. Knowing what it is you are desiring to build, and taking step by step action to get there. If you do not have a vision, you cannot build something big. Beaver’s energy carries the wisdom of rolling your sleeves up and getting started. Unless you take action, things won’t change.

When beaver crosses your path, you are being reminded that the Twin Flame journey is a path of co-creation. To hold your vision of love in your heart and your mind – progressing day by day and not letting fear sway you.

Even if your Twin is unawakened, their soul is working with you all the way in this collaboration of love.

Beaver’s message is, if you keep progressing toward your goal you will eventually get there. Let the vision of love pull you forward.

I was guided to create a special resource with actionable, step by step advice on how to reach Twin Flame Reunion here. Have a look.



penguin spirit animal

Penguins mate for life and are incredibly loyal animals who undertake hard journeys together without letting go of each other. Penguin energy is very gentle and emotional.

These animals are strongly bonded to each other and carry out tireless journeys through harsh environments to get back to each other – all the while collaborating on their family and taking care of their offspring.

Even though they spend months apart traversing the icy cold, they are bonded by love. Penguins are elegant swimmers and powerful hunters in the water, although they might seem clumsy on land. This is a message of effortless navigation of the emotions.

When penguin crosses your path it is a message that you and your love are always bonded by the heart. No matter how long you are apart from each other, in your heart and emotions you are always together.

Penguin teaches that physical separation is no barrier to love.

Go here to get a free guided alpha level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now – no matter how far apart you are physically.




songbird cardinal spirit animal

Most songbirds mate for life, and are another symbolic animal guide for the Twin Flame journey and in love. These messengers are carriers of the wisdom of the throat chakra. What are you “speaking into” your love connection? What stories are you telling about your connection and about your mate?

Speaking, singing and writing are all creation, manifestation.

Songbirds remind us of the power of positive speaking, positive communication. They are often feisty animals who are unafraid of getting “loud” to protect and charm their mate.

Songbirds are always vocal, and carry the message of celebration and pride.

Depending on the colour of the songbird, they carry different messages. Blue represents spirituality, communication and the throat chakra. Yellow symbolizes vitality, happiness and the solar plexus. Red symbolizes pride, passion and the root chakra. Green symbolizes healing, love and the heart chakra.

However, always tune into the “messenger” yourself and allow their specific meaning and message for you to come forth.

To learn more about the chakra system, manifestation and how it impacts the Twin Flame connection, have a look here.




hummingbirds spirit

Hummingbirds are powerful messengers of the higher dimensions and the lightness of being. Tiny birds who have the power to move their wings thousands of times per second, they are incredibly agile and light on their wings.

Hummingbirds symbolize the wisdom of happiness and effervescent joy. When we are happy for “no reason”, happy in the now moment, we are standing in our power as souls of light – attracting more ease, more progress. If we are always out “chasing”, the energy creates an ongoing cycle of always chasing. We don’t allow things to “catch up” with us.

When hummingbird crosses your path, you are being reminded to enjoy the now moment. To allow yourself to be happy “no matter what”, to relax into the little joys of life and to allow your high state of being to effortlessly attract that which you desire.

Hummingbird reminds you that you don’t have to try so hard. That being light about things is a form of “magic” that attracts joy and love to you.

Elevating your energy vibration is the number one way to step out of challenges and into a smoother way of life where you attract harmony and love in your relationships. Learn more here.


White Dove

white dove spirit animal

White doves are one of the most powerful symbols of spirituality we know in the human world. For millennia, the white dove has been a symbol of peace, heaven and the purity of the divine. Their energy is mild and feminine.

Another bird that mates for life, white doves carry the message that love is where we come from. Love is who we are. For Twin Flames, a message to center into who we are as souls, because we are already one.

They remind us to look in our hearts and have forgiveness (also for ourselves) because as souls we are immaculately pure.

White dove is a powerful messenger of high vibrational energies of peace. To lift our perspective up past the human world of judgment and blame, and to see the unity and eternal harmony beneath surface differences.

When white dove crosses your path, it can also be a message from your Twin Flame’s soul that they love you unconditionally – no matter what you do or have done, no matter how “flawed” you might see yourself as.

White doves are closely connected with the spiritual realm and we are reminded of white feathers left as messages from the other side that you are loved, that you are always supported, and that you are always safe.

Your support team and your Twin Flame’s soul are always eager to communicate with you. Discover in this article how to invite your Twin Flame’s eternal self to step forth into your life, to support you along your journey and show you the love they feel.



“Your energy updates and integration techniques have helped tremendously and continue to do so on such an intimate level. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your time, care and continued effort. The love you share daily is such a beautiful divine gift to receive. Thank you for picking me up when I have fallen down. You are loved by all of creation dear sweet benevolent soul.”

– Tosha, Minnesota, USA


twin flame program


Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or, for my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

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  1. Spiders…. constantly. My bf whom I suspect to be my twin has even picked up spiders and moved them. I used to be ridiculously terrified of them. Now I just let them go on their business. There was at one time he came back from a trip and 4 in different sizes were on my wall creating a diamond shape just sitting there not moving. They always come around after he and I have interacted, a lot of these times I’m wondering about the state four relationship and if we are in separation, via constant dissonance and distance, but not actually breaking up. So I wish I knew what I’m being told. I see angel numbers all day everyday, and feathers in my path of white & black or grey colors. So something is definitely happening relations to my TF journey. It HAS to mean something.

  2. I saw a Bambi (roe), that almost ran into me. What is the interpretation for this?

  3. Hy, Cassady. I believe that the animal that represents my union twin flame is the Dolphin, because I had a beautiful dream in which I was at the bottom of the sea and saw on the surface a couple of dolphins. One of them would come and go under me, pushing me up and saying “hello.” In visions during meditations, I have also seen unicorns (including a winged white unicorn), felines (tiger and jaguar) and raven. I wanted to know what it means. Greetings from Brazil!

  4. Before I read this article I had never thought about this or noticed any animal in particular. The only thing I can point out really is that the bar where we went the night we met had a gigantic owl decoration, and the neon sign was also an owl. But today I ran into two cats coming home from work, both seemed pregnant females though I’m not 100% sure. They both stopped and starred at me for a while before going on in their way. Does anybody have any insight on this?

  5. Searching,
    thank you, for your response. I’ve been seeing cardinals myself over the last few months. I saw the last one after me and my twin flame had a much needed conversation. This cardinal was perched on top of a black SUV; so, he really stood out and caught my eye. I’ve also had one in my flower bed next to my house. I’ve also seen pictures in various places of the male and female cardinal. As a matte of fact I saw a picture of the male and female cardinal while I was a thrift store with my twins flame daughter before I had the conversation with my twin flame. I’m thankful for the signs and knowing that I’m not alone. Everything happens for a reason and the universe sends us what we need to let us know that we are on the right path. Sending you and your twin flame love and light.

  6. For me, butterflies butterflies everywhere, for a number of years now. Both in nature and in images… even the first heart meditation I did, I saw a large swirling column of butterflies. Lately I also have a dragonfly hanging out with me regularly. My tf & I would see eagles when he traveled. The last time we were together, we had a crow or raven following us around, which I took as a bad sign (haven’t seen him since). Lately I also think I catch glimpses of kittens/cats out of the corner of my eye, but they are not really there. I’ve had plenty of them as pets though… maybe they are just saying hello 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for this gift Cassady! As I was reading this post, “The Swan” by George Winston came on the TV radio. I knew it was a sign from him. Then the next few songs have been all about gardens, secret gardens, gardens of delight, moongate and rose from heaven. I’m feeling very supported by his higher self, my higher self, and our support from the spirit realms.

    I’ve seen a lot of humming birds lately, especially in times of sadness or doubt. Penguins and swans too. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of giraffees. I think this has to do with rising above fear, staying strong and grounded. Also, the unicorn is our spirit animal. I see it everywhere, even in unusual places. I even get flashes of a unicorn in mind, and some times it is standing watch over him and I.

    Thank you again, and love reading about everyone’s spirit animals!

  8. I have the same thing with crows myself. Most people feel they’re evil, but I don’t. I feel protected by them. Humming birds! They always come around me. At my childhood home, there is a mourning dove couple that hangs around the backyard apple tree. They made a nest there and had babies in the spring. One died and I was very upset, but thrilled to see the other grow. So cool to hear how we all have unique experiences to our journey, but also to note the similarities.

  9. Tigers and 44s, Cassady. What can you tell me about Tigers and their meaning? That’s one animal that never seems to be discussed when talking about spirit animals. A psychic once told me a horse was my spirit animal, but I don’t agree. Didn’t resonate at all like tigers and snow leopards do for me. Foxes have also been present lately, but primarily tigers and big cats.

  10. That’s awesome 🙂 I agree with you on the Crows, I do not believe they are Evil or a Bad Omen & more often than not they have the exact opposite meanings. I think though too a lot of people who view Crows as Evil is only because they know what they’ve been told but if people were to do research into like the Norse, Celtic, European & even Native American Legends many of them mention Crows representing so much more than people think & for the most part in a very positive way too 🙂 You are also very blessed to have the other 2 Feathered Friends around you as well both represent good meanings & are very positive signs to have around you 🙂 It is very interesting to hear other people’s stories, it’s what makes us unique & yet makes us one people of Mother Earth at the same time. We all have our own unique stories to tell that makes one beautiful Tapestry 🙂

  11. Yes! I love these animal messengers?? i keep seeing dragonflies, and lately i keep seeing the big stag. How would you interpetate those? Thanks for interesting article!

  12. How about ravens? I always see triple numbers all day long and atleast one raven a day. Some kind of black bird.

  13. What about Moths and Catterpillars and Spiders A Doe with her fawn Robins Rabbits In the physical world and in Dreams Reaccuring Wolves Horses White Bengal Tigers and Siberian Tigers Lions Bats Swans Rabbits Owls and all ot of times I’m in a I’m in a Forrest also a dream with my Twin Flame My Twin Flame is in allot if not almost. All of my dreams

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