10 Clear Signs That Physical Twin Flame Reunion Is Imminent For You. Plus, The Spiritual Reason You Shouldn’t Tell People About It If You’re About To Reunite. Brand New Infographic…


Certain subjects come up again and again on the Twin Flame path, and today I wanted to share with you another clear, concise resource regarding Twin Flame Reunion! Take a screen shot, keep it on your phone, share it with other Twin friends…

And make sure you have a look at the last point, which spirit insisted that I include – a warning not to tell others about an impending Reunion, to avoid energetic interference.

An interesting point regards Divine Timing, which is a much misunderstood term that actually deals with energy alignment. It’s not about a set date or a divine decree, but about when/whether we are able to be a match to what we’ve asked for and desire.

If we’re not a match to something, we’re not able to receive it.

I was asked by spirit to create a full energy clearing session to help Twins with this, to open up to receiving the Unconditional Love and Reunion you desire. Have a look here.

If you feel triggered by this article and disappointed in feeling like Reunion in the physical is far away for you, have a look at these articles full of actionable advice to help you.

A Guide To Ensuring Physical Twin Flame Reunion

How Do I Get My Twin Flame To Stop Running?

Crucial Words Of Inspiration for the Twin Flame Journey

And, how have you experienced the signs of Reunion, looking back? If you’ve been in an on-again-off-again cycle with your Twin – what subtle signs might there have been that you were close to getting back together from time to time?

Please share your experiences in the comments (as briefly as you can, so it’s easy for everyone to read) to inspire, inform and educate all Twin Flames! Thank you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


twin-flame-reunion-infographic (1)



Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  1. I still have a lot to clear out my energy system but I have been seeing swans as of late, swans came up twice. Thank you for this post.

  2. Thank you very much for the message! As I’m in the eye of the storm, I ask myself all the time “is this real? Are I’m making it up? The wind should be enormous but I only feel a little breeze”. And thank you so much for point ten. I knew I should keep it for myself or at least only share it with TF insiders. Deep Inside, I know it is happening. I mean… I can say “yes” to 8 of 9 points (and failed at point 10).
    Especially the 1111 sign. It appeared in the first 30 minutes of the first physical contact. That was when I thought “that’s absolutely impossible”. A cards game that normally goes till 2500 points. And they played it a bit different (only single and not double points, so to 1000) but somebody had the idea “let’s play to 1111”. I mean… is this a sign?? 😀
    Cassady, thank so much for your precious guidance. You really helped me a lot. I’m so happy I found the site during the weeks before meeting her as I felt it’s going to happen. But when you realize “this is it”… leave you speechless and confused (especially when you are seeking that moment for 7 years (and 7 days). Your e-mails and articles are a ray of light into the sometimes dark nights. LOVE!

  3. For the last couple years, the signs in this graphic have been extremely prevalent between my twin and me. A couple months ago, I got tired of obsessing over the outcome with my twin and decided to focus inward more than I ever have. After doing so, I’m not really concerned with physical reunion anymore. I have so much to be happy for, whether physical reunion happens or not. Getting to know my twin has changed me forever and I’m so thankful for the connection, but I’m just not worried about whether or not we’ll end up together in this life.

    Am I betraying my soul’s plan by feeling this way? It certainly doesn’t feel like a betrayal because life, lately, has been really good. Have others gone through this?

  4. OMG the accuracy of these blows my mind! Yesssssssssssssssss a thousand times YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I was even kayaking in a lake surrounded by beautiful swans yesterday… and the 11:11’s are back… wow.. ty so much for this and all the other messages from spirit Cassady you are amazing and the Universe thanks you!

    What is your soul ray colour and are our twins the same? I recently had a past life regression and mine was purple but he appeared like his earth body, so is he purple too? When I first awakened and discovered I was a twin I followed the teachings of the first waves like the Gold Ray and Blue Ray Twinflames on YouTube till I discovered this blog which resonates much much more deeply than the others….

  5. Hello Cassidy, I enjoyed this article very much, thank you 🙂 <3 I was wondering, why it is that I happen to be in a twin flame connection whereby I find my other half the most physically beautiful being on earth? (as well as inside too of course). It's made everything a whole lot more complicated in 3d, there has been jealousy and other unwanted issues arise because we had a really strong romantic component to our union. I have heard that some twins don't find their other half's physically attractive, and was wondering why some of us do and some don't. Thank you 🙂

  6. I see and hear his name constantly or see things associated only to him. It’s completely random and unavoidable.

  7. what if you feel it coming but are afraid, having trouble accepting it, and the urge to run? I know I won’t run when the time comes. But I’ve had trouble with acceptance, like a defensive mechanism I’ve harbored this whole time is to doubt that he is my tf and will ever come back, and yet I just know what I know in my heart. And (no offense) I have been avoiding your page for the last month and thoughts of him, resulting in his name, birthday, etc popping up more than ever, even an old friend called me out of nowhere and was mentioning him (I have a few people in my life that I feel are spiritual cheerleaders for the relationship, she’s one of them), dreams of him, feeling him to be closer than ever. But I’m so afraid. I know I’m rambling, but this journey is a strange one.

  8. I met my twin in a online support group type page . When we finally met in person he booked a hotel that’s halfway mark for each of us..we live 6hrs apart. when he looked up the street addresss for the hotel to give me I kid you not it was on 1111 street !! We were blown away!

  9. I am feeling the same way right now…like the magnetic pull is not there anymore …and I’ve stopped reaching out ..just to focus on myself and my own growth…I’m hoping it’s not the wrong decision either ..however my twin is still in a relationship with another with kids so I feel I can only work on myself at this point

  10. I ‘ve been feeling this bliss with no particular reason, or whane I thonk about him, for about 2 weeks. And oh my, number 11 is everywhere I look !!!

  11. I have been seeing wolf images everywhere lately. Funny because we are not really talking right now, though she interacts on my FB page.

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