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Groundbreaking Spiritual Info To Unlock Your Path And Take You Higher … Did You Know Twin Flames Have The Power To Completely Revolutionize the Journey Through Love?


Today’s Twin Flame Q&A question comes from Angelique, who asks about something that opened up for a really groundbreaking point from spirit to come through below.

Make sure you read through, as these are insights I haven’t seen covered in Twin Flame circles before. First, we begin with a seemingly simple question:

“Does having dreams of reconciliation with your Twin Flame mean anything? Is this part of the Ascension process?”

– Angelique


Thank you so much for this question, Angelique! This is an interesting point, and I’m asking spirit to answer with me today to give you as many deep insights as possible.


What Dreams About Your Twin Really Mean

Dreaming about reconciliation or harmony with your Twin Flame is a clear sign that your souls are already aligned and in unity. On that level of consciousness, you are already reunited!

Most dreams aren’t just dreams for Twin Flames – they are soul experiences. Dreaming of being happy together is a wonderful thing to experience and remember.

On the Twin Flame path much of what we believe to be dreams are actually our souls working on our “issues” on the spiritual planes.

We often don’t remember these experiences that we are having while we’re asleep, because they happen on a different level of consciousness – but transformative work is often done during this time.

Even – or, spirit says especially – for those Twin Flames who are still “Unawakened” (read more about this here).

Did you know that when you begin to clear and uplift your energy, you open up your lines of communication to your Twin Flame and the love that’s always existed between you as souls?

Try the Free Energy Cleanse Tool to get started with this right now!

Or to go deeper, learn how to open your Twin Flame telepathy, remote interaction and lucid dream – have a look at the Full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.


What Is Your Twin Flame’s Soul Trying To Tell You?

Often we don’t remember these experiences we have during sleep, so when we do it’s a sign that our “spiritual team” (guides, higher self, Twin’s higher self) are putting extra work into showing us something – such as this harmony between you as souls.

I’m being shown that ALL Twin Flames are being attempted shown their “blocks” when they are in the dreamscape. There are so many answers to gain from our dreams.

Journaling about your dreams, even simply noting down some key words onto your phone in the mornings after you wake up, can yield amazing insights into what’s really going on “behind the scenes” on your journey.

I’m shown that a Twin Flame’s counterpart will often attempt to communicate this way. Even if their earthly self is not communicating with you (such as in the case of a Twin Flame Runner), their soul will usually be working to reach you through dreams.

Read more here about how your Twin Flame will try to communicate with you on the higher levels – a Message From Your Twin’s Higher Self about what they desperately want you to know…



Why And How Dreams Can “Revolutionize” Your Journey

Dream journaling was my own first step onto the spiritual path, and it profoundly opened up my third eye and my ability to sense and connect with my own Twin Flame.

Spirit also has some other, deep insights regarding your question. And I’m shown this applies to many other Twin Flames:

To dream of reconciliation, or of being in love and harmony with your Twin – is actually showing you that it’s the human Ego self that’s the only “real” block to your Reunion.

The spiritual truth is that if your souls are aligned the only logical thing for you is to be united, together, happily in love. Yes, that’s the insight.

That your blocks are due to your human mind. That the only thing standing between you are”perceptions”. Beliefs, constructed views of each other and reality. The human “illusion”.


When The Path Is Wide Open, But Appears To Be Blocked…

Spirit encourages you and other Twins in this situation to take a look into your belief systems – as these can create big complications where Twins are unwittingly aligning with deflecting the Reunion they desire.

(We go through illuminating and clearing common Twin Flame belief blocks in this session)

Big among these “constructed blocks” are overthinking and listening to other Twins’ negativity and the “standard rules” about Twin Flames. Taking in other people’s experiences and aligning with them.

These things can severely block Twin Flame Reunion.

It’s for a long time been established in psychology that the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between truth and lies. Therefore, it takes in everything we read and watch and hear from others.

(For an example of this, visualize biting into a juicy lemon.  Feel your mouth watering? Your unconscious responses didn’t know it wasn’t real. Your body acted as if it was really happening).

The Twin Flame Collective’s Biggest Traps

If you’re reading about other Twin Flames struggling with separation or Runners, on some level your own mind is “noting down” the perceived fact that separation is natural to the Twin Flame connection.

That Twin Flames always have problems. And your whole system will be aligning with it and attracting it.

To illustrate, spirit shows up a client I had a few years ago – where it was clear that the person had almost no earth karma with their Twin. They had no major issues to resolve in the connection, very little “baggage”…

Yet she had read a lot about Twin Flames and bought into the common belief that the journey would be hard, complicated and full of suffering.

Unfortunately she was aligning with, and creating the experience of difficulty… She couldn’t see beyond these perspectives. From the inside, she didn’t see it.


The Surprising Way To Ensure Reunion For The Twin Collective

This person was deeply unhappy because she felt and thought that her Twin Flame connection was full of problems. She felt distant from her beloved. But in reality he was right there, the connection wasn’t blocked. It just appeared that way from her perspective.

To understand how this works in energy terms, when I see someone’s energy I see them as a silhouette with colours and shapes lighting up around and inside them. Someone who’s “obsessed” and overthinking and worried has a cloud of static in front of them – keeping them from seeing clearly. It also blocks them from feeling love from others.

This person’s Twin Flame loved her deeply on the soul level but her own chaotic energy was deflecting this from carrying through to her physical reality. (Read more about the Twin Flame Mirror and how this works here)

In truth, their path was wide open but her Ego self was “creating” blocks.

Spirit shows me very clearly that if Twin Flames could eradicate the standard “Twin Flame info” from their energy systems (such as beliefs that there are set stages, that running is inevitable, that tests must be endured and so on), there would be a lot less struggle… 

And, Reunion would be much closer.

Not just for *some* Twins but for the *whole collective* .

Because this energy field of “problems” becomes a bigger “cloud of static” that affects us all. It’s a collective field we’re anchored into and that creates a “standard Twin Flame Reality”. 

The Twin Flame collective is a pool of energy, a grid of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energy which are all tied together by those who identify as Twin Flames.

This constitutes an energy field similar to the 3D “matrix” reality – it’s something we perceive as “reality” even though it’s a lot about perspective, opinion and subjectivity.


The Simple Way To Reduce Twin Flame Struggles

As Twin Flames come together with discussions, descriptions of their experiences and “hold space” of what a Twin Flame is, what the connection means, what the journey entails, who is the runner and who is the chaser and so on… they create a mass of energy.

Any collective mass of energy can either help you or hold you back if you’re tapped into it. Unfortunately I’m shown that the Twin Flame community is full of severely heavy, restrictive, chaotic energy.

It’s hurting Twins a lot more than helping them.

If you’re intuitive – try tuning in right now to the Twin Flame collective. There are layers of heaviness and negativity. You can feel it as a grey, goopy mass of overcomplication… In essence, there’s too much limiting information and belief structures. A lot of helplessness. Untruthful information.

Spirit shows us that the struggles for Twins could be dramatically reduced if we opted out of these “rules” and the existing, agreed upon human 3D version of “Twin Flame reality”.

twin flame 5d

If Twin Flames could realign with their own inner soul’s wisdom, uplift their frequency into love and disregard much of what “experts” and other well-meaning Twin Flames have written and told them, there would be so much progress!

Golden light, compared to the current grey tar-like substance.


Choosing A New Truth To Live By

The good news is we can begin to clear these belief blocks right now (I was guided to begin assisting Twins with this through the two Full Energy Clearing Sessions for Twin Flames here, where I take you step by step through eradicating damaging patterns).

We really can choose to shift into a “new energetic reality” where to be a Twin Flame is blissful, where everything happens for us and to help us – where the journey is an adventure of love rather than a struggle to be endured. 

To eradicate the common Twin Flame helplessness energy (the grey goopy stagnation) – it’s essential to begin focusing on our own journey as co-creators.

You are not someone who’s just traveling a path laid for you by a supreme being, whoever that might be for you. You are a soul of light. Infinitely capable.

As souls, you and your Twin in fact carefully pre-engineered much of your life’s circumstances, your personality and your abilities before you ever came here to life. 

(Read more about this, brought to us via the Divine Masculine’s message here)

Anything that presents the Twin Flame journey as being out of your hands – please take it with a pinch of salt to say the least.



The Brutal Truth Behind Common Twin Flame Struggles

Make sure you test the energy of the information you take in, because a lot of groups, sites, forums and well-meaning people keep feeding into negativity.

They keep holding Twin Flames stuck in the same paradigm of struggle where nothing ever changes.

The helplessness energy keeps you corded into the collective pools and this energy of stagnation… unfortunately creating more and more *waiting* for love, *waiting* for your Twin to Awaken or to see sense, more and more *waiting* for “something or someone up there” to schedule Reunions, to fix things…

The truth is that all light and love and the power to shift circumstances exist inside you already.

It might seem like a brutal statement – but the spiritual truth is that many Twins have created their own struggles. Without even realizing it.


twin flame lie?

“A Lie Believed becomes a Law of Reality, unless it’s Discovered and Neutralized” – Michael Bernard Beckwith



But it’s not too late. We can uplift this whole journey into a new level of love and joy, but we have to choose to do so.

And in choosing to look for the love, the unity, the ease, the “magic” of the journey each step of the way – we help the whole collective. Because we are creating a new paradigm in doing so.

We can help the whole collective open up to Twin Flame Reunions for more and more pairs.

Open up beyond the veil of the human illusion, lifting the whole Twin Flame collective into a higher energetic alignment where it’s not just possible to come together – it’s natural and “easy”.


Twin Flames’ Power To Uplift Collective Timelines

Imagine the power of thousands of Twins choosing to resolve their inner issues and instead radiate love and light.

This truly has the power to uplift the whole, to awaken those who might have been “Asleep”, to rouse the fearful out of their Stagnation and “Running” and help raise up the whole collective timelines into love and unity.

Feel inside right now – you are the light. It might just feel like a tiny speck of a glimmering star right now but you can nourish and allow it to grow… or maybe it’s a radiant, powerful sun shining bright already.

At any given moment we can choose to either feel into the inner light and radiant power of love and move forward from this point, or to let the outer stories of powerlessness dictate our journey. Continuing on in darkness. 

I’m here to remind you that you are powerful! And you came here for a reason.

I’ve seen things change for so many already – sometimes almost overnight. (You can read some of the amazing experiences Twin Flames have shared with me here)


How Is This Article Making You Feel?

To open up your journey profoundly – starting right now – I have one simple yet radical piece of advice.

Be mindful of whose information you take as truthful. Even now, as you read this – feel into the energy behind the words.

Does it feel good, truthful, inspiring…? Even if it triggers or irritates you because it’s challenging you to let go of what you believed and lived your life by?

Above all – Is the information empowering? Does it help you live more fully, love more fully, follow your bliss?

Or does it encourage you to be passive and allow your life and Twin Flame connection to be ruled by outside forces – just because someone says that’s the way it is?

These questions form an invaluable “guard to the door of your reality” – ensuring that you take in only what helps you and lifts you and your Twin Flame journey higher.

Spirit’s advice right now is: Please step away from the internet for a while and go within instead.

Clear the static. Tune into how easy things could be, if you chose to believe that. Tune into how blissful your Twin connection could be, if you allowed it to be. Feel how uplifted you could be right now, if you let it happen.

I believe in you.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes. All this came from your work, your Vibrational Alignment Program, and the techniques you share. The only way is UP… So thank you, thank you, thank you… with positivity and abundance in all ways.”

– Laurent C., Paris, France

twin flame program


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To discover more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

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  1. I LOVE this! This article is beautiful and so empowering!<3

    I've been dreaming of being with my twin so much lately, and they have all been beautiful encounters; so, the amazing answer you've provided has really helped me to open my eyes even more.

    I admit to watching/reading on twins, but I have recently caught myself wondering if being involved in any way with another's experience(s)/"truth" could've been setting my own connection down, and Spirit's message has confirmed this to me. Wow!

    As of today, I've stepped away from those sources. Just when I thought I was fully committed and on the right track, I'm shown just how deeply this connection can take you, and what is necessary to make it happen.

    Thank you, Cassady!

  2. I have been having a lot of negative dreams about my twin flame and I. But I think it is because of my own ego issues and his. It’s my fears projecting into the dream. Him with other women, and feeling hurt and abandoned having to see it right in front of my face. Especially because this is what is happening with us currently. He can’t make himself commit to me though he knows our connection is strong, and stronger than any woman he has been with. But he can’t shake his rock and roll (literally rock and roll) lifestyle and it is preventing us from being together.. though I know I can’t entirely blame him. It’s not the twin flame way.. I also know I have my own demons.

    Just hope and pray we get through them so we can eventually reunite again! <3

  3. Thank you for sharing another very helpful article Cassidy.
    Every time I read one of your articles I have another epiphany and feel a step closer too complete harmony on my twin flame journey. I feel like we are close to reaching that state after 2 and a half years except for one reoccurring pattern my twin repeats on a weekly basis. It’s a recreational drug addiction but I know it’s only happening because he is reflecting something I need too see within myself. This is what I have been working on the last couple of weeks. I feel like it may be my insecurities or fear of being abandoned as I had a dream about him with breaking up with me and bringing a new girlfriend into our home. I know this would never happen our connection is so strong. I keep hearing self love during my meditations with my higher self as well. Do you think this is all related? Am I on the right path? I feel like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, like this is my last block/ hurdle. Any insight or advice would be so greatly appreciated.

    Lots of love

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