How Do You Know If Your Inner Work Is “Working”? Discover The Secret Signals That Your Dream Is On The Way To Fruition…

On this journey of spiritual awakening, we’re really operating in uncharted (or at least not fully charted) terrain.

At most, we have other people’s experiences to go on, subtle guidance working to reach us, and our own intuition can be tricky to pin down in times of upheaval…

So today I wanted to cover this issue and help you get clarity. Here are 7 signs and experiences that tell you – often in a paradoxical way – that you are on the “right track”.

That yes, your manifestations are on their way, that you really ARE close to your ideals coming to fruition, including Twin Flame reunion and love!

I cannot tell you how many times I could have used this list myself, because as mentioned, often the signs are the OPPOSITE of what you’d think.

As the saying goes: “It’s always darkest before the dawn”…

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7 Signs You’re On The “Right Track”

signs you are on the right path

Sign #1) Angel Numbers

You’re seeing angel numbers all the time, repeating sequences like 1111, 333, 777 and more… It can also be other significant numbers such as your birthday or another significant number. It could also be repeating words, sentences and slogans.

These are all signals that your “request/prayer/intention/manifestation idea” have been “registered” by the universe and your guidance, and that they are working to assist you!

When you begin working on an intention or are at a crossroads, you will be shown these more than at any other time. 

If you’re about to give up on your Twin Flame connection or a dream, expect to see angel numbers around the clock as your guidance team and the universe work to get you back on track.

Discover here what each of the angel number sequences mean for the Twin Flame journey.


Sign #2) Death/Rebirth Process

When we begin to invite in and pray/ask for something, the universe immediately begins to respond. You may already know that we live in a universe of energy, where nothing really is solid and everything is about frequency and vibration (watch a brief video on that here)

twin flame video

So in order for us to receive our desired manifestation, reunion or dream come true – what we have asked for – the universe begins to respond energetically. As it works to bring our goal come to fruition, our system is triggered to release anything that may be BLOCKING that desire.

Because “as within, so without”. So when you pray for something, your system often begins to purge whatever has kept you out of alignment with it.

This is why we often go through a “death/rebirth process” before our goals manifest tangibly. It’s our system working to get us into alignment with receiving.

If you’re feeling heavy right now, know that it’s not forever, it’s your system specifically trying to get you into a higher alignment. To let go of what was so you can have your desires.

Because we have to have “room” to receive, you’ll notice old aspects of your identity, so-called shadows, emerging, and you may experience old friendships and connections falling apart.

Try not to worry because it’s all a part of the process for you to have your “new and brighter chapter”.

To make this process smoother, I would strongly recommend using energy tools to easily cleanse out the “darkness” that comes up and lift your vibration in a proven and pleasant way. Click here to learn more and download my recommended resources.

Sign #3) Choices

Another thing that always happens in this process, is that the universe begins to “check in with you” to make sure you really truly do want what you’ve been asking for. And to see if you are truly willing.

How this happens is, you may be brought “hints” of your manifestation in order to give you a chance to refine your request and/or confirm.

A real world example of this might be, you say you want a date. Lo and behold, you get one, but it turns out to be a let-down because you have nothing in common…

This is “code” for the universe saying:
You didn’t give enough detail when you made your request and it’s time for you to specify further.

F ex that you want a date with your divine soul’s ideal partner (your Twin) and you want it to be an amazing happy experience for the two of you and lead to a harmonious relationship in the physical and beyond.

When something not quite right shows up, know it’s the universe asking you to specify further or get more clarity on your dream!

Elaborate, be as specific as you can. End with: “This, or something better”. Because sometimes we don’t see from our perspective what would be truly amazing (or we might not think it possible, but the universe does!)

When we set an intention, the universe always asks periodically for us to either confirm that we want to still manifest that thing, or change our minds. Be sure to stay in your highest awareness so you can be clear on this.

Spirit is asking me to add, that many Twin Flames have a very slow time manifesting reunion because they waver in their intentions. Meaning, one day they want to reunite, the next they may feel triggered and say they never want to see their counterpart again.

The problem with this is that it breaks the manifestation “signal” and makes it very slow to come. Like hitting “play” then “pause” then “play” then “pause.

To begin bringing in your manifestation in a smooth and steady way, it’s important to come to grips with this. Click here for more info.

Sign #4) Resistance

Our physical bodies carry ancient programming. In many ways living as a soul of light in a human body is like trying to run brand new software on a very old computer. Our bodies are programmed through evolution, to focus above all on SURVIVAL.

Fear is the main driving force, because it’s how our ancestors survived long enough to pass on their genes to us. And to the ancient part of us, anything new and unmapped represents DANGER.

Therefore you’ll notice your unconscious faculties, your body consciousness, may begin to “freak out” when your manifestation is close. It can sense energy and it can sense when someone or something is close to arriving.

When our “primal self” feels threatened or potentially unsafe, you’ll notice hysteria, stress, illogical worry, irrational eruptions of emotion. This is “resistance” to change.

Know that when you experience this type of a reaction it’s a sign that your body and “primal unconscious self” is sensing your manifestation on the way.

For best results, meditate, work to calm yourself and help this part of you feel safe. Read more about how the primal self impacts the Twin Flame journey here, and learn how to remedy and handle it.

twin flame timelines

Sign #5) Dreams, Astral Experiences

When you are working on a manifestation or a goal, including to reunite with your Twin Flame, you will notice your unconscious mind and your link to guidance becomes strongly activated.

As your unconscious faculties begin to search for solutions, and your guidance works to reach you with steps to take and advice on how to make your desires come to fruition, your dreams will begin to speak to you.

Symbolic animals and situations will likely show up in your nighttime dreams, you may even begin to receive visions and statements in your meditations.

Keep in mind you may read online that you’ll have dreams where you already have received your manifestations. In my experience this is very rare. You’re more likely to be shown blocks and receive messages to guide you to your goals.

Don’t fret if you don’t feel like your goal is close. It’s not necessary to feel amazing all the time to manifest something.

Begin to note down your dreams each morning, and interpret the messages working to reach you. There are important helpful clues wanting to be heard and understood.

I help you tap into the wisdom your deeper self is working to bring you, in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey here.


We also go through specific methods for improving your manifestations, clear blocks and I teach you the #1 thing most people do that blocks them from receiving the final physical step of manifestation – their dream come to fruition. Click here to learn more and download

Sign #6) Precursor Hints

On the journey of creation, when you are in a significant period of manifestation and inviting in your desire, you will experience subtle hints that shifts are happening.

This will often look like, seeing symbols and signs of your ideal (if you’re working to manifest reunion, you could be seeing or hearing your Twin’s name and birthday repeatedly, or seeing people who look like them or remind you of them).

So-called DEJA VU is a common sign, and spiritually it seems to be a moment when you are aligning with a particular timeline or shifting into a new state, or “clicking in” to something you planned pre-birth.

It’s another instance of “remember”, like seeing 11:11 repeatedly.

Experiencing “deja vu”, the feeling that you’ve already been in that situation before, that you are RE-experiencing something, is a sign that you are in a SIGNIFICANT moment of your journey.

To learn more about your pre-life choices with your Twin Flame for this journey, and to enlist their support for your path back together, click here.

Sign #7) Synchronicities

When you are in “flow” with your manifestation and there are no major blocks to receiving, you’ll notice a feeling of increased light and progress on an inner level.

You’ll FEEL that something good is approaching, a sense of excitement without fully knowing what is causing it because it’s not present quite yet.

In this part of the process it’s common to experience synchronicities, a palpable sign that the universe is “meeting you” and “reaching out to you” to bring you to your goal. This can look like:

Suddenly getting all green lights on your way to an important meeting so you “magically” cruise through traffic while everyone else is stuck…

Being offered, out of the blue, free tickets to an event where you will learn exactly what you know you need to get to the next step or reach your goal…

Having a friend or acquaintance reach out to you with the exact info or help or introduction you need…

The “right person” showing up at the “right time”, like ending up next to a helpful informative individual on a plane…

Or you meeting a new friend at the coffee store, who “accidentally” happens to work at your Twin Flame’s company and can get you together… and more.

If this is happening to you, you’ll recognize it as a “wow, what a stroke of luck!” moment. However, it’s not by coincidence and it’s not a standalone thing. Recognize it for what it is, and you invite in more. Like a “wink wink” between you and the universe.

Use the Higher Dimensional and Awakening Session to activate your higher chakras to unlock your connection to the universe and begin receiving more of these “helpful hints” and support…

twin flame awakening

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– Sarah (via Facebook)

BONUS TIP: Follow The Light

I really hope you found this article useful! Listen to your intuition, as it’s always working to assist you and bring you the divine guidance that can help you reach your goals to live the most blissful life possible for you!

Another “bonus sign” I’d like to add, to help, is that your prayers/intentions tend to be answered faster when you can “follow the light”.

Meaning, if you suddenly get a bubbly effervescent feeling idea to join the gym, it can be an answer to your prayer to reunite with your Twin, and later you’ll see how the dots connect.

Or you’ve prayed for a lot of money, and suddenly you get a bright, luminescent feeling idea for a TV show or a new line of vegan leather shoes…

These are all helpful hints designed to answer you. When we can follow these, follow the inspiration, the light, the brightness and the bliss – we begin to move with the flow of the universe.

Your guidance is always working to help you with this, because they “see” from a higher state, what connecting factors need to show up to get you from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Dear Cassady…I want to thank you from all my heart for creating such a program & making it reachable for everyone.. without which I know I would still be wandering and not knowing how to resolve my core issues that I was working very vigorously & with awareness from 2013 but unconsciously whole my life. Your work is pure, exact, impeccable and most of all highly refined. I would like to follow your example and integrate your guidance in my everyday life. You are my inspiration <3“

-Nilgun, Turkey

twin flame program

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