Unveiling A New Self – Twin Flame Pair In A Process Of Deep Transformation, Preparing For Ultimate Unity In The 3D Physical. Have You Wondered If Your Break Would Ever Come? It’s Right Around The Corner!


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Sun and Mercury Retrograde join in Cazimi, which means a confusing or woozy week – but it’s helping you step into your highest next version of self!

And, Masculine Twin in a slow and deep transformation into soul identity. But, with Jupiter going Retrograde and oppositions to Neptune R, you may not notice the benefits – yet…

Discover more below!  

Venus Direct – But Retrogrades Continue

Venus may have just gone direct yesterday 3rd September, which means the general atmosphere will lighten somewhat…

However, we’re heading into another Retrograde heavy week – with Jupiter going “backwards” and Mercury Retrograde continuing.

It means you still likely have a feeling of things being “up in the air”, unclear, or confusing… Especially about YOURSELF and your path ahead.

Confusion, Cutting Ties?

And, there are elements of the past calling for your attention.

Yes, it could even mean an ex, or an old “friend” – whom you’re being asked to cut cords with and resolve unfinished business with once and for all.

Or a family member whose close ties are compromising your ability to live your highest path…

(Remember that outsider attachments, cords and soul commitments are strong blocks against unity for Twins, so if you’re wanting to come together or get closer, this is absolutely essential to deal with. For help, use the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames which I was guided to create for these specific issues).

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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Masculine Twin In Transformation

You have also likely noticed that you may have felt listless or extra tired lately, or like nothing excites you right now.

This is due to Mars opposition Neptune Retrograde, which is stirring up our solar plexus and action-taking ability (or lack of).

Spirit shows us that many of us, in particular the Masculine Twin, is being asked to re-evaluate what they are taking action on and what is worth their time and attention.

Un-Doing “Bad Choices”

They show us that some people’s higher self is working to slow them down from making damaging choices, by creating tiredness, so that they will take more time to go within…

Thereby getting more SOUL-led true guidance on what is really to their highest good.

If your Twin is with an “outsider”, you may be happy to know it also means that their sexuality is strangely affected and they will likely feel “off”.

They are also realizing on some level, that true love is NOT what they have been experiencing with the non-Twin connection.

Mercury Retrograde/Sun Cazimi

If you are the awakened Twin, try not to worry, as things can feel disheartening in this period.

It’s because there is a lot of re-shuffling happening, to bring both parties onto the soul-aligned path and away from distractions.

With Mercury Retrograde joining the Sun “backwards”, and Jupiter turning Retrograde September 4th, there are also certain aspects of your situation which have been misunderstood.

You may have felt that things were working against you, but you are being asked to open to a different perspective now. 

Beware addiction and escape patterns, which tend to flare up when Neptune is active – work to clear any heaviness or worry, or sublimate it into something healthier via journalling or creativity.

Did You Feel Unloved?

Jupiter in fact turns Retrograde while trine Mercury Retrograde/Sun. This is highly rare, and deals with perspective on YOURSELF.

With this transit, you’re likely experiencing that feelings of uncertainty loom large, and you may notice negativity from the past lurking.

You may have felt unloved and “unlucky” in the past. But Jupiter is working to change your perspective – and one of the major themes this week is to take you OUT of your habitual perspective….

So that you can be shown how amazing you really are!

Looking For Love In The “Wrong Places”

Mercury R/Sun also opposes Neptune Retrograde. This also deals with misunderstandings/misPERCEPTIONS. Above all, about the divine and about your dreams come true.

We’re shown:
You thought love was outside of you.
You thought that your dream was out of your control.
That the divine was something outside of you.

But it was who you WERE the whole time!

And the love you and your Twin Flame share as souls – it is never GONE. They are in you and you in them.

The connection goes on the INSIDE. So now, you are pushed to go within. To reignite it!

Awakening To The Soul

The opposition between Mars and Neptune Retrograde, trine Pluto R, shows us the Masculine is undergoing a slow, unconscious deep transformation into more of “his” soul identity and power.

It first brings a sense of confusion and dissolution of Ego, which you may be noticing yourself as well… (This can create irritation and resistance as the Ego senses it’s being challenged)… And then, it is about awakening the true soul self.

These processes are very gradual, as Neptune and Pluto are two of the slowest planets.

So if you wish to assist your Twin and yourself in accelerating this process, in full alignment with Free Will, go here and I will show you how in the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session.

(If you already have the session, now is a great time to revisit!)

twin flame awakening

Venus Direct: Relief

You WILL likely feel some relief and less love related turmoil now that Venus has gone direct.

She moves into a conjunction Juno, asteroid ruler of soul love relationships, which shows us that the “clearing work” you did around early life heart wounds and sorting through old relationship patterns in recent weeks, was for a reason…

It was to prepare you for your true love and your Twin Flame union.

So if you were able to spend this time wisely, and got clarity on some old issues – and released them – you’ll notice more harmony with your Twin now! And you’ll be able to come closer.

“Missed Opportunities”?

And, if you found Venus Retrograde too confusing and didn’t really get clarity or feel that you didn’t shift anything much these last few months since July…

You do still have some time, as Venus is still moving over her “shadow terrain” – the retrograde path she went over these last few months.

It means we will still be re-activating points from recent months, so you can still benefit from doing this inner work.

I was specifically guided to release the new channeled Twin Flame Crystalline Mirror Healing session for Venus Retrograde, so I highly recommend going through it if you haven’t already.


The Twin Flame Heart Bond

This week, Venus and Juno square Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus. This signals that we are being asked to understand that love comes from WITHIN, and the Twin Flame heart bond is activated WITHIN.

Yet again, the universe is telling us to stop being so “obsessed” with the physical 3D reality – and to go deeper.

To allow ourselves to feel and experience INNER love and fulfillment.

And to thereby allow the inner Twin Flame bond to ignite – opening to the “outer” connection.

Energy works like this: from the INNER spiritual space, TO the outer material space.

Shifting Inside

So many Twins make the mistake of trying to “FIX” the outside, when we can only truly do that by shifting our INNER state.

As within, so without.

But the truth is, you are being directed WITHIN. To your own heart.

(Where your Twin’s presence is WAITING!)

If things seem shut off in the “outside” now, that’s what is going on. It’s directing you back to yourself. To your heart.

That’s the core of everything, says spirit.

A Confusing Week… To Open Higher

This is set to be another confusing week, especially regarding yourself.

You may feel “off” or like you’re not quite sure who you even ARE anymore, or what the path ahead will be like or SHOULD be like…

This is for a divine reason.

You are being asked to release the past and who you thought you WERE, so that you can open higher.

You may feel that nothing is moving forward, but really, the path is being cleared for you to reach into true unity and harmony.

Your prayers ARE being answered.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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In a state of harmony and togetherness, brimming with love?

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