Soul Lessons On Shifting Reality… How To Open Your Connection To A Divine Breakthrough. Plus, Did You Know There Are Even Higher States Of Awakening?

We’re headed into an intense cosmic period, and this time can yield major Twin Flame breakthroughs and shifts if we approach it right:
As spirit has told me:

“There is always a way
If it looks like there isn’t
You just haven’t found it yet”

I was shown that we’re now in a crux of timelines where we have the ability to choose a new state – by embracing the next and higher stage of awakening and awareness.

To become more of who we truly are. To begin reaching for our TRUE potential and call in the divine state of the Twin Flame bond, stepping out of the mire of the “3D struggle”.

When we awaken spiritually, remember it’s not a standalone event.

It’s the beginning of a new path, a potential adventure… A new door is unlocked that we would never have believed possible beforehand. We are triggered to open up to a higher state of existence.

To embody more and more light. To rise into a state of high vibrational consciousness.

And to reunite with our counterpart, as we agreed to before we came here (read more in the Twin Flame mission)

But we have to keep making the choice. We have to keep taking the steps into a higher alignment.

Will You Dare To Go Beyond?

So many Twin Flames are now facing a crossroads to a new and more advanced chapter of awakening.

To begin to NOT live the reality or relationship (and drama) dictated as possible by the “normal world”, but to begin to go beyond, to reach higher…

Because in spiritual truth there is no such thing as impossible.
It’s a question of, HOW, not IF.

When you desire something the path there ALWAYS exists, that’s the nature of consciousness.

That to every polarity there is an opposite. If you are capable of wishing for something, that very fact of you wishing, means there is a corresponding point.

How To Get Your Twin Flame Questions Answered

But how do you get there? Well, that’s the fun part, says spirit. Your soul is an ancient expert at this.

With the above words, I was asked to do a session to help Twin Flames unlock the soul’s power to create and call in a higher phase of the journey – reunion, harmony, awakening the counterpart.

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Here’s what you’ll get in this session:


We go through guided high dimensional clearings and light activations, plus we remove negative attachments and more. I show you how to reclaim harmony and step into your soul’s light. The Twin Flame journey isn’t meant to be a struggle. There is a method to recalibrating it to a higher state and I show you how.

Exclusive update on what lies in store for the collective…

Learn about your soul’s map to you and your Twin reuniting. I teach you how to unlock this and how to ensure you stay in the highest “version” of your journey with your counterpart. (If you are the awakened Twin, you are the one impacting the connection the strongest – so it’s vital to reclaim your focus and send the “right” signals to the universe)

We download light codes to unlock the magic of your journey once more. Remember in the beginning when the butterflies, the 11:11s, the mystical synchronicities swept you off your feet? There’s more! We enlist the universal powers to kick-start your journey into a new chapter of light and sparkle

When you want something, there is always a path to it. That is universal truth. In the session I’m going to show you how to light up that path step by step so you can get to your desired destination!

We clear the places where your power was taken from you so unity can actually reach you. You learn brand new methods for living your “best life” as a Twin Flame. Includes re-activating your power of creation to make powerful changes happen in the physical!

I give you powerful insights to continue the high vibrational state and positive alignment you experience in the session.

Spirit and I answer questions for the Twin Flame path – including:

– How can you resolve your Twin being with another?
– How can you unite with/help a Twin who’s struggling with childhood issues/addictions?
– How do you know if telepathy is “real” or not?
– How do you help your Twin end a karmic relationship?
– How do you access the Akashic records?
– What if you feel like time is running out for your relationship?
– What happens if you try to end the Twin connection for good?
– What do you do if your Twin is unawakened and doesn’t know what Twins are?
– What does it mean if you feel tired all the time?
– How can you deal with the intensity of awakening?

And much more…

Infusing Your Journey With Light

Do you want more light, more sparkle, more “magic” on your journey? Join me in this session to kick-start a brand new higher chapter!

After this session you’ll feel huge shifts in your energy and in your Twin Flame connection: When we blast through energy like this we can make major shifts literally overnight.

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Have a look at some Testimonials:

“Thank you very very much, I now feel after the call so light, excited, happy and tingly! It’s amazing how I feel a huge shift of energy!”

– Tracy M., New Zealand

“My Twin ran away a couple months ago. About an hour after the session, he called me. We spoke for a long time and a huge weight was lifted. He will be back!!!! We created a plan on how to proceed further and things feel like they are going back into balance. It’s only been a few hours since the work you did. Thank you, thank you!!! “

– Laila N., CA, USA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the session – it was AMAZING!!! Truly life-changing”

– Monika S, California, USA

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