what-you-must-know-retrogradesWhat Really Happens When A Planet Goes “Backwards”? Effects On You, Relationships And Your Path. Plus, Discover How Unlock Secret Benefits The Universe Is Working To Bring You.

Today I’ve been very specifically guided to create a brand new post about planetary retrogrades and what is ACTUALLY happening during these times, how to deal with it and what the deeper soul purpose is of these challenging cosmic periods!

Retrogrades are often feared and many who don’t even follow astrology have by now heard of Mercury Retrograde’s tendency to create hiccups and issues with technology, travel and communication…

But it’s important to remember we’re not meant to fear these times.

There is a powerful beneficial purpose behind retrograde periods and I’m about to explain how it works and how to use it to create major “up-leveling” in your life and relationships.

So today, I’m covering 5 main things you should know about retrogrades, plus the typical effects each of the planets’ retrogrades have on us, our relationships, and society at large.

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5 Things You Must Know About Retrogrades

#1) What’s Actually Happening Astronomically – An Explanation

As mentioned, the planets don’t actually move backwards in their orbit when in retrograde! It’s an APPARENT change. Because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun, it LOOKS as if the planet is moving backward from our point of view here on Earth.

While the planet isn’t physically moving backward, for a few weeks or months it’s seen moving in the alternate direction across the sky and thus is classified as “retrograde.”

There are some planets that never retrograde – the sun and the moon – and some that retrograde only once every two or three years – Venus and Mars. Mercury is the most frequently retrograding planet, as it’s one of the “fast” moving planets – the planet of communication goes “backwards” three to four times every year.

#2) What’s Happening Energetically – Chakras, Purges, Detox, Upgrades

We live in a universe of energy. This is a scientific fact. We are not solid, but atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. This is also a scientific fact.

All the planets in our solar system, earth included, have a unique energetic frequency and gravitational field. This is also a scientific fact.

When the planets move in their orbits around the sun, their impact on each other and earth shifts. Just think of how the Moon controls the tides on earth, that an outside planetary force shifts the tides in and out. The human body is largely composed of water…

To the logical and open mind, there’s little doubt that the planetary movements have some impact on us here on earth…

So what is actually going on when a planet goes retrograde? Why does it feel so tense, so pressured? Why does it feel hard to stay “up” and make progress at these times?

The answer relates to energy. Spirit shows us that when the relationship between earth and the “retrograde” planet shifts, so does its effect on us. The impact and vibration changes.

During retrogrades our chakra system is triggered to purge negativity, density and old heaviness – any material that has outworn its purpose – and to receive new and higher vibrational “upgrades”.

The chakras are like computers storing energy programming and housing particular frequencies and grids of energy in our system and relating to our reality and the human collective – so consider retrogrades like we’re being pushed to de-install and delete old messy files and upgrade to the latest software.

(Learn more about what the chakra system is all about here)


Each planetary retrograde affects particular chakras and therefore areas of our lives, and you’ll find a list of these specifics below.

#3) What’s The Cosmic Purpose – Why Retrogrades Tend To Feel So Pressured And Heavy

The natural state of the universe is one of harmony, so the more we are OUT of harmony with our soul’s path and the light and love we come from as souls, the WORSE retrogrades feel.

Because retrogrades push to purge the inner and outer content that isn’t true for us – in other words, it is working to push us back into HARMONY with ourselves and our highest selves.

This is why you may find relationships or old friendships challenged, even breaking apart during a retrograde. Or you feel like you want to change your hair color or your job suddenly fires you or you end up being pushed to move home…

It’s the cosmic energies pushing for what is INHARMONIOUS to you, to shift away and so that you can rise into harmony and light.

The cosmic energies may often push for “reformation” even in “fated” and positive connections, jobs and areas of your life – to help you let go of an old mode of being and interacting, and rise into a higher state…

#4) The Universe Is “Trying To Help” You Live Your Best Life

So as you may have begun to understand, retrogrades are the cosmic energies working to “help” you live your best life. Retrogrades always involve an intensification of “soul lessons”. (Read more about that here)

And when you can begin to use them consciously you can make major positive shifts in your life for the better. We are definitely not meant to put our lives on hold or assume that things are out of our control during retrogrades (or any other cosmic transits).

They’re there for our benefit. Spirit shows us, like the garbage truck comes to pick up your trash once a week, the planets’ retrogrades are there to help us stay clear and on track with our “best life”…

Once a year Pluto retrograde comes to push you to release any outworn blocks and patterns around sex and power, three or four times a year Mercury retrograde comes to nudge you to pay attention to your communication and make sure you stay focused, and so on…

In other words, these are periods to work WITH to gain even more benefit. We don’t have to wait around for all planets direct periods or Jupiter’s benefits to experience flow and positivity in our lives.

When used correctly, retrogrades can be the biggest help in shifting into your soul’s light and the enjoyment of living life your way!

#5) Tips For Making The Most Out Of Retrograde Periods

When planets are retrograde their effect is said to go “inwards”. Spirit very strongly showed me it’s a “maintenance period” for our chakra systems. Again, to help us step into the highest state possible both within ourselves and in our lives and relationships with others… And as a society, the human collective.

So when we know this, we can benefit enormously. Firstly, it will take away the worry and feeling of confusion and powerlessness that often comes from hearing about retrogrades (and viral memes).

Second, when you know the purpose you can work WITH the energies to cleanse out what is not serving you anymore and to shift into a higher state. (Have a look here for my sessions where I take you through cleansing and uplifting your energy for the long run)

I like to think of it as, the planets are your cosmic coaches. Sure, they get tough on you but it’s because they know how much is really possible for you if you just get to it! They see your highest potential so are working to push you to realize it.

As with a personal trainer or a football coach, these cosmic allies may be tough and push you way beyond your comfort zone. But when you see the results they can help you create, you’ll know it was worth the effort.

Remember, we can’t think our way to a 6 pack or a happy life. We have to be an active part in it. And so, the retrograde periods are there to make sure we stay on track whether we (our human egos) want to or not.

In fact, the more we listen and use the retrograde periods wisely, the less we’ll fear or suffer their effects.


Overview Of The Planets’ Retrograde Effects (and info on shadow terrains):

Keep in mind that the retrogrades always happen in a particular zodiac sign and house, so planets’ movements have slightly different effects.

As an example, Mercury retrograde in Leo will have more to do with following your heart and clearing away outworn communication modes that have kept you from your dreams, whereas Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will have more to do with responsibility and karmic creation you’ve been doing with your spoken and written words…

While retrograde, the planets also come into trines (positive), squares (challenging) and other interactions with other planets – this will also affect the energies and experiences you have during each retrograde.

But Mercury retrograde will always deal with a purge and upgrade of the throat chakra and communication, as outlined below.

Another key fact is that when planets go direct, they first move over “shadow terrain” – back over the area they just moved retrograde through. This is why it often takes a while for us to notice the increased lightness and flow of a planet moving direct.

The following list is of perennial tendencies – no matter which sign the planets are retrograding in:

Mercury Retrograde creates a purge, detox and upgrade process of the throat chakra, communication and short distance travel. Click here to read more about the throat chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Gemini, Mercury is your ruling planet so retrogrades here affect you most strongly. During Mercury retrograde, we’re asked to become more conscious about how we communicate and our mental focus. It can feel like a chaotic time because the human collective fields are stirred up and things are full of “static”.

This time is prone to misunderstandings, mistakes and electronic breakdowns but if you can stay conscious, clear your energy and use your heart and not just your mind, you’ll sail through these periods.

When used well, Mercury retrograde will help you get clarity on your plans, shake off old perceptions, refine your purpose and prepare for amazing things for the future!

My recommended resource for Mercury Retrograde:
Free Energy Cleanse Audio


Venus Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the heart chakra (touching on the sacral if there are connecting patterns in your system), love, relationships and self acceptance. Click here to read more about the heart chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Taurus or a Libra, Venus is your ruling planet so “her” retrogrades affect you more strongly. Venus only retrogrades every two years or so, but these periods are intense because they deal with love, relationships and in essence our connection between self vs other.

Releasing old outworn relationships, outdated soul contracts and childhood programming is key to making the most of these times (I take you through that here)

When used well, Venus retrograde will help you shed childhood hurts and dysfunctional attachment programming, step out of unsatisfying connections and attract TRUE love, expressing your authentic creativity and experiencing more joy in life!

My recommended resource for Venus Retrograde:
The Oneness Activation Session


Mars Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the solar plexus (touching on the root, sacral, brow and earth star if there are interconnecting patterns in your system), action, willpower, aggression, initiative and sex. Click here to read more about the solar plexus and get a free reading.

If you’re an Aries, Mars is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. In general Mars retrograde deals with releasing old limitations around progress, action and willpower. Mars retrograde often makes people feel tired because the solar plexus is where we flow energy between our spirit and our physical body and the purge disrupts this process.

When used well, Mars retrograde will help you rethink and redefine the way you take action in the world – to shift out of old disappointments and fear, lifting you into true soul lead conscious action to achieve your dreams tangibly!

My recommended resource for Mars Retrograde


Jupiter Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the brow and solar plexus chakra (touching on the root chakra if there are connecting patterns in your system), and deals with luck, expansion, higher knowing and intuition. Click here to read more about the brow chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Sagittarius, Jupiter is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. In general Jupiter retrograde pushes us to go within and confront where we may have blocked our own dreams from fruition with old fears, negative beliefs and self fulfilling prophecies of “it can’t happen”. We’re shown, where we’ve cut OURSELVES off from the natural flow of light, love and abundance we come from as souls.

When used well, Jupiter retrograde will help you believe in yourself again! To shift out of any old disappointments, limiting beliefs and align with light from WITHIN, stepping into a greater feeling of being supported by the universe (really, your alignment having risen into ALLOWING more positivity to reach you).

My recommended resource for Jupiter Retrograde:
Opening To RECEIVING Unconditional Love And Support From The Universe


Saturn Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the root chakra (touching on the brow and solar plexus if there are connecting patterns in your system and can affect your whole chakra set), and deals with willpower, karma, manifestation and limitations. Click here to read more about the root chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Capricorn, Saturn is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. Saturn is the planet of constriction and “shedding” what has outworn its use, so when retrograde his effects are about helping you cut away from your life the things, patterns, habits, relationships that are holding us back from our true potential (often by force, as our ego resistance tries to cling to what we’ve grown used to).

Saturn is considered the great karmic teacher, so karmic patterns are brought to the surface during his retrogrades, with the purpose of helping us to heal, release and move into a higher state.

When used well, Saturn retrograde will help you refine your life, your inner world and your relationships and to release the baggage and burdens that have held you back. Deep karmic work is incredibly beneficial under Saturn retrograde, as resolving those underlying deeper issues has positive effects on our whole systems and life paths.

My recommended resource for Saturn Retrograde:
Clearing karma, blocks and negative attachments


Uranus Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the brow chakra (touching on the other chakras if there are connecting patterns in your system and can affect your whole system), and deals with change, higher dimensions, technology, electricity, groups and friendship. Click here to read more about the chakra system and get a free reading.

If you’re an Aquarius, Uranus is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. In general Uranus retrograde turns change “inward” and helps break down and disrupt what has kept you from your true potential and light. Uranus’ effect is often compared to a jackhammer or bolt of electricity, breaking apart what has outworn its purpose in a sudden and abrupt manner.

Recommended Resource for Uranus Retrograde:
The Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session



Neptune retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the crown chakra (touching on the brow if there are connecting patterns in your system), and deals with spirituality, the unconscious, illusion and fantasy/bridging heaven and earth. Click here to read more about the crown chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Pisces, Neptune is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. Neptune retrograde seeks to help us get in touch with our OWN spirituality and to cut through illusions we may have bought into. This involves stirring up feelings of powerlessness, victimhood and issues with substance abuse/escapism.

You will likely also feel blocked from guidance, not able to perceive your guides or Twin so much, and like you’re not getting clear answers with psychics or other outsiders.

When used well, Neptune retrograde will help you connect with your OWN intuition and your soul’s guidance from the inside out, to tap into your highest potential and to remove what has blocked you from your spiritual self.

Neptune retrograde is said to work like water slowly eroding blocks, so you may feel hazy and like you’re in a fog during these times. The purpose is to help you subtly shift your perceptions to allow for more light, more love and ultimately to step into an immaculate state of oneness with pure light and love.

Recommended resource for Neptune Retrograde:
The Vibrational Alignment Program module 2 and 4, telepathy, intuition and communicating with the higher realms…


Pluto Retrograde stirs a purge, detox and upgrade process of the sacral chakra (touching on the root and solar plexus if there are connecting patterns in your system), and deals with power, sex, death/resurrection, transformation and wealth/inheritance. Click here to read more about the sacral chakra and get a free reading.

If you’re a Scorpio, Pluto is your ruling planet so “his” retrogrades affect you more strongly. Pluto retrograde will tend to create a “detox effect” in our inner unconscious systems and of primal patterning. Strange dreams about the past and latent fears at this time will show you what deeper complexes are holding you back from your desires and your true potential.

Pluto retrograde pushes for an inner death/rebirth of self and emotional patterns, and will confront you to heal old issues around power/victimhood and sexual imbalances so you can step into your soul’s true light.

When used well, Pluto retrograde can truly change your world from the inside out. He will push up negativity to the surface, so make sure you deal with what transpires – it is happening in order to help you. When you can work with Pluto’s influence to heal and balance your inner unconscious emotions and patterns during this time, you’ll find life flows better and your interactions with others rise into a much higher state.

My recommended resource for Pluto Retrograde:
Divine Breakthrough – Stepping Into Your Soul’s Power…
Plus (For Issues Regarding Sexuality)
The Twin Flame Harmony Healing

Chiron is not a planet but a large asteroid, however, “his” influence is strong enough to include here. Chiron Retrograde stirs an intensification of unhealed issues in our system, depending on his location – known as the “wounded healer”, Chiron retrograde helps us confront repressed issues to bring them to light and heal from a higher state of consciousness so we can step into our souls’ true power and bliss.

This can be a painful process as old issues are brought to the surface, but when used wisely Chiron Retrograde can help us rise into more light, love and enjoyment of life.

Recommended resource for Chiron Retrograde:
The Twin Flame Inner Child Healing


I really hope you enjoyed this article! I could write a book on astrology alone! Remember it’s not just about information or a set in stone prediction, it’s a living breathing thing… It’s potential, energy, and guidance.

Astrology is all about energy, so don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for the transits to magic things right – you’re here to be a co-creator of your reality no matter what! And that’s the key to making the most of the cosmic currents!

Step by step, you can make your dreams come to fruition – and when you use energy tools like the ones I share here, it will happen a lot smoother and easier WITH the cosmic energies on your side.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

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