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Are You Open To These Deeper Truths, About Yourself, Existence, The Twin Flame Journey? When Outside Circumstances Conspire To Push Us Further…

Today I’m reaching out with a different kind of article. I’m contacted by Twin Flames from all over the world on a daily basis and I see so many recurring themes…

I’ve come to realize something important I need to share with you. Something that will likely help you realize why things have happened the way they have for you:

The truth is that yes, the Twin Flame Journey is about you and your Twin reuniting in love… *But it’s also a learning experience for your Soul*.

The Universe is always working to show you “Lessons” to learn to break open your journey to more love, more light, more understanding… because you as a soul came here wanting to learn and evolve.

And this last point factors powerfully into your experiences together with your Twin Flame. Your Mirror Soul is your biggest teacher, and you are theirs too. Your souls are always working behind the scenes to grow and learn from each other.

The wonderful thing is – once you begin to understand your Soul’s motivations and the deeper spiritual truths that are being attempted shown to you, you can begin to shift into a higher experience. You can step out of struggle…

You can begin to move out of the “regular human timelines” of repeating historical male/female/relationship struggles, and begin to step into the light of eternal love in your life’s journey.

So today, here are some of the most important things your Soul has been trying to get your attention to…


#1) The Twin Flame Journey Reaches Beyond Human Limits

The Universe is always working to show Twin Flames what love is all about, the truth about the connection. To push us to move beyond the human matrix reality of separation and conflict – the so-called 3D realm.

The truth is Twin Flame Union is more than what earthly traditions and perspectives can fathom. No more old definitions of love, no more societal ideas of perfect relationships. It’s time to go beyond.

No more living under the veil of illusion. We are all being pushed to move onto a new phase as awakened souls living on earth.

This means, illusions are being showed up for Twin Flames on their journey.

Old limiting beliefs and lies about love and unity are being spotlighted all around you as you awaken. Because Twin Flame Union is a meeting in Unconditional Love – this lies beyond all judgment.

Humanity has held on tight to the old methods and patterns that have been leading to stagnation – away from unconditional love – and we’re being pushed into a
reset, for our own good.

We are being pushed to leave behind a lot of our habitual perceptions, both in
the world and in the Twin Flame relationship.

The purpose is to strip us of anything that’s blinded us from seeing what could truly be, anything that blocks us from being open to the True Love between Twin Flames.

For a session where we clear old attachments, negative ancestral, societal programming around love and relationships and download new programming of unconditional love, have a look here


#2) It’s All A Learning Experience – And You Asked For This

We’re always in class: School Of Love The Twin Flame Way.

We signed up for this as souls before we were born. And for our souls there really is a gift in everything, no matter how hard it might feel.

For some help in getting to a more positive space if there have been challenges between you: have a look at this article: “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”.

Know that you’re here for a reason, you’re capable and strong and you have everything it takes to make this a journey full of wonderful, amazing experiences! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Don’t forget that your Twin Flame and you signed up for this together – as a soul they want to reunite just as much as you do. To read more about this, go here to the Message From The Divine Masculine

Do your best not to get dragged down by the human illusion: The cosmic energies are “helping” us each step of the way. Doing what they can to make Twin Flame Union happen by pushing us to resolve our issues, but we have free will at all times – and how we use that free will, can go either way.

There are many complicating factors for most – we actually engineered it to be this way so we would learn as much as possible on a soul level. The biggest key is, if you’re not willing to do the inner work, face your shadows, the issues won’t shift.

And a really big thing here that the Universe is constantly trying to show us is – we must make our own journey. We are co-creators each step of the way. Nothing will work unless we get things right on the inside.

It’s what Free Will is all about. No one will “fix things” for us, because it would step on our right to learn and evolve as souls.

If someone else fixed everything, we wouldn’t learn anything from our life’s experiences.
It’s tempting to buy into the ubiquitous Twin Flame myths of the Universe/Angels/Guides/Ascended masters/Divine templates making everything happen for us in “divine timing” – but the unfortunate truth is not all Twins will come together in this lifetime…

Just look around you, online… If there was a magic solution or praying actually caused major divine interventions, there wouldn’t be so many unhappy Twins out there.

The truth about “Divine Timing” is different from what most people believe.

It doesn’t mean “when the divine decides it’s time or intervenes”. It means – when the energies are a match. When your personal frequency is a match to what you’ve asked for.

This is why so many people’s prayers seemingly go unheard… The “answers” are on their way, but until the person can lift up they are out of reach to receiving.

A while ago I was asked to create a quiz to help Twin Flames assess whether they’re really open to the love and harmonious Reunion they desire. Go here to take the quiz now.

If you would like some help with stepping out of separation, Running/chasing cycles and elevating your vibration to really be able to attract and live Twin Flame Bliss, go here for my step by step method.

twin flame program

#3) Running/Chasing/Separation Aren’t What You Think They Are

Time and time again we’re shown that Twin Flames’ souls use outer situations of challenges to make the ego/human selves realize what was wrong in the first place – the root of the problem. The inner cause of outer problems.

The Twin Flame Mirror is always trying to show up the *inner* mis-wirings that are causing the *outer* symptoms of imbalance – cycles of Running/Chasing and Separation.

Once you begin to “listen” and “see” what your soul is attempting to show you – it will let you release the lesson and move on. This is most of all when Twin Flame Reunion is open to happening.

To get some insights. Look around you at your current situation. What past experiences can you recognize as elements in current challenges?

Common underlying “lessons” are to recognize early life dysfunctional relationship patterns playing out between the Twin Flames, to recognize unconscious abandonment fears that are playing out as pushing your Twin away from you in separation…

The true emotional wounds and deeper karmic causes of repeated running cycles or feeling abandoned are always being brought to light by your soul. So that you can heal your connection and open up to love.

When you know where the wound triggering Separation and Running/Chasing lies, you can heal it for good and end the cycles of pain. Read more about this here.

If you have or are experiencing cycles of running and separation with your Twin, I would urge you please look into the karmic background of your relationship and your own prior experiences with love (especially from past lives) as this unconscious material can cause a lot of disruptions.

I was asked by spirit to create a special quiz and an in-depth article about karma to address this. Have a look here.

Clearing karma and healing those wounds means removing the energetic “train tracks” that keep you in the same experiences over and over.

Have a look here for powerful yet practical methods to clear karma and access your own and your Twin’s past life information.

And if you’re new to my methods – do go here to try my Free Energy Cleanse Audio and the other free downloads to familiarize yourself with my work and begin to clear and uplift your energy.

Every single week I get emails from Twins whose Runner got back in touch out of the blue after they used these Free guided meditations!


#4) Judgment Is A Low Vibration That “Creates” Separation

Love lives in the higher registers, whereas judgment is a low vibration that resonates with separation and conflict.

Your soul is always working to help you see things from your Twin’s perspective so you can transcend judgment. Because judgment creates blocks, limits the free flowing energy of love.

This is a core remedy to recurring struggles between Twin Flames. Have a look at your current challenges – could negativity be playing out between you *so that* you can learn to see things from your Mirror Self’s perspective?

To forgive fully, means to release judgment. This is something we’re being taught
about throughout Ascension – first and foremost by our own souls.

True forgiveness and freedom of judgment are in fact the same thing, in many ways.

Did you know that forgiveness can profoundly change the Twin Flame dynamic, and that it’s most of all for your sake, not for your Twin’s? Have a look here for an article on this.


#5) The Struggle Isn’t Really “Yours”

When we’re born into a human body, we are indelibly connected to the karmic fields of the gender of that body – on some level, the female body is connected energetically with the plight of females throughout history through the collective energy pools, and the male body is connected with the male collective energy pools.

In these karmic energy pools there is a lot of heaviness and negativity – opposition and separation. This is the “3D Matrix”.

On the Twin Flame journey it’s not the Twins themselves that are the problem – because the Twin Soul bond is all love.

The true root of Separation/Running/Chasing is the human “stuff” we’re exposed to and have taken on in life… This is what causes the pain, the struggle, the running, the separation.

If you’ve been struggling, likelihood is your struggle isn’t even truly “yours”. You and your Twin have been actors playing out the ancient human drama. Make sure you clear this stuff, step out of this old baggage that’s complicating your journey.

In order to open the Twin Flames up to true unconditional love we are experiencing not only a purge of our own personal “history” and baggage, but a cleanse of those collective energies.

Know that ALL the negativity that is playing out in your connection is not truly who you or your Twin Flame are. You are all love. The negativity is just “baggage”.

Make sure you don’t let it fool you – set it down once and for all so you can uplift into the unconditional love you are truly here to embody.

Have a look here for a video that explains The Real Reason behind Twin Flame Problems, And How To End Separation For Good

#6) You Are Always The One In Charge – No Matter How It Feels

This is an underestimated part of the Twin Flame journey. Stepping into our infinite soul’s nature and power. To take responsibility.

On the Ego Level of human mental perceptions, we might think things are happening *to* us, that another person is messing things up for us, that we’re a victim of circumstances… But the soul knows differently.

The truth is everything we experience, is created and attracted by us on some level – unconsciously or consciously.

Our inner state, focus and thinking always impacts our outer experiences. “As Within, So Without”. (Read more here about what that really means.)

When we embrace responsibility and accept that, “OK, I might have created what I didn’t desire or enjoy this time – how can I create differently and better in the future?” our souls and the universal energies step up to support us.

As long as we stay down in disempowerment, victimhood, blaming others, looking to be “saved” or “fixed” – our souls will be presenting us with the same hard lessons in an effort to get us to see sense.

In order to change our perspective. To push us to embrace our role as co-creators.

To understand that the universe is not there to fix us, it IS US.

To understand that our Twin Flame and we are not a man and woman (or woman and woman/man and man) trying to come together and facing problems – we are one whole already.

When we ourselves embrace this and step into the truth of it, the whole connection changes.

For a powerful session on manifestation, where I show you simple ways to begin clearing out negativity and plant positive seeds of creation for the future, go here. In this session we also take a look at your Twin’s side of the connection, what’s really “hiding” in their heart and help them release blocks and fears getting between you.

Have a look here for more.


#7)  It’s All About Releasing The Old, To Open Up To The New

We are always being asked to release old attachments, perceptions and expectations within the Twin Flame relationship so that we can see clearly how “perfect” the relationship is and can be.

To step out of old hurts clouding our vision of the future, and move on from a new place of joy and positive expectation.

As souls there is no conflict, no negativity between the Twin Flames. Any conflict and struggle is rooted in earth issues. Illusions of separation and opposition.

Like children who have been playing make-believe (life on earth, 3D ego consciousness), we are being strongly told to stop pretending. To stop buying into the old “game”.We are being reminded that we are here for a specific purpose, and it’s time we focus on the true “mission” – Unconditional Love. To live in our bliss.

Remember that the human ideas of the struggle of love are illusions. This is what the 3D reality teaches us – that we are opponents, when really the Twin Flames are one.

Clear these energies, don’t wallow in the feeling of disappointment and martyrdom that the “matrix” society teaches. (To learn more about what 3D vs 5D really means, have a look at this article).

The truth is that your mission is to love, to be loved, to live in bliss.

And as a gift of love to you – the Universe will keep confronting you with the lies that tell you the opposite, until you release them.

Please know that no matter what’s going on between you and your Twin Flame as human beings – you both came here planning to Reunite!

It’s always possible, but sometimes Twins’ old baggage makes it necessary to do some extra work to make it happen…

If you need some help on your journey right now, do make sure you take advantage of the Free Energy Healing Session here.

I believe in you!

I’m honored to be on this beautiful path beside you. Don’t give up.

Until next time, Im sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

twin flame awakening

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

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