Venus Direct Opens The Path To Love! But First, Pisces Full Blue Super Moon Asks You To Let Deep Pain Go, To Open To Magic And Unconditional Love. What You Didn’t Want To Feel, Is Waiting To Be Heard… 


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Uranus goes retrograde, and Pisces Full SuperMoon puts pressure on to release what you didn’t admit to yourself in the past. Did you “bypass” your true feelings?

And, Mercury continues his Retrograde while Venus finally goes direct – get ready for a brand new chapter emerging…

Discover more below! 

Uranus Goes Retrograde

Prepare for a week of potential breakthroughs… But remember to be kind to yourself along the way, as this will go DEEP.

Beyond what you may have realized…

First, we begin the week with Uranus going retrograde, which can feel “staticky” these next couple of days as the energies shift.

You may even have felt a headache coming on or like there’s pressure around you in recent days.

(This tends to happen when one of the “heavyweight” planets station to retrograde, as we experience a shift in the energy fields)

Change Moves Inward

Uranus is the planet of change, mass communication, technology, starseeds and the unorthodox.

He will be going retrograde until early 2024, so this signals a change in the cosmic current for the next few months and beyond.

Uranus Retrograde tends to deal with changes moving, from the outer to the inner realm.

It can mean that progress seems slower to come, or that things happen in chaotic or “broken up” ways…

But if you use this energy current well, you can blast through the internal blockages and stagnation which might have been keeping your outer situation stuck.

Sudden Revelations

For Twin Flames the biggest changes now are likely to come from INNER realizations…

Such as intuitive breakthroughs, eradicating our own limitations, and getting downloads” and epiphanies of unorthodox, ground-breaking info from our own higher faculties.

Uranus is moving through Taurus for several years still, which means all of his transits deal with love, relationships and Venus’ domains.

This means Uranus Retrograde pushes us to look WITHIN and make INNER changes, to experience harmony in our love connection.

And one of the lessons he is working to show you, is that your experiences with life, love and relationships all reflect on YOUR inner state and how you see yourself.

Heart Centered Living

In other words, the “mirror” of reality. Because your inner world is powerfully affecting what experiences you attract on the outside.

ABOVE all with your other self – your Twin Flame.

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”

With Uranus moving retrograde through Taurus, our third eye and heart chakra, relationship programming and templates are being powerfully triggered to purge old negativity to make way for a higher state of love.

To push for heart centered living” and relationships based in mutual unclouded love.

For help with this process, I strongly recommend the brand new Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror healing session.

Childhood Remnants

Old programming regarding attachments learned in childhood, is being triggered so we can clear them now and shift higher.

(Remember that old patterns and wounds dont just go away” – you have to delete the frequency consciously).

Spirit shows us, what is coming up is insecurity around love, abandonment complexes, not feeling recognized or loved for who we truly are deep down.

The purpose is to clear out of the way anything thats kept you from being fully free to live with an open heart.

Such as old pain and negativity you learnedor took on in childhood.

This continues in some way the work Venus Retrograde has started, but with Uranus and Mercury joining, we’re dealing much more with PERCEPTION and VISIONING/CREATING of reality.

Have You Been Tied Down By These Lies?

In short, he is working to “free us” from where we were “tricked” into aligning with a reality where love was difficult, or betrayal was to be expected…

The ideas that true and lasting harmony doesn’t exist, or relationships are always unhappy, that there is deception or inherent conflict between men and women, and other common yet spiritually false ideas.

Negativity right now is a test” – its being brought up to give you a chance to take a step back and release it, so you lift up into a higher state of living and love…

Just like youve been asking for!

Are You On “Autopilot”?

The problem is, this stuff doesnt go away just because we think OK, I see where I went wrong”.

Programming is stored in us on an unconscious level – its automatic behavior.

And in a spiritual sense it has to be cleared out – erased from our system, like wed uninstall and delete an app from our phone.

You know, if you just close an app on your phone, it doesnt go away. It can still be active in the background.

You have to properly delete it for it to be gone. (Energy clearing is the most effective way Ive discovered to permanently shift into a higher state – click here to watch a brief video on how it works)

In the Vibrational Alignment Program we go into “secret” deeper parts of your system to delete little-known blocks to Twin Flame reunion, such as ancestral karma, body programming and imbalanced parent-child patterns… Have a look here for more info.

twin flame video

Are You Feeling The Full Moon Already?

With the Full Moon falling in intense water sign Pisces, the days leading up to the Full Moon might feel extra intense emotionally.

What spirit shows us this Full Moon, is that not only are you purging emotions you repressed in yourself, which you didn’t allow yourself to fully experience or DEAL WITH when they occurred…

But you’re actually purging stuff that wasn’t yours to begin with!

Such as emotions you have absorbed from others or the human collective…

Particularly emotions around victim/abuser complexes, and the idea of suffering – including the planet itself.

Carrying The World’s Burdens?

Spirit reminds us that we are not here to carry the world’s burdens. And it seems, that’s what many of us have been doing.

Feeling “responsible” for not only ourselves but for other people, and ultimately often the planet and the environment, and so on.

Spirit’s advice is to let go of the heaviness. Because there are some illusions involved when we unconsciously feel that we have to carry others’ burdens.

The truth is, we impact the planet and others most positively when we shine our light to the fullest.

So being our happiest self, is actually what will uplift others the most in turn, energetically.
This also impacts the planet positively.

A Message For Twins, Lightworkers, Healers.

Consider that when more people are in a high vibration, we are able to perceive SOLUTIONS to so many of the things that may currently be “problems”.

When we are deep in despair and suffering, we cannot see the solutions.

So please, they ask, all Twin Flames and lightworkers and healers, please remember who you are now.
Do not go down into the depths, into darkness to rescue others.

Shine the way out and lift them up, by being in YOUR light.

(Remember that every person on earth has their higher self and guidance team working to help them. No one is ever truly alone or “lost”.)

You Probably Didn’t Realize This…

The reason this is so important is that when you have been carrying the burdens of others or feeling pity or sadness…

Because as spirit says, it has WEIGHED your vibration down without you realizing. Making it harder for you to call in your desires and what you have asked and prayed for.

So hold high intentions for others, look for their light and focus on a positive future. But don’t take on burdens.

This Full Moon can get heavy. So do what you can to release and clear, and remember it may not even be YOUR emotions you are feeling…

Twin Flame’s Higher Self “Visits”

You can’t manifest and receive what you TRULY desire, if you’re still holding on unconsciously to old pain or others’ negativity. So now, you’re being pushed to allow it to leave, to release.

If you can release and clear now, there are amazing benefits as well to the Pisces Full SuperMoon if you ARE vibrating high enough.

Pisces energies are attuned to spiritual breakthroughs and extrasensory perception…

Therefore it’s a key time for receiving spiritual illumination and perceiving your Twin’s higher self with you now.

We are shown, if you are open enough, they will show up STRONGLY for you now with their romantic intentions and unconditional love.

Grounding, Shielding…

Pisces energies are supersensitive and can tend toward the blurry” and hazy”. If you feel like the WORLD, people or places have felt extra heavy and “off” since the end of last week – you’re right.

It’s the energies brewing for the Full Moon. 

So, make sure you shield yourself daily – setting the intention is the most important thing, so you don’t absorb other people’s or collective negativity.

(For more help with this, have a look at the Golden Light Infusion And Shielding session here, which is highly recommended for intense times like this.)

Venus Direct

Lastly this week, we have “good news”, as Venus goes direct on September 3rd after almost 6 weeks in retrograde.

However, as you see from the rest of the forecast, we still have plenty of other factors to deal with still.

Venus going direct will lessen some of the “intense lesson learning” and dealing with the past in love and the Twin Flame connection…

But with Mercury Retrograde and several other major planets moving “backwards”, we are still in a complicated period of a lot of purging and dealing with the past.

A Heavy Week, Opening To Light Ahead

With this “blue moon” Super Full Moon in Pisces, tying in Saturn Retrograde, this week will likely not be easy… You are processing a lot of heavy stuff, whether or not you realize it.

Be gentle and patient with yourself, and be kind to yourself. Remember it’s OK to not feel great.

Allow negativity to release and stay open to your Twin’s soul guiding you. 

By the end of the week, you should feel like the atmosphere and your situation is lightening up considerably.

Even if it doesn’t always feel like it, you are capable and strong, and you’ve got this.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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