Get The Message You Most Need Right Now. Discover How To Uplevel and Unlock Your Connection From The Inside Out… Discover The Secrets of Your Chakras

Since ancient times the 7 main chakras have been described as the energy centers of the body – the bridge between the energy realms and the physical body.

Our chakras hold memories of past experiences, trauma, beliefs, ancestral programming and are the seat of where we are anchored into collective realities.

Much like computers, chakras can become full of dysfunctional programming that negatively impacts our ability to carry out our desired activities. Chakra blockages can create phobias, problems expressing ourselves, fears of opening up with others, and so much more.

Why and How Chakras Become Blocked

As we go through life, all our experiences have an impact on our chakras – heartbreak lodges in the heart chakra, societal belief structures clog up the third eye/brow chakra, religious doctrine impacts the crown chakra, and so on.

Most human beings never clear out old congestion and upgrade the programming in their chakras.

This means the majority of human beings live with so much old outdated programming and negativity in their systems – limiting their ability to reach into their full potential as souls.

Some of the biggest blocks I’ve seen with Twin Flames are due to inherited ancestral programming creating systematic limitations that keep them from being able to receive abundance and love from others.

Clearing our chakras can open up our true potential as souls, and it allows light to flow uninterrupted through our systems and fuelling us positively – creating a feeling of being supported in everything we do.

How Chakra Blockages Impact The Twin Flame Journey

On the Twin Flame journey, and especially when Twins start to enter into the soul merge process – energies and information begin to blend between the two Twin Flames’ chakras.

I often see Twins unaware that this exchange of energy is the real cause of their ongoing Separation and Running, as residue of their counterpart’s intimacy with others triggers flare ups of negativity as “issues” travel back and forth between the pair.

(Go here for the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames which was channeled to me as a solution to this –  we go through a deep cleanse of both Twins’ chakra systems and all channels between the Twins. Clearing out potential triggers of running/chasing/separation, we ensure that only high vibrational energies are blending between you)

Complete harmony Healing Tool


#1) Pick Your Image:

For best results, relax yourself, take a few deep breaths. Then see which of the images here you’re the most drawn to right now. Pick one. It’s usually the first one you’re drawn to.

The reason you shouldn’t overthink it is that our intuition is often very subtle and it usually “jumps out” in the split second before we have a chance to decide on something analytically.

(Note that if you’re familiar with the chakra system, the below images and answers do NOT correspond with the traditional number each chakra is associated with. This is so your analytical mind won’t get involved in the process)

#2) Read Your Message!

twin flame chakras


1) Brow Chakra/Third Eye

If you were most drawn to image 1, this is the message you most need right now:

The brow chakra is the seat of perception, beliefs – the filters we perceive our reality through. When the brow chakra/third eye is imbalanced we are dealing with distortions of perception and blocked intuition.

You have been imbalanced in your view of the situation at hand – and it’s due to blocks and old outdated programming active in your brow chakra.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

You have likely been feeling like there is no hope and that things look dismal for your dreams. Your ability to see a better future for yourself is likely blocked – and blame/conflict patterns are likely.

You have been alerted to this chakra today in order to realize there are illusions involved in your current situation. Belief systems that don’t serve you have been clogging up your ability to see clearly.

Social media, television, other people’s opinions, cultural stereotypes… these all congest your brow chakra’s natural power as your connection to your intuition and deeper wisdom.

Read more about the damaging effect of other people’s belief systems on the Twin Flame journey here.

This chakra is the second step of manifestation, as it is here we ‘visualize’ our reality into existence. When this chakra is blocked, we feel like we cannot see the path forwards, like there is no way to get to our goals and dreams. Another tendency is also to see ourselves through the lens of lack and “not enough”.

Clearing your brow chakra will help you see clearly again – you will then be able to not just see problems, but perceive the solutions at hand. You will then be able to see the light in situations, things and people – and yourself – and to be guided by your intuition.

You will feel lighter, more optimistic and happy when your brow chakra is clear. Ideas will flow well, you’ll have insights regarding the right steps to take, and importantly what is *really* going on with others, including your Twin Flame.

A blocked brow chakra also creates congestion in the relationship between Twin Flames – particularly telepathy and soul level interactions, as you are unable to “see and hear” them.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When you clear and balance your brow chakra, you’ll notice yourself becoming more relaxed and lucid in your experience of life. Meditation will become easier and more satisfying as there’s less mental static.

Your will be able to tap into your intuition with more ease and your dreams will become clearer and more positive, often yielding advice and messages for you.

You’ll notice seeing solutions and receive ideas for positive changes in life, such as methods to earn more money, insights regarding others’ true motivations, and more.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your brow chakra with new light, or visualize a deep indigo light coming into your brow chakra.

If you want to go deeper and permanently resolve any damaging programming and fully restore your brow chakra’s power – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, where we go through opening your telepathic connection and strengthening your intuition.

There is also a specially designed Creative Visualization for Twin Flames included in the program, which takes you step by step through strengthening your ability to focus, engage with your Twin’s soul, tap into your true desires and manifest your dream of true love in the physical reality.

twin flame program

Have a look here for more.


2) Throat Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 2, this is the message you most need right now:

The throat chakra is the seat of communication and self expression. When the throat chakra is blocked we feel like we are not being seen/heard/understood for who we really are, and we feel as if our desires are going ignored by the universe.

The throat chakra is the third step to manifestation, as we give our desired creation form in the physical for the first time by speaking it to life.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

You could be alerted to this chakra today because you have been speaking/writing negativity out into your reality and attracting what you don’t want. This is a common problem for Twin Flames, as communicating about the negativity of the connection is so incredibly widespread.

Be aware that when you speak/write about your Twin Flame connection – you are creating.

If you communicate to others about how bad you feel, or how your Twin Flame is a runner, or how you feel upset or that things may never work out between you – you are creating this.

This is why we put in place such strict comment guidelines for this website, at spirit’s suggestion. It’s for your highest good, and for the highest good of the Twin Flame collective as a whole.

Spirit suggests this – begin to look at the words you write and speak as if they are writing the script to your life. Because in truth, they are.

Be conscious of how you communicate, both about your Twin Flame connection and about happiness, money, people, health and everything else in your life.

Only speak what you want. Be mindful of your words. There is always a way to phrase things in a higher way – for example, instead of saying “He never helps me”, say “I would love some more help with this – Universe, show me how this can happen.” Instead of saying “I hate this”, say “I much prefer XYZ”, and so on.

Sustained communication into the world, is creation. You might be familiar with Genesis, the beginning of the Bible – the story of how the earth was created.

It says: “In the beginning was the Word (…) And the Word was made flesh”.

The throat chakra also deals with how we express ourselves to the world, and blocks here often deal with not sharing our truth with others.

Blocks like complaining are common here, and are often inherited – passed on through the family and social circles.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When you clear and balance your throat chakra, you’ll notice feeling happier, more open both to share your truth and to see and hear others without judgment – and others will begin to perceive you more positively.

You’ll be able to receive divine guidance with more ease and feel more supported on your path.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your throat chakra with new light, or visualize a vibrant electric blue light coming into your throat chakra.

In order to truly open up your throat chakra to its full power, it’s essential to clear out negative patterns of communication and to remove common programming that has us locked in complaints that only keep the same cycles of negativity recurring over and over.

If you recognize yourself in the above, do have a look at this eye-opening Full Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames, where we deal with belief issues and the blocks that Twin Flames unfortunately put into their own journey.



3) Sacral Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 3, this is the message you most need right now:

The sacral chakra is the seat of creativity, sexuality and primal emotions. When this chakra is imbalanced we have problems with sexuality and expressing ourselves creatively.

Other blocks here deal with unprocessed emotions, such as repressed anger and other emotions we did not allow ourselves to feel and express openly. 

The sacral chakra is the second to last stage of manifestation, as we engage our feeling capacity around our creation – aligning with drawing it in by matching our energy to it so that we are able to receive.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

When the sacral chakra is blocked, we are unable to relax into the flow of creation, and we feel stymied, constrained and like we are not safe to open up around others. Kundalini Rising relates to the sacral chakra and your ability to tap into your full power can be impeded by blocks here.

Twin Flames are frequently triggered via the sacral chakra after intimacy with their counterpart, or during the mutual exchange of energy through the Twin Flame Union process.

This is because every sexual encounter we’ve ever had have impacted and are “stored” in the sacral chakra. When Twin Flames interact, they can feel each other’s energy whether they are aware of it or not.

Unconsciously feeling your counterpart’s past experience and desire for other people, can be intensely triggering and cause flare-ups of separation, hostility and “running” – even though most Twins don’t realize that this is the deeper cause.

Keeping the sacral chakra balanced and clear is an essential thing for Twin Flames who want to avoid recurring cycles of “on-again-off-again” and separation.

Spirit also shows us that blockages rooted in self-loathing, “not good enough”, feeling undesirable and unsafe to open up to someone of the opposite sex or sexually, are incredibly common here.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When you clear the sacral chakra, you’ll notice feeling more relaxed and at ease with yourself, safe to open up around others and to dwell in the truth of who you are.

Your creative abilities will have room to blossom, your emotions will be processed in a stable and calm way and sexuality will balance into a higher state.

Spirit shows us, there is less “drama” with those whose sacral chakra is balanced – the experience of life and connecting with others flows smoothly.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your sacral chakra with new light, or visualize a vibrant orange light coming into your sacral chakra.

However, in order to permanently put an end to issues of Running/Separation and fully balance the sacral chakra I would strongly advise a regular focused energy clearing – to be used weekly.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Spirit channeled the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames especially to resolve Running and Separation caused by triggering like what we describe above.

In this session we cleanse both Twins’ chakra systems, plus the channels between you so that triggers of Running and negativity are removed. We also shield you as a pair, and much more.

Have a look here for more.


4) Heart Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 4, this is the message you most need right now:

The Heart chakra is the seat of emotion and where we process the energy of love and connect with others. Blocks here are caused by past experiences of being hurt when we opened up to others, experiences of being rejected, being denied love or not feeling safe to open up emotionally.

The heart chakra is the fourth step of manifestation, as we get emotionally involved with our desired creation – aligning our energy with the feeling level of our desires.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

When the heart chakra is blocked, we tend to feel lacklustre, like nothing excites us, like we’re always holding back, staying shut off from others. We build walls around ourselves to protect ourselves from being hurt – shutting out the love others may be attempting to give us.

When one of both of the Twin Flames’ hearts are blocked, the connection cannot flow smoothly and there is dysfunction, flareups of conflict and struggles.

Spirit shows us blocks here also come from dreams that failed to come to fruition, from disappointment, having big hopes that came crashing down. These all cause “scars” in the heart chakra.

As the heart chakra is where we process the energy of love, when the heart is blocked by things like old heartbreak or disappointment, we cannot really *feel* love or excitement. We’ll notice feeling like there’s no love for us or that things never work out, even if that’s not the case.

This is because we are shut off from the flow of love. Other expressions of a blocked heart chakra is not caring about anything, being desensitized to the world around us and ourselves, not paying attention to consequence because we’re disengaged from emotion.

So-called “narcissistic” traits and being emotionally unavailable or cold, come from heart chakra imbalances – a person who has disconnected from their own emotions due to past hurt.

Spirit shows us, many men are denied access to their feelings and are therefore blocked from fully engaging with the energy of love and sharing love with another. This often comes from childhood and being told to “be a man”, not cry, to present a facade.

This is a key reason why many males approach relationships through the sexual connection/sacral chakra, we’re shown. They have in essence been blocked out of accessing emotions and heart based connections through love. 

(If this sounds like your Twin Flame, we help them clear this kind of programming and open up their heart again in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey. And know that, as two parts of the same original consciousness any work we do with your Twin Flame on the energetic planes are in alignment with Free Will)

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When your heart chakra is clear and balanced you feel brimming with excitement, joy and love for yourself, others, the world.

Spirit shows us that when the heart chakra is open and balanced, we feel accepted and appreciated by others. Our relationships run smoothly and we are able to bring out the best in others through our mere presence.

Someone who lives with an open and balanced heart is so easily recognized. They are the person who is always happy, always sees the best in others, always has hope, always has things work out for them – as if the universe is always taking care of them.

When we clear and balance our heart chakra, our lives begin to be infused with the emotion and energy of love, light, joy. Our vibration increases dramatically and we are easily able to attract our desires through positive alignment.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your heart chakra with new light, or visualize a vibrant emerald green light coming into your heart chakra.

Or, to go deeper, fully activate your heart chakra, clearing out old hurts and healing old wounds on both sides of your Twin Flame connection, have a look here.

In this Higher Heart Transformation Session, which was created as a technicolor journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation – we go deep to discover what old hurts are really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

And in my favorite part of the process, we begin to plant positive seeds of manifestation to draw more love, abundance and unity onto your Twin Flame journey.

This session really shifts the whole foundation of how your Heart Chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.



5) Solar Plexus Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 5, this is the message you most need right now:

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of self, power and action. It is also where we connect with our astral body.

The Solar plexus is where we process separation programming – ego, self vs others, our identity as a separate unique being interacting with others and taking action in the world.

The solar plexus is the fifth step of manifestation, as we put our willpower behind it and take action on our desired creation. Remember that action is *always* a necessary step of manifestation.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

When the Solar plexus is blocked, there are feelings of lack of confidence, being suppressed or abused by others, feelings of anger and resentment, conflict. Or, being pushy and domineering with others.

In reality we are experiencing the distortion of power issues due to imbalanced programming.

Blockages here can come from childhood issues such as feeling ignored by parents, like other siblings got more attention and similar situations.

When the Solar plexus is blocked we are unable or unwilling to take action on our dreams and desires.

Feelings of “why bother” or “what’s the point” are very common. Again, it is rooted in programming that wrongly tells us that we don’t have the power to make things happen. The belief that nothing we do makes a difference.

Many people get blocked here, from even pursuing their dreams or hopes. For Twin Flames, power struggles, ego conflict and feelings of resentment toward the counterpart are common.

Perceptions of having been mistreated or not supported, of having been exploited or not appreciated.

Really, the negative experiences that seem to cause these feelings are simply real world manifestations expressing the negative programming. Your Twin Flame is always a mirror reflecting your “issues” back to you so you can be free from holdbacks, so you can be open to love.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When your solar plexus is clear and balanced, you feel confident, optimistic and enthusiastic about your life and your role in it. You feel drawn to taking positive action steps to make things happen, and you feel respected by others.

When you clear this chakra, you will notice conflict patterns receding and your relationships with others becoming more harmonious. You will be less affected by others’ negativity and more centered in your own light.

When the solar plexus is balanced and strong our health also tends to be good and vitality strong.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your solar plexus chakra with new light, or visualize a vibrant yellow light coming into your solar plexus chakra.

In the Higher Heart Transformation Session we also go in-depth into the solar plexus to remove fear programming and sources of conflict, plus we infuse you and your Twin Flame’s solar plexus chakras with light and the programming of always being safe and taken care of – so that your physical reality can begin to reflect this more and more. We also take positive action on sowing seeds of manifestation for your future path.

Have a look here for more.



6) Crown Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 6, this is the message you most need right now:

The crown chakra is the seat of spirit, where we connect to our higher selves and the universe, pure consciousness.

Blocks here are caused by judgments around right and wrong, religious dogma and (very common in Lightworkers/Twin Flames) fear of existing on earth in a human body, feelings of disempowerment and blocked from or unloved by God/Creator/the Universe.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

If your crown chakra is blocked, disempowerment, hopelessness and feeling disconnected from the support of the universe is the most common effect. You feel as if your dreams are out of reach, and that no one is supporting you.

The crown chakra is the first step of manifestation, as we form our intention to create. If we do not believe we have the power to create our desires, this is rooted at its deepest in the crown chakra.

Look into your current situation again – are you feeling as if there is no path to your dreams to come to physical fruition? Or that the Universe/God/Source/other people/authorities are pinching you off from the miracles and positive developments you’ve been asking and praying for?

The truth is that blockages in your crown chakra are keeping you alienated from your *own* power and your higher self. You have the power to manifest your dreams into physical reality, but your feelings of hopelessness are keeping you from tapping into your greater power to even attempt to make it happen.

Very often the crown chakra is blocked due to congestion with old familial programming around religion, the perceived roles and abilities of a woman/man, beliefs such as “life is hard”, “love is a lie” and so on.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When you clear your crown chakra, you’ll re-open the flow to your higher faculties and to the higher dimensions again. Your dreams will become more vivid and more helpful insights will arrive.

You’ll begin to feel positive and optimistic about your future and be able to connect with the higher truths of the Twin Flame connection – that you came from love, and that you are souls of light no matter what.

Clearing the crown chakra can create profound shifts for your whole life experience.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your crown chakra with new light, or visualize a bright platinum light coming into your crown chakra.

Or, to fully balance your Crown Chakra and permanently anchor into a higher experience, lifting your Twin Flame journey into greater ease and positivity – have a look at this new Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session.

We go through a deep cleanse of the chakra system, including clearing out ancestral programming and blocks from the crown chakra for you and your Twin Flame, plus connecting you into a higher state as a pair, including uplifting your timelines into greater harmony and ushering in Reunion in the physical.

If your Twin Flame is Unawakened, we have their soul gently trigger an activation to rouse them into full awareness of your connection and removing any ego based fears.

Have a look here for more.

twin flame awakening

7) Root Chakra

If you were most drawn to image 7, this is the message you most need right now:

The root chakra is associated with the physical body and is the seat of our physical reality experience. It deals with survival and safety.

Most people carry outdated ancestral programming in the root chakra, keeping them in a lack cycle – where there is never enough money/love/time.

For Twin Flames, blocks in the root chakra are a huge problem for coming together in the physical reality.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Blocked

Blocks here are often to do with feeling unsafe to open up in a relationship for fear of being hurt – plus ancestral programming that causes feelings of fear of violence, fear of accidents, worry, fear of pregnancy, fear of disease, fears relating to experiences of war, famine, family breakups, infidelity and more.

Did you know that when we are born our bodies are programmed with our ancestors’ experiences to a great extent? You can read more about this in the science of Epigenetics, which also deals with how we can use lifestyle choices to “upgrade” aspects of our genetic inheritance.

For Twin Flames, root chakra programming can create big blocks.

As an example: if your ancestors up to 7 generations ago experienced their spouse being “taken away from them” by death in childbirth, illness, war or similar, you could be struggling with a physical body/root chakra fear of relationships – because there is a latent “memory” that if you love someone they might be taken away from you.

If we look back a few generations, life was a lot more uncertain than today.

Other common blocks in the Root Chakra relate to scarcity, fear of running out of money (manifesting into current life experiences of never having enough, being in debt and so on), of not being safe, and fear of being attacked/fear of natural disasters/disease.

The root chakra is the final step of manifestation, as we begin to attract and receive and create our desires in the physical reality.

Root chakra blocks prevent so many spiritually advanced people from moving into the physical with their desires. They’re great at envisioning and emotionally aligning with their desires, but root chakra blocks keep their physical energy grid from being able to receive in the “real world” (click here for a session where we deal with this).

Remember, we can only receive what we are able to align with. This is what “divine timing” is all about. Divine Timing really means – when we are a vibrational match to our desires, they occur.

So many Twin Flames are unfortunately unable to be a match to physical Reunion, due to negative ancestral root chakra programming weighing down their vibration.

How You Feel When This Chakra Is Clear And Balanced

When you clear and balance your root chakra, you will notice feeling more safe and relaxed, and that your actual reality begins to shift to allow for more of your manifestations and positivity to show up for you.

When we clear this chakra, things begin to happen in the physical reality. Opportunities show up, love connects through real world communication and meetings. Our reality begins to expand past what we were pre-programmed for.

Insights And Methods For Balancing/Clearing This Chakra

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to clear your general space, release negativity and infuse your root chakra with new light, or visualize a vibrant red light coming into your root chakra.

And to truly get to grips with removing limiting programming from your root chakra to uplevel your life experience permanently – use the brand new Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session, where we do a deep clearing of your whole chakra system and your Twins’ to open you up to harmony.

Includes removing you from ancestral grids of manifestation that have kept you locked in a loop of recurring lack or unable to shift your physical situation.

Discover more here.

twin flame awakening

“I’ve been using the Vibrational alignment Program for almost a week now. I’ve noticed a huge shift in my energy. Before I was on the emotional roller coaster we feel with our twins. And I was a mess. I could feel his energy and all of the highs/lows he was experiencing as a runner. Once I started this program, I noticed on day 1 a huge difference. I was no longer crying on the phone to my friend. I was laughing and couldn’t contain my happiness. I’ve also had dreams about my twin each night, and have felt him going back and forth in his spirit on if he should call me. This program is great!! Thank you Cassady. “

– Caitlin, California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

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  1. It is hard to pick, I do know I need to clear them all, especially the 3 below, root, sacral and solar plexus chakra. I need to balance all three of those. So my focus has been on those three and it will help the heart.

  2. Hi Cassady,
    I choose picture seven because it closely resembles a “rose” and roses have been coming up a lot for me lately. I do have a question about energies though…..Why does the energy come and go with our TF? Some days, I feel like I “have to see him, yearning and missing” and other days I’m content “letting go” and letting things unfold naturally. It’s super weird. I’m not sure why I can go days on this journey feeling content and others so sad and hopeless when nothing in the physical has changed. Also, I feel some days I can feel my TF so strong and others I can’t feel the connection at all.

  3. I did it again and was drawn to 6 crown chakra, That resonates but I also have inner child fears coming up too and emotions but really they all connect to each other right?

  4. Spot on once again (brow). I’m so congested with all this external static! Social media, other people’s opinions…between our ego clashes, my hurt, and his karmic, there’s so much to make me feel like there’s no hope. I wish I could have a cup of tea with you and pick your brain! Maybe I should have just sprung for your whole program this month, but I forked over a huge wad instead to take him to see a legendary performer we both like. Something a lot of my friends would judge me for – in the 3D “debit” mentality, I’ve invested so much more, and he still “owes me” some apologies. This poem by Hafiz is what decided it for me:

    Even after all this time
    The sun never says to the earth
    “You owe me.”

    Look at what happens with a love like that:
    It lights the whole sky.

  5. Cassidy, you’ve really opened a new level of understanding of my own connection. I started off so confused and excited and after this first part of the journey, I am now content for the first time in my life. My twin flame was brought into my reality and me in his at a time that I least expected. I was breaking my family already because I was feeling suffocating. When my twin arrived, he took my hand and with his sweet and deep voice, he told me to get up. And I am a very strong woman with a character. But I got up and he kissed me like I have never been kissed before. And our journey into this beautiful unknown and scared world started. We are both spiritual and independant which makes us challenge one another to achieve and do better. I never knew what it was to deeply trust someone this way, let alone to be understood so profoundly. Even when our bodies are detoxing and our healing make rise to our egos, we always manage to find peace by each other’s presence.

    I am so grateful for these texts and seeing that this spiritual awakening is massive and important rather than lonely and disturbing. Changing words and intentions, meditating and sending love to our twin via 5D is crucial and it is with your guided meditations that I have opened up after my initial breakdown into our first layers of healing. Now everything is an opportunity. Every moment is to be cherished

    Thank you 🙂

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