Venus Joined By Mercury Retrograde: Prepare For (More) Confusion Ahead… Plus, Virgo Season Starts, Asking “Were You Wrong About This One Thing In Your Twin Flame Connection?”


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Venus continues retrograde, joined by Mercury retrograde on August 23rd. “Double-trouble” confusion and rehashing of the past… Are you willing to let everything go, for a new and higher chapter?

Plus, Virgo season starts, and Mars enters Libra: subtle changes in the Twin Flame connection emerging – but have you been wrong about something important?

Discover more below! 

Mercury Joins Venus In Double Retrograde

We’re headed into another busy week, with Venus still Retrograde in Leo… On August 23rd being joined by Mercury also going retrograde.

This double-whammy cosmic event is set to affect us for weeks ahead, and can cause complications along the way…

But ultimately it is intended as a blessing, as we get the chance to resolve the deeper roots of old issues once and for all, and clear the path for a happier journey ahead. 

Pay attention, as you’re set to be shown some important “missing” info, perspective or misunderstanding that you haven’t been aware of…

For Venus retrograde, I was asked to share a brand new session with the collective – The Twin Flame Crystalline Mirror Healing – have a look here if you haven’t explored it yet. 


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Feeling Blocked Lately? It’s Saturn!

With the Sun in opposition to Saturn Retrograde, and Mercury beginning his own retrograde in opposition to Neptune, we have a strong process of working through information coming up over these next 3-4 weeks.

The oppositions signal that we are being shown to correct course and take a second look at our situation to get some missing clarity.

Saturn is the master of karma and responsibility, so you may have felt blocked or challenged lately.


It may even have felt as if some invisible force has been preventing you from moving forward.

This is Saturn’s “doing”!

What is really going on, is that you are being asked to go within and get clarity on yourself and your inner world…

And heal any lower cycles and in particular karmic wounds – so you lift your alignment.

Claiming Back Your Power

Once you do this, you will feel like the block or challenge dissolves surprisingly easily.

Above all, the Saturn and Neptune oppositions is pushing you to stop projecting and giving up your power to outside forces…

Such as, waiting for the world to somehow deliver the “right circumstances” or bring you your Twin Flame (back), or for OTHER people to behave a certain way…

And instead claim back your power, be present with yourself and move into a higher frequency of light, love, peace, harmony and inner wholeness…

Changing The Outer Reflection…

Then the outside will respond differently to you because YOU are vibrating, feeling, thinking and acting from a different set-point.

So, look out for anywhere you have had the unconscious pattern of waiting for the OUTSIDE to deliver the results you want, and wishing to be rescued somehow…

And instead, confront any shadows and wounds in your inner world – and get things right on the INSIDE!

That’s the only lasting solution, “says” Saturn.

Feeling Small/Powerless?

With Mercury going Retrograde in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, this pattern of rescue/victim is brought to our attention.

Notice anywhere you have been playing out power imbalances, and in particular anywhere you have perceived yourself as small/weak/incapable or not powerful.

Because these are lies, illusions.

In spiritual truth, you are a being of unlimited energy, and it means that you can adapt your inner setpoint to call in the experiences you desire, much more than you ever believed based on our “regular culture”.

Including making Twin Flame unity happen in the 3D physical!

Have a look at this video for more on how this works, and take the quiz here to see where you’re at with your vibration.

The Truth About Your “Levels Of Luck”

Mercury’s Retrograde begins with support from Jupiter and Uranus, which signals that one of the key cosmic messages of this retrograde is that you are much more blessed, supported and “lucky” than you probably thought…!

And, that you can change your situation and state ANY TIME YOU WISH, as a soul of energy.

So if things haven’t been happy for you, do NOT identify with it. It is just an inner pattern you took on, expressing into an outer manifestation you have probably not realized was active.

And you can change it! And, spirit says, you are ALWAYS supported strongly when you choose to reach into a higher state and to manifest a happier situation for yourself.

More on that here.

Misunderstandings In Your Twin Flame Bond?

With Mercury joining Venus in her retrograde for the coming weeks, we will have a strong focus on going over the past and in particular information and thoughts/communication regarding love.

It means that you will likely be shown certain issues you had misunderstood.

For example, if you thought your Twin Flame pulled away because they stopped loving you… But it turns out now that they were afraid of HURTING you, and that was the real reason they were holding back. 

Over coming weeks, clarity and the TRUTH will begin to arrive. Slow down, release any old conflict and open up to receive love. You’ll shift higher.

Twin Flame Telepathy In Focus

With Neptune so strongly involved with Mercury Retrograde, it shows that the telepathic and dream connection between the Twin Flame pair is also in focus.

But the opposition indicates a challenge:

If you have been hearing less from your Twin’s soul, if you feel that the angel numbers or other signs have stopped coming as often, or if you have not dreamed much about them…

If you generally feel that you have lost touch somewhat with the divine, your intuition or your Twin’s higher self…

You are now being asked to go within and find out what has caused it from inside of YOU.

The Problem With The Internet…

Have you been surfing online and taking in other people’s energy, or have you gotten involved in groups or communities or friends where there is a heavy energy or a lot of disempowerment, complaining or other low vibrational energies?

This will unfortunately block and congest your connection with the divine and your Twin’s higher self.

The good news is, it can be cleared easily though, to open up again – I share how here in class 2, 4 and 6.

What Are You Afraid Of Hearing?!

Another aspect of this, we’re shown, is that many are AFRAID of recieving guidance in case they hear something that will hurt them.

For example, if you are worried that your Twin’s higher self will tell you that you can’t reunite, or that you’ll be informed that something has happened which will bring you further apart in the 3D physical…

Unfortunately, this fear will mean you are unconsciously shutting down your connection, to try to “protect” yourself from hurt…

Therefore, getting to grips with fear is one of the most powerful things you can do to re-open your connection!

Virgo Season, Mars Enters Libra

August 22nd the Sun enters Virgo, and opens to new themes: Be mindful to not get into feeling pressured and overwhelmed with problems and the future (healing the world and the self is no overnight job). Take one step at a time, and youll get to where you want to go.

Mars trine Jupiter and Uranus also tells us this. That as long as we keep moving forward, making progress, we will get to wonderful places. Just take it step by step.

Don’t stop moving forward.

At the end of the week, as Mars enters Libra, the focus on the Masculine Twin shifts.

Harmonizing and balancing the connection on a sexual level and in the physical becomes a strong focus moving forward, and you will begin to notice this in the weeks ahead.

Shifts Around The Masculine Twin

To benefit from this positive potential, make sure that you resolve any inner issues in your OWN world, and release negativity from the past.

Once you are in a state of inner harmony, this can become a passionate and magical time between you!

But your counterpart’s soul may hold back if you seek to avoid your own “shadows”.

If you have healing to do, they may push you to go within by holding back. Especially in the 3D physical.

This is how the Twin Flame mirror works, and it is set to be strongly active still during the remaining weeks of Venus Retrograde. Therefore, I strongly recommend going through the new Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror Healing if you haven’t already.

Going Deep, Embodying Self Love

To help you go deeper and amplify your results, I was also guided to create and share a brand new resource, so you emerge healed and aligned with harmony and wellness after this intense next few weeks – a pack of 5 essential Twin Flame journals and affirmation cards for self love and embodying Twin Flame magnetism. 



“Falling In Love With Myself (Again)” Printable journal with diary
“Self Worth Booster” Journal
“Self Care For Twin Flames” Printable journal with diary
“Heal Your Worthiness Wounds” Printable affirmation cards
“Magnetizing Twin Flame Love” Printable affirmation cards

These printable resources will help you go deep in identifying the deeper roots of any issues, embody self-love and inner wholeness…

And make it easy to stay consistent with your practice!

Moving Beyond – Into Unconditional Love And Unity!

This week and next can get intense, as purging and “upgrades” happen to the throat and heart chakras.

As perspectives “blur” and confusion/fogginess sets in, do your best to remember it is intended as a gift.

How? You are being guided to release the old cycles and modes, and move forward BEYOND anything you believed possible in the past.

Be willing to shift your perspective – above all on your Twin Flame connection and on love.

Recognize that things are not always what they seem on the 3D surface.

You ARE being guided to your heart’s desire, and this is part of the way there…

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


What if, a year from now, you were in a completely different place with your Twin Flame connection? In a state of harmony and togetherness, brimming with love?

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