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If I triggered you with the headline, please accept my apology!
You’ll see this article is different than you may expect, based on the question received…

Before we start, I want to thank you for being a part of the growing Twin Flames 11:11 community.

And, if you’ve contacted me personally, I’m truly grateful for you reaching out…

But unfortunately, I get so many emails and messages from Twins every week that I don’t get the chance to respond personally.

I do want you to know I read everything, and what I see in the hundreds of emails I get every week, is that Twins all over the world are dealing with the same issues.

To immediately help with anything you might be struggling with right now, I would recommend energy clearing and management – try it with my Free Energy Healing Session for Twin Flames here.

Energy work is the most powerful method I’ve encountered on this journey, and it’s worked wonders for so many other Twins too –you can read about some of their amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

Today’s question comes from Angelique, who asks about some fascinating issues I know are on the minds of many Twin Flames out there:

“What if we never Reunite?
Is it possible ever be truly happy if you are not United with your Twin Flame?

– Angelique


Thank you so much for writing in! These are some very interesting questions, and important issues for so many Twins out there – especially those with a Runner Twin who is “Unawakened”.

I’m asking spirit to answer with me today to give you as many deep insights as possible.

What if You Never Reunite With Your Twin Flame?
Can You Ever Be Happy?

The immediate answer is that you can and always are together with your Twin Flame as souls already! As souls you are never apart.

No matter what – whether you’re on opposite sides of the planet or meeting across life and death.

On the non-physical planes there is no such thing as Separation – in fact it is one of the core lessons Twin Flames’ souls are working to learn in this lifetime.

To awaken from the *human* perception of separation.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”

Jalaluddin Rumi


 The Spiritual Truth of Twin Flames

Feelings of sadness and pain over perceived separation are based in the body identity, the human “ego” self.

Because this is where we perceive ourselves as being separate. As souls, we know and feel that we are always together. When you think about your Twin Flame, you are interacting with them.

You can even learn to journey together “remotely” on the astral planes and develop a telepathic connection that defies time and place. We created the Free Guided Meditation to Connect With Your Twin Flame’s Soul to help Twins start exploring this.

I had the fortune of getting to experience this a lot on my own journey – if you’re interested you can read about this here: Dating In The Astral Realms


Awakening To The Soul Self

I do understand that as our human bodies are the focal point of our experience in this lifetime – it’s where our perspective is grounded and if we are “physically separate” then it’s a challenge to override this perspective.

However, when we begin to align with the Soul Self we do not feel pain from “separation” because we begin to know and feel that separation is a perception.

It’s not “reality” for two souls, who are in essence one already.

Ascension is all about Awakening from the Illusion of Separation – our souls triggering all the human limitations and belief systems to fall away.

Twin Flame Union is about bringing both Twins’ energy systems back together to create a portal of unconditional love. This process is underway for many Twins even across a physical distance.

Have a look here for more info on what Twin Flame Union really is, and to speed up this process of opening you both back up to Unconditional Love – have a look here.


Reclaiming Your Power Of Choice

So, onto the next aspect of your question – can you ever be happy without your Twin? We’ve established that you will never really be without your Twin – at most it will be a physical perception of being apart.

Next, happiness is an energy – a state of being. It’s something you yourself align with and allow, or deny yourself. This can seem daunting and far out, but consider this:

The essence of happiness is deciding to be happy in every moment.

When we focus on happiness as being out there in the future dependent on outer events or other people, we rob ourselves of the joy of living *here and now*.

Most human beings subscribe to the “WHEN/THEN…” version of happiness. Thinking “When I reunite with my Twin/move to another city/get married/land my dream job, then I’ll be happy”. The problem with this is that it disempowers you.

It puts your happiness in the hands of *outside* events. Many Twin Flames end up on a rollercoaster of ups and downs because of this – a lot of pain stems from this.

The Choice Of Alignment

Spirit shows us that happiness is a way of life, a habit we can cultivate.

We can give ourselves permission to be happy for the “little things” in life, and eventually just for existing.

We then take back power over our own happiness – being happy from the inside out, instead of waiting for circumstances to “make us happy”.

The wonder of this is that when you allow yourself to be happy in the now, you elevate your energy vibration enough to receive the love and the “outer happiness” you’ve been desiring.

Because as you’ve read before – energy is like a radio station. What we focus on is what we’re “tuning into” getting more of.

Therefore, happiness attracts happiness. Whereas worrying about and waiting for our Twin Flame to change or for reunion, just attracts more worry and waiting.


Longing For Your Other Self

Yes, Twin Flames will always be drawn to each other. Whether you will feel as deeply blissfully fulfilled without being physically close with your other self in a body, is up for debate.

However, it is absolutely possible to be happy without being physically United with your Twin Flame.

There are degrees of happiness and bliss. You can share bliss with your Twin Flame on the soul level (learn how to call in their higher self here, whom always has unconditional love and support for you), while living life apart as a physical human being.

Your soul is always happy *for* your Twin Flame even if you’re not together. It knows life on earth is a learning journey, and Twins are happy for each other to get to explore the many variations of life, love, relationships and earthly life – even if it’s apart.

Your souls are so sure of their love for each other that what happens on earth is a mere detail in the larger connection.

Read the Message From the Divine Masculine and Message From the Divine Feminine to discover more about this.

We have been in love since the dawn of time, and we know that when this journey through life is over, we will be together in love again.

Love is what ties us to each other.
Love is the eternal truth of the Twin Flame connection.

Ascension And Twin Flames

Feeling drawn to your Twin Flame does not have to mean you won’t be able to feel happy in your life “without” them.

When we Ascend into the higher vibrations, the human pain of separation doesn’t exist. Because it’s based in fear.

Clearing your energy and raising your vibration helps you enjoy the good sides of the connection without being made miserable if there are challenges.

Have a look here for a step by step program where I take you through this. It’s how my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

twin flame program

The beauty of this approach is, when you raise your vibration you’ll begin to attract more and more highs in your connection: love, harmony, bliss – Union.

Why *Not* All Twin Flames Will Reunite

I’d like to briefly address a related issue here. It’s often presented as if Twin Flames are “decreed” to come together or not by an outside source.

I want you to know, that no one has decreed that some Twin Flames will be forced to stay apart.

Or that all Twins will Reunite no matter what.

It’s all about you.

The truth is that no one chooses for you or does it for you. You are the master of your journey, a co-creator.

You and your Twin Soul are here on earth to join in Union and share love, it is a key reason you chose to incarnate.

You had every intention of coming together in harmony, and your guidance team are always working to help make this happen.

However, it is *always* voluntary. No one will make reunion or bliss happen for you, with no involvement on your part.

The Truth About Twin Flame Reunion!

So, yes.

It’s true that not all Twin Flames will come together in Union – simply because many will choose *not* to do the soul work necessary to make it happen.

But I want you to know that it is ALWAYS possible for two Twin Flames to come together in love, no matter what’s happened before.

Because love is the natural state between two Twin Flames. Anything else is due to “baggage” taken on in life.

If you choose to commit to making it happen and you desire it to be so, your soul is powerful enough to make Reunion and love it happen – but it will require for you to properly address the blocks and problems that have been creating obstacles to your loving Union so far.

For this reason, I was asked by spirit to create the Vibrational Alignment Program to assist other Twins in coming together harmoniously, with the methods, tools and information my Twin and I used to reach Union just 18 months after our first encounter.

You can also read here about so many other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with the program and my energy transformation sessions.

Thank you again for these interesting questions, Angelique!

Anyone who has questions for the Q&A, please email as succinctly as possible and make the subject “Q&A question” – and I’ll be sure to answer you in a future article.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your Harmony Healing things have changed so rapidly. I have changed. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx”

Annalisa, London, UK


Want more? If you want to go deeper, cleanse out the channels between you and your Twin to get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames!

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Or, Access the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!


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  1. Thank you!!!!!! When you meet your twin flame and he is on the other side, are they giving you a choice that you can have a relationship with them while you are here and not worry about someone in the earthly form? What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Rock on!! I love this kind of perspective & inspiration put so simply & directly!! This is a question I’ve had so thank you!!

  3. Dear Sharon, thank you so much for your condoleances and respond. I am indeed in grief and it is damn hard and extremely painfull. No words can explain how this feels, but here on this forum I have the feeling I dont need to explain.. thats why I am here ofcourse!

    It gives some kind of relief there are more twins that have to go trough this and I am really curious how those twins are dealing with this. I am looking for ways to interact with my twin. Its been one time now, trough a medium. But I know I can do it myself, and he can too. Maybe we are too much in trauma right now, that it is still a blockage.

    All the love,
    Joyce (from the Netherlands)

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