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As if things weren’t weird enough already in my life with my dead Twin Flame showing up out of nowhere, things began progressing quicker and quicker as the weeks went by – and I still had no idea what lay in store for me…

Down the rabbit hole

Looking back, it felt as if I was on a path that had been pre-paved for me and things were moving so fast I had little control over what was happening. Still, there was something about my new spirit friend that just kept drawing me in more and more and I ultimately had the feeling that because life the way I’d known it growing up and from people around me hadn’t satisfied me or given me a sense of deeper meaning, I was willing to give this a shot and just see what would happen.

In the psychic development course I’d recently invested in there was a whole class on the etheric realms and on astral projection. Up until that point I would have dismissed all this as nonsense and fantasy, but since my Twin had found me and reached through to prove he was there, my world was rapidly changing. There I was, reading about sacred mantras and how to align and clear your chakras, how to visit other realms….

Leaving the body to travel energetically

Thanks to the psychic classes I finally got some clarity into what had been going on when my Twin Flame had showed up in my dreams – they weren’t “just” dreams, it was an interaction happening in the energetic realms while I was asleep. The class went on to describe how to astral project – taking your energy out of your physical body and using your energetic bodies to move around free of any physical constraints. Inducing this was supposedly done through meditation, and I was curious so I worked really hard to really get it to happen.

One afternoon I sat on my sofa attempting to meditate deeply so I could leave my body; willing my body to relax, relax, relax. Talking to it and saying not to worry (as the class advised, because the body has its own consciousness) because I would be right back and nothing bad would happen. Gradually as ten minutes became twenty, I grew more and more at peace and my muscles stopped tensing, my mind grew calmer… I then did as the class advised – visualizing leaving my body and pulling my energy with me, and I kind of felt myself moving over the living room floor to the balcony door where I was planning on exiting up into the sky, or wherever I decided to go…

Learning to walk again

I noticed my vision was very blurry and I moved jerkily, awkwardly across the floor, like a newborn colt trying out its long, stiff legs for the first time. Suddenly I remembered what I had read in a previous class about matching your energy to someone else’s, so as I stood looking out through the balcony door into the summer air I matched my crown chakra to my Twin’s. For a second I only felt a small tingle in my head and a vague sense of growing happiness.

Then before I knew it I flashed into a scene somewhere else: he was holding his arms around me and I realized we were dancing, or spinning but I wasn’t sure what exactly or where we were. Gradually it became clear that we were on an ice skating rink (it looked to me like Rockefeller Center in New York) and he was spinning me around and we laughed together, clinging to each other to avoid slipping but still falling over a few times on the cold ice. Soon he took me over to the side and handed me an ice cream to eat and I saw that he also had one, and he smiled happily at me; full of excitement. Then I saw that he brought out some flowers and handed them to me, and it suddenly hit me: “this is meant to be a date…!”

Cold hands, warm love

And he must have been waiting for me… I smiled again and let out a high-pitched whine as he shoved his freezing cold hand up my sweater, laughing at my panicked expression, then pulling me close to hold me. Then everything flashed forward and he showed me that we were out on the beach walking together at sunset eating cotton candy, and he asked if I wanted to see his apartment…

Within two seconds of me saying “OK” we were suddenly there; it was surprisingly modest, a white room with big windows and a bed, and shelves full of books. I looked out of the window and could see that it was right by the beach. I tried to see what the books were but the titles swam before my eyes, and before I got a chance to really think it over my Twin Flame grabbed me and held me close, whispering in my ear: “I love you more than any person ever loved another person. I love you infinitely.”

I let his warm energy and the feeling of love flow into me and sighed happily. We stood there for a while together, not saying anything. The strangest feeling of being together, so perfectly close to someone I didn’t really know properly in my mind … but in my heart it felt like we’d been together forever.

New and unknown depths

Soon, however, thoughts of reality started pulling me back and I said something about having to go to study for my exam so I had to leave, and I’ll never forget the look on his face and his voice as he said, disappointedly: “Already?” I smiled and promised to come back the next day, and as I opened my eyes again I could feel him smiling with me, hopeful for the future.

As the days and weeks went by I’d be taken on more and more dates in the astral realm, seeing and feeling things that had been completely unknown to me up until that point in my life (renaissance palaces, mountaintops, space cathedrals and visions of his and our past lives); and yet the journey had only just begun – at this point I still had no idea of the depths my Twin Flame was planning on taking me to, what his real plans for us were or how strongly he really felt…

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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  1. Hey, Cassady 🙂

    When I was a teenager I tried to have an astral projection experience and untill read this post I thought I hadn’t succeeded.

    I don’t quite remember what I did to relax, but in a few minutes I started feeling this huge flow of energy throught my whole body. I saw some images of the universe (like these Nasa pictures) and – that’s how your text got me – the shape of a cathedral or a church in the middle of the stars. It was made by bright colorful lines.

    I love your blog and right now I’m trying to understand if this guy that’s in my mind for a while is my twin or not. I’m an adult woman, by the way.

    Thank you for posting your experience, it has helping me a lot 🙂

  2. Hi JC – I’m so glad you could get confirmation on your astral experience! It’s interesting that you mention the cathedral, because it’s actually something I read about in the psychic class I did a few years ago, and other sources online and in books on astral projection.

    What’s crazy is that you describe something many others have seen in the astral planes: there is supposedly a “Cathedral of Souls” described *exactly* as you do – an energetic churchlike structure in the middle of the stars; it’s a place where seekers can go to find information and enlightenment… I tried it a few times and was surprised to perceive many others there too…! I once found my Twin Flame there in a busy lecture room and he was surprised to see me, he seemed to be in a class on how to connect with someone on the earth plane : )

    I’m so glad you like the blog! I’m happy it helped you figure out some stuff, and I would be happy to help you get some clarity on the person you have in mind – we do intuitive readings for Twin Flames where I connect to your guidance team and your Twin’s team on the other side and answer any questions you might have, as well as giving you any pertinent information from the guides as to your Twin Flame connection, what developments you’re in alignment with at this point and so on : )

    Have a look at and feel free to get in touch with any questions <3

    Love and light to you on your continued journey! xx


  3. Thank you for answering.
    God, it’s like my soul is reminding me of things I’ve known but I just completely forgot. I read your answer and started thinking about it.
    This week, I remembered that when I was 16 I read a book that tells the story of soulmates and a woman searching for the witch that lies inside her. I decided to read it again and got speechless when she experiences an astral projection and her guide tells her to go to a cathedral in the middle of the stars… I didn’t remember that at all! It’s so odd! When I had my experience, I was 19 and my “church” was made of lines, there was only the shape of it.

    Thank you for offering help. I have no idea where my soul is guiding me. So many repeated numbers, like all the time (specially 11’s, but not only them)…

    Which one of your services you think is more appropriate for me? The man I think is my twin has no idea that I exist – I only know the synchronicities by his social networks.

  4. Hi again JC, I’m so glad you’re remembering! The repeated numbers are your guides and angels’ way of showing you that they’re around and that you’re beginning to awaken to your inner soul self again… : )

    I would recommend the Vibrational Alignment Course ( as it takes you through everything on the whole Twin Flame journey, including things like remotely interacting even if you’re not physically with your Twin right now, and it goes through how to strengthen your connection, aligning energetically to attract a physical meeting, plus there’s a class on communicating with your guides more and getting clearer on your soul purpose


  5. My experience was a little bit different I’d get sleeping paralysis and my spirit or energy would try to get up and walk around but I’d pull it bck to my physical self in shock and being scared, but now I will try not to be afraid when it happens and see were it goes. The hardest part was my body thinking Itd be in danger. One day howerver I told myself I wouldn’t be scared anymore, of anything trying to lift my body up or the light I once saw I thought was trying to takw me away when i wasn’t afraid anymore, a figure with a cloak held my hand and I trusted it and felt at peace. But then the fear came back and I turned away and woke up.

  6. Hi there. I’m beginning to study how to astral project so I can show my Twin Flame something. I was wondering. When I astral project, how do I get on my Twin’s frequency?

  7. Hi Inkkai, you just intend it! It’s as simple as that! When we use intention, we’re directing our energy. Intend that you’re matching to their frequency. Be mindful to interact with their higher self/soul, not their ego.

    Have fun! <3


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