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This week’s question comes from Ariella C.:“Can you send love to a physical Twin during separation and still have them feel it?”

This is a very interesting question, Ariella, thank you for raising this issue! I decided to rephrase the headline to also include the wider question of how to stay in touch with or communicate with a Twin Flame during physical separation.

Always Connected

The answer is that it is always possible to send feelings to your Twin even if you’re not physically together.

The Twin Flames are connected on the energetic plane and there is always a cord between the twins – which is why telepathy and feeling each other’s feelings comes so easily to so many of us.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know already that one of the biggest points make about the Twin Flame connection is that everything in the world is energy; grids of particles vibrating at particular frequencies.

The chair you’re sitting on, the computer or phone you’re reading this article on – it’s all energy.

The Twin Flames share an identical energetic signature. Tuned into the same “radio channel” as each other in the ether.

Staying Clear 

In theory there is always communication between the Twin Flames. We can feel each other’s feelings, hear each other’s thoughts no matter how far away from each other physically we might be.

Many Twins also feel each other’s presence, and might feel their Twin kissing them or sleeping in bed next to them even when apart.

There are 3 Big Blocks that can put a stop to the energetic communication between the Twin Flames, (and which you can quite easily fix):


#1 Congestion
#2 Other people’s influence
#3 Being too mentally preoccupied


The channel of communication between the Twin Flames can get extremely congested: As the world is all energy, we are a lot less separate from other people than we tend to think – and as we go about our daily business we tend to pick up energy from other people. From family, friends, fellow commuters, colleagues, through TV and radio, the internet…

Even if you’re not particularly emphatic this outside energy can “clog up” the channel between you and your Twin. Therefore one of the most important tools on the Twin Flame journey is to shield yourself and clear your energy regularly of others’ influence.

We go through this, plus updating karma and downloading new positive energy templates, in my first Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

Where Does Negativity Come From? 

In addition to these sources of debris and congestion we have all the energy from other people we’ve picked up during our upbringing, plus all the negative energy our souls are pushing up to the surface during the Ascension process (so that we may ultimately be completely “clean” energetically).

In other words: although you and your Twin can theoretically connect any time you want and communicate freely through both emotion and thoughts, real life can be a different story.

Inadvertently Tuning into Others’ Jealousy, Anger, etc.

Having said that, ridding yourself of congestion and maintaining clear energy will be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do on this journey because it will open you and your Twin up to each other once again.

It will also help you stay free from negative energies like jealousy, resentment, anger and so on – I cannot tell you how many times on my journey I felt awful only to be alerted to the fact that I was actually inadvertently tuning into someone else’s energy!

What a lesson to learn… My Twin Flame has thankfully been very understanding through all this. If you’re an empath especially, ask your guides to help you differentiate between your emotions and energy and those of others. This will be a huge help in your Twin Flame relationship.

Energy management and raising your vibration is the number one way to deal with this, as it lifts you up out of range from the negativity and static. Spirit recently channeled a complete harmony clearing for the Twin Flame pair. This is designed to clear potential triggers of negativity, plus open up the channels between the Twins again.

Advice for Separation

In hundreds of my sessions with Twin Flames in separation, spirit has always given the same advice:

“When in separation, use this situation to delve into the inner connection between you and your Twin. Learn the lesson that separation is an illusion, and you will open up to coming together once again.”

Even though you are not together physically, for any reason, you can communicate with your Twin and strengthen the connection between you every single day (even if you’ve never met your Twin before this will work to strengthen the connection, bringing you closer).

In the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, I’ve included a deep alpha level meditation which does exactly this – to strengthen the inner soul connection with your Twin. Often, this helps shift the outer situation over time too, moving away from separation. Try it at no cost here.

5 Ways to Communicate When “Apart”

Work on getting out of your analytical ego mind. Even if you’re not able to silence the doubts or skepticism completely, make a deal with yourself that you’ll at least give it a chance – and you’ll stay neutral for now.

When you do this you open up your channel much more. The analytical mind tends to “shut the doors” of communication instantly, as it searches for problems and anything that is outside of your previous experience.

Meditate on your Twin, send them love, tell them that you miss them, think about the fun and loving things you’ve done or you’d like to do together, communicate with them mentally – converse just for fun, use creative visualization to experience your ideal situation with your Twin (creative visualization is an ancient Hindu method originally developed by sages, and which top athletes, actors and business people today use to secure success).

Your Twin will feel this. Even if they are completely “unspiritual” as a person and are normally not in touch with their feelings, they will sense something. Their perception of you will change.

They will start thinking about you more. They will suddenly remember the happy moments you spent together. They will dream of you. Because on the energetic plane you are communicating with them.

This communication might come through in different ways for each individual but I guarantee that they will pick up on it some way or another. The Twin Flames are too closely connected not to.

How Will You Use Your Power?

Doing this as well as clearing your energy regularly (have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program, which includes both audio tools and written methods) is the fastest, deepest way to get results. So the answer is you are always in communication with your Twin. Alternatively you can try our Free Starter Kit

Thank you so much for your question!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

If you’d like your question answered, please post your comment below or come over to Facebook to ask your question there!


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  1. Hi. I was completely cut off and not communicating with my twin for 3 months straight last winter. He was relentless about ignoring me completely out of the blue with no word, apology, or reason. This brought up severe memories, thoughts, and a period of acting out on my part of a past, karmic relationship that I THOUGHT I was healed from. It was awful. I think it triggered PTSD. He now has a girlfriend but is guarding that info with his life. I resorted to searching facebook of all things. I deleted fb and I’ve made the decision to move out of state to begin a new life. Everything you say in your articles make sense to me except the telepathy part. He’s silent and I’m suspicious by nature. I think its a bad combination. Basically, how do I live in the present moment and unattach myself from these fantasies of him and I living a life together?

  2. When my twin ran, she completely embodied fear and hate, and made sure to cut all contact with me. Right then, my intuition told me that anything I could try in the physical to change the situation, would surely fail, but if I worked on myself she would naturally contact me again seven months later. For seven months I did not have any news from her, nor see her, but I did everything I could to bring myself to the next level – I read a lot, exercised heavily, ate healthy, started praying, doing affirmations and meditations, and took on every chance that life gave me to get out of my comfort zone. I overcome all of the shortcomings that had been clearly shown to me during the crisis phase. Seven months later, I was tested. In a very synchronistic moment, she appeared for the first time, right in front of me on a moving train, kissing another man, as the train departed. Completely broken, at first I thought this was a very cruel joke by the universe, but after some thought, decided deep inside to use it as a seed of further self development. Having passed that test, five days later, I woke up having been contacted by her with an uncanny willingness to get back into my life. That still wasn’t the “happy ending”, as the story is still ongoing, but it’s just to illustrate that working on yourself and evolution does make the invisible wheels of fate turn somehow, so for a while, give it your all to try and become the very best version of you possible. You might then end up enjoying the journey itself just as much as I am.

  3. I know the feeling of being rejected through silence by my “twin”…I really can’t move on or deny the connection any longer…he’s married now…now what? I don’t wanna be an empathy homewrecker…I just wanna leave him and the new wife alone…but the vibrations, the sensations of being awakened, grow within me, and more and more with time. I’m torn now more than ever before…time makes things worse for me and better for him…why is that? And how can I be so fixed on this connection without being able to control it, and he seems to have it down, and is happier, the farther and farther away we get from one another in life? Time hates me. Loves him though. And I could be obsessed with thoughts of him, haunted by the memories, but I was nothing but something for him to “shrug” off! I don’t even want to “send the love”, I want to abolish it! I know that’s kinda mean, but maybe I really am “crazy”, he’s not feeling the literal vibes that I’m feeling inwardly, and I’m just over here gonna dye alone because no one really has “replaced” or outshined him…not that I’m not open to it…just that it hasn’t happened yet…or may not? Hardly fair it seems…the cards I’m dealt, but obviously I do want the best for him because I let him live his life…I did not chase after him after that initial outreach of my ignorance, resulting in the rejection…but what about my happiness!? Huh!? Selfish? Probably…but the the connection hurts whether I accept it or not. I feel our union is unhealthy because it’s all mixed up with the 3D morals and what not. Like, “cheating in your heart on you wife with you twin…” Things like this make me anxious. Make me wanna break the heart communication, if it even exists…since it seems sooooo one-sided.

  4. I wish I was cool enough to delete my Facebook. I actually feel that would maybe help me get my life back. However I have a lot of people I need to talk to on there…I enjoy it over all..and I don’t really think deleting it would work…I mean, c’mon…it might just slow me down a little…it’s just so easy to be tempted to “check up on” my “twin’s” status through Facebook…at least every month…that’s bad, I think. But it gives me immediate answers since I know my “twin” won’t. Mine rejected me too, ignored me, is with someone else, and I too wonder if the whole “telepathy” thing is just a detachment issue as well. Hmm…

  5. Man, I wanna say one day that I enjoy my journey.
    I have no promise of a physical reunion, and things aren’t lookin’ up regarding it…I just want my life back…but then again, not all lessons are meant to be easy…if not this lesson…another one would take its place. I just don’t wanna be depressed my whole life as I’m swung from branch to branch on the back of this free-spirited connection. I can’t seem to tie it down but I also don’t wanna let it go. I’m along for the ride, but it’s bumpy as ever and I have no idea where it’s taking me. Probably right back to this forum.

  6. Yes I deleted fb to cleanse myself and my spirit. I am also reading A Course in Miracles and I have an online spiritual counselor. As I’m sitting here today, I have bigger problems then obsess who my twin is going to be with. He made his decision a long time ago but disnt fill me in. That’s cruel and I knew it from the get go he was secretive. Anyway, I dont hate him. I in fact have to forgive my ex and 2 of his female friends who slighted a very lomg time ago. I want to abolish many connections spiritually, my twin included. We are better off apart me and him. So be it.

  7. Hi Jasmine, I understand this must be challenging for you. I’d really like to answer this in a Q&A soon so everyone can read – I’ve encountered many Twins in similar situations to this. If you look at the Vibrational Alignment course there is a class included with answers to this very issue – advice from spirit regarding the situation where your Twin is married to someone else (class 9).

    For now, the one thing I’d advise you to keep in mind that might make this a bit easier for you is: remember that you and your Twin Flame are the same, you are the same consciousness expressing itself in two bodies. Meditating on this will likely help you shift out of some of the negativity you have been experiencing…

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady xoxo

  8. Gabriel, it sounds like the two of you coming together triggered some deep-seated negativity in your Twin – which is why it often feels like the person changes “overnight” into our “worst nightmare”…

    I’m so glad you took this as a challenge and decided to make the best of it, good for you! I think you’d notice further benefits from doing actual energy clearings – once we clear the negativity out of our space we’re released from the common Twin Flame loops or cycles of running/chasing, separation/coming together, enabling us to step past all of that old gunk that often keeps coming back up over and over.

    I go deeper into the actual energy and psychology on what makes Twin Flames “run” in this Q&A:

    Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

    Cassady x

  9. Hi Kim,

    The best advice I can give any Twin Flame experiencing difficulties is to start clearing energy. Having negative or congested energy around makes you “stuck” in the same patterns and behaviors over and over. It’s like never hoovering your apartment – eventually the dust gets so thick you can hardly breathe or see properly…

    Suspicion and disbelief are killers to telepathy – it’s like slamming the phone down every time someone calls…

    You can actually clear the energy and the pattern of suspicion and any other negative emotion you’re feeling. I’ve cleared myself of Sooooooo much anger and negativity these past few years. I used to actively resent and be bothered by people and events, whereas now I feel light and in control.

    Have a look at the vibrational alignment course, it also gives you easy audio tools to clear karmic patterns that keep you in a loop of relationship experiences. Things don’t just heal because we want them to, most often we have to go in and remove the pattern that’s caused the problem in the first place.

    Sending you love and light on your continued journey <3

    Cassady xoxo

  10. Hi again Kim, the reason you feel you’re better off apart is because you trigger negativity in one another – once you clear this, you’ll be able to enjoy your connection. You wouldn’t have arranged to come to earth and meet if you didn’t plan for it to be harmonious and joyous… You really can get to that point

    With energy clearings you can and will be free of anything that has bothered you in the past – including your connection with these friends. Talking about our problems doesn’t actually change anything but clearing energy actively and cutting negative attachments will completely shift things around.


  11. Hi again Jasmine,

    Please do not expect this to be the end of your Twin Flame connection. Things do not need to be this way full of negativity. When we’re in a negative energy our perspective gets warped – what if things will end up better than you ever imagined? What if you stepping away from anger is the one thing that will open your journey up again?

    Telepathy is a very real part of the Twin Flame connection (I have had hundreds of emails from Twins who have experienced it) but anger and other negative energies shuts down communication. If you’re feeling resentment towards your Twin you literally block their energy from reaching you.

    I would absolutely recommend you look into the Vibrational Alignment course – you can begin to clear out all this negativity and move on with your journey in freedom. Don’t let negative experiences from the past become a template for the future.

    Sending you love and light <3


  12. Jasmine, I really appreciate your input but keep in mind that Twin Flames 11:11 is meant to be a positive and constructive resource…

    I would strongly suggest you check out the course, take the first step and see where it takes you. You can really help yourself quicker and more easily than you think. What have you got to lose?



  13. I’ve found my twin! From the moment I met him 3 years ago, I have been very drawn to him. I was married to another man at the time, so, I ignored him as best I could. Now, I am getting a divorce, and I have been talking to my twin for about 10 months. There are numerous parallels in our lives, even down to working in the same field and the age of our children. The problem is that he has been hurt, a lot, in the past by the women he’s been with, and he closes himself off from me. We get one step forward, and ten steps back! I love this man like I have never loved anyone before. He is forever on my mind, and i truly want happiness for him above my own! The crazy thing is, he has almost every trait in a man that usually drives me away, and, yet, i know hes the only one for me…How do I get past this brick wall of his???

  14. Everything happens for a reason… every obstacle teaches you something… i was very hurt at one point… and now when I look bavk on it… its a part of growth..
    Hes teaching you to let go n accept what is at the moment… focus on you… n make yourself better… n itll all work out.

  15. Thank you, Cassady.

    Yes, that was exactly what happened, and I know very well what her biggest fear is – the fear of imprisionment. It happened just as we were taking the final measures to begin living together. I’ve managed to make an enormous amount of progress since then though. But the truth is, that at this particular moment, I’m feeling somewhat distraught, and I was hoping you could provide me some insight into the situation…

    As I mentioned on my previous post, I took on the challenge head on, and after seven months of no contact, she suddenly reached out to me again. The fear seemed to have subsided, her energy was a lot closer to what I knew initially, and we began meeting again, once or twice per week, as friends, although the quality of our interactions increased each time.

    Then, about three weeks ago, we met for dinner, and she was again very close to the mess of fear that she was before. I know that this time it was nothing personal against me, just issues on her side, but I felt intuitively right then that she was going to run again. Since then she has ceased all contact again.

    For the first week it took me a lot of effort to recenter myself. Then starting from the second week, I began using your vibrational alignment technique daily, and saw big improvements. I even managed to get myself into the same feeling of bliss that we had in the beginning. And I’ve been getting insane amounts of synchronicity from the universe every day. My intuitition even told me she was going to contact me again yesterday. But nothing happened.

    I’m a bit confused about what I’m supposed to learn from this second round of separation, and why I’ve been getting so much synchronicity occur when nothing seems to be happening…

  16. Thanks Cassady. I’ll look into that course, for sure. Looking forward to the Q&A.

  17. Hi Cassidy,
    I have a few more questions if you would be so kind to share your insight.
    May I ask how long you were in separation prior to union with your twin and the level of physical communication during that time?
    I really want to send my twin flame some more info on twin flames but as we are in separation I am of mixed opinion, as I do worry they may see this as ‘desperate’ rather than receive it as I intend. What do you think??

  18. Hi Cassidy,

    Wow, I just ‘stumbled’ onto your blog through Facebook today and I couldn’t be more happy that I did. This post on Twin Flame separation has answered a question I have been asking for a few weeks now. My Twin Flame and I met a year ago and spent several months together without being an official couple but everything always felt so amazing and that connection / bond was like no other! However, he went back to his ex gf before me in February and I heard she wasn’t the greatest person last time so it made me confused as to why he went back there. I have had a couple of times through-out the year where it was too much to be ”just friends” with him and I had stopped communication with him for the longest of 2 months before messaging him that I wanted to hang out again. Before my birthday we hadnt spoken for almost 1 month and then I had heard from him on the day, and he sent me flowers. Then we had some amazing moments of cuddles and hugging that felt like I never wanted them to end whether it be standing cuddles or moments after waking in bed..even though he still had his gf. I always told myself I knew I could feel that there was still something in him that wanted a part of me..those 5 / 10 minute hugs felt like we couldn’t let each other go physically kinda thing…yet I haven’t received my answers why until now as I have only recently ‘tapped into’ my spiritual side and slowly connecting many dots in my life. I have been confirmed by a psychic that he is my twin flame. This man doesn’t have much belief in spirituality as far as I’m aware, so knowing that I am able to help myself and it will help connect me to him again is an amazing thought! I cannot wait to read all your other blog posts and as soon as I have the money I will be purchasing many of those downloads / courses available from the link you provided. After so many people have told me to give up and move on from this person, I have never been able to as I always felt deep down it was more than what they believed and that I have never felt this way about anyone in my entire life! Sorry for the twin flame full on story from me.. but I couldn’t be more grateful for reaching your blog to get the answers I’ve been seeking.

    Amanda 🙂

  19. I met a man and we dated six months…never have I felt so connected to someone on all levels. I was married 22 years and divorced 4. He was married 16 years, and a widower, his wife dying 2 years prior to meeting.

    In the end his daughter having a hard time at the depth of our relationship, and his fears of relationship getting so deep sent him away. I have dated a lot, but never had this type of connection.

    I have reached out a few times, he talks but now is dating someone else exclusively. Do I let it go and if so how? How do I know he is my twin flame.??? I have tried repeatedly to try and release this, but after over a year of not seeing him….14 months I still think of him daily.

    I have tried to move on and date but it doesnt feel right. I met with a intuitive, empathic counselor and she said I am not ready to let go. BUT, if he has moved on and isnt contacting me I feel I need to let go as it is hurtful to stay in this place emotionally. She siad to let go of fear and love will hit me on the backside.

    Visbily sad after a year….

  20. I met a guy online and there was a connection straight away. We dated about 2 months. He lied at the beginning of the relationship (or a white lie, I guess it wasn’t a big deal looking back) but it meant a lot to me because the truth was easily found out on facebook. He continue to not tell the truth about it (or was secretive) and just shut down. Then I turned into needy and high maintenance (which normally I’m not, and that kinda upset me). The weird thing about all this is that when we were together, we were fun. Like none of that shit mattered. But we never really saw each other. Plus, he was more into me at the beginning than I was then I became the more obsessed one and he just lost all interest by that stage (because I think I was getting cruel with my words though he didn’t realise his actions were just as mean (he said that wasn’t his intention)). Both of us knew we were supposed to be together from the second date (although, it took me awhile to realise that) but it never really progressed happily. It was just a mess. So I’m torn between thinking that we were cruel to each other because its not the real deal or it is and we just need to go our separate ways right now. I mean, he has moved on (back online and doesn’t want anything to do with me because I really frightened him towards the end)… so I don’t want to keep obsessing over this its not on the cards.

  21. Dear Cassady, since we have free will choice and we’ve been with soulmates in other lifetimes, is it possible to cut off our twin and focus on attracting a soulmate who is better for us and will love us in the way we deserve? Xxx

  22. Never been so hurt in my life. I never hated someone so much. I honestly thought this was a good thing but after seeing how so many people are hurt. It only confirms what I feel. Twin flame is a curse. They hurt you more because you are suspectible to their energy n you automatically feel connected. Who want this? Who wants to hurt like this. Even now, I cry. Because I don’t really understand how I allowed someone of his nature to even hurt me like that. Ive never in my life ever felt this way before. I’ve never been played with and just ignored and forgotten. You wanna know what hell feels like, meet your twinflame and see how it snatches your heart and soul when you’ve feel like you’ve found what you’ve been searching for. This is hell. As many lifetimes as it takes, I will always stay away from the whole twinflame. Soon as it connects too much, As soon as I see signs, he will never see me again.

  23. I’d just like to say that you shouldn’t think you’re ‘meant to be’ with your twin soul while here. I’ve been struggling with the whole twin soul thing with a particular person for years now. I knew he was someone special long before I ever knew what a twin was. In fact, when I did stumble upon the very first website about it, it was so accurate it was scary.

    I know this person is my twin even though I’ve doubted it many times. I could tell he was going to contact me right before he would and so many other things. I feel a type of love like I’ve never felt…for this person but also disgust and hatred because of things he’s done. But, I now see the meaning behind it all and that’s it’s ok to go through all these feelings. You get your life turned upside down once you reconnect with your twin. And you’ll go through some of the worst times of your life and so will they.

    I’d like to say I do not feel like my twin and I are meant to be together in a relationship. I thought this for a long time as I struggled with my feelings for him. I think of him as a brother. I’m marrying a wonderful man I’ve been with for several years soon and I want my twin to have a meaningful and loving relationship with someone too as long as our relationships with these other people don’t prevent us from communicating and staying connected.

  24. Hey everyone let me tell you a little bit of my story .. I’ve been dating this girl for 2 years and the way I felt for her was nothing I could feel for anyone else I think I loved her like a mom I say this because after loving her I realised how much my mom loves and worries about me I mean I know does sounds silly but anyways we broke up 3 times the last 2 time we got back together but the 3rd time it was over her choice to leave after that I lost my personality I felt as if this world is not the same world as I used to live in I became suicidal and hating her for my situation I lost everything in me including my social and personal skills since she left I tried everything to move on I think I was doing quite well till recently I felt like it was no use I feel that if she keeps me with her and stabs me to death ill still want her when we was in relationship I told her that we might be twin flames because of our birth dates her day is 11 and my month is 11 and we even look alike people say we look like brother and sisters and what we had I felt that it was very deep and the only fear I ever had is to be abondoned by her I think I became mentally unstable as I keep asking help from everyone and they say that I might have codependency which is why we broke up everyone says that I’ll get over it but I know I cannot the more I accept it the more in peace I am but I can’t be in peace this way because if she never returns then ill only die with hope and nothing else I don’t know now we if we are twin flames or not but I loved her unconditionally and I know it was as if we are blood related or even closer but she knew it and didn’t feel that I don’t know I am so confused help me out and just tell me is she my twin soul or am I delusional and I lost my mind is this the kind of experience we feel when we are in true love or a twin flame love what is it why am I so lost help me out plz and plz don’t misguide me as it can turn me insane and damage my mind completely I already feel like my minds dying and everyday is hell I am struggling to survive and I am not living I hope this much info helps plz help me out 🙂

  25. Hi Amanda,

    I know you wrote this 5 months ago, but I wanted to say that I really love what wrote because I felt the same way with mine. We’re not together, but I’m hoping that we will when we have worked out what we needed to in order for us to be better for each other when the time comes. Can I ask for an update? Thanks for your post!

  26. How can you differentiate between what they’re feeling and what you’re feeling. Since I started this, I’ve read about the telepathy and strength of the connection between twins. I’ve had extremely intense emotions that I have never felt before meeting him. But how can I tell if it’s just my thoughts or if I’m experiencing his thoughts/feelings at all? I try communicating with him a lot. But how do I notice when he’s communicating with me? how can it tell when they aren’t just “my” thoughts?

  27. Hi Cassady, my story is much alike to one I just read.. I met my twin flame last year and we became a couple few days later. We lived two weeks of unbelivable magic, and we had our first discussion because suddenly he stop talking to me.After that we remained communicated, always chatting but we couldn’t be a couple again. Things were coming better, I thought we would get back together but in november he stopped talking to me, and that lasted three months. Last week I talked to him and he was friendly, but that same day I saw in facebook that he started a relationship and he was shwing how “in love” he was. I fighted him and deleted him from my contacts and thought of giving up, but now I am so sure he is my twin flame and I want him back. But I dont know if I can do energetic work while he is with someone else… or if I must wait… Anyway, reading such similar story has encouraged me and given me faith, cause I was destroyed!! Thank you very much!!

  28. I recently had a dream about my tf. The last part of the dream I was driving away heading towards the horizon and I was overcome with grief and crying which woke me up. This confused me because I feel I am in no way leaving my twin behind, he left me. So are the feelings mine? Or are they really his because he’s the one who left? So hard to tell!

  29. yes, exactly! i feel my flame physically with me often, and there has been a lot of pain lately, too. i’ve come to knowing these tips on my own—clearing others’ negative energy. eliminating jealousy (completely forgiving him and all past experiences) and have been using your vibrational alignment tool and meditation almost daily. he and i have come together even more these last few weeks. thank you for guiding, and affirming here!

  30. Hi Cassidy,

    I’ve been looking for an answer to this for a while now.

    Reuniting with your twin flame. Is this a reunion that happens in the same life time? meaning a reunion after you have actually physically met your twin flame in this lifetime. Or does it mean something else?

    I have met my twin flame and it was at my last job there was very strong attraction and bond between us unfortunately I didn’t realize that until I lost my job. We had brief interactions but I never got to know her.

    I describe the bond between us exactly how you mentioned it. Even though we’re separated I can still feel her presence and able to communicate with her.

    I read an article about how separation is needed for self awareness and becoming your true self and then a reunion is bound to happen when you are both ready. My question, however remains the same about the reunion.

    Lastly, you mention how people’s influence can weaken the bond. How would you strengthen it again by “clearing your energy”?

    I enjoyed the post very much!

  31. ciao! I stumbbled across your post on google plus and find them overwhelming. My problem is, I have a great connectin with my twin, telepathy and all but, I am married and it is geting really difficult for me bescause we talk all the time, feel each other completly.the telepathy is quite disturbing some times, the point is we never meet in person.what to do?next!?

  32. I am brand new to this twin flame concept. I met the man I knew I’d marry. A year before he knew of me I was already thinking of him. I’m not even the one to reach out to a man so I hesitated but something kept telling me I needed to meet him. So finally I reached out to him. We had a lovely 6 month long distance realtionship. I knew I was all in and felt he was as well. We met in person. I had been dealing with personal matters and made one mistake after another from trying to fix the first mistake. Through out this, I still knew he was the only one I could see and had been planning to move to his city and country. It’s no secret to him his friend is my realtor and I’m renting his other friends house. As soon as I moved here, he felt my mistakes were too many, sadly I know they were I’m I’m so deeply and sincerely sorry for it. He decided not to see me. I’ve been living in his city now for over 2 months and haven’t heard from him.

    He has always manifested eother as a main character or in the background of ever dream I have since even before he knew I existed. I have been told he is my twin flame. I’m at a loss. I’ve never suffered this badly from a breakup and essentially, this wasn’t even a long relationship and most of it we were apart and not together.

    Needless to say, I feel like I’m being drowned. I miss him so deeply. I still believe this man is my husband though he ended our relationship. My goal is to work on my issues that caused his discomfort in our relationship and find our way back together. I really hope this is possible. I truly love him so deeply and I have never thought of another man the way I do him I also do not desire to think of another man the way indo him.

    I’m not just new to the twin flame concept but I’m new to every concept here. I want to place myself in hisndreams, who knows maybe I’m already there and I want to create positive thoughts of me in his mind constantly. I do not with to manipulate him or it be a false sense of love but I want him thinking about me to fall in love again.

    Thank you for this blog and any help or feedback please.

  33. Hi Cassidy,
    Thank you for this insightful article. I do have a question if that’s alright. About the dream part. Last month, I dreamt of this friend of mine who I think may be my twin. All he said was “kundalini awakening”. Is it just wishful thinking from my subconscious? We’ve know each other for years as acquaintances. We started getting to know each other in January. A few months into it, I figured out who he was sooner than I was supposed to. we do have a deep connection. It’s spiritual as well and I know he feels it. But he’s refusing to acknowledge it. Even if he knows it’ll stay between us. But then again, he recently called me his counterpart in the other realms. I’ve tried gentle persuasion and I’ve given him clues and links to articles but all he said was “that’s cool.”
    Any insights or thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy reading your articles. They’re very insightful and very helpful. Thank you.


  34. Hello Cassady,
    I would like to ask about specific communication that occure in my dreams with him. I just realized, all situations during a dream with him, the only meaning of a communication that occurs using talking is by phone! Then I don’t see him. If I see him, and there are is an action when I am next to him, we are not talking by words! We are just looking, touching, or being somwhere, but he is not talking. I am sorry if I bothered you, but where I can find an answer if not there with person that is in physical connected…please, why I am so much up to him like that? I need some piece of advice, it is repeating now I see always the same pattern….would you please share your voice about that with me?

  35. I have a crazy story for all . I hope this is not long . I met someone 3 years ago when I met him I knew things about him before I knew his name ! Things about his past it was crazy. I knew he was the one . Then I didn’t even believe in love so it was the weirdest phenomena. I could read his soul . I didn’t know what twin flames was I looked it up after meeting him because it was so spiritual . He was separated from his wife . We were together 2 years . We never had sex . Because he was still married . He did go back to his wife he felt it was his duty . I was devastated I haven’t talked to him in a year . But I feel him every day . I thought I was crazy , but I hear him , I heard he was going to be in a certain state for work one night before I was going to sleep and I saw on Instagram a week later he was there . I try to send him messages telepathically . I feel soon I will hear from him . I just know in my heart he loves me . Some days I lose hope though . But I can’t date anyone else my love for him won’t die .

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